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9:10 AM
Any tips on finding Postgres contract jobs?
Proxmox/Debian/Ubuntu, networking and Python also of interest.
3 hours later…
12:29 PM
@PaulWhite Curious why you decided to post on Stack Overflow, I thought you didn't like it as a community, and you always post on Database Administrators.
@Charlieface It was for a related question and I like to try SO again once a year or so to see if it is still annoying.
12:50 PM
Anyway, it was just something I was curious about, so I asked a question.
Q: Generating self-closing xml tags for lists in SQL Server

Paul WhiteI saw this xml example data in a 2013 SQL Server question on Stack Overflow : <Fruits> <Apple /> <Banana /> <Orange /> <Pear /> </Fruits> I'm more used to seeing such lists structured as (for example): <Fruits> <Fruit name="Apple" /> <Fruit name="Banana" /> <Fruit name="Orange" /> <

For anyone interested.
@PaulWhite So what's the verdict?
@Charlieface It's still annoying.
I find the SQL tags not too bad, as long as you do [-php] in your filter. There's always the "where's your sample data, where's your query plan" etc but that's a problem on Database Administrators also. I wish there was a separate sqldevelopers.stackexchange site, I'm primarily a developer not a DBA.
My impression is SO is a victim of its own scale
Almost always get downvotes, close votes, and comments before an answer turns up too
Oh by the way @Charlieface I meant to say earlier that parallel insert to a heap is possible with an identity column, but IDENTITY_INSERT must be on. It's an edge case, but disqualifies "never".
It doesn't disqualify "never" because that's not using the IDENTITY column to generate the position(). To generate a sequence you would have to use ROW_NUMBER which is also serial I believe.
1:02 PM
> Furthermore, inserts are generally serial (except under very specific circumstances that it goes parallel, usually when you have an empty table, and never with an IDENTITY column).
CREATE TABLE #Test (i integer IDENTITY NOT NULL, n integer NOT NULL);


    (i, n)
FROM dbo.Numbers AS N
WHERE SQRT(N.n) <= 1000;

@Charlieface Serial zone for a sequence function without PARTITION BY but the plan can still use parallelism elsewhere.
Where is the serial zone there? Yes that's what I said, I agree if you use IDENTITY_INSERT, but that doesn't mean you are actually using the IDENTITY value, you are generating it separately from dbo.Numbers. I reworded it just to keep you happy.
@PaulWhite It absolutely is that. Too many people posting garbage questions makes the good answerers jaded because they have to deal with that the whole time. Meanwhile good posts get drowned in the deluge.
@Charlieface Two different conversations at once. That's a plan for a fully parallel insert to a table with an IDENTITY column. ("...and never with an IDENTITY column")
It now says "and never with an IDENTITY value being generated"
Not that the answer really needed updating, but I thought it an interesting edge case.
Take your sunglasses off, it's pouring in this stupid country.
1:09 PM
We've had flooding here in NZ today as well
West coast of the SI being hit hard
Half a metre of rain in 3 days
@PaulWhite Wow!
@JoshDarnell Yeah it's really a lot
Sorry I shouldn't make fun of what sounds like pretty bad flooding.
No it's ok our sense of humour hasn't been washed away
It's a really unusual weather pattern with very humid warm air being funnelled down from the tropics to NZ and held in place by a blocking high pressure just to our east
So very warm temperatures for Winter (several all-time records set today and yesterday) but extremely soggy in places unlucky enough to get stuck under the firehose
@Charlieface Hadn't they just declared drought and hosepipe bans in some places?
@PaulWhite That sounds like something made up for a movie.
What a mess.
1:15 PM
@JoshDarnell Not unusual these days it seems
Perhaps some of the conspiracy theorists were right
The trick is to know which ones I suppose
That would be a pretty good trick.
I am irked by this text I just got.
They say I have an appointment at 8:00 am. But it sounds very much like I have an appointment at 7:45 am.
They'll be running 15 minutes late at least
They can only get away with such things because it's free
@PaulWhite yeah, in the south. Mostly because Thames Water etc leak half the water they pump. All they need is a big pipeline from Scotland, where they have more water than they know what to do with. There is no water shortage in the UK, just a water management problem.
Wrong kind of water on the tracks
@PaulWhite Hahahaha
1:21 PM
Been quite a wild summer in the UK by all accounts
By "all accounts" I mean my wife's family banging on about it every week
I think I saw something about flooding in Paris as well
So it's all on
Apparently someone who can't read the map thinks that the south-east corner is "large swathes of the UK"
> But heavy downpours will have done little to ease drought conditions seen across much of the UK as it is the "wrong kind" of rain, BBC Weather presenter and forecaster Simon King said.
they actually said it
2:21 PM
Rain from the wrong side of the tracks
2 hours later…
4:05 PM
Kielder Reservoir is the largest in the UK, and was built to supply the NE, and has never really been used as such, only as a backup for other reservoirs en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kielder_Water#Operations. To my memory there has never been a hosepipe ban there. The NW meanwhile has reservoirs dotted absolutely everywhere, and probably won't have one either.
2 hours later…
5:40 PM
What the HELL
I turn back into an American tomorrow. I’ll miss everyone in this time zone.
6:15 PM
ah, back to tipping every person you meet?
7:01 PM
@Lamak I never stopped.
The nice thing is that it freaks Europeans out so they try extra hard. Americans expect it.
@ErikDarling Miss you too, have a safe flight
@ErikDarling true enough
4 hours later…
10:41 PM
@ErikDarling We were pleased to meet u
11:38 PM
> Dawson Falls at Mt Taranaki has recorded over one metre (1002mm) of rain since Tuesday evening.

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