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1:01 AM
Q: Does animal tranquilizer really work as fast as we see on Dexter?

sanpacoIn the television show Dexter (2006-2013) whenever Dexter captures one of his victims, he does so by injecting them with a syringe of animal tranquilizer. Usually we see him inject them in the neck but there have been several times where the potential victim notices him first and he injects them ...

1:21 AM
Q: Why is Havana covered in 5-digit numbers in Our Man in Havana?

TomIn the 1959 film version of Our Man in Havana, the streets of Havana are littered in signs with 4- and 5-digit numbers on them. Here's an example: Notice the "00260", "19072", and "42857" left of center, "33004" and "23584" in center-frame, and a "200?" at the right edge of the frame. The si...

2:14 AM
Happy Father's day
@NogShine i thought it was the 1st of September? or is Fathers Day different in different parts of the world?
@Memor-X This is particularly in America. Most parts of the world also follow this day like Mothers day.
2:41 AM
Q: Dirty Dancing. Why does Johnny say he’s responsible?

Melissa GIn the movie Penny is saved by Dr. Houseman, after her botched abortion. He asks “Who’s responsible for this girl”. Johnny replies “I am”. Then at the end of the movie, Johnny goes to the families cabin to say goodbye. He is met at the door by Dr. Houseman who is disgusted and says he only sees h...

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10:23 AM
Father's Day was about 2 weeks ago.
10:42 AM
@Memor-X I dunno but what I do know is mother's day isn't the same anywhere
Our father's day is March 20th
If you guys follow our way of assigning these days then you also probably root it in some religious/mythological/cultural event so it'd make sense for there to be 365 Father's days around the world
Which brings up the old question, if someone's birthday is a leap day, do they live four times as longer, or die young?
11:03 AM
Q: Who is this character?

vojtaI have found an old umbrella from 90s with this cartoon character, probably a hippo called “Donky” (yes, it is strange). I thought it must have been some Disney character, but there were no relevant Google results. What story or universe is this character from? Who created him?

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7:22 PM
Q: East of Eden, 1955, subtext of incest?

wbogaczIn the 1955 film East of Eden, who is Abra's mother? We know her father Will Hamilton is a business friend/partner to Adam Trask (Raymond Massey), and their children, daughter Abra (Julie Harris) and son Aron Trask (Richard Davalos), have a relationship. Cal Trask (James Dean) is "bad" as stated...

8:09 PM
Hey, can someone check my answer for typos? My eyes are a bit tired and I could blurt out something really funny
9:22 PM
Q: Mayor of Jaws and Cloudy with a chance of meatballs

719016was the Mayor of Jaws an inspiration for the mayor in Cloudy with a chance of meatballs? I googled for it but didn't find direct evidence.

Q: Has there ever been a drama film, with an unreliable death scene confession?

StilezThis film is prompted by watching "League of Extraordinary Gentlemen". In Venice, the crewman gasps "it was Grey, not Skinner", and dies. Various aspects of screenplay and score suggested this was intended to show a genuine deathbed disclosure. We tend to assume that a person dying has nothing ...

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11:21 PM
Q: Would Buck Strickland's scheme work?

king of panesIn the episode Hanky Panky, Buck Strickand, anticipating his upcoming divorce, devises a way to avoid turning over half of ownership of a restaurant he owns by selling it to Hank Hill for petty cash with the expectation that after said divorce is finalized Hank will sell it back to him-"Ms Liz ca...

11:35 PM
@MovieReel Good question!

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