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12:26 AM
Q: Why was House cancelled?

Mikael Dúi BolinderI feel like House is one of those shows that could continue forever. Why was it cancelled?

12:37 AM
@MovieReel if i recall it wasn't, it ended
4 hours later…
4:53 AM
Q: What happened to Patsy and Delia?

Memor-XIn the episode where Barbara marries Tom (i don't know the season or episode number), at the end when everyone has gathered at the merry-go-round Tom hired after the wedding Delia sees Patsy down the street. Patsy tells her that when her father died she came strait back and reassures Delia that w...

One of these things is (to quote the rap song) a "sexy motherfucker"
5:14 AM
@Memor-X why deadpool and not lady deadpool or even gwenpool
I can't even recoganise all
@Memor-X Oh I didn't know deadpool is also one of the Halloween costumes from women.
i think it's
- Daenerys
- Rando
- Rando Hippie
- Rando
- Storm Trooper
- Rando Greek
- Pison Ivfy
- Deadpool
- Oktoberfest Beer Maiden
@NogShine well if we didn't know what Wade looked like, could we assume it was a guy under the Spandex?
lol, the place i stole borrowed the image from someone replied to my comments on it going "and next to that sexy motherfucker is Deadpool". they have a Harley Quinn Avatar
@Memor-X So 90% of the oen I didn't recognised are rando, got it
Gwenpool will be more fun than boring deadpool costume
@AnkitSharma but that would imply all of them but Deadpool are Randos. you didn't pick up Ivy or Daenerys?
@Memor-X I am actually unfit for Science Fiction and Movies sites. I thought... they are just random outfits except two. :/
5:27 AM
@Memor-X Ofcourse I know them and star wars and deadpool, not rest who you called rando :D
@AnkitSharma then technically it's about 50%
@NogShine who was the other one you knew?
@Memor-X he should know three, I am disapointed with him
@Memor-X Strom Trooper. I didn't recognise it's Daenerys. :D
5:31 AM
@AnkitSharma ^ more disappoint lol
Daenerys wore black form Season 7.
@Memor-X hey I needed a suggestion about talking to someone who had transitioning and it didn't went well. I mean I had her number but how to conatct wuithout sounding awkward
Or is it IPS time
@Memor-X agreed
Issue is also how to address her, she don't know that I know her new name and I don't want to sound liek a stalking kind and withotu reveling my sexulaity
@AnkitSharma how do you mean it didn't went well. you mean coming out or something else?
@Memor-X after tarsitioning relatives abandon them, rumour was she was not allowed to walk out of home, father got hospitalised, It's been a year
@AnkitSharma Well, I didn't like mad queen. Don't you know?
5:35 AM
2 year almost
Even my own parents hated her sex change and so does most of know people.
Before trasnition, public reception was "he is gay" but her doing trasition was shock for most and she faced a lot of backlash but most of this stroies I heard from others not knowing them directly
@AnkitSharma to be honest i'm not an expert. haven't came out irl myself though i suspect my family would be more supportive than mostly everyone i have heard from about them coming out (i have different concerns which is what holds me back). best thing is to be supportive, i would like to believe that so long as she has one person who can support her. if you have like minded friends who are ok with LGBT+ stuff then maybe introduce them so they have a more supportive circle
maybe when you contact her just ask her how she is doing and chat about stuff
just talk to/treat her like she's just like everyone else. the fact she's transgender should not change who she is
@Memor-X she was not exactly my friedn but mostly a family friend's kid. We were neevr liek minded but had a formal ackowledge and respect , didn't talk for more than decade. But I feel guilty for not able to support her. It's been 2 year and I didn't got courage to talk
I have her no also from a year
@Memor-X that what I though to but I am confused about how to great her
I can't address her with her old name, whish is disrespectful but addresing by new name wmight sound like stalking
As she don't know I know about her
Or I should just use female pronounces or ignore pronounce as I don't know how she will be comfortable with
@AnkitSharma just from the training we've done here at work there's no real rule on it. though for this in particular we only have a Q and A
> Q: If I’m working with a transgender man who has undergone gender transition, and someone rings for them using their former name, what should I say? Should I tell them ‘she’ is now a ‘he’?

A: There’s no ‘rule’ that covers such a situation. It is wise to check with the person who has transitioned gender and ask how they would prefer for such a call to be managed. A non-committal response could be, “Let me put you through to X and they will be able to help you with that”
5:53 AM
yeh sorry i don't have alot of info you can use. more so that i'm not overt social myself
I can understand
Shoudl I ask on IPS? Or due to current situation not to do ? @AJ
@AnkitSharma If you can form it in a reasonable on-topic question, sure. Try sandbox first.
@AJ I am sure I can write it properly and you will fix garmmer ;) but issue si I don't wnat "network burdon" on my post
You won't. If it happens, we're there to help.
6:00 AM
seems like it's free of weird voting - interpersonal.stackexchange.com/questions/tagged/…
Ok psoting it there than
@AnkitSharma just curious, how did you find out anyway?
@AnkitSharma Try sandbox first.
@Memor-X my father told my family in the most awkward way possible. Her fater is my father's classmate and old nebhours. Some bitchy cousin of her told my father.
@AJ I don't really understand meta sandbox ;D
Take a look at it.
6:06 AM
@AJ is tehre any deleetd answer in sandbox? I can't see them, need examples
I can only see a list of question already posted on main site
Yes, those questions were posted in the sandbox first.
@AJ show some example
Post it as in the same way you would do on the main site.
@AJ ok
Users there will ask any clarification or suggest improvements.
6:09 AM
When you think it looks good, post it on main site or ask me to take a look at it.
6:27 AM
@AJ ok go check
@NogShine what is today's day? Why no updates
@AnkitSharma Ok. Seems fine to me. Give it a day or two to let other users add their suggestions and clarifications.
@AJ fine
@AnkitSharma Friday
@NogShine Happy fry day or Happy frech-fry day?
Happy Chocolate Cupcake Day
I'm not going to post No beard day. I don't advocate it ;)
6:38 AM
@NogShine me neither
@AnkitSharma Comments keeping me busy. :D
We only have 5 questions on of which 3 are ID
Blame Mian meta
@NogShine what more you can ask? How in epsiode 12345 Jeryy redifined gravity?
Wow all least voted questions on SO have changed to -1 now.
@NogShine O.o are you suggesting conspiracy?
@Tinkeringbell hey o/
6:53 AM
Good morning :)
@Tinkeringbell Good afternoon :P
Nah, really... morning. I haven't even had breakfast yet!
Q: Why did Police Not show up at Brett's Apartment as Jules shouts and shoots there?

ShahsaysIn early scenes of Pulp Fiction, Vince and jules are in Brett's Apartment to confront him. as Jules gets aggressive, he shouts at everyone in the apartment loud and clear and then shoots and the guy on the sofa. The gunfire was also loud. Jules then proceeds to confront Brett, with the confessio...

@Tinkeringbell I am 30/40 min away from lunch
@Tinkeringbell ok bye, good nigt, leaving room silently ------>
6:57 AM
Hahaha lunch sounds good too!
Don't go to bed without dinner?
Lunch will be called dinner if I sleep after it?
@Tinkeringbell There was a time when JNat used to share this link.
@NogShine That's where I got it from ;)
@NogShine but eh don't come ehre this days :(
So I can ping him daily. XD
7:05 AM
He is not pingable
@Tinkeringbell there si soemthing in your/IPS sandbox :P
That is why. If I write @JNat even for 100, he is bothered to ban me. I will be safe.
@AnkitSharma I know... I usually leave the Sandbox to the community to deal with ;)
@Tinkeringbell fair enougj
@NogShine lol silly boy
I have a deleted question in that sandbox :|
@NogShine I am sure I answeres that question
Q: Why are human faces not drawn in old cartoons?

DanatelaThis question torments me from childhood. In old cartoons like Tom and Jerry human faces are not drawn. But since 5th volume (not precisely) human faces were introduced. Why? Was it difficult for animators to draw them? Was it a time-saving measure or something else?

7:10 AM
I was searching more evidence to answer your specific case
But didn't got any
7:27 AM
I deleted. If you all think my question is different, I will undelete it.
Previosu one said Tom and Jerry in question itself
So I guess it's same
But other's can have there voice
7:56 AM
Q: Is Arthur's dance a medical condition?

YasskierWe can often see Arthur dancing (or doing some sort of approximation of a "clown dance"), but on a few occasions, this dance looks very forced and unnatural: his whole body is tense while his arms make some Tai-chi moves. We can see it at least twice: Is it possible that this is some sort of ...

8:37 AM
Q: Why does Bane's stock exchange robbery actually work to bankrupt Bruce Wayne?

NzallIn the movie The Dark Knight Rises, Bane robs the Gotham City Stock Exchange, more specifically with the purpose of bankrupting Bruce Wayne. What I don't understand and feels like a plot hole to me: Why does this transaction actually go through? Not only are there tons of witnesses that can attes...

1 hour later…
9:54 AM
@NogShine not the best link but i did find an example
Q: How to remove or hide powered by text from Google Translate

RobinIs it possible to hide or remove the Powered by Google Translate on the dropdown in Google Translate? I removed the logo part, but couldn't remove the Powered by text. Here's the code: <div id="google_translate_element"></div><script type="text/javascript"> function googleTranslateElementInit(...

see Chat doesn't lie
you see -61 until you see the question which then shows -1
do you know if it applies to answers?
10:07 AM
@Memor-X Oh sorry
@NogShine found the cause
A: New popup message when voting on a question/answer?

Shog9We are conducting a two-week experiment to understand how the voting user interface impacts question answering and editing. The effects of this experiment are superficial - only the displayed score is affected. This applies to questions and answers, to authors and voters and readers; if you'r...

10:19 AM
Q: When and how did Dwight and Angela actually start their affair?

ShahsaysIn the office (US) Dwight and Angela had a secret at first relationship which was later revealed to the entire office. While they were shown to be greatly involved in their 'romance' it was never shown how and when did they actually start. in S02E02 Sexual Harassment, Dwight reaches out Toby to ...

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12:42 PM
Q: What was going through Lance's head in Apocalypse Now?

SjdjdhdienWhen Chief died, was he suppressing his feelings? What kind of changes did he go through in this scene?

1:15 PM
@heather Must be mighty convenient to be able to classify all dissenting frames of references and criticisms as homophobic and transphobic. — Blue 7 hours ago
What does this comment mean? I didn't get clear idea.
Maybe ask the people on MSE?
I thought it is about language and not about the issue. That's why I asked here. Nonetheless, I pinged blue in comments.
Well, it seems what he's saying is that the he thinks heather is trying to classify all people disagreeing as homo- or transphobic. And he disagrees with that. The general tone is sarcastic, therefore the paradoxical meaning.
1:33 PM
Yes, Thanks
2:12 PM
@NapoleonWilson Say no more!
Flies in with cape
@NogShine alright, so . . . meta.SE has been a battleground between SJWs and trolls, and it's mostly to be blamed on SE.
OK, it's entirely to be blamed on SE.
@NogShine "must be" is often used when you're depicting the other side of the argument, and is usually meant to be sarcastic
See also: Appeal to hypocrisy
Cold war
BTW, I literally saw a comment referring to the agreement as "allies".
This whole war thing has only two casualties: Sanity, and the very people it ignited trying to protect.
@M.A.R. i think sanity started to be lost when 2016 started
But it was a happyish hibernating insanity
Now they're drilling my head.
The lesson being choose your neighbors correctly
So they won't play loud music at 3 a.m.
or get large properties so that neighbors are further away
1 hour later…
3:45 PM
Q: In what ways did Lance change after Chief died?

SjdjdhdienWhat changes did he go through? How did he decide to express his feelings?

3 hours later…
6:36 PM
@MovieReel This type of homework gets me
@MovieReel He decided to go to the bathroom.
6:48 PM
Q: Do all dead people have magic abilities?

DustinDavisIn Beetlejuice (1988), we see Beetlejuice use all sorts of magic from changing his clothes to becoming a snake to sending people to Saturn. Do all dead people get magic abilities or is he special in someway? We do see some magic done by Juno, she disappears and added the whore-house to the mode...

1 hour later…
8:05 PM
@MovieReel Imagine this question coming up when some child searches for ghosts...
1 hour later…
9:31 PM
Q: Is it possible that Arthur Fleck is not the real Joker?

gtoquesJoker traces the origin story of Arthur Fleck, a troubled man (mentally, financially, and in several other ways) who goes into a downward spiral and emerges as a maniacal killer. My question: is Arthur Fleck the Joker we see in other Batman movies (e.g. Heath Ledger's Joker)? Nothing in the movie...


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