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6:07 AM
A chairde - Morning all!
@ErikDarling - where are you staying? How's the food à Paris?
2 hours later…
7:50 AM
@Vérace it would be bad opsec for me to say where I’m staying while I’m staying there 😉
@ErikDarling Hmmm... 10-4 big buddy! You don't want to divulge your 20 because of smokies on the band and bears in the air! Is the chow also off-limits?
You never know when the federales are gonna come knocking with their feet
The food is as good as the choices you make, like anywhere else
Go to good places, get good food etc.
8:19 AM
Is it freshly
1 hour later…
9:30 AM
isn't freshly one of those food delivery services?
9:45 AM
@PaulWhite quite freshly indeed
For the record, I did not order that drink. I had a $38 martini that tasted like a shrub and switched to white wine.
@ErikDarling 😶
The martini may have had some swarthy nightshade in it. I saw trails for a bit.
or absinthe
If only they still made the good stuff
Never had it, but I assume the EU also removed the wormwood?
9:59 AM
That being said, it’s a strong enough alcohol to get you pretty booted even without that.
I'm not a fan of the anise taste
10:18 AM
You need to make sure to clean your anise
1 hour later…
11:24 AM
I enjoy a good cocktail, but there's nothing worse than a disappointing one
It'd have to p damn life-changing to be worth €3000
Unless that was also a typo
12:16 PM
No, that was correct, but I didn’t find the ingredient list particularly motivating
It did seem quite ordinary
@PaulWhite you could convince me to buy a bottle of scotch for that much perhaps, but not one single drink. And the bottle would have to be extraordinary.
I might spend that much on a car
We are not the same
Oh gr8, heaps of comments to read through
Of course people with far more money will spend 50k on a bottle of scotch without thinking twice, but I’m not up to their level of invoicing
Why is there always a dolphin in these threads
12:22 PM
> * 20 databases in total, each of them in a Basic Availability Group.
Dolphins are quite chatty
You think that means there are 20 different AGs on there?
Seems wild.
Pretty good sleuthing and follow-up on the OP's part.
@ErikDarling Squeaky, I find
mo AGs, mo problems
@JoshDarnell Looks like an olved sytery
I have decided I like peri peri sauce
Risked a swirl of it on my pizza tonight. Was a success
Not certain I needed the double chilli flakes as well
> An unknown man threatens to blow himself up in the Iranian consulate building in Paris, the area is cordoned off by police, Europe 1 radio reports. The man has a belt with explosives on him.
@ErikDarling Might want to steer clear of that area
12:52 PM
Wordle 1,035 4/6*

It's snowing ffs
1:14 PM
@ErikDarling OP czeched out
1:30 PM
Wordle 1,035 4/6*

Wife did it in 2 today
@PaulWhite I would be sweating. And possibly crying.
And if you had peri peri sauce with double chilli flakes?
Bit like code review day, I guess
Paul is on fire today.
Possibly from all the spicy food.
Take away this man's flakes.
1:38 PM
I think I've seen that before, but it is still quite remarkable
Yes, I probably linked it before. But it always makes me chuckle
Nov 2, 2022 at 20:30, by Zikato
another victim of chat normalization
1:46 PM
Should have stuck with 'Bohemia'
Except you'd get Queen flags, I suppose
it's a good crisps brand
Czechoslovakia and Yugoslavia appear to occupy similar parts of my brain
I always mix up who was part of what
It's probably much clearer if you live locally
Perhaps insulting, idk
Apologies if so
Local factors apply. What do you mean by "part of"?
Czechia and Slovakia were part of Czechoslovakia
I mean, I get mixed up between the various component countries of both of those former states
Just in a general way
Yugoslavia decomposed into Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia, and Slovenia. It's a lot to keep track of
Maybe "Czechia" is confused in my mind between Croatia and Slovenia, or some mashup
It was only recently that Czechia = Czech Republic settled in
Unless you're in my mind, none of this is really your problem
2:11 PM
> There's no problem that can't be ignored if we put our minds to it.
- King Ralph
@PaulWhite assuming they mean the embassy, it’s a couple miles away
Easy to avoid anyway
@ErikDarling It's all over now. A man was arrested
> PARIS, April 19 (Reuters) - French police on Friday arrested a man who had threatened to blow himself up at Iran's consulate in Paris, but on being searched was found not to be carrying any explosives.
A police source told Reuters the man was seen at about 11 a.m. (0900 GMT) entering the consulate, carrying what appeared to be a grenade and explosive vest. Police cordoned off the area.
The man later left the consulate and was then arrested, a police source said. The TV channel BFM said he had been carrying replica grenades.
@PaulWhite Nando’s??
No idea. Whatever Domino's swirl on their pizzas here
I will probably buy a bottle to try more widely
Nando's seems to be a popular brand in supermarkets here
Available in mild, medium, and hot
It's just one of those things I had never had occasion to try before
Life really is just one long adventure of discovery isn't it
Nando’s is here to guide you
2:26 PM
Is it a good brand?
Oh, there's a NZ site for them nandos.co.nz/peri-products
hm, no
Nando’s is known for their spicy pizza!
It seems there is a Nando's restaurant not too far from me (about 20 mins)
Appears chicken-oriented
Likely known for their spicy chicken
Salad options are available
> Have it your way with flame-grilled PERi-PERi chicken or one of our delicious plant-based options: Great Pretender Protein or Superfood Veggie Patty. Pair it with your choice of bread and you’re in for a good time.
Who doesn't like a good time
I wonder if it has crickets in
2:48 PM
You’ll know if you spend five days eating it and still don’t finish
ha ha ha
There's surprisingly little information about Great Pretender Protein or the Superfood Veggie Patty. 🤔
I think I'll just buy a bottle of sauce and play around with that
@ErikDarling The answer isn't even an answer. You found that logging was causing memory to be marked active. Who knew that logging information takes memory. What did it solve? Nothing. Pointless.
It's obviously an answer for him
Has a green tick and everything
"I found out that our antivirus system used cpu, marking answer"
You're so intolerant
2:54 PM
It's not a compliment
I take it that way anyway
That's entirely up to you, but you're deluding yourself
I could be the next Neil Tyson
Just need to get invited on more shows
Anything is possible
> In the end we decided to disable the entire FailoverClustering log in the Windows Event Log. Since that time the memory consumption behaves in a "normal way" with negligible amount of consumed "Modified Memory" as we are used to in other servers.
I don't know if that's a good idea or not, but it is interesting to find the cause
2:57 PM
It's insane.
FCI isn't that bad, surely
It truly isn't
Oh, you mean disabling the logging
Well, I guess he'll find out if he ever needs the log for something
2:59 PM
What a day
good thing active memory doesn't change though
crisis averted
Maybe it was affecting his marriage
One just never knows what local factors may be in play
Seems like something has you down today
Lakh of peri peri sauce maybe
Made the mistake of moving the fridge/freezer to clean under it today
I was better off not knowing
On the upside, I sold another spare chess set
Did you find a hidden chess set under the fridge?
3:06 PM
secret stash
I did find (not under the fridge) a set of chess pieces I have no memory of buying or owning
Like, I have literally no memory of them at all
And yet, there they are
no board, just pieces
@SeanGallardy It doesn't sound like it solved nothing. It sounds like it solved an unbounded memory growth problem.
We'll never stop trying to fix Sean
Even if we end up all sweaty and crying
3:09 PM
That's a natural outcome to deal with me for sure
> After several attempts we were not able to force the verbose level events not to be logged.
I suppose we could put a 25kg plate around his neck and ankle and use him for weightlifting
@JoshDarnell I didn't get that from it, I got they had memory usage on the server (which if you look at the data provided already shows they aren't setting SQL MSM correctly) and eventually it runs into issues. Set MSM correct? nah. Find logging and turn it off which doesn't seem to be "leaking" memory, yep.
@PaulWhite I'd still only weigh 20kg then
Two plates then
Have you ever seen that verbose logging problem before? I don't see any verbose logging on my WSFC boxes.
3:13 PM
I've seen some verbose transcript, if that helps at all
I don't know if it is or isn't a problem, no clue how they "attempted to turned it off"
Given the rest of what they've done and said being what it is, I don't hold high confidence
Sean has formed an opinion
(on SQL)
You might say I was OpionatedSQL
Have another go
Clearly can't type today
Sounds like the perfect day to work on Azure
No one will know the difference!
3:15 PM
Explains the clouded judgement, I guess
I wonder if Erik lifts on holiday
Or at all
The hits keep coming from Paul.
Never lift on a holiday
Easy way to get family to hate you
Plenty of flakes in the pantry
Who carries the luggage
Darling Inc interns, perhaps
@SeanGallardy Well I doubt that, on a server with 32 GB of RAM, they had 7 GB of thread stacks and images (etc.) 😁 (7 GB being the overage beyond max server memory that they reported). The fact that they said they stopped overrunning msm after making the change is what makes it sound leaky to me.
It would be nice to know how they tried to turn of verbose logging.
And how it got turned on in the first place.
3:25 PM
I hope you're not suggesting a MS product might have a memory leak
Our luggage has wheels
Otherwise it’s appropriately handled by qualified hotel staff
So pampered
No wonder you don't even lift
Prob forgotten how
Wheels, indeed
Next, you'll be saying you wouldn't pick things up and put them back where you found them because it's pointless
It's all foreign holidays and qualified hotel staff now
You've changed
I conserve energy for productive tasks sir
Yes, you do
3:30 PM
@JoshDarnell Server has 32GB of RAM, SQL has 41.6 Committed, cluster logging doesn't cause SQL to use more memory
Sounds leaky
like a sieve
Bits all over the floor
imagine cleaning that up!
At least you'd only need two piles
Zeroes over here, ones over there
Even a cloud engineer could handle that
3:32 PM
Could they though?
I'm sure I'd mess it all up
Eventually, once they scale up enough
Start over from 1 instead of 0
Assuming they can distinguish the two
Ah, yes
The old ass vs elbow problem
new 2 me
3:33 PM
Couldn't find their ass with both hands, that sort of thing
Localised euphemism maybe
The original cloud problem
There'd soon be a team of hundreds working the problem, that's for sure
Then they'd all be sacked abruptly
And rehired by SalesForce
@PaulWhite various fingering scenarios
Sounds like Paul needs to start the "Pakaru Cloud"
could be the latest sammich shop
Imagine the monstrosity of microservices they'd create to sort 0s and 1s
It'd have memory leaks, ofc
And round we go
3:36 PM
Good thing remote server memory is a thing now
@SeanGallardy Grifting has never really appealed to me, ethically
lots of morale fiber, I bet you have a healthy soul
I very much doubt that
One tries to stay aware of one's limitations
tell that to the cloud
I only talk to idiots in here
Otherwise, it's an unshakeable rule
Where is JD today anyway
Prying a fork into a plug socket again, I expect
For science
3:41 PM
with flipper hands? sounds like work
opposable thumb, best invention to date
Can't be easy for him
When everything's so difficult I can understand why he finds replication comparatively light work
Imagine trying to make a toasted sandwich with flippers on
Opening a bottle of milk could take hours of concentrated effort
Must rely heavily on Tesla FSD
^^^ seen on the interwebz just now
Or maybe he has qualified hotel staff for that
The parable of the blind men and an elephant is a story of a group of blind men who have never come across an elephant before and who learn and imagine what the elephant is like by touching it. Each blind man feels a different part of the animal's body, but only one part, such as the side or the tusk. They then describe the animal based on their limited experience and their descriptions of the elephant are different from each other. In some versions, they come to suspect that the other person is dishonest and they come to blows. The moral of the parable is that humans have a tendency to cla...
> The sensual eye is just like the palm of the hand. The palm has not the means of covering the whole of the beast.
People don't write like they used to
3:57 PM
> suspect that the other person is dishonest and they come to blows
hard to believe
The trouble with sorting 1s and 0s to today’s developer is that they’d become quite concerned with scaling to other integers
nothing like that has ever happened in real life right
@ErikDarling future-proof that binary
Imagine asking them to sort e’s and whizz
I can imagine him making croaking noises while doing lifts
4:04 PM
@Zikato who has that sort of space
People who have leg days
@ErikDarling Cloud
I expect a job offer from Microsoft any day now
Been a rough few days for top execs
Is that MS?
4:14 PM
You’d be better off selling off all your Microsoft stock and buying Nvidia with it
I think I missed that train
5:05 PM
I beg forgiveness in advance if this is a dumb question, but why does this return a row at all, when there are none in the table?
if by help you mean make me realize how much dumber I am than I thought I was, then yes.
btw, I'm not mad that it's returning a row with 0's, I was just surprised since it doesn't make sense to my pea-sized intellect.
You should try it with other aggregates
Actually I guess it won’t matter with the coalesce
So maybe try it with other aggregates without that maybe
Maybe maybe maybe perhaps sometimes
Would you expect SELECT COUNT_BIG(*) FROM #doh to return a row with 0, or no results?
I feel like that makes the situation a little more obvious.
5:19 PM
@HannahVernon Same for SUM(a). It's always going to return a row.
I think it's that "vector agg vs scalar agg" thing.
Q: Why is this stream aggregate necessary?

Josh DarnellCheck out this query. It's pretty simple (see the end of the post for table and index definitions, and a repro script): SELECT MAX(Revision) FROM dbo.TheOneders WHERE Id = 1 AND 1 = (SELECT 1); Note: the "AND 1 = (SELECT 1) is just to keep this query from being auto-parameterized, which I ...

ahhhh, thanks
My main use case for this when rewriting scalar functions to inline tvfs. You always have to return a row
@ErikDarling This tracks, actually
It’s always scalar vs global aggregates
1 hour later…
6:51 PM
That darn NULL device is so pesky
7:07 PM
@SeanGallardy corretamente
@PaulWhite nice
@PaulWhite appreciate the mention ;-)
only 200 odd messages to catch up
if there are 200 odd messages, how many are even?
7:34 PM
It's an even number, but all the messages are odd

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