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4:32 AM
@Gallifreyan that esclated quick
@Memor-X mine increase when both are guys :P
@Memor-X I feel like DC is always more inclusive then Marvel but Arrowverse is also more inclusive due to Greg Berlanti as he si gay himself
There are a lot of DC character who is straight in comics but gay or bi in arrowverse like Mister Terrific is gay or Sara Lance is bi who is not really from comics and inspired from Black Canary
But if we go with DC comcis then there are many mainstream characters who fall in the LGBT spectrum like Batwoman, Lucifer and Constantine are Bi I guess, Wonder woman hinted to be bi not portrayed, Harley Quin, Poison Ivy,
As expected DC have more and many are a mainstream one
2 hours later…
6:20 AM
ReleaseSnyderCut trending and got way more support
Not only Gal, Afleck and Snyder but many more supporting this trend and not only the DC people but even marvle like Batista:
Where is dizzle he will be proud
6:53 AM
@Memor-X No interval to eat some snacks?
7:31 AM
@NogShine you can eat while watching and for pee keep a 25 litter bislery bottle
7:51 AM
25 litres?
8:43 AM
@NogShine you want 1 litter bottle overflowing on your couch?
8:59 AM
@AnkitSharma @Memor-X said only for 14 hours. Not days. Count how many liters for hour.
@NogShine I see only 1/2/5 and 25 little bottle easily available. 5 can be less if you drink and pee a lot
9:36 AM
Q: Does the hotel manager in The Week Of (2018) have the same disease as Joker?

jw_In The Week Of, the hotel manager often laughs when nobody else is laughing. I use to think this is only to be funny, but after seeing Joker, I notice may be he has the pathological laughter disease, too. The difference is that the manager seems to be truely happy and you feel truely happy too wh...

10:35 AM
@AnkitSharma @NogShine what @AnkitSharma said, and also hold it in
in The Restaurant at the End of the Universe, 6 mins ago, by Elfvia
@AnkitSharma are you an actor in Bollywood?
@Memor-X so easy to do cc@NogShine
10:50 AM
@AnkitSharma lol
3 hours later…
1:35 PM
So I am catching up with Arrowverse faster then I expected, Flash and Arrow up to date. Not sure if I want to catch Supergirl and LoT or not. Batwoman no legal way and Freedom fighter s02 seems to be skipable
4 hours later…
6:05 PM
@AnkitSharma I changed my mind. I'll keep re-watching the series until series 6 becomes available
6:34 PM
@Gallifreyan better option
Anyways time to see if Netflix ruined End of the fucking world too or not like they did with 13 reason why
6:55 PM
Meh I dislike it already
7:42 PM
Q: Intersteller 2014

Nay Lynn AungWhat's the meaning of 'get' and ' a little too close to being one' in the following phrases Cooper talking to his daughter? '' Grandpa says you can get ghosts Dad" '' Maybe grandpa's a little too close to being one himself.'

3 hours later…
10:46 PM
Q: Is Gravity Falls available in 4k on Disney+?

NeutralVaxI'm curious if Gravity Falls is available in 4k on Disney+, since they put a 4k version of the original Star Wars.


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