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10:00 PM
I was born in the 80's
... and I miss them
It then ended with Playstation games like gran tourismo and mortal kombat
I was born in 1980 so
No time for games once the current multi-player thing ce
Came out **
I wish I had more time for games... when you have a good clan it's more about the comradery than gaming sometimes...
I used to play 2v2 with another guy, we knew each other's strats so well we didn't even need to speak to each other. If he moves one way I knew how and where to cover him
Yeah but you need to be Slide clips to make sure you are available when the clan needs you
Can be hard to combine with things like a job and such
yeah I remember quite a few incidents with girlfriends about how I needed to be home for tournaments and whatnot
I played Eve online for a long time ~ 10 years
that's a whole life in itself
Or mom yelling for the third time dinner is getting cold
10:09 PM
do your job, etc., come home and do OPs for 8 hours
@SeanGallardy-Microsoft o/
My mobile correct is making me unintelligible it seems
Swift keyboard needs to go
hey this -x startup parameter sounds great
what could go wrong?
does the X stand for eXtreme?
10:22 PM
@JoeObbish Just look at @EvanCarroll posts for that answer.
RTFM, if the M is there. Ask the question, TIAS, self-answer. RINSE AND REPEAT.
@EvanCarroll In response to that..
orrrr ask the only guy with "- Microsoft" in his name, pray that he answers, if he doesn't stomach your desire to know and pretend like all things produced by Evil Corp are black magic. You ain't even a padawan if you do that though. You're just a Kardashian-esque MCSE.
Lol there are a few -Microsft's here ;)
They don't count. They have better things to do.
10:35 PM
this query was going so well before i added an order by
@sp_BlitzErik you should do that on the app side anyway :P
@bluefeet i am going to smother you in nachos
considering we're having nachos for dinner, I'm down
I won't fight it
don't tell @SeanGallardy-Microsoft that, he's allergic to nachos
lol I can eat corn chips
if they are just corn
and not soaked in peanut or soy oil
10:41 PM
"i can hit on anyone i want as long as it's my wife"
@sp_BlitzErik Move to Utah, have 7 wives
You thought having 1 was bad..
my friend says his second favorite strip club city is slc
@SeanGallardy-Microsoft one at a time you mean. i'm not on my first!
@sp_BlitzErik good luck, my friend.
I have a hard enough time dealing with a single g/f who isn't living with me let alone a wife that does...
Maybe I should try to find my first ex-wife... you know, like a trial run to see how I like it...
"Hi, I'm Sean. I'm looking for my first future ex-wife to be."
there's your problem, stop dating single girls
they have too much free time
10:44 PM
@sp_BlitzErik Well I tried the married ones but that was a harrowing endeavor.
"hey you're in a bar and you don't look happy, sup"
No joke, I was "literally" out of the sate when Irma hit and I couldn't get back because the airports were shut down. I was stuck in Kalifornia.
I get a text, "So why aren't you here?"
"You're just avoiding me aren't you?"
Yes, I called in a hurricane weeks in advance just so I could avoid you...
florida woman strikes again
Then I couldn't get home for 2 weeks
"You just don't want to see me"
It's like dealing with @EvanCarroll all emotion and no logic ;)
dating is usually a mistake. i find it works better if you just see some casually until they get pregnant then go all in.
10:49 PM
@sp_BlitzErik LOL
Pregnant? Plan B costs $50
$50 cheaper than 18 years
to be fair, I didn't learn common core math
@sp_BlitzErik What would you consider a good strength to weight ratio?
1xbw ohp, 2xbw bp, 3xbw sq, 4xbw dl
2x bp.. wow
assume I don't dl
i'd assume you're gonna start
how do you not diddly
i would dl every day if i could
10:53 PM
I just never did it
and now I don't have anyone to help me with form or technique and I don't want to break anything already not broken
it's like the most gratifying lift
alan thrall has a bunch of good youtube vids on it
I did 2.5xbw shrugs... that's pretty gratifying
2xbw bp though....
did you use straps?
10:55 PM
I have to, my wrists are jelly by the end
I lost all hand strength by the 2nd set
hook grip!
who needs thumbs anyway
I don't know that grip
@sp_BlitzErik what's stopping you?
assume I'm not a powerlifter, more of a... it's always beach season in florida lifter
@SeanGallardy-Microsoft it's painful
10:56 PM
like a goofy grip?
@bluefeet it's really hard to recover from. did 3x3 monday and i'm still feeling it.
captains of crush will fix grip
@SeanGallardy-Microsoft make a fist, but stick your thumb inside
i guess i could try some oly lifts as accessories
@sp_BlitzErik I went light during my workout today. It was supposed to be 145# but I only did 125# but there were 45 of them
10:58 PM
@bluefeet You'll break your thumbs!
@bluefeet you should just do cleans :)
@SeanGallardy-Microsoft not if you do it right. but it's pretty uncomfortable. It's not used for all lifts only some
@sp_BlitzErik I did power and hang power cleans before
Pretend I like my appendages
@SeanGallardy-Microsoft it's really not bad with chalk and some athletic tape around your thumbs
all I know is, spring break is coming up...
10:59 PM
I haven't lifted in like 2 months so I'm going slow back into it. Hurts the ego not the body
@bluefeet I don't care what I do as long as it's good for me
@SeanGallardy-Microsoft ss+gomad
Yes @sp_BlitzErik is stronger than me.. but he's also 1.75 of me
11:09 PM
why the hell can't i have a distinct when there's an over()
git fix issue
... issue fixed
git checkin
that'll be in SQL18
not 2017r2?
11:23 PM
night everyone, I'm done trying to get this corruption to take...
now all you have to do is make sure it returns the right results
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