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2:23 AM
@Memor-X he comes in later seasons
He was party of the last crossover too
1 hour later…
3:38 AM
i see. it's just that in the latest episode of Batwoman, there was an incident that one character said would catch Bruce attention and bring him (and Batman) back to Gothem, but then later after confirming he still is incognito implied that if Bruce isn't coming back now, he's not coming back at all
which made me think, could there be a bigger plot that Superman, Batman and maybe later Wonder Woman have been deposed by something with their successors having to save them
next question would have been does Wonder Woman have any younger siblings or cousins
4:26 AM
@Memor-X It might be rights? As in supergirl, they avoided superman for a long time and then later after moving to CW superman later appeared. Last time I checked superman was in some farm with Lois
Only wonder woman hint is when they drop "Helen of Troy" in Amazon in Legends of Tomorrow
Q: Does Vince Gilligan make an appearance in Breaking Bad?

Mikael Dúi BolinderIf so, when? I know some producers, directors, etc, like to appear in their shows and movies.

Helen reappeared as amazon warrior as per Wikipedia
@AnkitSharma would be strange to have rights issues for Batwoman when they keep naming Bruce and Batman and even shows the original Bat Suit (before it was Gender Reversed (before Kate styled it)) and even a flashback of Batman "saving" Kate's family
@Memor-X DC have a past of weird Batemargos
but yeh if Superman is like retired now, maybe Bruce has too and Luke hasn't been officially told to look after his stuff
4:34 AM
@Memor-X I am scared about Crisis crossover. I heard it got everything from arrowverse and than cameo from smallville and olf flash show and lots of new characters
Few superman too
@AnkitSharma but then it could kill them all and just leave us with New 52 and Arrowverse (obvious bias)
Arrow probably dying and also show is canceling so better he die
@AnkitSharma so long as they keep Batwoman, maybe Supergirl too for the shipping
I am sure next oen who get reboot or cnacelation shoudl be flash as they runing out of story
5:38 AM
@AnkitSharma get Krypton and have Universe Ending Shit Storm being Crisis and we find out that Seg, Val, Nyssa, Lyta, Jak, Adam and Lobo got sent to the present day and now the first 5 can punch people though buildings lol
5:54 AM
@AnkitSharma @AJ @ankii Have you watched Lal Kaptaan ?
@NogShine Ledhu!
@NogShine no plans
@Memor-X lol
@AJ :D
2 hours later…
7:50 AM
Q: The name of the TV show where in the final scene a Lion turns into a Mouse by a tricky Cat

NIMISHANI remember a TV Show, probably in the English language, where all the characters portraited by humans dressed as animals. Such as a lion a cat and so on. It was released, I think, in the '70s or '80s era and I watched it in the early 90s in Srilanka. There was a bad Lion(a guy dressed as a Lion...

2 hours later…
9:38 AM
@NogShine @AJ you gusy playing google pay diwali game??
@AnkitSharma yeah, 2 stickers till now.
@AnkitSharma Not playing.
@AnkitSharma got any extra stickers except Diya and Jhumka ?
9:43 AM
@AnkitSharma I have a question about that movie. Not sure to ask here on Hinduism.SE
@AJ which two? I have three I can send you one
@AJ lantern, wait I will send you
@AnkitSharma only if you have more than one
Go accept
@AJ I ahd 3 now 2 :P
@NogShine ohh
@AnkitSharma lol. Thanks. Now I need Flower and Rangoli. Exactly what you need.
10:30 AM
@AJ yup
Terminator: Dark Fate's review seems to be average to bad
10:54 AM
@AnkitSharma Lost interest in Terminator series after 4th.
11:19 AM
@AJ which 4th :P
Terminator Salvation.
That was the good one for me
T3 and genisys was bad
1 and 2 was good. 3rd was ok. but 4th and 5th was bleh
salvation was way better then T3
Not really, no.
> You don't have to do this. You don't want to do this!
> Desire is irrelevant. I am a machine.
11:30 AM
::thinking pose::
Q: When did Kristoff Learn about the Cabin in Frozen?

Kallum TantonThe the 2013 Disney movie Frozen there is a scene where Kristoff is thrown out of Oaken's Tranding Post into the snow after offending Oaken. As his reindeer, Sven, comes over to him Kristoff declares that he found them a "free" place to stay - a nearby log cabin. Here's the transcript from the Tr...

> Goddamn it! There's nothing here! Why didn't he tell us? Why did he lead us down here?
> To live. That was his mission. There was never any stopping it.
12:04 PM
Is this on topic: Is Gotham writter high on meth while writting?
I am bored. Can anyone ask a question for me to research?
2 hours ago, by Nog Shine
@AnkitSharma I have a question about that movie. Not sure to ask here on Hinduism.SE
Only if there's sufficient reason to believe there's a genuine crossover between the Gotham and Breaking Bad universes.
And no, Tommy Westphal doesn't count.
@NogShine ok ask here than ;)
@NapoleonWilson that will make Gotham canon to walking dead. Now need to see how batman will kill all zombies
Is there marvel zom,biverse eqivalent for DC?
I tought Batman is just a poor teen in Gotham.
Well, maybe everything but poor, but still.
@NapoleonWilson not finished last seaosn but I heard there is time jump and he will be full batman, till now he si in late teens fighting people in so much opne that even a blind man can guess he will grow up and becoem batman
No secret identity possible
12:13 PM
Oh my. So they finally had to make it into a Batman series anyway.
12:34 PM
Anyone got ham
12:49 PM
@M.A.R. I got hammer. :P
1:00 PM
@AJ Oh, I'm so sorry about that. I sometimes catch a cold but nothing that serious
@NapoleonWilson they already made Poison ivy adult seductress
Ages are kind fo messed up but soemhow tehy expect it to work
@M.A.R. Hamster?
@NapoleonWilson ^
1 hour later…
2:18 PM
@AnkitSharma Darkest Night would answer that
@AnkitSharma last i saw of the series Bruce was still a kid shortly after his parents had died and was chatting up with Saleen who looked much older
@AnkitSharma they didn't and just gave up
@Memor-X those were not zombies that much I guess
@Memor-X yeah
They didn't wanted the show with kids punching each other so they messed up ages
Scarecorw , catwoman and batman have similar age I guess
Poision Ivy will be old lady I guess or plant can keep her young?
Old penguin can work
riddler not sure
They could of course also have just kept it to Gordon and actual crime.
But no, gotta have weird Batman villains without Batman.
2:52 PM
They brought Hugo strange who gave powers to so many
Even Bane came who is of Gordon age
Nysaa is very old but Talia can still be young if they really want as there father is almost immortal who die all the time 😂
1 hour later…
4:12 PM
Q: Story identification: Old cartoon with boys hunting for eggs on the backs of birds

PisumVanitatumBack in the 90s/early 00s, when I was little, I happened to see 2-3 times on TV (in Greece), the following animation. I'm not sure if it's a part of a series, as it felt more like a stand-alone thing. It has a 70's eastern european aesthetics (like Bolek & Lolek, Reksio, etc). The only thing I r...

Some memes, gifs from TV sows are timeless and ageless.
4 hours later…
8:00 PM
The Irishmen is soo hyped.. I have to watch it. Guess I'd put Movie of the day here
Also does anyone know if Netflix has some ties with rotten tomatoes.. So many top rated belong to Netflix.
as rotten as fishy
3 hours later…
10:53 PM
@AnkitSharma well given one comic she died and was reborn from a plant so i guess if she dies she just come out of a plant some time later
@NapoleonWilson just playing Batman Arkham Origins and can still have crazy Batman villains if they did something similar to how Batman does the Crime Scene reconstruction
Sure sure. But I thought the point of Gotham was Gotham without, well, Batman.
@NapoleonWilson yeh but i mean like Gordon reconstructing the crime scene with holograms, like going all CSI on it and then leaves putting on the sunglasses (in the middle of a snowstorm)

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