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12:08 AM
> His name is Robert Paulsen.
> His name is Robert Paulsen.
> His name is Robert Paulsen.
12:57 AM
Gheez, who else is in this Taking Lives movie?
1:18 AM
@NapoleonWilson You really see a lot of movies. You put me in awe here.
@John I don't really lately.
Well everybody takes a rest at times.
1:36 AM
@Walt Well, most of my idols might have lost their touch afterall.
Q: strip club 'It's he best cup of coffee in town"

LhqScene in a strip club guy says to the other guy 'best cup of coffee in town'

Q: Fire safety on NY film set

Andrew DeSimoneHow many candles can you light on a film set in NY before you need a special person on set, and who would that special person be, like a fire marshall or safety officer.

2:04 AM
Q: Name this horror film?

AdamI think it was a vampire movie from the 1970s or early 1980s. I remember a person or persons digging up a grave only to find the coffin empty. The bottom of the coffin was broken and lead to tunnels carved in the earth beneath the cemetery.

@NapoleonWilson Do you really carry that in your suitcase or are you just quoting Fight Club? ;)
@steelersquirrel The latter.
Bummer ;)
3:13 AM
Q: a horror movie I think.

Jason cunt This movie had a chick who was like staying in a mansion I think she was wearing a turtle neck maybe a couple of kids and there was also a piano. She had a husband and the house was haunted or someone was trying to kill them or something.

3:48 AM
Q: Movie with couple that have an open marriage whether the husband likes it or not

farhangfarhangfarIn the mid 1990s I saw a movie I believe takes place in Europe and may have been European made. Of course the movie could be significantly older than that. The first scene I remember is the husband driving a car and the wife is asleep next to him. A very good looking woman is driving in the lane...

3:59 AM
Q: How do Cyclops and Storm find Wolverine and Rogue, and why at that moment?

Michael SternIn the first X-Men movie (2000), Wolverine and Rogue are driving through icy Canada when they are attacked by Sabertooth. He knocks Wolverine unconscious and is on the verge of victory when Storm and Cyclops arrive and drive him away. Why were they there at that time? Magneto infers that Charles...

4:14 AM
Q: Safety issue in the Vale

Tyler DurdenShouldn't there be a railing or something around that hole in the Eyrie in Game of Thrones?

4:36 AM
Good Morning
Q: German film where two men hold a couple hostage

MikeyIn 2000s (it aired in America definitely before 2009, when I moved abroad) I was watching a very well made movie on cable. I was in the United States, but it was a German movie, so it 'made it over here.' To the best of my memory, it takes place in a rural / forested setting, and two men are to...

Good night.
I really want to take a nap, don't trick me
5:19 AM
@MovieReel @Passerby You are good at answering. Try this.
5:32 AM
Regarding how, in X2 we are shown the precision with which Xavier can track a mutant using Cerebro. — faintsignal 57 mins ago
@MovieReel I did expected napolean's answer and got it
The site God is not present, so Skynet Napoleon answered.
6:21 AM
There already appears to be a very nice physical barrier that compliments the colors and aesthetic of the room; a railing would diminish the colloquial vernacular of the architects vision for the people of Eyrie. ;) — Mikey 2 hours ago
6:34 AM
@AnkitSharma Finally finished watching V for Vendetta. Posted a question in honor of your favorite movie! It was really good. I loved it!
yeah \o/
Q: Why wasn't Evey recognized?

steelersquirrelIn V for Vendetta, when V captures Evey and imprisons her in the makeshift prison that he created, he shaves her head and Evey is proven to have no fear. When V releases her, he asks for her to return before November 5th. Evey does return to V on November 5th and explains to him that she has be...

@steelersquirrel Nice question. Will try to answer it later if reach on time to home
Does it say how much time went by after V releases her until she meets him again on November 5th? Her hair doesn't look grown out at all. Was she keeping it shaved?
Perhaps that can be another question...
in Literature, 4 hours ago, by Napoleon Wilson
@steelersquirrel I'm unemployed and single, I can do what I want!
@NapoleonWilson I see. ^^
Time for sleep. I'm outta here :)
7:06 AM
@steelersquirrel O.o
Q: How do Elliot Alderson and Cisco communicate with dark army in Mr.robot?

faust_How do Elliot Alderson and Cisco communicate with dark army in Mr.robot ? Is it IRC or some other mode of communication ? I assume its not IRC because IRC is not at all secure, its just plain text sharing. Is this mode of communication secure and encrypted? In the series we can see a terminal o...

Q: Was the quote "Take your broken heart, make it into art" from a movie?

Nick SiliconRecently, I watched the Golden Globe Awards 2017. Quoting: Meryl Streep "As my friend, the dear, departed Princess Leia, said to me, "Take your broken heart, make it into art." Is this from a movie in which Carrie Fisher acted? If yes, what is name of movie?

7:26 AM
@AnkitSharma Pfft! I know, right? ;)
I though he once said he is working
@MovieReel Is this on topic @AnkitSharma?
@steelersquirrel It shouldn't
37 mins ago, by steelersquirrel
Time for sleep. I'm outta here :)
@AnkitSharma Not anymore. He seems to think that he's going to come over here so that I can support him :P
Meh. I can't sleep :(
@steelersquirrel okay
@steelersquirrel I can sleep right away but in office :'(
7:29 AM
@AnkitSharma I'm joking, of course ;)
I know silly
@AnkitSharma I tried to edit it, but I wasn't sure if it was on topic or not, so I just left it alone after editing.
@steelersquirrel I am leaving it on community or waiting till 3 CV
Okay :)
Dawny33 is in literature too
7:40 AM
But why he don't come here anymore
I don't know :'(
I'm obviously obsessed with Natalie Portman's shaved head... ;)
I don't like her but she was really great in this film
I am just obsessed with praising this film
Maybe I can get my V for vendetta novel soon and aks some question on literature.se
7:49 AM
Yeah, I usually don't really like her, either. The only other thing that I liked her in was Closer. That was a good movie.
I need to go and read some of the questions before I start asking any. I have only read a few of them. They're already arguing about tags and stuff ;)
I closed one question there and voted on few
and meta but didn't asked any
I don't read much so :/
Q: Why was Evey's head still shaved?

steelersquirrelIn V for Vendetta, Evey has her head shaven while in captivity: After she is released, it appears that a significant amount of time goes by and Evey is shown living a somewhat normal life. Evey comes back to see V on November 5th, as she promised. Her hair appears to be the same length as whe...

I just suggested the chatroom name, which wasn'tvery popular :(
@steelersquirrel where
@AnkitSharma On Literature meta
7:53 AM
ArtOfCode's suggestion is wining and sound good too
How do you get back over to that site without a link?
@AnkitSharma Yeah...it's kind of boring. "The Reading room" It's kinda meh. I would go for "The Library" before that one.
@steelersquirrel I committed to it long back and followed too blame @Randal'Thor
@steelersquirrel I like The bookcase more but library is too boring
@SreeCharan I hope you are not stalking me
@AnkitSharma Why doesn't it show up on my communities?
@steelersquirrel Because it's private beta
Will be there after reaching public beta
@AnkitSharma How do you get to the site, then?
7:57 AM
@steelersquirrel The Salon
@AnkitSharma Ha Ha.. No. I am wandering in chat rooms..
@steelersquirrel by link literature.stackexchange.com
@SreeCharan ok
Is Id on topic there O.o
@AnkitSharma I don't know...ask Napoleon :P
7:59 AM
@SQB where book readers get their hair fixed O.o
@steelersquirrel Best is The Screening Room and it's already taken
Bummer, I asked only one V for Vendetta question yet :/
@AnkitSharma I think the consensus was "let's give it a try".
@SQB bummer
@AnkitSharma <gasp> Wut???? ;)
And I don't know if I have watched it. It sounds familiar.
Well, @Randal'Thor made the case that it does work for Science Fiction & Fantasy.
8:03 AM
@steelersquirrel yeah only this
Q: How is the Wachowskis' interpretation not up to the mark according to Alan Moore?

Ankit SharmaAlan Moore didn't acknowledge any film adaptation of his work positively but why did he say that the Wachowskis' film adaptation of V for Vendetta is themed like Bush-era and not like the original novel? How is the theme of the film adaptation different from his work?

Well, my awesome suggestion only has 2 upvotes. Pfft! ;)
And that was also more on wachowskis vs alan moore
not film itself
@steelersquirrel I did upvoted it
Hahaha! Comparing it to Bush-era! Hmmmm... ;)
Q: What do we think about story identification?

GallifreianI guess it's appropriate to start with the elephant in the room - story identification questions. Should they be on-topic here? In particular, what can we learn from the previous iteration of the Matrix? What can we learn from Anime & Manga banning identification questions? If we decide to acc...

Looks like yes :'(
It worked on SFF then it should work on literature, Bad reasoning. Anime got rid of it, gaming suffered and made rules, movies suffering too
I don't know. I don't really care about ID one way or another.
8:12 AM
@AnkitSharma You can request a feature to automatically block an ID question containing less words than a particular word range.
I will make an answer later.
@AJ or better don't even allow them for god sake
@AnkitSharma If you don't even allow them, they are still gonna come. Most of new IDs don't contain ID tag.
then straight close
Anime.se doing it quite fine
> But if you're reading this, it's probably a bad idea for you to ask them yourself; if you want to help this site grow, give its members wholesome food to chew on.

And if, in a week or two, you survey the site and see an awful lot of ID questions... You should probably start getting worried about malnutrition. - Shog9
Ok so let it burn and then call the fire-brigade
Is it not better to don't give a chance to wildfire because calling fire-brigade later not work all the time. — Ankit Sharma 7 secs ago
done with it
Lets get back to why the hell I have only one V for Vendetta question
I need to put a question together over there.. I just don't know what. I need to do one on my favorite book...I need to think about what to ask...Hmmm...I wonder if the "single" @NapoleonWilson knows what my favorite book and my favorite author is...
Q: Fire safety on NY film set

user45798How many candles can you light on a film set in NY before you need a special person on set, and who would that special person be, like a fire marshall or safety officer.

8:18 AM
Oh my!
And now user is gone so no profit in leaving a comment
Q: strip club 'It's he best cup of coffee in town"

LhqScene in a strip club guy says to the other guy 'best cup of coffee in town'

^ That's why I hate ID
Hehehe! Yeah...I see.
Okay. Now I'm going to sleep... Goodnight :)
8:33 AM
Q: need to find the name of this movie

Alisonthe scenes i can remember (not in any particular order) scene 1: white table and chairs either in the middle or edge of a lake. scene 2: young girl finds her dads (something) in a hut or cottage. scene 3: she finds another young girl in a cave. scene 4: has to unlock a door, once unlocked it ...

@steelersquirrel good night
9:26 AM
in Literature, 5 mins ago, by M.A.R.
Changing avatars is fun
I have created an account there, but don't know what to ask. The only literature I read was in school including stories of Premchand and Mahadevi Verma, and poems of Harivansh Rai and Maithili Sharan.
The Sun's Seventh Horse ( सूरज का सातवाँ घोड़ा, Suraj Ka Satvan Ghoda) is a 1952 Hindi meta fiction novel by Dharamvir Bharati, one of the pioneers of modern Hindi literature. It followed Gunaho Ka Devta (गुनाहों का देवता), Bharati's 1949 debut novel, which later became a classic. The novel presents three related narratives about three women: Jamuna, Sati, and Lily. It is narrated by Manik Mulla, who is also a character in the novel, to his friends over seven afternoons, in the style of Hitopadesha or Panchatantra. The novel looks at the disappointments in love faced by these women and how they...
I ahve read this:
Not sure if this counts.
Why not?
It's a novel, language shouldn't be a barrier
I was talking about the stuff I read.
9:39 AM
Suraj Ka Satvan Ghoda was part of my BA syllabus
ID question that Napoleon answered in HNQ.
@AnkitSharma You did BA? I thought you did some BE or B.Tech.
@AJ I never cleared it or I must say didn't even tried harder. It was from open learning and I left giving it attention after joining B.Tech
Only gave exam for 3 years and got 5 backs ( 3 were economics only)
Never tried to clear them again
There was a kinda poetry novel I don't remember.
10:05 AM
I see a dildo in a star board O.o
Must be some famous movie reference
No worry. We had more strange things on star board than this.
For once, I thought Bob has left, but as it turns out, he changed his avatar only.
10:34 AM
Q: Name of horror/thriller where guy breaks in and kills husband but wife fights to stay alive

SilencesIn this movie it starts off with with a voicemail from the wife's mom I think talking about the couples son who's with her. I'm pretty sure his name is Jack and as the voicemail is playing you see boots walking around the house tampering with windows and the alarm and phones then he puts his feet...

11:06 AM
Q: How doctor said the cause of death just by putting his ear on dead body?

user45813In Rango, How doctor said the cause of death is drowning just by putting his ear on dead body? No, this man wasn't shot. He was drowned!

11:17 AM
Q: Hollywood film where a man give fight-training to 3(Almost) guys

Rohit GuptaRecently I had seen a part of movie on TV. To the best of my memory, it takes place in Big Garage type place, where 3(As much i have remembered) persons were talking with "A Bodybuilder guy" about fight-training(most probably boxing) Then to show-off one of the guy kick the punchi...

Q: Identify this post-catastrophic thriller, please?

miltonautI saw this on someone else's screen at the gym, and they were wearing headphones, so I couldn't hear any of the dialogue. I'm guessing it's in English because the signs were in English. All the characters I saw were white. It's set in the present-day. The scenes I saw: A group of 2 men and 2 wom...

@AJ I know the whole story behind it
@AnkitSharma What is it?
in Root Access, 5 hours ago, by Bob
Maybe it's time to switch again.
Blame Pandya
in Hinduism, 5 hours ago, by Pandya
in Root Access, 32 secs ago, by Bob
@Pandya 'tis a fox
1 hour later…
12:49 PM
Q: "gonna put your name in lights kid" - origin

user45817Where did this character come from, and are there any characters that a parody of this archetype? usually associated with new York/Chicago talent agents. "Gonna make you a star kid, you're going to Broadway" whilst smugly chewing on a cigar and twirling their moustache In many ways this charact...

1 hour later…
1:57 PM
Q: Is this man in picture Walter White a.k.a 'Heisenberg'

SparrowFrom the banner of MOVIES & TV StackExchange The man in the fifth picture from left. Is that Walter White from Breaking bad

in Literature, 11 hours ago, by Napoleon Wilson
@Randal'Thor Well, according to other people you can call yourself single when the other person still lives 8000 km away. ;-P
I'm pretty sure that's what you told me when I wondered why you called yourself "single". ;-)
@MannlyMann hello
@steelersquirrel Oh, you ever seen Black Swan?
@steelersquirrel Hmm, I like The Reading Room.
@NapoleonWilson bleh
2:04 PM
@NapoleonWilson me too better then lame library
@SQB Yeah, and Shog promptly replied why it doesn't for anyone else.
in Literature, 55 secs ago, by Ankit Sharma
evening morning
@AnkitSharma heh
@steelersquirrel I do know that. How could I not know? :'(
2:24 PM
Q: Movies about disapproving Dad

Black DaggerI want to explore the character of people who have had disapproving and non-loving fathers. The fathers are not abusive but they don't see themselves in their sons and that is why they are not very loving towards them.

2:43 PM
@MovieReel nooope
@MovieReel Huh? Is this a recommendation question? @AnkitSharma
Q: In Dead Poet's Society, Was there an alternative that Neil could have used?

iowatiger08Dead Poets Society Neil's father (Mr.Perry) is hellbent on shaping Neil into what he envisions of Neil rather than listening to Neil. Was there an alternative that Neil could have used to pursue his dream instead of the movie result?

@AJ it's closed, that's enough for now
Hmm ok
ooops, caps lock
2:55 PM
3:09 PM
@NapoleonWilson Yes. I have seen it. It was alright, I guess.
@NapoleonWilson The Reading Room is so boring, though! Surely, someone can come up with something more unique than that.
@NapoleonWilson You do? You mean you actually listen to me sometimes? ;)
3:21 PM
@steelersquirrel Yeah, occasionally.
I see.
@steelersquirrel I wanted The Reading Nook...
@DForck42 Hey...I upvoted! I upvoted all of them except for the lame "The Reading Room" ;)
Actually, "The Book Club" would make the most sense, because that's what a book club is...people getting together to discuss books.
3:35 PM
@steelersquirrel true
mine's at a score of 0, 6 up and 6 down, lol
Wait. Where did Rand's suggestion of "The Library" go? It's not on there anymore...
@DForck42 Yeah. My suggestion crashed and burned as well :(
@steelersquirrel yup
@DForck42 Did Rand's suggestion get deleted? Am I going mad?
@steelersquirrel he might have self-deleted
@DForck42 I wonder why. It had a lot of upvotes...weird.
3:43 PM
@steelersquirrel no idea
@steelersquirrel ;-(
4:03 PM
Q: Movie with identical twin sisters and one has husband murdered and gets her sister imprisioned for the crime

farhangfarhangfarI saw this movie in the 1980s. It could be a TV movie. I don't think it was very good and it seems soapy, but for some reason it has stuck with me except for the title. It is about identical twin sisters who have a strained relationship. One is evil and the other is relatively good. ES (evil sis...

@NapoleonWilson Awwww. I'm sorry. That's just too boring for me. I need some excitement!
@steelersquirrel Like...uh...as boring as The Screening Room?
@NapoleonWilson lol
@NapoleonWilson That's not boring at all! It's not "The Movies Room" That would be boring!
@steelersquirrel Well, ok, it's not The Watching Room.
Then at least choose The Book Club.
But some others on there are just a little too obscure to me, including yours I'm afraid.
4:12 PM
@NapoleonWilson See! Exactly! I upvoted "The Book Club" That's what it should be. If it's "The Reading Room" I refuse to ever go in there again :P
@NapoleonWilson Pfft! Mine was awesome and I won't hear any arguments against it ;)
At least Ankit upvoted it! Glad to see that you have my back @AnkitSharma! ;)
You always have my back
@NapoleonWilson how could you even say that
who is this guy
@steelersquirrel lol
@AnkitSharma Well, I don't think it is, but I don't think The Reading Room is boring either.
same here
@AnkitSharma I know, right? Pfft!
4:24 PM
Napoleon is officially dead to me.
Q: American 90s/2000s Thriller/Crime movie about cult where people are kept in underground tunnel

CuriousguyI only remember some scenes in which two men in in coats are walking down a street at daytime and have some symbols/tattooed on their palms. They go down to a wide underground tunnel filled with beds surrounded by blue electric/laser fences and there's old people bound to the beds against their...

Q: How to record the audio of one person's reaction to another person's line without overlapping audio?

pleasehelpmewithaudioI was told that it was best to record audio separately for every talent so that it would be easier during audio post if I want to increase the gain for one of the tracks etc. So if I only have a boom mic and I have a single shot of person A's reaction (no dialogue but some whispering) to person...

Q: Movie where kids are sold to a dentist or eye doctor

KelseyI remember watching this movie as a kid and can only remember general plot and a two scenes. Hoping someone knows what it is it. The general plot: the parents leave their kids (boy younger, maybe like 10, the girl early teen...maybe) with a "babysitter" for a period of time. This woman is a crim...

@steelersquirrel :'(
Q: Why does the hospital staff incorrectly assume the writer of the blog in the lying detective

IvanIn Sherlock season 4, episode 2: "The Lying Detective", two nurses incorrectly assume Sherlock writes his blog himself, which John later corrects. Even Smiths daughter makes the same assumption. Why is that?

@steelersquirrel holy moly
what happen now
:'( :'( :'(
4:38 PM
@NapoleonWilson You know that you are not officially dead to me nor will you ever be!
@steelersquirrel I hope so even after my response to your last chat message.
@NapoleonWilson No. I guess not.
@steelersquirrel I see. :'(
@NapoleonWilson I just watched V for Vendetta. Kinda reminded me of the same atmosphere as the chancellor...but, that's just me, I guess.
@steelersquirrel Hmpf.
Well, I didn't see the memes anyway, I have most of their posters on ignore. So I don't really know how much it got out of hand.
4:43 PM
I wouldn't call it out of hand...I didn't post any, so I don't know.
I'm out of that room. It's crowded.
Me too.
There are 24 users in that room.
But banning all meme are boring
Threatening people is also boring. That's why I left.
4:48 PM
I'm on mobile right now, so can't post memes.
Q: Why does Smith keep asking the duration of employment to his staff members

IvanIn Sherlock season 4, episode 2: "The Lying Detective", why does Smith ask the nurse and the guy in the mortuary as to how long they've worked at the hospital? What does he calculate with their duration at the hospital?

@AnkitSharma Yeah, I agree. I know that they can get out of hand sometimes. But, there's also a way to handle the situation instead of going in there with a heavy hand and barking orders to people. That just makes it worse. Just my opinion.
I'm chastising axelrod for threatening over the memes
@steelersquirrel who is threatening
4:55 PM
@DForck42 I doubt that's what he's talking about. ;-)
@AnkitSharma axelrod, or so it seemed
@DForck42 You obviously aren't in Mos Eisley ;)
@steelersquirrel no, id on't go there cause it's neck beardy
I refused to elt lit get that way
(And if you really plan to chastise him, you're in for a treat.) ;-)
@DForck42 Is it mos's step sister now O.o
4:56 PM
@AnkitSharma Nothing. Just the way that one of the mods had to roll in and start barking orders. Nevermind.
@DForck42 I would not recommend getting into any kind of argument with him ;)
@steelersquirrel yeah, it's ridiculous
If they start MOSing then I will leave
if you want a chat that's SOLEY for site discussion, make your own
we don't stay on topic all the time here, but we have FUN and good discussions
Like I said...it reminds me of The Chancellor on V from Vendetta ;)
@steelersquirrel bring it, I say
5:00 PM
@DForck42 Oh, no. I have never been in an argument with Axelrod. I actually get along fine with him. He is the only one who stood up for me one time in another room. I will always have his back because of that. I just wouldn't suggest an argument with him because I have seen where they can lead sometimes ;)
@DForck42 Um, just so you know, I think you two are actually on the same side in this issue. So please read his messages again before engaging in a discussion that's just a misunderstanding.
@NapoleonWilson maybe, the messages I read seemed to be threatening though
so shrugs
@DForck42 Yeah, but to the evil anti-meme mods.
anyway, I want to talk about soething more positive
what's everyone up to?
I'm browsing pics on Instagram.
5:03 PM
@NapoleonWilson <sigh>
Yeah. Change of frigging subject.
@steelersquirrel Indeed.
@steelersquirrel Indeed.
@DForck42 Sitting around and working.
@NapoleonWilson same
You do a night shift too? @NapoleonWilson
@AJ Why?
Don't know. You are always awake when it's night there.
5:15 PM
Q: Identify movie about criminals taking hostages at school

helleyeI watched this movie around the middle of the 90s on a TV, but it may have been played on a video cassette. I assume it is not older than 1980. I remember that there were criminals (probably with an Arabic descent) that had taken as a hostage a group of students, maybe around 10years old, and th...

@AJ Um, it's 6 pm right now. ;-)
But yes, in general you're right.
@DForck42 I'm filling out an IR due to a patient visitor that had to be escorted out of ICU the other day by security ;)
@steelersquirrel Oh, that thing.
@NapoleonWilson Yeah. that thing. Do you guys have an epidemic with prescription pain medication in Germant? It's really bad here.
Q: What is Eurus's motive in the final problem

IvanIn Sherlock season 4, episode 3: "The Final Problem" It is revealed that,

5:27 PM
I want to explore the character of people who have had disapproving and non-loving fathers. The fathers are not abusive but they don't see themselves in their sons and that is why they are not very loving towards them.
@steelersquirrel Not that I really know of. But I might just not be that well-versed in the industry.
Any movie recommendations?
I rarely ever hear of actual drug problems here.
But then again, I might just be in my comfort zone here.
@NapoleonWilson Even if you're not in the industry, I am sure that if you live in the U.S., you have heard of it...am I right @DForck42 @Catija?
@BlackDagger Dead Poet's Society comes to mind (as it was also on the main site just recently). But it's only one of multiple aspects of the story.
@steelersquirrel O...okay.
5:29 PM
@BlackDagger The only one that I can think of off the top of my head is American Beauty
The bigger problem we seem to have since a few years, at least in my region, is Meth smuggled in from the Czech Republic.
And as I learned, that ultimately came from Heisenberg, too.
@NapoleonWilson Oh, God. I don't want to scare you...but, it is an epidemic in the U.S. What really sucks is if you have a legitimate reason to take pain medication, then those people suffer because of the people who abuse it.
@steelersquirrel all they talk about on the news... Other than Trump.
@steelersquirrel Oh, also a good idea. But again, just a small aspect of the whole movie.
@Catija Right. See @NapoleonWilson. It's frigging everywhere.
5:31 PM
@NapoleonWilson Thanks. But American Beauty doesnt cut the chase. Maybe someone like jeff daniels character in the squid and the whale
And it makes it really difficult for people in the medical profession, because we have to go through so many different steps and so much more training to be able to spot "pill seekers" it's just a huge pain in the butt.
@BlackDagger I am the one who suggested American Beauty ;)
Sorry.. oops
This is frustrating. I know a lot of movies like that...I just can't think of them right now...
@steelersquirrel I watched that weeks ago.
@AJ Did you like it?
@BlackDagger Oh! Oh! Oh! There's an older one...with Robert Duvall, I believe. Hold on a sec.
5:37 PM
It was good. Got bit bored after 15-20 minutes. But it was interesting.
@BlackDagger The Great Santini with Robert Duvall. That's a really good one!
@AJ Oh, really? I was glued to that movie from start to finish! I thought it was awesome! I frigging loved Kevin Spacey in that movie!
@steelersquirrel Thanks. Shall watch it.
@steelersquirrel 'nneed!
@NapoleonWilson I knew that there was some reason that I liked you ;)
5:40 PM
I watched it on a tuesday night when I was totally not in the mood for the next day. And it was awesome.
Yeah. Everyone should have got an Oscar for that movie.
Annette Bening was robbed!
@steelersquirrel oh my
@steelersquirrel It was overall interesting. I loved the scene when Kevin replies his wife when she threatens for divorce.
@AJ which movie?
@AJ Hehehe! I know! My brother just had one of those moments...he kept calling himself Lester Burnham ;)
5:43 PM
Speaking of Kevin Spacey, has anyone watched 21?
@AJ Yes!!! I love Kevin Spacey!
It was nice too.
@DForck42 American beauty
Kevin Spacey will always be Keyser Soze to me. Just like Sean Penn will always be Jeff Spicolli ;)
And Tom Hardy
@AJ oh yeah, good movie
5:46 PM
Wait. Tom Hardy is in 21?
Mena Suvari acted well.
@steelersquirrel no no
@AJ Oh, sorry. Yes, I love Kevin Spacey, but not like I love Tom Hardy. Tom Hardy is my boyfriend. Kevin Spacey is just awesome ;)
@steelersquirrel Urgh!
Seems like I watched his 3 movies just last month.
Well, ok, that's probably one of Penn's more likeable roles indeed.
5:51 PM
@NapoleonWilson Gonna start a Heath Ledger ToW tomorrow?
@NapoleonWilson Oh, God. What now?
@AJ Um, why?
Speaking of the prescription drug epidemic...
@NapoleonWilson Did you just ask why? I can't believe it.
@steelersquirrel Nothing, I just can't stand Sean Penn. He always seems to play downright morons or assholes (and honestly, I think that seeps from his movies into reality, or maybe the other way around. ;-))
@AJ Yeah, well, I had forgotten about that.
5:53 PM
wow, what did I missed
ed in miss
I was asking Napoleon for H.L. ToW.
Pro tip: Never mix two kinds of painkillers with two kinds of sedatives and then go to sleep. It will never turn out well.
@steelersquirrel o_O
5:56 PM
@NapoleonWilson Well...isn't he an a-hole IRL? I don't know. I'm just going off of his rants on paparazzi.
@steelersquirrel holy moly
@steelersquirrel That's what I was transcribing. ;-)
A: Weekly Topic Challenge - Ideas

Ankit SharmaHeath Ledger Week 22 January 2017 is Heath Ledger's 9th death anniversary, which is a sad moment but we can tribute him by doing topic of week for his work.

@AnkitSharma That's how Heath Ledger died...
I am eagerly waiting for it
@steelersquirrel ohhhhh
5:58 PM
Oh, I see.
and Prince and Anna Nicole Smith and Michael Jackson and the list goes on...
I will watch 10 Things I Hate About You for the ToW
Oh, Anna Nicole's dead too?
@NapoleonWilson Uhm...yeah. Like a million years ago. She died a few days after her son died...of a prescription pain killer overdose.
Well, I'm not too up to date with Z-celeb gossip. ;-)
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