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12:06 AM
Q: Looking for old horror movie

UnhandledExcepSeanI’m trying to recall the name of an old horror movie and it’s eluding me. I watched it in the mid to late 1980s and it was likely an mid 70s to mid 80s movie. Almost sure it was American, but it may have be British as the language was English. It was in color. The plot: a wealthy family elder h...

12:37 AM
Q: Not so old horror movie

JohnnyDescription: A man lives in a big old house that he says is haunting, he hires people to investigate the phenomenon. One of the investigators is a woman who one knight walk up to the mans room in the attic while he´s sleeping then they have sex on the bed. I dont remember if this man had hallucin...

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1:51 AM
Q: Why is the break-even point for movies usually twice the budget?

ParsoaThe break-even point is supposed to be where the cost and revenue are roughly equal so as to avoid loss, hence a movie would break even when it has made as about the same money as its production (and advertising) budget. I've came across this numerous times while reading the Reception section of ...

Q: Why Thomas gave his son a newspaper clipping which contains Black's phone number?

ZoinkellasIn Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close (2011), Why Thomas gave his son a newspaper clipping which contains Black's phone number? Actually Oskar looks at a newspaper clipping that his father, Thomas, gave him, circling the words "notstop looking" in an article, he turns over the clipping and finds...

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4:27 AM
Q: Can a movie soundtrack be called as a movie merchandise?

VikramFor many years I had this question in my mind as to "Why a movie soundtrack has songs that are not played in/during the movie fully or even partially?" What is the logic/idea behind doing this? Do the songs tell the movie story? I don't think so. So I read this question : What is the differenc...

4:41 AM
Q: family being watched from hidden cameras

Jeni heard about the movie awhile ago and watched the preview on youtube but never got around to watching the movie its about a family being watched and the person watching them communicates through the tv or something i think the person watching them wanted them to kill eachother or something and b...

5:28 AM
@AJ It is copy paste of Pokiri
5:44 AM
Q: Find movie please

Amy JaimesI have watched this movie before but I don’t remember what’s it called. It’s about a girl who was home alone, on the phone with her mom. Later she get raped. The girl then moves to a different town. When she gets settled in she takes pictures of her neighbors houses. She later on sees a women ar...

5:59 AM
Q: Saving General Yang Animals Harmed?

QuixoticWere animals harmed during the making of Saving General Yang (2013)? There are scenes where horses stumble and fall on their necks, are shot with arrows, slashed with swords, jump through fire, and fall on people. Are these stunts or computer animated, or were animals actually injured during th...

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7:43 AM
Q: Why the song and video played in between the scenes?

Dustin ClarkeSong is : ♪ Edna Million in a drop-dead suit. Dutch pink on a downtown train ♪ Video: This song and video is played in between the scenes, which are appeared before opening credits of Down By Law (1986).

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11:35 AM
Q: Early 90s cartoon about video game characters working together

Richard de WitAs far as I can remember there were several (like 6?) video game characters working to achieve some goal. Characters I vaguely remember: Red ball with arms and legs (wearing sunglasses?) pushing boxes Some guy with a sword A basketball player? The intro was showing all the characters "escapi...

12:06 PM
Q: Star Trek (2009) - How Did They Survive the Free Fall from Space

DaveL17In Star Trek (2009), Kirk, Sulu (and a third) free fall from space in an attempt to disable the drill. Presumably, the shuttle didn't divert to enter Vulcan's atmosphere, so how did the three avoid being incinerated?

12:55 PM
keep rollin rollin rollin
1:23 PM
@Memor-X lol
I guess Wifi is working fine.
1:40 PM
Q: What is/was the thing about armed postmen in the US?

choegerSince I was a child, I was intrigued by two similar apparent inside jokes that I never understood: in an episode of "The Simpsons" when Ned Flanders runs amok, he shoots various people from a church tower. The only one to fight back is a postman that is surprisingly armed. in the dream sequence...

2:13 PM
Q: Nudity reticence in John Wick 2

feetwetJohn Wick 2 is a solidly R-rated movie that delights in plastering the screen in gritty blood-and-guts. But in the one key scene involving a very intentionally nude woman every shot is awkwardly staged to avoid actually showing any nudity above a PG level. Why? The actress is Italian, the char...

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3:14 PM
Q: Jewel (diamond?) heist movie from 1970s with real diamond switched for a fake of same weight

Pat GravellI remember watching a film in the early 1970s which was possibly a B movie to a Carry on Film which was a comedy jewel heist. It was colour with English language and started in a holiday location, blue skies, coastline etc. I seemed to remember the plot being the creation of a synthetic diamond t...

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6:55 PM
Q: Help Identify a miniseries from the late 80's early 90's?

Trevor SmithI cannot remember too much about it as I have not seen this series since 1991 on VHS. It took place in central or south america. There were two kids about 12 years old a wiht boy and a black girl. I think they were traveling with adults on a boat through the jungle or rain forest. There was one s...

7:38 PM
Q: 1990? Horror Movie, faces used like key-hole, name of film?

PolAll I remember about this strange film (watched it on tv, no way to know the name nor record it where I was) is that there was some sort of secret society practicing a ritual where under the light of the moon (near a tree) keys were introduced inside the faces of some participants .. so their fac...

7:52 PM
Q: Fantasy/Adventure movie from 2000s young guys being chased by a demon/summoned monster

Dobromir NikolovI'm searching for a Fantasy/Adventure/Horror movie (or maybe a short-series) from the around 2000s A a group of young man (I think two boys and 1 girl) go to something like a magic school and during one night they use a forbidden spell (or make a forbidden ritual) and summon some kind of demon (...

8:23 PM
Q: Looking for a movie described to me by my 5 year old daughter: Sleeping beauty and snow white in the same movie

Yiğit AkkökThis may be a bit different than many identify-this-movie questions, but my five year old daughter's descriptions are about as vague as memories of movies I watched in my childhood, so I think it fits. She is insisting she watched a film with both Snow White and the Seven Dwarves, and Sleeping B...

8:51 PM
Q: I'm looking for episode tv series

Marcin Pieniążekplot: there was couple with boy, nanny gave to kid lollipop to check DNA, after that nanny been fired... next killed by fake-father/doctor which just after born kid swap with own at hospital, because his own been sick for deadly illinnes... real mother and dad been russia/eastern europe... after ...

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9:51 PM
Q: Forgot something that has a bowling alley killing

JakeCI seem to remember something along the line of a bowling alley killing, at least I think it was. So I think it was at the start of an episode, late evening, 2 guys and a girl were at the alley, another guy walks up to them, I think they argue or fight, and then one of them starts firing a gun and...

10:41 PM
Q: Pre-1990 movie where a man sees his leg cut off

David MMany years ago, when I would guess I was about five years old, I was being babysat by the church pastor's son while my parents were out at an event. I have one memory: he was watching a film and there was a disturbing scene. It was a movie he wanted to watch. I don't know if this means it was a f...


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