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2:20 AM
Q: A music fom Man from UNCLE

Magno CI Can't find a little music (or soud effect). It is more a kind of scream we can hear in Shrek movie (don't know the number but was a bird attack). The scene I'm talking about is when Illya was betrayed by Gaby and ran chasing by dogs from the Rudi's house. It is not in the OST.

2 hours later…
3:55 AM
Another thought of meta question - wasted!
4:15 AM
@MovieReel Me neither
4:55 AM
@NogShine what about meta? is it still burning? can we cook marshmallows on it now?
@Memor-X I was talking about Movies Meta about close reason sound track questions.
@Memor-X Meta SE is still burning and there's no stopping of fuel supply.
@NogShine maybe merge it into the id request close reason
@Memor-X Yeah. But the tag wiki itself said off-topic under trivia.
Dabangg 3 trailer is out. I hope the film is a t(h)reat to our eyes. @ankii @AnkitSharma @AJ ;)
5:23 AM
@NogShine Meh.
5:58 AM
@NogShine agreed
@Memor-X sound legit ;)
@NogShine grrrrrr shit grrrr shit
1 hour later…
7:16 AM
@AnkitSharma That's what I meant with less serious wording.
2 hours later…
9:38 AM
@NogShine yeah I know but I have more anger towards such films which are degrading film industry as whole
10:07 AM
Q: Why was the DeLorean covered by ice?

BlueMoon93In the first time-jump, where Einstein moves 1 minute into the future on the parking lot, the DeLorean arrives covered by ice. It never happens again for the remainder of the series, if I'm not mistaken. Why was it covered by ice on the the first time-jump?

10:28 AM
Q: Has Stefano Di Mera ever been in the Italian Mafia?

Snack_Food_TermiteIn Days of Our Lives Stefano Di Mera is the main arch villain. In my opinion he is the greatest crime boss ever. Has he ever been a member of the Italian Mafia?

@NogShine cancer I'd say.
why'd you put that in my youtube history? !
btw I watched We need to talk about Kevin Movie of the day
10:44 AM
@ankii lol
@ankii interestign premise.
I found it a bit loosely connected, but everyone (including me) was busy appraising Tilda Swinton
11:24 AM
Tilda Swinton is always worth appreciating
1 hour later…
12:49 PM
Q: Was 1965's Doctor Zhivago in cinemas for years?

BlueMoon93The authors of Taschen's 100 All-Time Favorite Movies claim that, with respect to the classic Doctor Zhivago, Eager moviegoers stood in lines that wrapped around blocks to get a glimpse of soviet snuggling, and some theaters ran the film for years on end. I can't find any on-line source to ...

3 hours later…
3:52 PM
Q: What happened at the end of The Thing (1982)?

AlphaCentauriThis is a spoiler. At the end of The Thing (1982), MacReady and Childs sit together. It is not clear if either or none of them is the Thing at this point. I assume it is clear that not both of them is the Thing, because then they wouldn't bother with portraying human qualities. I also assume t...

4:31 PM
@ankii @AnkitSharma Salman is story and screenplay writer of the film too.
I was watching Tried and Refused Productions the other day. He referenced some Malayalam movies which went unnoticed by Bollywood. One such movie is Jallikattu
I am thinking to watch a movie this week if I am free.
@NogShine wow you watch that channel too
@NogShine I am with parents for a month so will be stressed out more πŸ˜‚
@AnkitSharma Yes, it showed up in YouTube recommendations. Last time I watched that channel is when it didn't have a tick and around 200k subscribers.
His way of narration is different. That accent and all.πŸ˜‚
He opines Jallikattu should have gone to Oscar nominations from India.
@AnkitSharma Do you watch or used to watch?
Strange SE stopped showing ads to me.
Time for a bug report ;)
1 hour later…
5:58 PM
@NogShine I forgot what ads look like.. even on YouTube
except on TimesofIndia. Their website sucks
ads more than news.
6:14 PM
Q: What is the name of this Murder Thriller?

MartinI remember either in the 70's or 80's watching the end of a thriller where the husband planning to murder his wife had her drugged and lying on her bed upstairs in their farmhouse. He placed her in a sleeping bag on the bed and zipped it up, leaving the room and then the house to get the car rea...

7:06 PM
@NogShine yeah I like. It's grounded and relatable tone
@NogShine I watch randomly not regular

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