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As a note, a bunch of them already have four votes, so if you agree, they'll be handled.
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Q: Why didn't Darth Vader just use the force to choke and throw Darth Sidious into the electric core?

naturalI am very confused because in the Star Wars movie where Luke goes go up against Darth Sidious: Darth Vader was killed by Darth Sidious's electricity power than the dark side has to offer him after Darth Vader saved his son, resulting from his son's pleas for hi...

1:21 AM
Q: Last episode-Let me See Open your eyes...John Legend reference?

avaWARNING SPOILER ALERT! Just finished binge watching the series Breaking Bad, perhaps the best series I have ever seen. Walt says to his wife in this last episode"...LET ME SEE!!" and then, later, at the "cooking factory" he is told "Open your Eyes!" Check out the John Legend song of 2013. ("Ope...

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Q: Girl blames another girl for her failed pregnancy. Assaults and threatens her

BennyRoughly year 2000's US drama. One girl blames another girl for her failed pregnancy or hurting her pregnant baby or something. She ends up harassing her, coming to her home and kicking in the door and assaulting her. The other girl is really scared, and the violence slowly escalates throughout th...

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Q: Meg having cake in the bathtub reference

Tyler DurdenIn the "Emmy" episode of Family Guy there is a scene in which Meg is eating cake in the bathtub: She says, You've inspired me to nakedly eat this cake in a weird place. What is this a reference to?

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Someone's early today!!!
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Q: What's the name of this historical famous movie?

Leo NerdasoIt's a famous historical Greek movie and characters names are sound like Agelaus, Aenesidemos. I guess it made at 90s or early 00s. Plot: The tribe chief is lost at a see storm. His young son and his wife accompany the city (called Isaka?!) people looking for him but can't find him. A bad guy w...

6:14 AM
Q: In Blade Runner 2049, why does Deckard say Rachel had green eyes?

Rapid ReadersWell, there's no other way to better explain this, other than by flat out saying that Rachel's eyes were NOT green at all. When Deckard confronts the replica of his former lover, he is immediately overwhelmed. He shares a silent intimate moment with her, and then immediately ruins the moment by ...

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@DrRDizzle ^^^
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Rotten Tomatoes has 45 reviews up for Thor: Ragnarok at the moment, at lot of which aren't even from the USA, never mind NY/LA. That's hardly "a few hand picked critics" I follow Weinberg on Twitter, and I think he's just mad he didn't get invited to a screening.
Besides, it's not like Marvel Studios are the only people who hold press screenings lol
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Q: Identify this movie which is romantic comedy

Jack JonesActor love Actress but they don't marry because she got letter from university. Actor works in some hotel. So he leave the job and join in the other hotel which is near to the university where actress joined. Actress kiss some guy at the party and she later revealed to Actor. Actor wish that ...

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Q: So far so good -Vinz

LeonWould you kindly share the deep meaning of this great quote? Vinz: It's about a society on its way down. And as it falls,it keeps telling itself: "So far so good... So far so good... So far so good." It's not how you fall that matters. It's how you land.

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Q: In the Black Mirror episode, San Junipero, is there any significance as to why the bar is named Tucker's?

Darth LockeIn the British anthology series Black Mirror, the season 3 episode, San Junipero, features a nostalgic 80's-inspired reality with a lot of references to many things characteristically and/or pop-culturally 80's. The two main characters spend a good chunk during the first part of the story, gettin...

Q: Was Elsie's attraction to Clementine meant to go anywhere?

Mark HendersonIn the first season of the Westworld TV show, Elsie (the behavioural technician) has an intimate moment with the host Clementine. It's very brief as she brushes Clementine's hair aside and kisses her. And then it's never heard or seen of again. I'm not sure what the point of that scene was. Was...

3:52 PM
Q: Where did Sherlock Holmes music originate?

ZachThePilotDisclaimer: This is my first question to the Movies & TV SE, so let me know if I can improve in any areas. I just recently re-watched BBC's Sherlock Holmes, and was thinking back to all of the other Sherlock-type movies I had seen. Then I noticed, all of this music sounds similar (sources below)...

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Nobody is here, I guess :'(
Goodbye my internet friends :'(
Q: Why are some actors listed as "featuring" and some aren't?

PejoPhyloIn modern, western television intros, some actors are listed as "featuring" whereas some others are simply named. What exactly motivates movie makers do make a distinction about this?

5:51 PM
Q: In Mr. Robot season 3 episode 2 what does "China wants to annex Congo" mean?

penguinIn Mr. Robot season 3 episode 2, Zhang (Chinese Minister of State) wants to annex Congo (ref to dialogue between Price and Zhang). What does this means. Show did not mention any background on this, it is about hacking e-corp etc? And how can China annex Congo? Congo is in Africa, China is in Asia.

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@steelersquirrel I am here now
Mayeb its too late for the reply :D
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Q: Did movie distributors hire men to be outside theaters and count the # of patrons so they could compare to reported ticket sales in 1940's?

RodI recall my father having an evening job in the late 1940's/early 1950's where he was paid to be outside movie theaters and tally by hand how many customers walked through the door to the theater. The purpose was to make sure theater owners were not under reporting ticket sales to avoid paying d...

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Q: Movie with 2 bunny costumed guys

poellinfI'm looking for a movie I saw a couple of years ago, I'd say after 2005. I can't really say where the movie was from, since I watched a dubbed version, All I can remember is: - that it was about two guys (possibly buddies) that wore easter-bunny costumes - both of them were pretty run-down, smok...

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10:10 PM
Q: Identify this tv show or film with a lockpicking scene with a man next to a woman

Mamadou Mackie SissokoI am trying to figure out the name of a television show or possibly movie.A lady in a red dress in a pitch black room that disappears in one scene.In another scene a man is lockpicking a door and a woman is next to him in another scene.Im not sure if its battlestar galactica or another tv show or...

10:31 PM
What's this technique called where they transport a subject to a completely different setting (it's only implied) youtu.be/8zscp5a7gk0?t=154 It is usually seen in musicals or when someone is daydreaming/fantasising.
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Q: Which heist movie matchs with these?

Kimbley AusturminI'm trying to remember which movie is it from.. I guess there is rich person (or people) in movie who bored, wants adrenaline and robbery. After the heists he (or they) were hanging from outside of the some white place like dome. Movie contains all of this. Thank you all


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