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12:43 AM
@AJ `Dhanyavadaalu
Q: Yet another question about Avengers Infinity War

SPooKYiNeSSI think it's been enough time for this to not be a spoiler about the movie, but if someone disagrees, feel free to alter my post accordingly. So, at the end(ish) Thor takes his mighty axe and slams it into Thanos, deliberately not killing him so he can gloat about it first. At which point Thano...

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3:52 AM
Q: What's up with the badge modal?

Nikhil EshvarI have been trying to scour for ways to earn some hats while I come across this bug. Considering my monitor is a "HD-ready" monitor (1366x768px). It might be reasoning enough that you did it based on 1080p resolution and above resolutions possibly. How about changing the css (changing top: 6...

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5:00 AM
Wow my show off hat post is in Top 4
Ducky momo rules
5:15 AM
son of a bitch!, dam you SE for not having Gold Hats this year
5:32 AM
Answer spree \o/
NOt for hat but because I am bored and got soem interviews for infiity war\
time to change desktop wallpaper with aquaman.
aquaman got positive reviews. Alas! can't watch it now.
I didn't got chance to watch it either
2 hours later…
7:35 AM
Belated Happy Birthday @NogShine
3 hours later…
10:09 AM
A: Winter Bash 2018 Knitting

Ver NickHis smile is really scary :) P.S. I'll update this answer with every normal knitting I'll get :)

Happy birthday Nog Shine!
Happy Birthday Happy Birthday
Happy birthday Nog Shine!
3 hours later…
12:40 PM
Q: Does applying a sedative via hypodermic needle anywhere in the body really work?

Avnish KabajBad Guy is fighting the Good Guy. Good guy miraculously produces a syringe and rams it into the Bad Guy's neck. Cut, From my middle school biology I aware that capillaries are present throughout the body but I severely doubt that sedatives work by using them anywhere and everywhere. If s...

1:15 PM
Q: Why Didn't the Immortal Take the Shirt?

HindolIn the Netflix series "The Protector", when the Immortal killed Hakan's parents, why didn't he take the shirt?

6 hours later…
7:37 PM
Q: Vikings, Season 4: What do you think Yidu’s medicine is?

Dionis BeqirajIn the 4th season of Vikings series, there is a new character named Yidu that is presented as a chinese slave. At the 4th episode of Season 4, for the first time she gives Ragnar a plant, that she says it’s a medicine, but that obviously would be considered a drug in modern terms, because Ragnar ...

4 hours later…
11:51 PM
@MovieReel lol, we already have the one person who upvotes off-topic questions but this one has gotten 2. must be the sex

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