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A chairde - Morning all...
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@PaulWhite - the guy here didn't specify a server, therefore I suggested what I think is the best Open Source one - I did put an "IMHO" - if the OP had tagged with MySQL/SQL Server... whatever, I wouldn't have "advertised"...
or was it the link to my posts which mention "iterative process" that's problematic? What about "the differences between logical and physical design" was an issue?
10:34 AM
@Vérace You seem to have formed the view that database recommendations are on-topic so long as they appear in a comment?
P.S. Welcome to the forum!
OK - I'll only share my views as to what's the best server when asked! Is my traditional "Céad míle fáilte" OT as well? :-)
@Vérace Re: logical and physical design, they're asking for feedback on their logical design - as far as I can tell - yet you asked for a physical design. One traditionally works on the physical design after the logical design is complete.
@Vérace Of course, just like "hi!" and "thanks". It's meta, and nothing to do with the Q or A.
Q: Are Stack Exchange sites forums?

Naftali aka NealI was under the impression that Stack Exchange sites were forums, or forum-like objects. If they are not forums: Why aren't they? What defines a forum?

FYI if you haven't seen it before.
But it's v. difficult to design a schema from a diagram... Re. "hi" and "thanks" - I've seen many comments elsewhere about (mostly SO) StackExchange sites being cliquish and people felt it was like a cabal of the "in-crowd" and that noobs and people who weren't born with an in-depth knowledge of [C | C++ | SQL | whatever] were made to feel unwelcome...
I only post a welcome for those who are "New Contibutors" and will continue to do so unless I'm threatened with suspension... I feel that not permitting this small gesture would be a retrograde step!
Local communities have some discretion to override most network-level policies. If you want to propose that, and look for strong consensus, propose it on Database Administrators Meta. Until then, we will continue to enforce the network norms.
Q: Should 'Hi', 'thanks', taglines, and salutations be removed from posts?

GEOCHETI edit a lot of posts every day. I often run across posts with 'Hi' and 'Thanks' on the top and the bottom of the post respectively. I also run across things like: --User Should these items be removed during the editing of the post by an editor?

> Do not use signature, taglines, or greetings.
and locally:
Q: Is it really considered 'Clutter' to be polite here?

Uwe HesseI am a Newbie here. In other forums, my habit is to close my messages with the signature "Kind regards Uwe Hesse http://uhesse.wordpress.com" Regarding the automatically attached username, pointing to my profile, I can understand that the part after "Kind regards" is not needed here. Anyway, i...

Jack's answer is very good there. There is more than one way to be polite.
@Vérace Re: designing a schema from a diagram - that's how it's supposed to work! The 'diagram' (UML, ERD, whatever) broadly describes the logical design (often with accompanying notes) and the physical implementation stems from that. It might not be an easy process, but many people would argue strongly it is unwise to do it otherwise.
The question is probably doomed here, but those are my thoughts.
11:07 AM
Well, unless I have a copy of the s/ware that the OP used to generate their diagram, I'm not going to type in ~ 5 tables with 40 fields... I can give it a cursory glance and go "Emmm... that looks OK, but I can't possibly tell without coding against it (and nobody can - I've never seen even relatively simple designs work first time...).
I think the point is to review the logical design not a physical implementation of that.
11:29 AM
But having looked at the second diagram, you might be right @Vérace
I adjusted my comment accordingly
Apologies. I should have read it more thoroughly.
Which would be fine if I had something I could play with - but the only game in town is dbfiddle (at least AFAIK) - I could run a dbfiddle schema and go... "Hmm... well, don't you think that attribute should be there and this one over here?..." and fire back a modified fiddle... but as it is, it's just too dense!
Yes I missed the fact the second image shows a physical design
11:44 AM
it doesn't look they have entered the physical stage design
I give up 🤣
but the lines are fuzzy, I agree
when do you start the "physical" design? When you define PKs/FKs? Data types?
11:59 AM
Sometimes I guess it's a matter of terminology. Keys and relationships can be both, as can data types (domains).
12:10 PM
A good clue that you're starting the physical design is that you're connected to the database and looking at a query window perhaps.
It's interesting that people are so used to skipping logical design, they can't comprehend a database design without a physical implementation.
A little bit sad maybe.
MDCCL would probably think so.
12:58 PM
can you find the formula?
@PaulWhite as would mustaccio and bbaird also, no doubt?
@Vérace the former would disagree with whatever had just been said on general principle, and the latter would solve the problem with a scalar function in a constraint
Can't beat those scalar functions in CONSTRAINTs - except when they fail to follow the Principle of Least Astonishment... and we're back to square 1!
at least you are not back to square 0 ;)
1:35 PM
@PaulWhite this is so wrong, I strongly disagree. You can't find a more agreeable person than me.
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6:09 PM
@PaulWhite I miss their contributions.
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7:44 PM
@HannahVernon you probably should have given that person a chance to edit the answer...
8:26 PM
Oh I see the time difference now.
I saw that of course, and? You did suggest under the original answer that it be edited; why not give the author a chance to do that?
Didn't seem "nice" to a "new contributor" to me.
I'm of course disagreeing on general principle, as I should
Of course
But I don't disagree with you. I hadn't noticed the exact timings at first. I did have to put quite a bit of effort into editing their second attempt to make it decent.
I didn't notice the original answer while doing that - I came across it via direct link from the home page.
My general view on NAA/VLQ flags is to let them be handled via review because it allows time for problems to be corrected (given how slow you all are at reviews). I do handle some when they are obvious and with little or no hope of being rescued.

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