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12:15 AM
@TypoCubeᵀᴹ Deleted. Note deletion requires a mod since merged posts are locked. We keep the stub around for a few hours so everyone can follow what's happened. Once it's reasonably certain everyone involved has a handle on the final state of things, the merged post can be deleted. Flag as Other... to get that done.
12:43 AM
@PaulWhite this question is crap.. dba.stackexchange.com/questions/153981/…
you spent 500 rep on it
lol, I want 500 rep.
@EvanCarroll It may be. I was just hoping to draw some attention to an under-appreciated database product. 300 reps despatched for that purpose.
It seemed to me like it might have an interesting answer.
I am often wrong.
I am all for that, we need to to assemble a guild of people with VTC-migration for PostgreSQL questions on SO.
We can call ourselves, [QGankerz]
1:05 AM
@EvanCarroll Also: I'm always on the lookout for good unanswered questions that would benefit from a bounty outside my own area of expertise. Feel free to make the occasional suggestion.
I nominate all of these for a 500 point bounty dba.stackexchange.com/…
That's very altruistic of you. I'll give it due consideration.
1:26 AM
Horray for consideration
the ether of life
1:41 AM
What do you think of
to clean up this dead as hell horse.
See these questions a lot.
1:55 AM
@EvanCarroll What the heck does mtime-row mean? If you're going to create a tag, at least add some usage guidance and maybe a wiki. Before you get 2k privileges, you might consider asking on Database Administrators Meta beforehand to get the community's view on a proposed new tag.
Yea, I'll add the meta for it now.
On the FS, we call it mtime there is no name for it in the db but everyone wants it in the db, and it makes as much sense as anything else. en.wikipedia.org/wiki/MAC_times
added wiki info
2:13 AM
I've approved the tag info, but that doesn't mean I necessarily approve of the tag. Off to do some Christmas shopping. Don't forget the meta question.
2:23 AM
@AndriyM Thanks, I'll do some testing. I've noticed Rextester is becoming a common resource here in DBA.SE, and it works really well.
@TypoCubeᵀᴹ Do you happen to have a (digital or printed) copy of Codd's Further Normalization of the Data Base Relational Model, by any chance? (nice username, btw)
2:39 AM
Q: Tag suggestion: mtime-row

Evan CarrollA lot of questions involve the same thing PostgreSQL: Auto update updated_at with custom column Create a trigger on all the last_modified columns in PostgreSQL how to update column on same row with trigger without recursion? How to create trigger to update timestamp when record is updated or in...

6 hours later…
8:21 AM
blue in the face, yeah!
good morning
@TypoCubeᵀᴹ Oh nice! Any idea how?
8:50 AM
Good $TIMEPERIOD. Shortest day of the year today
9:04 AM
Tomorrow is the beginning of summer (well sort of).
9:45 AM
Hmm my last edit was based on an already edited question, now I think it deviates too much from the original post
Good morning
@AndriyM Yes, best to be explicit about that
@MasterDatabase Left some constructive feedback.
A: Tag suggestion: mtime-row

hot2useThere are a number of tags in DBA.SE that I don't fully understand, but which are related either to one or the other RDBMS, as they are part of that specific RDBMS or are common DBA l33t 5p3@k. However, with your suggestion for the new tag mtime-row I guess the only person that would understand ...

10:14 AM
@Philᵀᴹ Longest.
@TomV Leave a comment for the question author?
@PaulWhite No. I didn't log in the site last night, unless you count a failed attempt to use the app from my old phone. Woke up and the blue hat (or feet, socks, whatever it is) was there!
@MDCCL I don't think so.
@MDCCL Yes, it works fine. It doesn't have SQLite and it needs different delimiters for different DBMS. I miss the SQLfiddle where we could create the tables and scripts and reuse them (with some adjustments) in different systems
@PaulWhite Yeah. I didn't think it needed merge as the answer there was a duplicate as well. Blame me for not mentioning in the flag. I guess the mod (jcolebrand) saw that both qs had answers and decided to merge.
10:47 AM
@TypoCubeᵀᴹ Cross-site duplicates are just such a pain, especially when both have answers. It's tough to coordinate perfectly sometimes, and other times things change while one part of the process is already off and running. Huge waste of people's time.
Cross-network dupe marking would be Terrigood
I recall having to solve that problem once ... its brutal
I bult an odata endpoint on both ends then did a ton of complex queries on them both and compared stuff
so much harder with user driven blocks of text for Q&A though
@Philᵀᴹ have you opted out of the Silly Hats?
@War The worst cases should actually be pretty easy to spot. Almost always a low-rep user that simply copy/pastes the question text to multiple sites.
Q: Can we automate detection of cross-posting?

Cam JacksonHow difficult would it be to detect cross-posts when the relevant questions have identical titles and content, and are posted by the same user? As an example: Original, posted on SO Following day, migrated to SO from SF Also following day, migrated to SO from SU If this is technically possibl...

I'd be in favour of an early flag for the Gun Monkeys™ to handle. So much easier when they're caught early.
I have no problem with people asking essentially the same question in multiple communities, so long as it is on-topic and customized for the audience.
11:07 AM
I'm only on about actually closing as dupe cross-network. That should be almost trivial
@Philᵀᴹ I imagine the implementation to be a nightmare. It's fine on the surface, but now start to think about all the edge cases.
and considering that different sites run in different SQL Server installations / databases
The SE experience with migrations ought to be enough to put them off ever doing anything cross-site again.
@PaulWhite except hats ;)
@TypoCubeᵀᴹ Well that's just the same on multiple sites. Bit different.
11:11 AM
@PaulWhite yeah, it's not exactly the same. But there are hats you gain only with activity on multiple sites.
Both involve multiple sites, I'll give you hat :)
@MDCCL Are you intending to answer this question or just clarify it?
11:28 AM
@PaulWhite interesting :)
@TypoCubeᵀᴹ Linked servers! Ducks
@MDCCL check if it's in a library near you: worldcat.org/title/…
Seems the closest library that has this is in Stanford ...
and is also available in some libraries in Germany: worldcat.org/title/…
(the amazon and Germany refer to the symposium book where the paper was published, with other ones)
12:52 PM
A: PostgreSQL 9.6 column dropping and side-effects on SQL functions with CTEs

joanoloThis completely looks like a bug to me... I don't know why it happens, but I can confirm that it happens. This is the simplest found setup that reproduces the problem (in version 9.6.0). CREATE TABLE users ( id SERIAL PRIMARY KEY, email TEXT NOT NULL, column_that_we_will_drop TEXT ...

1:09 PM
@PaulWhite Yeah, I edited a bit.
@TypoCubeᵀᴹ It seems strange that we sometimes have to force people to improve their answers that way. Good job though.
I read that "thanks for the report!" from Tom Lane in my mails this morning, it's enough acknowledgement that it's a bug.
Absolutely. I will probably award the bounty early.
or their questions.
My fellow Greek needs help here but he still hasn't added the CREATE TABLE scripts.
Nor the actual plans. Only images, after more than 1 comments.
Q: Tuning join query using indexes

Stavros KoureasRecently i noticed that one of my queries that is running inside of an etl process is very slow running on SQL Server. This query is a select statement and it is filling a fact table. I decided to take it and make the necessary tests and i found that the problem is in the select statement. This s...

@TypoCubeᵀᴹ More than 1 comments eh.
1:29 PM
@billinkc in Japan ;)
Why is KFC a Christmas tradition in Japan? http://boingboing.net/2016/12/20/why-is-kfc-a-christmas-traditi.html
@TypoCubeᵀᴹ He's going to write a book explaining the problem instead of just adding the plans
@StavrosKoureas I don't think you need to install the tool on the server, you can probably load a .sqlplan file in it (save as xml) and anonymize that — Tom V 34 secs ago
@TomV Yes.
Any valid sqlplan xml can be pasted directly into PE.
I never used the anonymize feature
Our schema is public anyway :)
Anonymized plans are much harder to analyze. Lots of important stuff that isn't typically 'sensitive' is lost. Still better than part of an image.
I lose patience quickly though. If you need a plan analyzed under NDA, hire a consultant.
Can it anonymize DDL as well (and consistently with the plan anonymization)?
1:55 PM
@TypoCubeᵀᴹ It works pretty well. I doubt it's perfect in that regard, but something > nothing.
I wonder if they have plans to make SQL Sentry work in Linux.
That Square It! game is quite absorbing.
Otherwise it would be fun having to use Windows just to run SQL Sentry to check execution plans for a Linux SQL Server install
I don't know for sure. But if .NET works on Linux, it should have a good chance.
Did we do this yet?
He's making a database
He's sorting it twice
SELECT * from contacts WHERE behaviour = 'nice'
SQL Clause is coming to town
1:59 PM
Might run under mono or wine
that snapchat hat looks a bit like, ...
and I wonder why I got it. Don't have accepted answers lately, except one which was posted 2 hours after the question
Making progress, we now have an image of the whole plan. A bitmap appears.
13 revisions, 14 comments, still no SQL Server version.
I've never been keen on people asking for reasons for downvotes, but I'd sure love to know why someone upvoted that.
I'm going to make myself a cup of coffee and perhaps have a biscuit.
2:21 PM
@PaulWhite 32 views. We'll have to find the other 29.
2:40 PM
I often wonder what obfuscated table/column names could be in such questions. tblTheNuclearLaunchCodeIs07583411 anyone?
It's probably something dull, like Sales_Orders_BMW_2016
The xml probably contains 11 herbs and spices, in particular quantities.
Q: Why was the snaphat not awarded? Or why was it awarded incorrectly?

SklivvzThere have been a few cases in which the snaphat was not awarded. There have also been other cases in which it was awarded incorrectly, on old questions. What gives?

> I've now corrected the implementation to be as expected. We won't remove the hats we've given out, and we will award due hats retroactively.
yey! 1 extra, bug hat
3:04 PM
maybe there is a hat of a bug?
Wait, who has lice?
@bluefeet why is the Philanthropist given if you award the bounty at the last day of hats? And not at the last day of the bounty period?
It doesn't worth much if you have the hat for only a day or less. Since we can't keep the hats after Jan 8, we go back to the "hate fun" status.
@TypoCubeᵀᴹ Honestly, to make you work for the hats over the entire period. Instead of getting them all in the first 2 days.
@bluefeet that also means that we should NOT start bounties before Jan 1, if we want that hat.
And don't take too much from my questions, I'm feeling grinchy. Could be the hat I'm wearing.
@bluefeet, honestly though, haven't you fed up with having to discuss about hats the last 3-4 days?
I would.
yesterday, by bluefeet
I cannot confirm or deny anything
it comes with the territory of being in charge of hats
3:17 PM
Hello hello
got a lil question about a big question
Q: How to clone a user in SQL Server 2008 R2?

sweetritzIs there a way to clone users' security and permissions in Microsoft SQL Server, preferably using the SQL Server Management Studio GUI?

Is there a better way to clone a user in SQLSERVER than this ? If this said user has access mappings for dozens of databases, then the answers in the question above aren't fast
might work
3:43 PM
yeah that's actually something insanely useful-looking
but the commands don't quite suit my need, that's really a migration-oriented tool
whereas I just to create a windows login with similar database user mappings as another one
without having to manually crosscheck all the things in the table by hand
To copy only two SQL logins, netnerds and realcajun, as well as one Windows login ‘base\ctrlb’

Copy-SqlLogin -Source sqlserver -Destination sqlcluster -Logins netnerds, realcajun, 'base\ctrlb'
Would that command work for naming a user under a different name and also targeting the same source database
It looks like Export-SqlLogin will create a t-sql script. You can then replace names in there or use that as a basis for your own script.
Another secret hat: The Hatter
this seems to be utterly nuts to get (so appropriate for the name!)
4:03 PM
@PaulWhite Re-edited and now seems to even have attracted upvotes so I'm fine with it
to save putting conn strings in config files i'm consider running all apps in IIS under a windows account and that windows account would be given SQL permissions to manage a given db that the app sits on ...
Do you guys think this is a good idea?
@War Why not use the .NET heirarchy and put it in the machine.config?
5:10 PM
@PaulWhite Both, actually. I wanna share my take on the scenario, and I started putting an answer toghether yesterday, but realized that some points required clarification.
bye folks
@TypoCubeᵀᴹ Thanks for the libraries link, it's very interesting. Yes, I think I'll eventually buy one of the Data base systems: Courant Computer Science Symposium 6 copies for sale at Amazon.
@MDCCL is that paper so important?
@TypoCubeᵀᴹ It's not indispensable, but I've seen several references with slightly different wordings of the normal forms (1NF, 2NF and 3NF) all over the web, and I tend to be kinda picky with those things. I wanna have the real Codd's definition, it's mainly a personal liking
5:44 PM
Something I learned today: Command line XKCD
2 hours later…
8:00 PM
at least i'm not selling my soul
on good advice
I appreciate that
we have plenty of people who are
i'm open to pity hats, though. next year you should have hats that can be awarded by the community, "just because"
@swasheck If you dare say something in chat on one of the days a star gives you a hat and I'm around...
8:06 PM
dont know when those days are
anyway ... all kinds of weirdness going on here. completely lost SSISDB. no data files remain. no packages remain.
it's like the catalog was never created.
No backups?
yeah. have backups. just trying to figure out what happened.
A coworker is trolling you
feels like it
we did install the bad security bulletin
There may be a "troll @swasheck 3 times" secret hat
8:24 PM
@swasheck I'm afraid I have no idea
8:40 PM
just discovered it
anyway. restore from backup
9:05 PM
@swasheck The update broke it?
no. i dont know what happened to it. but i was able to restore from backup

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