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2:50 AM
Q: Looking for a movie I forgot his name. How can I find the name?

Daniel LipThe movies was back in time in tv. It was by hallmark I think. The movie start when some science man in the basement of his house with his dog and then he send the dog to a parallel universe by using some machine he built the machine is flat on the floor the dog walk on it and then vanish to the...

2 hours later…
4:36 AM
@AnkitSharma Well, your question is in HNQ. ;)
4:54 AM
@AJ I though IPS was not allowed
@AnkitSharma We got back about 5 months ago.
Ohh ok
That's why so many comments and notifications overnight
As expected answer are good but contradict each other 😂
1 hour later…
6:19 AM
@MovieReel Niuce taht it's reopend
I think Op agrred so it got closed but it's not dupe
6:58 AM
Mmmmh may I ask why/if my comment on movies.stackexchange.com/questions/104751/… was removed? "Don't train users to ask off-topic and get answers" in all honours, but if they decide to ask on SFF, then it's going to be a dupe, which the comment aimed at avoiding
But maybe my phone just goofed and never sent the comment, in which case dismiss the above 😅
And hi all, by the way ☺
7:14 AM
Q: Which movie has the sanskrit shlok "अभयंसत्त्वसंशुद्धि" in the credits?

kushal.8Previously I saw a movie which has the following Sanskrit shloka excerpt at the end during credits, does anyone remember which movie was it?

7:33 AM
@Jenayah If you are here than I want to say WW question was not dupe :P
Anyways hello, how is it going
@NogShine hello stranger
@AnkitSharma Hello @AnkitSharma
This is my first time here. How are you?
Why is your name large and mine small? ;)
@NogShine ghar pe kuwari ma and andhi behan ka khyal rakh raha hun........followed by dramatic bollywood music
@NogShine mine is italic because I am cool
@AnkitSharma meh
@Jenayah I miss my mod powers to verify this
hii everyone
7:38 AM
@EpsilonDelta hello o/
what's going on here, general discussion?
@AJ is it one at a time rule?
@EpsilonDelta mostly general but fine with any topic
@AnkitSharma yes got it @AJ
8:01 AM
@AnkitSharma Camera thrice on you, your face up and down. Again moved to your family. Crashing wave BGM
8:12 AM
BSNL is trending on Twitter. XD
@NogShine Why?
@AJ Some trend out of nowhere. I think a public sector bank has collaborated with BSNL.
There is announcement that BSNL will be entering into 4G. That's the news.
8:55 AM
@NogShine now Ekta will come after you liek she did to Pewdepie :P
@NogShine I thought BSNL and MTNL was closing
@AnkitSharma BSNL always appears to be in dead state but is still alive. That's the magic.
9:26 AM
@AnkitSharma What did she say?
2 hours later…
11:37 AM
@user58 ping
12:17 PM
Wrt my earlier message about comment deletion, I'm even more asking now that the dupe has been posted... scifi.stackexchange.com/q/222006/98028
(once again it's possible that I misremember sending it, but I felt pretty sure)
Can't speak for why the comment was deleted, but doesn't the dupe mean there's even less of a point worrying about that now?
I don't seem to get the logic.
Well, everyone loses their time when the thing was already provided as a comment-pointer
@Jenayah 404
OP self-deleted
I think a comment saying it's dupe on this X site and off topic here sound helpful enough to me
But now all done so maybe note to future
12:22 PM
I'd like to know why it was deleted in the first place, but I won't lose sleep over it, either.
Well, the SciFi question disappeared, too now.
@NapoleonWilson uh?
@Jenayah even google failed
runs it through Alan's decryptor
Nothing found.
@NapoleonWilson Thanks. I've got a few tabs on the devil open, I'll do more research when I get back home ;)
12:35 PM
Researches what @user58 researches ;P
Waiting for @AJ 's finding about @user58 's research
I found LoTR, Hobbit, and Disney princesses
@AJ that's a lot, need to narrow it down
It's neither. But...following reply arrows shouldn't be too hard.
Santa's a Princess.
12:42 PM
@NapoleonWilson Watcha talkin' 'bout?
@AJ Finding out what their recent research concerns.
Thanks for editing the message before I clicked on it to search in Google. ;P
I could have written "covfefe" instead of "concerns".
So much edits
12:45 PM
Only old power left with em is reading chat edit history here and you are not doing anything fishy.....disapointed
@NogShine For the record, it's The Awkward Silence. :P
Maybe he was moving them into an actual awkward silence?
I don't know. Maybe.
But the term is title-cased.
True true.
12:54 PM
@AnkitSharma How many days for Diwali vacation?
@AJ 3 (28,19,30) + Karnataka day 1st
@AnkitSharma Why 30?
29 not 19
@AJ why not
What's on 30?
It's more like we get 10 holidays and they give 3 in Diwali days as people want around Diwali more
1:05 PM
ohh. so will you be going hometown?
@AJ no
my parenmst are coming on this friday
That beats conerns.
@AnkitSharma cool
@NapoleonWilson closes as unclear what you're saying :P
@AJ he is beating the shit out of some concerns :p
The c maybe.
1:16 PM
@AJ cool is the new stressed?
3 hours later…
3:59 PM
@AJ Yeah. I checked later but too late. :'D
1 hour later…
5:00 PM
Q: Has Cobra Kai broken the canon of the Karate Kid movies/1989 series at all (or was it already broken)?

NobleUpliftAs I'm watching the Cobra Kai series, I'm in awe with how phenomenal the series is in regards to inverting the conflict of the movies, while keeping true to the canon of those movies almost precisely. Before asking this question, are there canonical inconsistencies between the three Karate Kid m...

2 hours later…
7:07 PM
So Joker will become cheapest 1 billion earning film?
7:40 PM
4 hours later…
11:25 PM
@AnkitSharma Superman's only appeared in Supergirl as a flashback right?

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