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5:48 AM
A: Should old questions that have no answers and are "too localized" or "too broad" be closed?

jcolebrandGreat question. Here's my $0.05 (I'm giving you more than a tupence so deal with it). If the question is old and good, then answer it if you can. If the question is old and poor but can be edited to be good, then edit it and answer it. If the question is old and off topic then vote for it to b...

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7:35 AM
aA chairde - Morning all!
@JohnK.N. Commented that follow upc is (part of accepted answer) 8s difficult since the "Last seejn" widget was removed! Any sign of that being reversed?
8:06 AM
8:22 AM
@Vérace Agree
However, the last point in the list is pretty on point: Try to follow back up on it if you can for a while and if after a few months nobody has responded with more details, then vote for it to be closed.
As for the revision of the last seen option: I don't think so.
9:07 AM
Delete all questions, and start again
That has been done. See dot for details.
10:00 AM
@Vérace in the list with the fiddle links, you have a line which seems odd:
> - Vérace "Pure SQL" method (
10:20 AM
@ypercubeᵀᴹ - working on that as we speak! I know the fiddle is blank at the moment - I'm going to put in yours and also EB's without the RCTE's! Even playing field and all that! :-)
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11:35 AM
user image
12:19 PM
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1:27 PM
Good morning.
Would be nice to have a process that "vacuumed" all the old, unanswered questions - like, bump them once or twice, delete after a week if no responses.
I think for magic unicorn/useable answer perspective there isn't much motivation to answer a narrow question for a user who won't upvote/mark accepted and probably found a solution someplace else/just kludged it.
@bbaird There is a chat room for that, but it requires a bit effort from us.
@McNets But I don't want to expend effort, I want things automated!
Even if the level of effort required to automate was greater than the effort to do things by hand because why else would I have gotten involved with computers? :)
@bbaird ohhh, these young ppl, always lazy!! :P


Use to list questions that can probably be deleted in future.
old-school ----^
2:10 PM
@ypercubeᵀᴹ - revised benchmarks (numbers table permitted). 2 of your answers in - the one which was marked as correct and also the one which you put in the fiddle above yesterday. For some reason, dbfiddle just won't work for me with the 340/570 parameters. In a way, it's just as well - I have control over what's happening on my own machine (nothing for the most part). Anyway, my revised answer is here - with corrections - I'm hoping that it will only require very minor changes from now on!
Benchmarking - it looks easy, it ain't! I really admire that guy on Phoronix!
@PaulWhite Every good idea has been done!
Gonna downvote questions a little more aggressively now
@bbaird and quite a few bad ones too 🙂
mumbles Like giving the kangaroo lover a star
@Vérace next you will be adding charts ;)
@ypercubeᵀᴹ - I was thinking along the lines of a few Tableau dashboards and an interpretative centre through the medium of Jazz dance?
2:58 PM
@Vérace I can'r decipher that, lol.
too much Irish whisky my guess!
@bbaird good idea. Downvotes on questions are free, FYI
3:56 PM
@ypercubeᵀᴹ - I've added a (absolutely final method) which uses the INTARRAY extension - this bit SELECT ARRAY_CAT(c.arr, SORT(c.arr, 'DESC')) - the SORT means that I don't have to do a second GENERATE_SERIES() and that seems to shave a few vital bits of a millisecond off the time! I think I've gone overboard on this now :-), so I'll stop there! Anyone would think that I didn't have a life! :-) Be very interested to see any improvements though...
What reporting tool do you prefer, SSRS or CrystalReports?
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5:27 PM
Scratched the above because the OP initially said they were using SQL 5.7 - I assumed MySQL - apparently now it's PostgreSQL - so the provided answer should apply!
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6:38 PM
@McNets PowerBI
2 hours later…
8:31 PM
@HannahVernon PowerBI is useful for statistics and analysis. I mean to print one order or a bill for instance.
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10:39 PM
@Vérace I'm going to work on this problem again

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