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4:22 AM
So question up votes are now worth ten points and always have been
3 hours later…
7:02 AM
The change is bad. Pulling it out of a blackbox, without consulting the user base is worse. But recalculating reputation retroactively is a huge break of trust. A falsification of history. Deceit. You can tell I am not happy with this. — Erwin Brandstetter 10 hours ago
Wow. I've paid much less attention to the feedback on this change than to the previous (and still ongoing) big issue, and now reading that answer that Erwin commented on... Wow
And Erwin's point is very much in line with it too
7:51 AM
That does look interesting. Core is free, but the 'demo' (which seems like it might be ideal) loads a temporary enterprise license — but I can't find out whether usage is restricted except for the 1 hour time limit, do you know? — Jack Douglas 9 hours ago
@JackDouglas - i don't know a whole lot firsthand about it but i'm happy to try and figure it out. do you mean more functionality, licensing, or both?
afaik - the features not gated except for the practical limitations of simulating geographic distance between VMs on the same host & the only practical licensing concern would be the case where someone keeps a fiddle tab open for more than 1 hour
@JoshDarnell i have to assume that advice regards to tracking pixels, in which case it may be more pragmatic to disable auto-loading - which would protect you whether you opened the email in the reading pane or in a separate window
8:41 AM
i've been booted from the merry go round 😅
it truly has stopped for me
@ypercubeᵀᴹ nope, there will be the Berlin meetup that day, too
9:05 AM
Close queue needs some love
9:54 AM
10:05 AM
@PeterVandivier the functionality looks fine, I'm just trying to understand the licensing
@PeterVandivier "keeps a fiddle tab open for more than 1 hour" that wouldn't matter as it's only when you press the 'run' button that it actually interacts with a database, and it always starts from fresh each time you do.
10:32 AM
@JackDouglas i'm reasonably sure the licensing is compatible with this use, but i'll shoot a quick email over to my rep now. i assume you don't want cc or anything? (to stay off those pesky mailing lists) but lmk if otherwise. I'll update the post with whatever i hear back in any case
perfect, thanks Peter :)
10:53 AM
@PeterVandivier what would happen if I try to see a fiddle I created yesterday?
@PaulWhite They did it the other way at one point, quite early on in the piece. Question upvotes went from 10 to 5 and they retconned everybody's rep.
@ConcernedOfTunbridgeWells Yes I know.
The effect is much larger this time, obviously.
I think the best way to reward asking questions is to try not to make the process such a 3-ring circus. Memes on this subject are legion.
I would argue the best way to reward a good question is with a good answer.
@PaulWhite If they could improve the likelihood of that happening it would also help.
11:01 AM
Well not pissing off your best answerers with arbitrary changes could be a start.
@PaulWhite masness
You and your out of the box thinking
@CodeCaster I mainly get to have to hide my rep from recruiters and employers now that it's a measure of time spent, I guess. — Denys Séguret 3 hours ago
@TomV cool :) which distance will you run?
@TomV why does the pic show women running? I thought it was a gent marathon ;)
@TomV ah, remember now, it's supposed to be a half
@ypercubeᵀᴹ :))) smart one.. not that inclusive though :P
11:25 AM
@ypercubeᵀᴹ from what i know of the dbfiddle backend, it would do exactly the same thing it does for other "old" fiddles - that is, it would retrieve the batches based on the hash in the URL and apply them just as it did the first time those batches were run
3 hours later…
1:59 PM
@PeterVandivier Yeah, and that's done by default in Outlook for "unknown senders" (or maybe for all messages in the reading pane).
2 hours later…
3:36 PM
@JoshDarnell personally, I use AdGuard to prevent tracking pixels, and all kinds of other nasties, on my personal machines. Much like Schroëdinger's box, an email might contain something nasty, but how would you ever know, unless you open it... for that reason I use the preview pane with complete and utter trust. I mean the only other option would be to use a command-line email client that never renders anything. Also, sorry for the late response!
Oh my reputation jumped +400 unicorns. Not that much, which probably means I've been answering more than asking. I'm ok with that
@JoshDarnell HINT: I turn off automatic downloading of images.
No tracking pixels.
Well they're there their pixels, but of no use.
how's that for a sentence?
@Johnakahot2use but then you manually download them? Or just never look at them?
3:54 PM
@MaxVernon Why would you want to look at tracking pixels? If you've seen one, you've seen them all.
but, you manually right-click each individual image to see what it shows? Because, if you say "show images" on an email you're looking at, and it happens to have a tracking pixel, then you're still going to download the tracking pixel, and thereby be tracked, no?
that's why I use AdGuard - it blocks downloads of practically everything that is commonly used to track you, including pixels, third-party cookies, certain javascsript, etc, etc.
@MaxVernon that's a very unorthodox box, this Schroëdinger's
4:09 PM
@MaxVernon Thanks! And no worries about the delay, I was just curious about your opinion.
I have very little confidence in the advice this person gives, and the responses I've received in here continue to strengthen that view.
4:20 PM
Q: Why is SE removing links and community ads about legal issues?

JNatStack Exchange staff will actively remove links to a legal fund campaign from user profiles as well as community ads surrounding Monica's situation & reinstatement. Why?

My community ad didn't last very long.
@MaxVernon it depends ™️
Currently on crappy tappy
@Johnakahot2use on what they promise in the text of the email, lol?
4:54 PM
@PeterVandivier yes, though if you just visit the link and don't press 'run', it will just show the results cached from the last run.
I don’t understand why Monica is still commenting and posting on SE/SO. Surely, now it’s got legal, the best approach is silence?
5:14 PM
SE can choose where a lot of that money goes: to lawyers, or to a charity supporting the LGBTQ+ community. — Monica Cellio 9 mins ago
That is a solid burn.
I don't get how she is still looking for reinstatement.
I think she is mainly focused on a retraction of the statements to the press.
If that happened to me I wouldn't want to volunteer any more
That meta post convinced me to change my avatar too. Its really gone too far
When I get home on a real pc that is
@Marian a full would be a bit long.
@TomV so no chance for an hyper-marathon?
5:29 PM
@ypercubeᵀᴹ I've done silly stuff like that on mountainbike when I was younger
I got really weird looks when I was smoking a sigarette at the food and drink stop in the middle of a 6 plus hour race
5:44 PM
Len Dawson, quarterback for the Kansas City Chiefs (American handegg), was famously captured burning one out during halftime of the first Superbowl
5:56 PM
If he did that now the interwebs would be on fire yelling how he sets a bad example. Maybe he would even be banned for a while
6:23 PM
I'm using Microsoft's new open-source font, Cascadia Code, in SSMS. >= is rendered rather nicely as the mathematical symbol. Freaked me out when I first saw it.
@billinkc that would be funnier if the chiefs had won that game... ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
@JackDouglas how long is the default cache? slash if the results don't change after flushing the cache, can you just peg the whole thing as deterministic and make it "permanent cache"?
@MaxVernon It would perhaps be more consistent (as well as more disorienting probably) if they also rendered the <> as either ≶ or ≷
But perhaps they can't settle on which to choose
i'm gonna fork cascadia and make <> render as 🚫
@AndriyM yah, it's a work in progress, too. and since it's on GitHub, you can create the necessary glyphs and create a pull request ;-)
@PeterVandivier nice
and make WITH (NOLOCK) render as, well, something else.
@MaxVernon I might, once I've decided which one I prefer, that is :)
No, not really
6:32 PM
@MaxVernon WITH (💩)
@AndriyM I can only imagine how much of hassle it would be to get that pull request merged
@PeterVandivier yah, that!!!
😂 i kind of actually want to do it now
it makes me wonder what other surprises are lurking in there
>== is one
and of course !=
idk... anything that has 33,000 lines in a single file makes me scared
yah, just what I'm starting to think.
clearly, I haven't audited it.
6:40 PM
@PeterVandivier What about 32,998 lines?
at first i thought you were being pedantic, but then i realised it's only got 32155, so i guess i'm hoisted on my own petard, eh?
Andriy raises an excellent point; where is the cutoff level for trust, lol?
Mine is 42 lines
does it count as "open-source" if you just upload the binary to github? 🤔 cascadia says yes!
lol, this statement sure makes me want to try creating a font:
> Although the graphical user-interface of VTT dramatically simplifies the task of font hinting, the tool is not for the novice. The learning curve is fairly steep, simply because hinting requires professional skills regardless of the tools. Even accomplished type designers who have been using font editors for years to design fonts have evaluated VTT and decided that professional hinting is not for them.
we're all professionals, though, right?
> NT-compatible, performing gamma correction in much the same way Windows 2000 does.
good to know
said no-one, ever.
if you pay me to try, that makes me a professional, right?
6:50 PM
@MaxVernon Of course we are professionals. And I personally have given professional hints many times. Can't see what the fuss is all about.
(Yes, I'm joking.)
I'm sorry to hear your sad tale. What is your boss planning on doing when you have hardware & connectivity failures, or lack of administration experience eats all of your data? I sympathise — Philᵀᴹ 32 secs ago
@AndriyM I've given professionals hints before. I'm not sure that's the same thing, tho
@Philᵀᴹ 😂 i quit reading that question halfway through, those last lines are quality punchline material
> Besides quitting my job and find a better one, do you have any recommendations
they cut me off at the pass on that one
hiring: mysql dba - salary: $1,000 / month
sit back & watch the applications come in
6:56 PM
It can be frustrating when people don't understand that it's the technology that enables the business to function, and it requires investment. They usually realise and more than understand when there's an outage that costs them a significant amount of $, and loses them customers
fuuuuuuuuuuuuck tho
r3.large on-demand monthly is ~$ 121.52
that means ~17 TB of EBS general purpose SSD to make the 1k ... 😬
At my old place, the MD thought the cooling bill was too large, so upped the temperature in the server room. It got hotter outside & everything overheated, 1 server died. The cost of the incident was several decades worth of electricity bills
There was much LOL
DBA stands for Doge Base Arebelongtous
To those about to quit: we salute you. — Peter Vandivier 2 mins ago
ooooooohhhhh i bet his boss is pulling the plug on RDS 'cause they're hitting the mount size cap
I gave him an upboat anyway, it's not his fault. Poor bastard. Lots more free internet points
i did too
idk if it's helpful to tell the OP this, but a contributing factor in me quitting my last job was the unwillingness of management to refactor to deal with the storage issue
on my last day, they had 6-8 months before AWS disallowed anymore disk mounts to deal with data growth
come to think of it, it's been about 8 months... 🤔
7:15 PM
@PeterVandivier Surely your phone will ring any minute now.
Unless they stored his number in the database that is off-line by now
i scorched earth my home directory on every machine and nuked my HR file on the way out the door there
to be fair, i always turn off the lights behind me leaving a job but i really gave no fucks about the whole foreach(...){rm -rf ~/} on this last one
@MonicaCellio surprised to see you still posting. Has your legal counsel not advised you to steer clear? I don't care either way, just seems a bit strange because litigation is involved — Phil 9 secs ago
@PeterVandivier it's Open Font, not Open Source ;)
7:31 PM
@ypercubeᵀᴹ you happen to know what the topics are for the thursday meetup? i'm trying to talk myself into shelling out for a babysitter
> If you are wondering why several users have the same avatar and what it means, look up Monica Cellio. Stack exchange doesn't allow us to post links on that subject any more.
7:43 PM
@Philᵀᴹ Tja, I also had a boss once who didn't want to give out 100 € for virus protection (and this diagnostics company was good at HPV)
are there over / under odds on when we can just talk about database stuff again and dial back the commentary on the drama?
i'll put down £20 there's a trending story about this mess in jan and i won't feel bad paying it out if i'm wrong
The (significant) majority of talk in here today has been about other topics, in my estimation.
Databases, the Outlook reading pane, pretty fonts, and how much Peter hated his last job :P
Also a nice AC/DC reference.
8:00 PM
Just chastise me if I stray off-topic
i guess i've taken the over then :p
I've not used Outlook for months now. I feel great for it
Is anyone else getting generic ASP.NET runtime error pages when going to SE sites?
Description: An exception occurred while processing your request. Additionally, another exception occurred while executing the custom error page for the first exception. The request has been terminated.
Thanks, @LowlyDBA.
8:08 PM
me too
Their servers have been crushed by the weight of newly-acquired unicorns
Or may be it's Monica's legal reps succeeded with their "cease and desist" letter.
I just had a timeout at teh top of the screen coming back to here.
ruh roh.... looks like chat is fliaking
8:18 PM
we're working on it
Thanks, @Taryn! And good luck.
Unusual for the database to get the blame immediately.
I blame Russia
@PaulWhite 😉
Who wants to bet the outage is caused by some unforeseen side-effect of the mass rep recalc?
8:30 PM
Your reply on Twitter burns so bad there isnt any ointment strong enough to soothe it @PaulWhite
meanwhile in Budapest:
@TomV 🔥🔥🔥
yes, that's a British licence plate
That looks a lot like the BMW pic @Philᵀᴹ posted a while back
Same theme I mean
@PaulWhite that's why I posted it and pointed out the plate
8:32 PM
Oh ok that wasn't obvious to me
@dezso I see it's a 4-door model
So they deleted our Community Ad then took the network down so we couldn't see
Legal asked them to delete the evidence and they were thorough
@TomV when legal asks you to do something, you don't ask why or when or how :-)
8:37 PM
@MaxVernon well, we do
some days I ask more questions than I answer
yah, I'm just being silly, I guess I should have said "them" instead of "we"
@MaxVernon oh wait
and xou, please
you know moderators are expected to deal with pronoun jokes now yeah?
please correct your thoughts
@PaulWhite Cole is around?
let's hope not
8:45 PM
@PaulWhite ah, that was just a typo
let's hope the legal team buys that
be a shame to see your name in The Register
my rate is $10 per typo
very reasonable
@PaulWhite how sad
some people were having a good time on twitter, it seems
A: Why is SE removing links and community ads about legal issues?

Juan MThis has taken a legal turn and we want to be as transparent as we can. Under guidance from our legal team, we are not able to respond to anything regarding Monica's situation. We will not be answering any questions or comments about that going forward. Starting today, also under direction from ...

8:50 PM
I am also wondering if it was the wrath of SQL or SQL Server
@PaulWhite another epic fail
> We know this is going to be received with mixed results...
@PaulWhite oh it was a sql issue. Server spiked to 100% nothing could query it
Doesn't seem terribly mixed so far
@Taryn Yeah I hear it does that sometimes for no good reason.
You should switch to a real database.
Somebody replaced his glass of pinot with a dose of sarcasm today
Even I don't drink pinot at 10am
8:58 PM
Start at 9:30, eh?
Too right
@PaulWhite Don't forget the faulty server OS they continue to stick with.
Probably using Intel chips as well
@PaulWhite withdrawal melancholy then?
9:08 PM
Man, I need to know how to ask for that cinghiale made with cocaine next time I'm in Tuscany!
@TomV now they is
@PaulWhite Are you allowed to link to that in chat?!
9:47 PM
I think you are just not allowed to make SE slap themselves in the face with it in an ad.
Yeah I think that was mostly to provoke a reaction.
They'd been giving us the silent treatment.
10:38 PM
@PeterVandivier the cache never expires (at least not until someone presses 'run' on that fiddle again. Try this fiddle and you'll see the time doesn't change even if you refresh the page. Anyone visiting the link can press 'run' though which forces a refresh. It means we can retire backends but old links will still work.
10:57 PM
@JackDouglas To make sure I understand, if someone presses 'run', will everyone be getting the new version from the cache from then on?
11:34 PM
@PeterVandivier I think this is what you need - longbets.org

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