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Lots of Mornings today
7:50 AM
I think there'd be less if there were holidays.
@hot2use yep
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2:05 PM
Bwahahhah Boris Johnson is the UK PM
What a shit show
Lol. I can't imagine he gets to the end of the year
I can see him working out. Because he's the candidate they need to deliver the "no" to #leave
2:40 PM
No way
He's stuck already
It's all going to come crashing down faster than the last.
I disagree with that. May wasn't affiliated with Brexit. She was actually against it, afaik. Borris wasn't postured like that. He was for Brexit. Now he's the PM. It's his job to not let the ship burn on his watch and to "rule for all of the UK." He can do a 180, May couldn't -- she was an outsider.
This is exactly what was done in Greece.
You need the idiots associated with the referendum to thumb their nose to the people. BJ will work in that capacity.
Give him a few months, and he'll reveal himself to be a sellout neoliberal Oxford grad that steps down on his "hard Brexit" stance and does a referendum.
So you agree with the article, You are saying he is going to do a 180, on Brexit itself.
No, I don't think Brexit is a fantasy. I think it's what the Europe needs. But it certainly 100% won't be the right or the centrists that deliver it, and it won't be May, or BJ. And, Labour will never pay the price. So it's not happening in my lifetime!
Shy of the merits of Brexit and how BJ will handle it, I'm not sure there is much left to agree on in the article.
If the EU comes crashing down, it'll be internal contradictions that do it. Not democracy.
2:56 PM
I'm not following your argument, but there is no concept of neoliberal in the UK
You are saying there will be a perpetual "non-Brexit" with indefinite extensions given by the EU even though Britain has invoked Article 50?
No, I'm saying that the article says BJ has ruled out a second amendment. He hasn't. Everyone will be happy with that. It's the obvious choice of action. And that will happen.
"Neoliberal" is a concept/frame/term everywhere.
You mean a second referendum?
Neoliberal in the UK would be a Blairite
Not really the whole Torry party is neoliberal.
3:02 PM
That doesn't even exist any more
Lol yeah. ok.
@CadeRoux A quick google search on any UK news site would tell you that the term is quite acceptable as a matter of parlance.
When "Red" Ken Livingstone introducing the "tax" to central London in 2003 he remarked, with glee, "I nicked the idea off Milton Friedman." Friedman, the late guru of neoliberal economics, is one of Boris Johnson's intellectual heroes.
@hot2use I'm sure it's all the same old morning travelling westward.
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4:59 PM
Hello All
interesting behavior I observed - database A has snapshot isolation level enabled and database B does not.

A transaction starts in database A and have few joins to database B. We got error `Snapshot isolation transaction failed accessing database 'database B' because snapshot isolation is not allowed in this database. Use ALTER DATABASE to allow snapshot isolation`.

Interestingly, we got error for only few mins and then it went away. sys.dm_exec_requests shows that the transaction had read committed and it switched to snapshot on the db that does not have that isolation level enabled and
5:51 PM
A: Found old paper shares of Motorola Inc that has since been broken up

Norgate DataIn order to determine what has happened to Motorola, you need to look at any corporate actions that have occurred on the stock. CORPORATE ACTIONS Motorola Inc had the following corporate actions since 1999: Jun 2000: 3:1 Stock split (so your 36 shares became 108 shares) Dec 2004: 0.110415:1 S...

There are some overwhelmingly interesting people on this network

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