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12:08 AM
@NapoleonWilson That was actually NAA when I flagged it... he edited it.
Yeah, just noticed it. I'll just decline then...Or rather mark helpful, since it was a reasonable flag at the time you flagged.
Q: What is the name of this anime movie set in the 1960 with an alterantive history plot?

Frosty The DopeManOkay, I remember seeing this movie on the TV in some channel back in 2000 on a Saturday night. The anime movie is basically set somewhere during 60's. But, it has an alternative history plot than our real world history. In this movie it is revealed that the Space Race was used as a cover up by bo...

1:11 AM
Q: group of students at the end of the year get murdered one by one by a mesterious women

HanaA group of high school students at the end of the school year i think decided to party or picnic not sure ,get murdered one by one by a mysterious women,one of the students was a girl that owned a cat,i think it was a German movie 2009-2010 the title of the movie had the word "tut" in it,the movi...

1:36 AM
Q: Why are some of the most famous movie investigators klutzes and/ or idiots?

Jesse CohoonLook at both "The Pink Panther" and "Columbo" who bumble about their respective crime scenes and always solve their respective cases despite their ineptitude. In regards to Columbo, there's even a real life police interrogation method based off of it. Are we, the audience, to believe that seeming...

2:09 AM
Q: What is this TV show called from 5-10 years ago?

ShredingFrom what I remember, this show is about a team of criminals who go to heist a bank. Something goes wrong and they are walled up there with a bunch of hostages and the entire series (or mini-series, not sure which) is about them being inside and trying to figure a way out.

2:31 AM
I kind of want a recap of supernatural seasons. Don't know which season I last saw. It was something to do with leviathans...
2:58 AM
@AnkitSharma @Catija Are you guys around?
3:15 AM
What's up @steelershark
@Catija Not much. I just wanted to tell you goodbye since I won't talk to you for a week :'(
@steelershark :( Not at all? Hope you have a magical time! :D
@Catija Well, I might log on if I have some time and fill you in on the trip. We will see. Awww, thank you! I hope that I have a magical time!! :))
Q: Movie, it may be a tv film from the 80s about a boy confusing reality with the RPG he's playing

For the watchI´m loking for a movie from the 80s or early nineties about a boy playing an RPG that does overlap the real world and the characters from the RPG (a warrior with a sword or an axe, the alter ego of the main character), it may or may not be from Spain, but if I recall correctly the protagonist li...

@steelershark I don't think people have time to do anything in Vegas.
3:23 AM
@Catija Haha! Agreed! It's been a long time since I have been in this situation, so...we will see how it goes ;)
I'm sure you're have a ton of fun regardless. It's hard not to have fun in Vegas if you can stay away from the smoke.
Oh, totally! I am just looking forward to spending time and having fun with someone who I completely adore and have been waiting to meet IRL. I can't wait! I'm so excited!!! :))
You both getting there tomorrow, or will you have a day to settle in?
3:40 AM
I will be getting there around midnight or 1am on Thursday morning. My dad's wedding is at 10am. They are all leaving at noon to go back home and my mom and dad are leaving for Hawaii. Napoleon's flight gets in around 2:30pm, so I am picking him up at the airport! We are staying at my mom's condo in Vegas! Woohoo!
Oooh! Sounds like a ton of fun! So you get to get the wedding out of the way first :D
Yep! The wedding will be done fairly quickly. My whole family is leaving immediately after. There is no way that I would put poor Napoleon through meeting my family for the first time at the same time that he would be meeting me for the first time. I wouldn't do that to him. That's a bit overwhelming. So, they will all be gone by the time that he gets there.
Wait... that's... really quick... 10 am and then the plane at noon? No party?
@MovieReel sounding cool.
3:49 AM
@Catija No. No party. We had all of our parties last weekend. They are going directly to Hawaii for their honeymoon and the rest of the family are all coming back right after the wedding because my brother in law and both of my other brothers have to work.
@MAFIA36790 Good Morning!
Q: dogs running across the scene

KrisI have noticed for 30 years that directors have dogs run across a scene in many movies and TV shows. Northern Exposure seemed to have one in every show. Is there some symbolic meaning to this. Thanks Kris

Q: Was Kirk and Uhura's kiss really the first interracial kiss on TV?

ThunderforgeIt's been widely stated (for instance, by Huffington Post) that the original Star Trek episode "Plato's Stepchildren" had the first interracial kiss on TV. The episode aired on 22 November 1968. Was it really TV's first interracial kiss? Were there any lesser-known interracial kisses that migh...

@steelershark Huh, interesting. Well, I guess that makes it easy.
@Catija Yeah, it is all working out great. I am just so excited to finally get to see Napoleon in the flesh!! Yay!!
@AnkitSharma 2nd episode was better than the 1st one.
@steelershark :D I'm sure the waiting has been hard! But it's so close now :D
4:03 AM
BTW, at the end of the episode, Director Henshaw was revealed to be an extraterrestrial!!
He is Martian Manhunter ;0
@Catija Yes, it has been unbelievably hard! Less than two days now! I'm so happy! You guys will all be happy too, I am sure. So you guys don't have to see us falling all over each other in anticipation here in chat :P I'm really sorry if we annoyed anybody over all of it, that was never my intention. It will die down now after having finally met one another :)
He is like Fury of S.H.I.E.L.D. ;P
@steelershark Or get even worse :P
You guys are fine. Really.
@Catija Haha! It won't get worse, I promise :) As long as you all are okay with it. Please don't hesitate to tell either of us if it gets to be too annoying. I absolutely adore all of you in here and I don't want to make anyone annoyed or uncomfortable :)
4:18 AM
Good morning folks :)
@Dawny33 Good Morning!!
1 hour later…
5:30 AM
@steelershark now i am
@steelershark Have fun
5:52 AM
Q: What used to make "living tissue" for Terminators?

RANSARA009as we all know in terminator movies & Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles TV seasons we can see Terminator robots there endoskeleton covered with living tissue. i found below phrase in Terminator Wiki, "living tissue is the same as the real one on humans, it is able to bleed, sweat, bad b...

6:26 AM
Q: Did the actor for Gideon have an accident that caused him to be less prominent than usual?

RedCaioIn Criminal Minds season 1 episode 11 "Blood Hungry", the episode starts and Gideon is in crutches and has a cast on his foot. He is barely in the episode and is removed from all the action, which is very unusual. It almost seemed like maybe the actor had a real life injurie and had to be partial...

7:13 AM
Q: Identify this comedy B-Movie about mob enforcers

Nicholas AysenI swear this is a B-Movie, as there didn't seem to be any identifiable stars in it. Anyway, this movie is a comedy. The movie must've come out late 80's to early 90's. It was about a mob enforcer. He was a bit shorter than average height. Always wore a hat. The one thing I remember most about ...

Q: Did Sean Connery learn Russian for *Hunt for Red October*?

JoeSean Connery speaks several lines of Russian dialogue at the beginning of The Hunt for Red October, prior to switching to English. Did Connery spend time learning Russian for this part, or did he simply memorize the phrases?

7:24 AM
Q: Any movies where people go through apocalyptic events?

AugustApocalyptic movies I've ever watched can be divided into 2 categories: the ones with the major catastrophe occurring soon (Armageddon, 2012, Deep Impact, etc.) but is somehow prevented or less catastrophic in the end. In the other category the apocalyptic event has occurred a long time ago (Water...

@AnkitSharma Hooray! You're here!!
@AnkitSharma I just wanted to say goodbye and I will see you in a week! :)
I have a long drive tomorrow. Need to get to sleep.
See you all next week!! :))
Have a nice trip
8:19 AM
So I saw The BFG last night, which I loved in spite of going in feeling like I wasn't going to enjoy it. Has anyone else seen it yet?
8:42 AM
Q: The ending of The Strangers (2016)

ShashimeeI saw "The Strangers" yesterday, a film by Na Hong-jin and the ending was very confusing to me ... Who really was the girl in white ? Why did the chaman had the photos of the Japanese old man ? Why Jong-gu isn't dead at the end ? Thanks.

1 hour later…
9:53 AM
Q: A teen slasher movie took place in a limited area

duridaI couldn't remember the name of a movie that I've watched a while ago . It's a 2000 - 2010 made, a low budget teen slasher movie . Couldn't remember if it's a USA made or not . But definitely not Asian or south american made . Probably IMDb rating is below 5/10. The whole movie takes place in...

@Walt a new question for you.
10:15 AM
Q: Is it Terminator robots able to have SEX?

RANSARA009to my mind always coming this question that can Terminator robots (Not the Liquid Models) can have sex with Humans. as per Terminator Wiki in Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles Cameron Model - T-900 is an advanced model and is admittedly different than all other robots. is that means she's c...

Q: Xtrcut For the shoulders, they are unquestionably

NarniatonXtrcut:-For the shoulders, they are unquestionably a great part of the body and it is remarkably basic in weight preparing. Dumbbells are an instance of machines and supplies that can control you to meeting the best change in shoulders. The midriff is in like manner especially stressed in muscle ...

1 hour later…
11:39 AM
Q: Why did The Book of Eli show the bible to have so many pages?

user38307In the final scenes of The Book of Eli (2010), Eli is dictating whole bible to Lombardi. This scene showed Bible to have so many pages, more than you expect a single book to have: Why did The Book of Eli show the bible to have so many pages?

11:49 AM
@NapoleonWilson hello
@AJ Hello.
@NapoleonWilson I'm just curious. does this profile look suspicious.
it just added one question and does not have activity since then
added a link in profile. seems like it created account for promoting its website.
Links in profiles are fine, though.
There's about 6 billion users with no votes and a single question.
@AJ Not much, no.
12:11 PM
@NapoleonWilson are u upto date with arrowverse now?
@AnkitSharma With Arrow at least.
@NapoleonWilson Just wanted to know if you have seen arrowverse SDCC trailers
@AnkitSharma I haven't seen anything from SDCC yet.
@NapoleonWilson Justice league, wonder woman, all arrowverse (except supergirl), all Netflix marvel trailer are out.
And Dr strange, Sucide squad trailer too
12:40 PM
@NapoleonWilson IT'S LIKE 5:30 AM AND I AM FULL OF ENERGY!!!
@NapoleonWilson PING! PING! PING!
@steelershark Hey, I'm here!
@steelershark Gheez, get some sleep!
@steelershark Oh my.
@NapoleonWilson What is this sleep you speak of? I woke up at like 5am ready to go!!
I am bright-eyed and bushy-tailed!!!! :PP
Q: Help identify movie - main character Veronica Simon

cagwe230The movie is about a lady named Senator Veronica Simon, and she has a daughter named Lizzie. All I know is that in the end, her old lover kidnaps Lizzie and her husband tries to shot him with a rifle. After a fight, the old lover accidentally kills the husband with the rifle, and Veronica bargain...

1:05 PM
@NapoleonWilson I couldn't find my Judas Priest CD :'(
@steelershark Awww. Well, don't worry about it.
1:17 PM
Q: is it Real tears or Liquid?

RANSARA009in he Sarah Connor Chronicles TV show Season 2 Episode 4 Cameron she temporarily loses her memory as a machine, and discovers distant memories of the resistance fighter.she came to act like a human. after when she talking to the consultant in the house Cameron was Crying. When she's crying tears...

@NapoleonWilson I know. I still want you to get the full experience of driving with me in the car!!! Pfft!! ;)
@NapoleonWilson 9AM, RIGHT? You can't forget to call me!!!!!
1:32 PM
@steelershark Yeah, yeah, don't worry. ;-)
1:49 PM
how is every one here??
2:04 PM
@microbuster hi
btw i think that movie reel is a chat boot
@microbuster It is
@microbuster tired ;)
2:39 PM
Uff, too many suggested edit ping. I hope peer will look into it, bit stuck in work to check them
@AnkitSharma I reviewed a couple of them.
@Randal'Thor It's on both of the sites
Looks ok but can't review now
@Ankit (or @Napoleon if you're still around): if I find a very bad answer which is too old to flag as VLQ, how would you treat a NAA flag on it? The alternative would be a custom mod flag, but that means you guys have to deal with it rather than all the Low Quality Posts reviewers.
I'm thinking about answers like this which are really really bad, have had a post notice for a while but no signs of improvement, but do technically attempt to answer the question.
So technically NAA is incorrect, but it's the only way to get the post into the Low Quality Posts review queue.
My plan of action for this stuff is : mark flag helpful, DV, leave comment with explanation + post notice.....then leave it for some time, if nothing improve convert it into comment
Open for suggestions
@Randal'Thor few more for you ;)
2:55 PM
@AnkitSharma I'm talking about the scenario where everything up to the "....." has already happened: it has a post notice, negative score, comment asking for improvement, time has passed with no improvement.
@Randal'Thor I hope they don't break ur 5 post a day rule
By this point it's too late to flag as VLQ, so would you prefer NAA or a custom mod "please nuke this" flag?
@Randal'Thor then I will convert it into comment
@AnkitSharma Some of them are too minor to be improved.
Might be time for a chat ping and a gentle reminder though.
@Randal'Thor He/she did same on SO and here but we both are not that strict with frontpage
3:00 PM
@AnkitSharma On your posts specifically?
Hmm, sounds a bit like targeting.
Himarm will be next ;-)
@Randal'Thor yes
@Randal'Thor here he id it with other user too but mostly oen user at at time and his edit do seems useful
@Randal'Thor That will be disaster for your front page and review queue
Anyway it gave me some rep boost too (+/-) ;)
@AnkitSharma Some of them are useful. Some are a bit too minor. I've rejected a few.
@Randal'Thor I have accepted all of the one I noticed, they seems good to me but today i am bit busy to even check
@AnkitSharma No worries, there are other people who can handle it :-)
I raised a few flags for you though.
will check it after some time or maybe napoleon or Ian will do it before me ;)
3:09 PM
Is Napoleon still around? I saw steeler left already.
I think he flies out... tomorrow?
3:24 PM
@Randal'Thor Well, the question is, is it a low quality answer or an invalid answer? In the former case, downvote, in the latter case it's apparently "not an answer". If a downvote doesn't suffice to express your opinion of the answer, then think about what is really wrong with it and flag accordingly.
3:38 PM
@NapoleonWilson Yeah, I know how flagging works in general :-) I'm more asking about M&TV's specific policy towards story-ID answers which say "it's such-and-such a film" without any justification.
@Randal'Thor It's not entirely clear-cut. For more information:
Q: How to handle low quality identification answers?

Napoleon WilsonYes, I'm talking about the answers to identification questions. While we have a few measures to handle low quality identification questions to some degree, one of the problems of those kinds of questions, even the good ones, is that they encourage bad low quality one-line answers of the kind: ...

Thanks for your flags, though.
Technically these are answers, but the fact of the post notice seems to suggest they'll be deleted if they aren't improved after a while.
@NapoleonWilson Ah, thanks.
Q: Asking and answering your own question with just a recapitulation of off-site resource -- okay?

T.J. CrowderThis question was asked and answered by the same user. That's totally fine — actively encouraged on SE. But the answer consists primarily of a recapitulation of this non-SE article, including reusing its animated GIFs. The answer does cite the article, right at the end of the very long answer. I...

4:22 PM
Why do people do this:
A: Which resident evil movie was it where the zombies started using machine guns?

Ahmed SurorNot remembering that they ever used a gun, they already did in another movie "Land of the dead"

VTC: unclear what you're answering.
@Catija Ohh lord, new type of ID shit
I think we got 2 more like this recently
That question isn't new... it's the answer that's new.
crap answer
Wow 1 got +110/-6 rep on SFF just because of those edits
5:17 PM
Well, afterall my self-answer was also primarily based on two existing articles. But there's still worth in condensing the wealth of information from a huge web article into a comprehensive answer.
Afterall the majority of SE is about condensing the information found elsewhere on the web into a comprehensible, focused and digestible form.
Wow, @Napoleon, you've done an awful lot of editing today.
The front page here is full of you ;-)
@Randal'Thor Well, I was cleaning up some of my favourites before the vacation.
So I don't have to go into vacation with 360 favourites but only 320. ;-)
@Randal'Thor That's already past, though. Some raging Asian coders have already taken up the task.
@NapoleonWilson The task of fixing Ankit's answers?
@Randal'Thor You don't want to see the frontpage when I come back after a near week of absence. ;-P
Gotta read and edit 'em all!
@NapoleonWilson SE's version of Pokemon?
5:24 PM
@Catija lol, happening on SFF too without caring about there front page rule ;)
Same user?
@Catija Yup
He did that in past on SO too but i have too less stuff on SO
@NapoleonWilson OK, I'll make sure not to visit M&TV in ... when do you come back? A week?
in Agents of Nothing, 2 hours ago, by phantom42
is that guy just going around fixing ankit's grammar?
@Randal'Thor O.o sound fishy
@AnkitSharma We let him know about that though, and it was all sorted out.
@NapoleonWilson Do you seriously read every single question posted to M&TV?
5:28 PM
@Randal'Thor k, didn't notice that
I need more time, i miss too much stuff, even missed many SFF questions
@Randal'Thor He is our top editor, i am not even near him
@AnkitSharma Yeah, no surprise there.
Who's this user5603 though? Not all that much rep, but apparently very active in editing and flagging.
@Randal'Thor she is kalina, once she was quite active here.
sees question about Terminators having sex, immediately knows who posted it
here or there?
If it was there (by that user), my hammer would be swinging and I wouldn't even mention it publicly.
5:40 PM
@Randal'Thor I have seen many such question on SFF , anyway here they are not common
@Ankit Do you think this is now well enough sourced to remove the post notice?
Cheers. I wasn't confident enough to flag it, since I added a citation for the second half but not for the part which actually answers the question.
@Randal'Thor I try to (well, apart from ID).
@Randal'Thor Well, the question itself is admittedly not that bad at all (after cleanup at least). Don't get repelled just from the word sex, and especially not just because of what user asked it.
@NapoleonWilson Wow. Either this site is even smaller than I'd imagined, or you need to get a life :-)
5:51 PM
@Randal'Thor We get about 10 questions a day (including ID), so it's quite managable really.
If it's about something I haven't seen, I might just skim over it to check for formatting and appropriateness and not bother much with it anyway.
@AnkitSharma The spammers have already found this site; just wait until the dirty-minded dregs of the internet do too ;-)
@NapoleonWilson Do you not have many active editors and flaggers here? On SFF I don't need to bother checking every new question (and I doubt any of the other mods do either), since if there's formatting problems someone else will edit it and if it's inappropriate someone will soon flag it.
@Randal'Thor Maybe we have, but I simply want to check them, too. Neither do I want to miss a good question.
@NapoleonWilson Even if it's about something you haven't seen?
Afterall I am part of those flaggers and editors, too. And it's my duty to check those questions not as a moderator necessarily but as an engaged user. It's up to each individual user to what extent he commits to that duty and I personally tend to commit to it to a larger extent.
@Randal'Thor Sure. If I haven't seen it I might just skim over it and judge if it's a good question, a bad one, or if I'm not sure for not having seen the movie. But why should I not still check out the question?
It doesn't cost me much to read a simple little question, maybe a minute or two and then I can be done with it. (Or it's worth engaging further, then I can contribute with helpful edits or even answers and the minute of reading was even more worth it.)
And again: this site is smaller than SciFi.SE, to quite some degree.
@NapoleonWilson Sure. I must have said this before, but nobody can doubt your dedication to this site :-)
I imagine the mod election here was over very quickly with an easy win for you three.
6:02 PM
And it pays when I can conjure up 3 years old questions for duplicate-votes or related chat discussion, to stuff I might not even have seen. It generally adds to a basic understanding and mental index of what questions are actually asked on the site.
@NapoleonWilson Indeed.
It helps to know what kind of questions are actually asked on the site and how the community develops over time. Just reacting to flags and questions about my favourite film provides a rather small view onto the site.
6:18 PM
Matt Ryan is voicing Constantine in Justice league dark animated film, I am in.
Q: Identify black and white thriller movie with murderous husband and locked room

xandraB&W thriller. Maybe 1940s or 1950s. It mostly is filmed in a mansion where the newly wed couple live, but as time goes by the wife suspects that her husband isn't all that he seems. I remember at one point there is a tour of the house and a room - a locked room where there had supposedly been a m...

6:47 PM
@AJ That's a nice one, but actually a little light on plot, so doesn't ring a bell (I don't think it's P2, though). There were a couple of good IDs lately, I'll try to get to them ASAP.
What's up?
Nothing exciting with me
Watching pokemon go video to cover-up my sadness of not being able to play it
Anyone else see Beyond yet?
I have.
What it is?
6:51 PM
I really liked it.
@AnkitSharma Star Trek Beyond
@DrRDizzle seen it
@AnkitSharma He liked it, too.
@CreationEdge I thought it was fun. I remember you said that you're not a fan of the Spock/Bones banter?
I didn't checked his review
@CreationEdge I have.
6:52 PM
@Catija me O.o, i didn't said a single word
So i am the only one who haven't seen it ;O
@AnkitSharma Creation said that.
@AnkitSharma No.
@Randal'Thor Yeah I forgot u r a fantasy guy in sci-fi world
@Catija ohhh
@AnkitSharma That should have been my election manifesto. "Putting the Fantasy first in Sci-Fi & Fantasy SE!"
6:56 PM
Good luck.
Though what with all the people brought to the site by TFA at that time, it might not have been successful.
@Randal'Thor yeah, you missed that, anyway you already won ;p
Toll Free Authorization
@Catija Oh, yeah. I talked about it already.
Q: Identify this movie or TV piece.. please!

alienhiker BobSome years back I saw the following plot: A woman was harassing a man whom she believed was responsible for her daughter's disappearance. He came across as kindly, innocent, and a victim of the distraught woman's paranoia. Also, I believe he had been recently released from prison (I don't know ...

@AnkitSharma Some kinda film thing that came out last year and did wonders for SFF's traffic and DVK's rep.
6:58 PM
@MovieReel I almost never see an ID question from you that's not already downvoted.
^ that spike on the far right
The Force Awakens... Star Wars...
12 hours ago, by Movie Reel
Q: Identify this comedy B-Movie about mob enforcers

Nicholas AysenI swear this is a B-Movie, as there didn't seem to be any identifiable stars in it. Anyway, this movie is a comedy. The movie must've come out late 80's to early 90's. It was about a mob enforcer. He was a bit shorter than average height. Always wore a hat. The one thing I remember most about ...

@Catija Ohhh
It probably also helped Null to win the election, via all the new SW people it brought to the site.
Well, that and his candidate score.
After excluding SW/ST/HP, i hardly get any stuff on SFF to even answer and then I even miss them due to those ninjas
7:02 PM
Excluding SW/ST/HP still leaves a lot of quality fantasy novels to ask and answer questions about ;-)
@Randal'Thor That left DC/marvel most of the time and i don't read novel/book/comics so ileft with MCU/DC-U/Arrowverse/xverse etc
And then i want to retag them but that is a risky move
like this question
Q: Why did Hogwarts Library carry a book containing information on horcruxes if it was a banned subject?

silverpawThe book I'm talking about is 'Secrets of the Darkest Arts' (which is the only book covering the subject of horcruxes to my knowledge). Riddle presumably read this book prior to him asking Slughorn about them as he already knew what they were (he just wanted information on how to make multiple ho...

where i think we need to add ;)
The Snark is strong in this one.
Have you been hanging out with Mike and phantom too much?
Anyway it's closed now
@CreationEdge Yup, I liked it a lot.
Me too.
2 hours later…
8:53 PM
Q: How does Jimmy greet the women in the parlor?

Filip DupanovićWhat is the greeting Jimmy uses whenever he enters the parlor to enter his office in Better Call Saul?

9:16 PM
Q: What is the Video Game Name?

RANSARA009In Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles season 1 Episode 8 "Vick's Chip", John Conner & Cameron went to buy some kind of computer gadget form some place to see the Vicks chip details.. when they in this place some boys & Girls playing a Video game (Find below pics). my question is Does any one...

2 hours later…
10:58 PM
Q: Repeating same line at the start of the movie and at the end

JuhoI've noticed that many, especially newer, films employ the technique of repeating the same catchphrase or aphorism at the beginning and at the end. The goal for this is clear, but I find it incredibly infuriating, cheap and on the nose. I would accept this worst kind of cliche on cheesy action b...


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