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4:09 AM
2 hours later…
5:53 AM
🦘 Animal #57 🐟
I figured it out in 3 guesses!
🔥 2 | Avg. Guesses: 6.7

Wordle 829 2/6*

today is off to a good start
6:17 AM
Wordle 829 4/6*

🐈‍⬛ Animal #57 🐠
I figured it out in 6 guesses!
🔥 2 | Avg. Guesses: 12

7:07 AM
@Zikato impressive
5 hours later…
11:48 AM
@Zikato very impressive
12:05 PM
Thank you both
12:23 PM
I did not forget
Thank you, Paul!
Wordle 829 3/6*

12:51 PM
a kiwi never forgets
@PaulWhite How about if you don't award the bounty then all answers get the full bounty amount, taken from your rep. That'll force people.
Or accounts should be suspended until the bounty is manually awarded
kidnap loved ones
That's the spirit
1:13 PM
i'm looking at a stored procedure with local variables and the main query has optimize for hints for the local variables
i can't figure out if this is genius or madness
you get the density vector estimate with the plan for the optimize for hint
Didn't someone blog about this?
i don't know
blogging was a mistake
@ErikDarling Don't tell Taryn that
manual sniffing
1:18 PM
If you want it done right...
> [...] wants to install SSMS on Windows Server 2012 r2
Can't make Windows Server 2012 R2 any worse
Oct 10, 2023
The end of support for Windows Server 2012 and 2012 R2.
Support is such a fairy story
1:20 PM
No one needs support, until they do
It's so rare, it's a rounding error
Unlike Erik's invoices
Support is also a lottery
You might have a great experience eventually, or you might be Josh
like imagine if support were just the people in this room
Some pretentious support
catered lunches with champagne every day
"Hello, my name is Paul White, here's a link to a blog post I made about your situation, come back when you've fixed it."
1:32 PM
New support request coming in: "SELECT is broken"
> Msg 156, Level 15, State 1, Line 1
Incorrect syntax near the keyword 'is'.
Top of the day to you
— MS Support
is there an online tool that correctly formats scientific notation
Yes, Sean
Actually, no, he probably puts apostrophes in it
sean correctly formats precious little
1:41 PM
man, so true
@ErikDarling back in my college days, I've used wolframalpha.com
I wonder what young Erik meant by "correctly"
you know, the little numbers
hopelessly vague
the 63 should be littler and kinda up a bit
1:54 PM
That's not scientific notation
it is to me pal
it is to me
Vague scientific notation
Like a New York pizza
1:58 PM
Must be using some kind of a super script
yes dear
On main, people use <sup> and </sup>
Other sites have support for MathJax and whatnot
There's markdown for superscript too, but SO hasn't embraced it AFAIK
Top Answers has it
not chat-friendly either
Afraid not
ha ha, frayed knot
right in the giggle bush
2:03 PM
A: Strange behaviour with sample sizes for statistics updates

Paul WhiteBackground Data for the statistics object are gathered using a statement of the form: SELECT StatMan([SC0], [SC1], [SB0000]) FROM ( SELECT TOP 100 PERCENT [SC0], [SC1], STEP_DIRECTION([SC0]) OVER (ORDER BY NULL) AS [SB0000] FROM ( SELECT [TextVa...

subscripts and superscripts
for reference, i'm experimenting with new t-shirt designs
and i wanted one similar to the maxdop shirt
but with
the number alignment is a bit awkward with the un-super-scripted 63
i'm not sure that would fit better
Thank you for contacting Support
What sort of T-shirt company doesn't support superscripts anyway
What about Unicode?
i really just need to turn the correct text into an image
it's on me more than anything
2:11 PM
the 6 and the 3 are all amok
In what sense, amok
You're triggering my trying to get dimensions on may cardiac measurements into my data dictionary. There's not Unicode for every superscript. Also, they decided there is a ^2.7 in some cardiac measurement
2:23 PM
@ErikDarling Looks like a browser issue
One of these things is not like the other
all very fun
2:28 PM
I'm not saying it's pretty
it worked on the other one
sounds like a meme
It's as easy as 2^63^-1 with markdown support
2:44 PM
@PaulWhite I thought that was just a slang way or saying hello
I'm glad I can be the bright spot in your day
You do know it's the middle of the night
That's how much I brighten it, you'd never know it was night!
I see
2:51 PM
Wordle 829 3/6*

2 hours later…
4:23 PM
Afternoon all
@PaulWhite right-shift -1 dbfiddle.uk/D-z1uxMM
4:44 PM
Oh yes, very good
SELECT CONVERT(bigint, -1) >> 1 too
SELECT ~(CONVERT(bigint, 1) << 63)
SELECT ~CONVERT(bigint, 0)>>1
Is this code golf
I dare Erik to put that on a shirt
I dare Erik to put Adidas on a shirt
What sort of language doesn't accept 0L
Or provide bigint.max natively
5:07 PM
@PaulWhite 4U
Also, I have rediscovered the Break key combo on my laptop. Ctrl+Fn+ScrLk
Would it have killed them to provide an actual Break key
5:25 PM
Where’s @JoshDarnell with that broken workflow cartoon
5:56 PM
@Zikato sir that condition is terminal
If you write a Trigger for the WHEN Statement can I call out a domain/group instead of a domain/user?
6:21 PM
A chairde - Morning all!
@JukEboX could use a little more context mate. Which database system? Do you have an example query? (I'm not sure what is meant by "Trigger for the WHEN Statement".)
@J.D. Sorry. New to this chatroom. Writing a SQL Trigger for amount of user connections. in the If statement for each WHEN I can put in a user and a connection count
But the example someone sent me only shows "domain\user" THEN 20 for the connection count
Is there a way to use "Domain GROUP" because I don't want to have to make a line for everyone one of our DBA admins and users
@JukEboX no worries. It sounds like your question is a little involved and probably would be best served if you want to ask it on the main site instead. Tagging which database system and version you're using, and providing the example you were provided would be helpful there.
As a general insight, if you're using Microsoft SQL Server as your database system, then likely whatever reference is being made to the domain User can be done to a domain Group instead.
6:41 PM
@J.D. ok thanks I will type it up!
6:51 PM
@J.D. thanks again
Q: SQL Trigger Calling out Domain\Group

JukEboXI am creating a trigger in SQL Server 2019 to secure the amount of connections users can have into my SQL server. I am having an issue getting my SYSDBAs access using the domain group. I would rather do this instead of identifying every single user in the trigger. How do I identify the group in t...

7:19 PM
8:16 PM
how do we feel about these?
I want PLE 300
But honestly - not sure I get the 2<sup>63</sup>
consult the transcript for details
btw: finally got around to it and watched youtube.com/watch?v=D28VePvcSJs
nice shoutout to Forrest and Sean!
8:34 PM
@ErikDarling Moving away from the barbells?
Wasn't the last batch baseball bats?
@SeanGallardy i like to make each design different
@Zikato yeah, i'll probably print another round of those
I wanted to grab one of those at sql bits, but only Xxxl and xs remained
@ErikDarling Gotcha! The thing that stands out to me was the cost threshold is in the style of the front text by the big top is not.
@Zikato no schemdiums left?
@SeanGallardy yeah, the rope font looks like of weird big
8:38 PM
None for me
@ErikDarling I like the BIG TOP font style
but I like the skateboard front font for Darling Data as well
@JukEboX I'll just proactively warn you that logon triggers are generally a poor idea
8:54 PM
it cost me $80 to do that because the free version of the font started yelling at me
I like the original better I think
9:14 PM
i'm invoicing you $80
I'm filing chapter 8

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