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1:40 AM
@steelersquirrel Congratulations for crossing 25k! ;)
2:12 AM
Q: What is this yellow sticky substance Mulder puts in his vodka?

tu-Reinstate Monica-dor duhIn The X Files Season 3, episode 13 "Syzygy" at approximately ~24:42, Fox Mulder is at a dingy motel and appears to be using a clumsy long metal spoon to attempt to put a thick yellow sticky substance from a dark brown cardboard canister into a mostly-empty bottle of vodka. He then closes and ...

GRAAAAAAA! *flips tables*
i reach my 10k goal on Arqade but i am 2 off here
wait, i just got another 10 and it wasn't a +10 notification
maybe it was still being updated as i took the image
either way, i can now see delete stuff!
Me and @Memor-X now ^
@Memor-X No. ;)
@NogShine if you're suggesting you gave me an up vote it didn't show up in my notifications like it would normally would
Yes, I gave you an upvote to South Park question.
Then go post a bug. This is hot time to post a bug and earn some hot points on Meta SE
rep > money ;)
@NogShine i see that now
Now we have to downvote a bad question more! <evil face> <zoom into face>
How many yearlings did you get?
2:49 AM
Should I post Happy Children's day?
@Memor-X you can delete stuff!
@ankii i think i've had that power for a while
or i'm confusing doing it on Anime.SE
how ?
Communism! YAY
@NogShine what are your stats ?
2:55 AM
Flag stats? Badge stats?
rep increase
Hinduism - 2530
Movies - 1970
Meta SE - 1805
Sci-fi - 705
Nov 5 at 7:01, by ankii
@NogShine still need 150 upvotes on answers.. or 3 500 rep bounties, and so on
look who's in need of upvotes now
We still need votes. I would have been happier if I reached without recalc.
upcoming people won't know the difference
you should just be like them
2:59 AM
@NogShine all according to the blog post they reduced the rep you would get a long time ago so it's now you got the true value you would have had from the start
Actually, I am ok with 5 points awarded for a question.
Q: Rep in hamburger is not update for a single site

Nog ShineWe know reputation is recalculated for questions. My reputation also increased in all the sites and updated in the hamburger where you put list of the sites. My reputation on Science Fiction & Fantasy is also recalculated to 1547 but it's still showing the old reputation. This is only the issu...

I didn't get -2 in my rep notifier for the vote
@Memor-X You are right that the earned rep is not shown in achievements icon.
@ankii It's broken for a while
3:07 AM
Q: Not getting Rep Notification for new up votes

Memor-XSo just a little while ago i was flipping out because i was 2 rep away from my 10k rep goal but then all of a sudden it was then 10,008 rep because someone upvoted me. however i didn't get any notification about this +10 [ now as you can see in the screenshots above, over the past 2 days i...

@NogShine I was relying on it to see if I am getting -2s for some answers I was not confident about!!
glad that our community is lenient when it comes to DVotes
to quote the answer
> It's a first in, first out in-order queue, so we're about 5 hours behind and recent vote events will be at least that far behind as it chews through.
Ohh you asked it..
@NogShine yep, but seems like it was reported already
3:47 AM
What happened
@AnkitSharma we got more rep
Q: PSA: Reputation has been recalculated for questions

Memor-XSo if you logged in today on any site you might have seen either your Rep go up all of a sudden or this as per the link in the banner, Stack Overflow is now rewarding Questions more rep We’re recalculating reputation for every Stack Overflow and Stack Exchange individual based on this chan...

it's network wide
oh hey, that means also my rep that shows in chat is almost 70k
it's been sitting on like 40k for months
@NapoleonWilson thanks
Who said asking question is not rewarding
@Memor-X congrats
@NogShine 😂
@Memor-X curiosity = rep too
@NogShine yes
@AnkitSharma also
in Maid Café (メイド喫茶), 1 hour ago, by Memor-X
so using wayback machine, end of August about i was 26,589 Rep, now ignoring the trickle i got over the months i now have 36,125 so i gained ‭9,536‬
in Maid Café (メイド喫茶), 1 hour ago, by Memor-X
if rep = boob size my boobs just went up by over 33%!
3:53 AM
@NogShine you can do better
@Memor-X lol that’s animeish thing to say
@AnkitSharma i know, reason why i posted it there
On the serious note in didn't like this change
Question was better with 5 rep
And now I am 100k user can ask for Movies & TV mug?
@AnkitSharma oh yeh you are too now
Walt should be back up to 100k now as well right?
Walt never ask any question
He is all knowing
But he deserve way more then 100k
4:06 AM
But he deserve way more then 100k
4:32 AM
Happy Children's Day !!
4:42 AM
@Memor-X Congratulations on 10k!
@Shree Wishing you the same.
oh yeh and thanks @AJ and @AnkitSharma
@AnkitSharma I slide down to one place by Napoleon.
Nov 5 at 7:13, by A J
Well, I hope you get to 100k within next three months.
We both crossed the milestone at the same time @AnkitSharma
I just checked for a user, +3490 while total now being at 7226
This is ridiculous.
mine is 205 and I just put 50 for rewarding an answer
might put 3 more
4:59 AM
Q: What was the deal with the news stories about rats in "Joker"?

sanpacoIn the first hour of the film Joker (2019) there are several references to an infestation of rats in the city. It's mentioned on news broadcasts several times, even being dubbed "super rats" at one point, and Murray Franklin makes a joke about them in one of his openings (something about "super c...

@AJ actually i think the changes don't account for rep caps either
like i think i had a question or two that rep capped me
@Memor-X Actually it does ^^
According to this, Ankit should've reached 110k instead 104k
Rep cap is taken into account for these changes?
How does that work?
@AJ This query shows 1850 but my actual change is different.
I earned 1760
5:10 AM
@NogShine Suppose you've earned 115 from 23 upvotes on that day. After change, you are supposed to get 230, but due to rep cap you will earn only 200.
@NogShine Well, it's rep cap.
@AJ Okay.
I had rep cap for 89 times yesterday and now it's 96
I think it's time to look more closely on closure and reopen queues because many got the privilege overnight.
5:28 AM
@AJ I was looking for this
@Memor-X thank me O.o
@AJ hmm I see
@ankii don't be slacker ask and answer more :P
@AJ you remember this stuff
Did I fall more places behind in Hinduism
Do I still qualify for anime swag which might not even come :D
Nime to open all sites
I thought I will get 100k congratulation mail in 2022
@AnkitSharma Did you get it now?
@AnkitSharma I was tracking its progress and so were you.
Speed Force. It's always the Speed Force. — JAB 3 hours ago
Anyways notbody fixed tag :/
@AJ I don't remeber this things
I mean the exact count
I just checked it yesterday. After all, I knew this change is coming.
5:45 AM
I missed it
I was busy yesterday
@AJ I check yahoo mail less frequently
But I still stand with my point, I don't support this change
6:41 AM
We ( only me :D) was discussing it here so sharing it here:
Q: Change in the weight of upvote on questions: Distarction or bad timing?

Ankit SharmaIt's not a secret that SE is running with multiple issues, the unfortunate loss of moderators like Aza which get escalated into the directions which nobody wanted and the SOpocalypse. Now after a day of absence, I see a mail of getting 100k on movies which I was not expecting this soon. Now I re...

7:01 AM
Q: Who were the people Kominsky was thinking about?

YasskierIn the second season of The Kominsky method, the main character hears pretty bad news from the doctor - it seems that Sandy is facing a "debilitating treatment". The doctors then ask Kominsky, "does he have anyone that he can go through with this treatment with him?". What follows up is a series ...

1 hour later…
8:06 AM
Adam Lear was quick to close before I was thinking to self close my question.
@AnkitSharma You are one point less than 6k.
@AnkitSharma My place still the same.
I should get used to this +10 for a question also. It takes time.
8:45 AM
@NogShine which?
@NogShine I see
6 hours ago, by Nog Shine
Q: Rep in hamburger is not update for a single site

Nog ShineWe know reputation is recalculated for questions. My reputation also increased in all the sites and updated in the hamburger where you put list of the sites. My reputation on Science Fiction & Fantasy is also recalculated to 1547 but it's still showing the old reputation. This is only the issu...

@NogShine oh got it
@AnkitSharma You posted many questions and gt votes in the past. It has given fruits now.
Don't presurise the hamsters
8:47 AM
@NogShine I still have some but forgot, shoudl I ask teh vinayaki one which got discussed in chat which I don't even have and no m,ain site question
@AnkitSharma Ask
> Which tree takes longest to bear fruit?
SE question tree
@NogShine also I want a name for my account a new one for hindusim
And a dp
@AnkitSharma Which type are you looking for?
@NogShine after shiva grandson question wait asking
@NogShine some liberal or bold character
You will get 100k swag!! \o/
8:52 AM
Where is jNat when you need him :P
@AnkitSharma You might hit rep cap for this.
@NogShine yup
9:11 AM
Word of the day: Maclunkey
And Blame Lucas
Mortarboard, wuuurrrr
Are you douting my wuuurrrr
9:27 AM
@AnkitSharma Where?
@NogShine meta meta
I have 4 rep caps.
I am getting all rep updates now, I am blaming @Memor-X
9:59 AM
@AnkitSharma douting? Wuurrrr?
10:18 AM
I cast my first delete vote.
5 hours later…
3:49 PM
Q: Is the creature in "The Thing" a single creature?

EcSyncI have just finished the 1982 film "The Thing" and it left me feeling very confused. How many "Things" were there in the film? As far as I understand it the filmmakers tried to explain it as a virus that spreads but that doesn't make sense as it also seems to be a living organism. In that case ...

4:10 PM
Q: Who are these ghosts that visit Dan?

BlueMoon93Somewhere during the movie, Dan sees the ghost of a women and her kid. It is after he leaves a drug-user mom, her kid, and after he considers stealing her money (although I thought it was implied he actually did not). The ghost says something like They haven't found us yet. Who are these...

1 hour later…
5:31 PM
Q: Legacies Season 2 Episode 6 : What will happen in the "That's Nothing I Had to Remember"?

Kiran JadavJosie is going to get Freya. Or maybe it'll be a random student who witnessed and overheard a few things and now has a lot of questions. I'm sure it wasn't only the main characters who were changed by having Hope in their lives. Aria and Peyton aren't even mentioned here, so maybe Landon and Rafa...

1 hour later…
6:35 PM
@MovieReel what? Nobody told me season 2 is even out
6:55 PM
Not sure I'd take that post as huge evidence for that, though.
3 hours later…
9:52 PM
Movie of the day Queen
Slightly slow but overall a cool experience
10:48 PM
The one with Helen Mirren?
11:12 PM
Q: Is it common for an author to get an executive producer credit when they are deceased?

kuhlI was watching the Amazon Prime show Jack Ryan and noticed that Tom Clancy is listed as an executive producer on the show. Tom Clancy passed away in 2013, at least two years before it was announced that there was a Jack Ryan show in the works, and 4 years before a director was announced for the ...


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