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12:10 AM
Q: How do special effects experts reproduce hidden objects that are covered up by green screen suits?

Tyler DurdenI was watching the SFX clips from Hollow Man (2000) and I noticed that in the scene where the invisible soldier washes his hands the faucet handle turns. In the green suit scene, the actor comes to the sink and turns the handle. In the movie we see the whole handle turn. Now, if you think about ...

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1:31 AM
Q: What does Kapiushon mean

VivianIn season 6 episode 17 of the arrow. Anatoly says Kapiushon. So I’m wondering what it means because it says Kapiushon in other episodes and so I’m confused when they say this.

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4:01 AM
I am imagining @steeler like this 😂
4:39 AM
@AnkitSharma lol
@AnkitSharma will make a better Doctor Phil in the end
4:55 AM
Q: Are the contestants from the Masked Singer singing live?

SanAs season 2 of the Masked Singer started a few week's ago, I can't help but notice that some of the contestants' performances (eg. The Ice Cream) sounded that they're being tweaked with auto-tuned. Thus, are all of their vocals recorded live during recording and simply processed afterwards or d...

Q: The Black List - What episode was this?

user2609404I stopped watching The Black List for a while and now would like to catch up. The last thing I remember was Reddington no longer trusted Mr. Kaplan and took her to a piece of land he owned and shot her. I know she survives and is found by some creepy man, but I don't think I actually saw that epi...

5:21 AM
@Memor-X agreed :D
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6:48 AM
ite is so slow today, answered some stuff which was so easy and stayed so long.
7:15 AM
@AnkitSharma You stole one answer from me. ;P ;(
@AJ slacker, there were so many unaswered easy posts from so long.
OMG! It's been about one and a half month since I asked or answered anything here.
7:39 AM
@AJ you failed this site
8:14 AM
@AnkitSharma Meh. Not really.
8:37 AM
@AJ deniel
@AnkitSharma I am not Deniel. :P
@AJ you are Deniel with Denial issues
8:58 AM
Q: Why is Jessy looking for money in El Camino?

Ron KalianIn Felina Walter left Millions of dollars in the boot of the El Camino, he then asked Jessy to take the car, run and start over. Jessy did that, but then, somehow, the money left in the boot was all forgotten in El Camino (the movie). Did I just discovered a major hole in the story line? Or di...

@AnkitSharma How rude!
@AJ thanks
9:59 AM
Q: Is the way Thomas Wayne is portraied in the "Joker (2019)" based on any comic reference?

lampshadeFor this question, let's take the theory aside that … In the "Joker (2019)" Thomas Wayne is portraied as a successful business man, who And at the end of the movie … I early DC/ Batman movies Thomas Wayne is portrait as a successfull business man as well but also as someone who seems: ...

Q: What did Monica & Joey do with the 'Pieces' they kept for themselves?

ShahsaysIn Friends S01E05 "The One With the East German Laundry Detergent", Joey wants to get back with his ex girlfriend Angela (Who has a boyfriend Bob now). So Joey tricks Monica into thinking Bob is Angela's Brother. Monica and Joey go on a double date with Angela & Bob and even after Monica realiz...

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11:21 AM
Q: Why Author manages to fire eight bullets out of a revolver that holds six bullets

Yu ZhangIn the movie, Joker, when killing three white collars in a subway, Arthur fires eight rounds out of his 38 revolver that holds five or six bullets without reloading. I doubt it is a mistake, why does this happen?

12:06 PM
@MovieReel why DV?
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3:51 PM
How is everyone?
4:12 PM
I watched Agent Sai Srinivas Atreya. It's a good film and underrated. It's worth watching.
4:35 PM
@MovieReel So, this is a movie about delusion or happening only in narrator's head..
There should be a clarity in screenplay writer and also in the audience mind what's happening. Otherwise film will be a flop.
Example is 1:Nenokkadine
1: Nenokkadine (English: 1: I am alone) is a 2014 Indian Telugu-language psychological action-thriller film written and directed by Sukumar. Produced by Ram Achanta, Gopichand Achanta, and Anil Sunkara as 14 Reels Entertainment and distributed by Eros International, the film features Mahesh Babu and Kriti Sanon, who makes her Telugu cinema debut, in the lead roles. Nassar, Pradeep Rawat, Kelly Dorji, and Anu Hasan appear in supporting roles. Mahesh's son, Gautham Krishna, made his debut in the film as a younger version of the protagonist. 1: Nenokkadine revolves around the search by Gautham (a...
Audience expected a mass movie from Mahesh Babu. Screenplay was well written. But a normal viewer who is used to normal movies couldn't understand this in the theatre. But when it was streaming on the internet and telecast on TV, many watched and still watch it.
5:00 PM
Above film is also based on the same disorder - schizophrenia
Q: Did Admiral Holdo know about Rey's mission?

Darth LockeI was recently rewatching Star Wars: The Last Jedi. In one scene, Rey mentions to BB-8 that she still can't get through to the resistance. At this point in the film Vice Admiral Holdo has also taken over General Leia's resistance role, for which Poe Dameron is scheming behind her back, believin...

Q: What is the signifance of Jimmy's restuarant scenes in Better Call Saul?

Govinda SakhareIn S01E01 in a starting scene, we see Jimmy working in a restaurant. We see similar scenes at the start of many episodes. How did Jimmy end up working there? and What is the significance of those scenes? PS: Just FYI, I am in the middle of season 3 (so try to be careful with potential spoilers).

Q: Why did Kylo Ren admit to being a monster?

Darth LockeIn Star Wars: The Last Jedi there is one scene between Rey & Kylo Ren when they are force-linked, where Rey calls Ren a "murderous snake" and a "monster". Although Kylo begins to point out what he perceives as Rey's ignorance of past events, he does not deny what she stated and replies, "I am a ...

5:50 PM
Q: Which Church is Ray a member of?

onlyforthisIn Archer S03E09, Ray's brother Randy says the following about Ray: Even though Ray used to be a preacher, he was never big on the Old Testament. Later in S05E11, Ray himself says the following: I actually don't know. My church didn't really do the New Testament. I believe it was es...

6:31 PM
Not sure if you come here but Happy Birthday Steeler
Also I am way to early due to Indian time zone 😂
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8:13 PM
Q: Two Champions of Death (Shaw Brothers, 1980)

Alan McKJust watching this classic kung fu movie on Netflix. I got to wondering why one of the Shaolin fighters has red cords tied all around his chest over his jacket. I've seen this before in other kung fu movies and always wondered about it. Is it a Chinese medicine thing? Or a good luck emblem? htt...

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