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1:06 AM
@Marian that about covers it
Does my answer here make sense? I'm pretty sure I've covered the main bits, but I could be overlooking something.
A: varchar storage and comparisons in SQL Server 2008

Max VernonAdd a persistent calculated field that contains a CHECKSUM on the 5 fields, and use that to perform the comparisons. The CHECKSUM field will be unique for that specific combination of fields, and is stored as an INT that results in a much easier target for comparisons in a WHERE clause. USE tem...

@Marian classic!
1:29 AM
@MaxVernon Tick but HASHBYTES probably safer. Could also skip PERSISTED and just create a unique index on the computed hash column
@MarkStorey-Smith safer in what way? less collisions? (I believe you; just unsure)
@MarkStorey-Smith thanks, Mark. I have used HASHBYTES before for this purpose; I like the "less work" you need to do with CHECKSUM. If you don't mind, I'll add your link to my answer so the OP has some choices. That is unless you'd like to offer an alternative answer?
@MaxVernon Go for it.
1:54 AM
The question was closed as "unclear" since you refuse to state the reasoning behind not using the ideas presented as answers below. All of the answers offer potentially great ways to fulfill your requirements. Allowing more people to try to answer your question, when you can and do say "that won't work for me" without saying why is a waste of other peoples time. — Max Vernon 40 secs ago
3 hours later…
4:35 AM
I think I should propose a law on database performance:
For every factor of ten performance gain a tool gets for the specific case, it tends to lose a factor of ten on the general case. In other words a more specialized tool might be able to process 10x more data in a specific case, but at the cost of processing 1/10th of the baseline in the general case....
1 hour later…
5:58 AM
Perhaps a good candidate to move here?
Q: T-SQL - OPTION (FAST x) and trace flag 8722

Nelson 2.0I have searched a long time and still haven't found the answer to my problem. Our Dynamics AX is generating queries with the query hint OPTION (FAST x), which sometimes forces a bad execution plan to be used. The devs say it is by default and is hard to change (has to be fixed on all forms poten...

1 hour later…
7:14 AM
Got my vote.
7:58 AM
heh so I am doing ETL, Couchdb to Posttgres
My current jobs are chugging away processing about 40k couch records per hour :-P
andnow I find that at least 2/3rds of the data in this db is duplicate.
2 hours later…
9:44 AM
@ChrisTravers Cool
@ChrisTravers Are the JSON documents duplicates of each other? Or the data is duplicate once it's converted to a more relational format?
Duplicaed once we have it in a relational format.
Couchdb: Web-scale until you want to get your data out haha
@MikaelEriksson moved
@PaulWhite great article you have there, but something worries me.
@Marian What's that?
You're the world's best SQL Server query optimizer guy and you has only a "..laptop (with a single 7200 rpm SATA spinning disk)"? :?
9:54 AM
@Marian Feel free to send me money.
Talk to Santa, I only give beers :P.
Funnily enough, I nearly bought a Surface 3 today.
one coworker bought it, he hates it, but he's an Apple guy.. So try it before you buy it, if you can.
I doubt I'll ever be brave enough to buy an Apple and run Windows/SQL Server on it.
@AndriyM I wish I could upvote this comment more than once
There's no Markdown to emphasise the word always enough. Some people simply don't seem to get it. — Andriy M 4 hours ago
9:59 AM
The OPTION FAST question is migrated, for anyone interested to answer: dba.stackexchange.com/questions/78306/…
@PaulWhite You could go Aaron's way, looks like it's a setup he enjoys much.
He has infinite confidence and cash though.
You were the one taking vacations in paradise :-).
This is true :-$
@PaulWhite You can get secondhand W-series thinkpads off ebay quite cheaply now. A W520 like the one I bought for £3,500 two years ago could be obtained nowadays for about 1,000 pesos. Merkin ones use the same KB layout as NZ. Add an Intel 525 or similar mSATA SSD and a S3500 for database work and you'd have a laptop that's O for Awesome.
10:10 AM
Thanks. That's something I will look at.
@PaulWhite Laptops were about the last thing I bought new. After having done the upgrade work on my thinkpad I'd be pretty confident about buying secondhand and ferkin with them myself. They're a bit more fiddly and proprietary than desktops but certainly not beyond the wit of man.
I tried to disassemble a laptop once.
After 3 hours and more than 50 screws on the table, I realized I hadn't even been half-way through.
I will probably end up just replacing the HDD with an SSD in my existing machine for the time being. The memory slots are already full (8GB!) which seemed like plenty at the time...ha.
@ypercube I found videos on Youtube that described how to take down thinkpads.
4 or 5 screws were left overs during re-assembly ;)
10:14 AM
@PaulWhite W520s will go up to 32GB although mine didn't like it for some reason. I think you need a different memory speed to 32GB.
@ypercube Oh, dear.
@Marian (or other folks) I've got a 240GB Intel 730 surplus to requirements. I got it to upgrade my SO's laptoop but her machine won't recognise the disk. Free to a good home if anyone wants it.
@ConcernedOfTunbridgeWells See? Paul wants one.. send it to NZ.
though sending it there will probably not be a very economical wise issue :).
10:40 AM
@Marian Is it any use to you? I still feel bad about the 320 going tits up on you.
@ConcernedOfTunbridgeWells yeah, I've my own SO to upgrade.
I think I'd probably need 750GB or larger, leaning toward a Samsung 840 EVO at the moment.
@PaulWhite no no no no no. See this.
@PaulWhite I've been considering an intel S3500 (yes, I'm already running out of space). They're down to £500 or so for 800GB ones now.
@Marian Good to know, but you'd think they'd be able to fix it, and Oct 15 isn't that far away.
10:54 AM
@Marian I can post it to you. Can you email me your postal address?
@ConcernedOfTunbridgeWells Interesting. I see the 600GB version for NZD 800.
@PaulWhite at least you can go negotiate a better price now, as it's not fixed yet.
@PaulWhite Judging by the F/X rates I'd guess the 800GB one would be about 1,000 pesos or thereabouts.
@ConcernedOfTunbridgeWells Yeah, 1076.40
@ConcernedOfTunbridgeWells I'll get an email up your way. Or in case you meet with Mark in the meantime.. put it in his pocket.
10:57 AM
@ConcernedOfTunbridgeWells Any particular reason you favour the Intel?
@Marian Is he in London at the moment?
@ConcernedOfTunbridgeWells Yep. Coming back to Bucharest in about 2 weeks methinks.
@PaulWhite S3500s are designed for server ops. Although they use ordinary NAND flash they are designed for consistent response times rather than degrading performance.
@MarkStorey-Smith - fancy a pint sometime in the next few days? I've got something for you to deliver to @Marian.
@PaulWhite This is the spec document from Intel's page
According to the blurb they're rated as good for about 500 full drive writes or so.
There's already some overprovisioning built into the drive.
11:08 AM
Oh my word, I get an answer from Paul White himself ! Thank you ! The trace flag doesn't seem supported indeed, that's what I suspected. I agree that using trace flags and plan guides are kind of "last resort" to help SQL Server, and that fixing the source of the problem is much neater. I'll have a chat with the devs, and with your answer to support my case (and a lot of angry end users), it should be OK. Thank you all for your help. — Nelson 2.0 3 mins ago
How embarrassing.
@PaulWhite You could flag it.
11:23 AM
Love your work.
12:22 PM
A: how can i use index in mysql

ivan_pozdeevDid you CREATE INDEX by any chance?

12:52 PM
Looking into cardinality estimates on XML queries and what difference it makes using the new CE in SQL Server 2014. Anyone else ... no ?
@MikaelEriksson I'm interested
I know estimates were pretty awful before with anything beyond a trivial query
DBA.SE - More SQL Server MVP's per capita than the PASS Summit.™ — JNK ♦ 8 secs ago
@JNK that has to be tweeted :D
It might be true
It's probably debatable
but I bet if you looked at traffic for a day for logged in users it would be pretty damn high
yeah, that can be
@JNK They are in some way entirely based on the xPath expressions you use in the query. The xPath is divided into a couple (or more) Table-valued functions that has what looks like a fixed number of estimated rows depending on "somthing". I have seen one case where that estimated value on the function is different for the new CE. And the there is difference in the estimates coming out of the joins (Merge or nested loop). And also a difference filter expression checking for null values.
It's a mess but so far the general rule is that you get more rows estimated in SQL Server 2014 new CE than in the old. And that lead to generating a parallel plan more often than before.
1:06 PM
That's probably good
I recall some horrific plans I got before
1:22 PM
There is some SQL Server humor in there as well. All the estimates are guess work from the start since there are no statistics for XML columns but you get a Cardinality Estimate warning in the plan when you use the value() function that there is an implicit conversion. Not much anyone can do about that warning.
2:14 PM
We should never be unemployed. I mean, seriously someone thought this was a good idea or they wouldn't have coded it
Q: C# Loop executes for some variables from taken from SQL then fails

BalI'm new to C# programming and wanted to know what I'm doing wrong here. This script has been working fine for the past 2 weeks but now throws a invocation error message. Can anyone shed any light ? The script runs from my local computer and connects to the database on a server. Thanks Bal publ...

2:36 PM
i've never seen such bad quality
94% of columns are varchar
> so it for some reason doesn't like the number of rows it's importing to be 1158
Until I got to that line, I was cheering this user on

user344996I've got an odd one here. I have a package that copies some data from one SQL server database to another, into staging tables. That data is then transformed and copied into live tables. This is all done via an SSIS package run by a SQL job. It has been completely solid for months. This morning ...

@Kermit They are not 100%. Hope there is.
@billinkc I'm confused. They're creating a separate table for each row in a loop?
@James EXACTLY! Well, creating the table for each row and then dropping it once they're done
it's the most amazingly painful RBAR solution a person could have come up with. And dynamically built with strings and subject to SQL Injection attacks
@billinkc How simple and elegant!
2:43 PM
I might have to favorite it just so I can hold it up at presentations of What not to do
They could have created a new table per row and column...
The actual exception is probably something like "Surely you must be joking"
Or a new database for every row, column and character... CBAC
@ypercube You should offer consulting services
@billinkc yeah. Reminds me of the recent xkcd
2:48 PM
@billinkc Talk about jumping to a conclusion. That's some early civilization logic right there.
Doesn't work when importing 1158 rows Ipso Facto SQL Agent hates that number.
Survey. What is the number one consumer of memory on your rig at this moment?
3:06 PM
How much if you don't mind me asking?
then svchost
@Zane aggregate or just top process?
Top Processes.
I'm barely running anything and all 4 gigs on this box are pegged. I'm looking for things that are abnormal but I think it's just the heap of background crap that Wells has us running on these things.
3:08 PM
@Zane oh yeah. we have all kinds of crap running in the background here
124 processes running on this thing.
i've got 147 .... but 15 are chrome :)
I just started noticing everything is taking ages to open and between SSMS SSDT and Chrome I'm barely a gig of it.
virus scan?
RedGate.SQLCompare.UI.exe has 417MB of Memory (Private Working Set) consumed
3:13 PM
@Zane are you able to see processes from all users?
@JNK gets comment of the quarter
DBA.SE - More SQL Server MVP's per capita than the PASS Summit.™ — JNK ♦ 2 hours ago
@JNK are you counting the disenfranchised?
@bluefeet now that's pretty cool
> Worldbuilding Stack Exchange is a question and answer site for writers/artists using science, geography and culture to construct imaginary worlds and settings.
@bluefeet you're not going to change my mind
@bluefeet Looked at the Q's and A's and decided I'm not interested.
@Zane it's a fun amusement
This is the wrong question. I would say I'm a garbage C# programmer. However I throw things together in C# or VB occasionally if the package calls for it. To be a good developer in general your skills need to be adaptable. If you are asking this question you are looking at your skillset as what it is now an not what it could be. Look at how you can improve rather than how far you can make it with what you know now. — Zane 58 secs ago
you two are so helpful. this is how i'm feeling today:
yes. your brain. a pencil, and (if you want to get really fancy) graph paper. — swasheck 10 mins ago
Lazy web, when a SQL Agent job runs, there's no way for it to access the current job execution number, is there?
I am running right now and I'm job_id 35029
3:27 PM
I'm actually kind of annoyed by question.
It sounds like a lazy dev to me.
Nobody destined to be something special says something like "Can I be truly good if (insert thing I don't want to learn here) gets in my way?"
@swasheck do they count?
@JNK i'm sure they can. 1,2,3,4,5...
3:43 PM
@swasheck did you get your MVP email?
@JNK do you mean PASS?
@swasheck no, you just counted like an MVP
no. i counted
My son had counting issues for a long time once we taught him to read numbers
3:47 PM
because he though 6 and 9 were the same number and that I was joking with him when I told him they were different
So who all watched Christian Ponder's triumphant return to miserable quarterback plan last night?
he would count 1 2 3 4 5 7 8 9
@JNK nice. your kid has built-in deduplication
yeah he did
@Zane that was hilarious.
3:48 PM
Well he learned numbers from these like foam cutout things we had
Who would have thought he would bee back to 100% so quickly? I would have thought it would take him a few weeks to get back to prime form.
so it was easy to get them flipped
@JNK we used to stick those all over the kids in the tub.
@Zane right? and on a short week.
@swasheck I've seen him play enough games that I was able to call those back to back int's
@Zane i stopped watching after that
flipped back near the end ... the last drive
3:50 PM
Me too. I'm surprised I lasted that long.
@swasheck Didn't see it.
The packers clearly game planned for him too. The blitzed all night because there was 0 chance of Ponder making them pay for it.
@JNK yeah. my oldest would just get angry because he couldnt tell the difference. WHICH ONE'S 6!!!????!?!?!?!???!??!! same thing with O and 0
@Zane drove to the 3. thhhhhhpppppppttttttt
It's a total joke. He has got to be the crappiest quarterback in the league. Or at least right up there.
@Zane he's actually not that bad and could be good in the right situation - i just dont think that the vikings are the right situation. also - ej manual is a worse quarterback than ponder
@JNK That's another explanation for Windows skipping 9 and going to version 10.
I don't know man. He can't handle pressure. He doesn't do read progressions. If the guy he's looking for isn't open then he panics. He doesn't have a strong arm and tends to loft the ball. He's not accurate he tends to over throw people in the flats. The main problem though is that he hasn't progressed. In 3 years as a starting quarterback he hasn't gotten any better.
4:07 PM
everyone have their tinfoil hats?
@swasheck The health workers are bringing this. Let's stone them
If there isn't a primary source on your article that you sir can get fucked. Wordpress should not be a source.
I wish I could go back in time and stop that site from getting my page view...
@Zane i thought of you - this was an article posted by a friend of a friend on facebook. i read it and thought it was pretty funny in a sad, ironic sort of way
this next link has also been found on my facebook news feed thing and is actually funny
@swasheck That is indeed why I left. I was constantly arguing with people posting this sort of crap. I can't let it go.
@Zane i just think that stupid people are here for my amusement
it makes things much easier for me to handle
4:13 PM
I think Fal put it well one day. (paraphrasing) I come here for kid pictures, funny videos and personal conversation. I'm not interested in your political views or any other batshit crazy stuff you want to spew.
wait. hopefully you all dont think that i posted that because i believe it. do you?
Local papers account of the game made me chuckle.
Antiscience luddite = you
"Moments later, after Aaron Rodgers threw his third touchdown pass of the night, the game was all but over, and many remote controls across the country clicked the "channel to something that, well, wasn’t a nationally televised dumpster fire.
@billinkc which is obvs wrong (molecular biology majoring dba, that i am)
4:18 PM
@swasheck I believe @MikeFal said that of Facebook not here... If he's coming here for Kid Pictures and funny videos he may be missing the point of this site. :)
@Zane oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh‌​hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
@Zane see, when it doesnt personally affect me (like setting auto_shrink on a production database to ON), i think the stupidity of others is hilarious.
@swasheck Then explain the deviation into Έλληνες μελέτες. Σαφώς, μισείτε εκπαίδευση
@billinkc clearly. because the Greeks did nothing for science, philosophy, technology, or education. you caught me red-handed
now stop interrupting me. i'm watching cats on youtube.
@swasheck How many greeks have been on the moon? WHERE IS YOUR GOD NOW
4:23 PM
@billinkc the word astronaut is Greek in origin
so a lot
@billinkc We came form the moon. Millenia ago ;)
i come from the water
@ypercube I could believe that feta cheese is dust-based
@JNK Psh, just because the English conquered them and took their language...
@billinkc We are happy to loan words all over the world.
No interest wanted.
4:27 PM
The problem is, you loan like a library and end up broke
Time for lunch
poor guy:
Q: T-SQL | String "Manipulation" and Aggregation

user1569220I have the following scenario. **SOURCE TABLE 1** CREATE TABLE #Table1 (Div varchar(10), Dept varchar(10), States varchar(10)) INSERT INTO #Table1 SELECT 'Div1','Dept1','CA,NV,TX' UNION ALL SELECT 'Div2','Dept2','MI,OH,IN' UNION ALL SELECT 'Div3','Dept2','NY,NJ,PA' **SOURCE TABLE 2** CREATE TA...

@billinkc England has invaded nearly all the good countries:
no fair.
4:43 PM
@MaxVernon I don't remember England invading Greece.
unless you count pre-WWI and WWII activities - where we were allies. I don't think those count as invasions.
@ypercube hipster invasion. england invaded greece but ... you've probably never heard of it.
@ypercube undoubtedly it was a while ago. I got that map from telegraph.co.uk/history/9653497/…
@MaxVernon Yeah, I got the meaning. Probably they wanted to exaggerate.
@ypercube undoubtedly!
If you count the crusades and English knights invading Constantinople and some islands in the Aegean (like Rhodes) in the route to or from Jerusalem, you have alot of countries.
Greece, Turkey, Israel, Cyprus, Syria.
Some of them not existing as countries at the time.
But it does have been an aggressive empire.
5:00 PM
@MaxVernon Do you think that counties that weren't invaded by the English are jealous?
@Zane most certainly. I can't understand why we never went to Chad. Pretty big place, really. Lots of sand.
@MaxVernon They invaded Chile?
I wanna know what was wrong with Guatemala.
@MaxVernon they were able to hold of the mighty british empire's invasion
come on, someone ask a damn question I can answer. Need more unicorn points.
5:12 PM
But I don't have any at the moment.
@MaxVernon how would you measure the adverse impact of mid-page splits?
@Zane your tweet was funny :)
He he
@swasheck very carefully?
@MaxVernon you're in the negative unicorn point zone so far
5:25 PM
Vague enough?
Could blocking be an issue? — Max Vernon 34 secs ago
just got a downvote on a working answer, and I actually took my time to answer this one, sigh
A: T-SQL | String "Manipulation" and Aggregation

LamakOk, so first of all, you'll need to split the concatenated values in #Temp1 and #Temp2. There are various methods for doing so, I'll use the numbers table one that is described in this awesome blog post from Aaron Bertrand. So, we'll need a numbers table, which can be done this way: ;WITH n AS (...

goes to show that effort doesn't correlate well with upvotes in SO
@Lamak effort on SO by a Heaper correlates well with upvotes from other Heapers.
Anyone think I should delete this answer?
A: Relationship between two tables so their value changes together

Max VernonYou could create a trigger on both tables to update the other table when changes are made to the data. I've create a sample schema to test this, and to show results: USE tempdb; GO CREATE TABLE dbo.Products ( ProductID INT NOT NULL CONSTRAINT PK_Products PRIMARY KEY CLUSTERED IDENTITY(1,1)...

@MaxVernon that's actually true
Q: SQL Mirroring synchronize logins and agent jobs

SamsterWe have just started using SQL mirroring for several clients on SQL 2008 R2 Standard. We've got the SQL mirroring working fine however now we run into the issue of replicating logins, and agent jobs. I found this article(http://www.msbicoe.com/post/2012/04/05/Automatically-Transfer-and-Synchroniz...

@MaxVernon congrats on 10k on Database Administrators
@Kermit THANKS!
5:31 PM
@Kermit i'm down. then @MikeFal can deploy his PoSH army
@MaxVernon no
@Kermit feeling happy right now.
Since I gave you the 10k upvote, I expect payment within 24 hours
@Kermit goes to downvote @MaxVernon
@MaxVernon That is a very nice round number for your rep
5:34 PM
@bluefeet thanks!
@MaxVernon Never answer another question.
@Zane lol....
It's a long way to the next milestone of 100K
@Zane rolando's got the lead
wow, the new answers to old questions page is sure a goldmine of crap answers. Take this one (deleted by Aaron) "My Facebook is no conected or login"
5:43 PM
@MaxVernon time to downvote you
@Kermit lol
@MaxVernon You mean the Late Answers review page?
@ypercube i think just deleted answers in general
@ypercube yup
@MaxVernon You also have access to the tools now
5:46 PM
@ypercube just looking at that
@Kermit GIVE IT A TRY!!
@Kermit H-to-the-Izzo
BTW @Zane your out of context support was really nice :)
Homies help homies.
I was at the dr waiting to find out if I needed to be cut open
5:50 PM
And you don't?
I do :(
@bluefeet why?
Crap... What fer?
@bluefeet disaster recovery?
The reasons for your blue feet should remain a mistery, no need to cut you open
5:52 PM
Shoulder. I've had on/off pain for about 15 years now and the past few months have been really bad. Well come to find out my collarbone dives down to my rotator cuff causing it to pinch the tendons and fray the cuff
I understand like 10 words from that
Your shoulder seems to be overworked from all the pivoting
@bluefeet is this a developmental thing, or is there an injury in the past?
@Lamak that about covers it
@swasheck bad bone structure
@bluefeet you can't 3d print new bones?
if the collarbone didn't dive down the way it does, I'd have enough room to move my shoulder comfortably
5:54 PM
@bluefeet my daughter has something similar - it came up on an xray right after birth. she may require surgery later in life, but the dr. wants to see if things "click into place"
@swasheck i just imagine the sound of cracking knuckles amplified 62x
@swasheck well mine has gotten progressively worse because I use my shoulder so much during exercising
damn trying to be healthy
@bluefeet that's an easy one. stop exercising.
that'll be $400
@Kermit I can't
I don't accept HMO
5:56 PM
and that won't stop the pain
@bluefeet i can prescribe you some pain killers
@bluefeet yeah. she's our gym rat so she'll be in that boat.
@MaxVernon from where i am looking at the question, i believe the question is clear enough. the question is well stated along with the limitations and conditions. the reasons why such limitations and conditions exist are irrelevant to any potential answer. — kaptan 4 mins ago
@swasheck it's gonna be a long 4-6 week recovery - hopefully not longer
Irrelevant to him, perhaps.
5:57 PM
that'll depend on if the cuff is torn
I'm tempted to vote-to-reopen that question just so I can answer with "unpossible"
@bluefeet hopefully you recover well.
@MaxVernon "dispossible"
@swasheck thanks me too
@bluefeet what about the questions? who will answer them? should we close the tag during your recovery?
5:59 PM
haha, I still try. But I haven't been answering very much lately
@bluefeet here's to a quick recovery
@MaxVernon (i wish i could take a shot on @bluefeet 's behalf but i'm in the office)
@MaxVernon what were the canadian whiskeys you recommended? i have an upcoming birthday for which i'm compiling a list
have a good weekend ... time to fly home to lil'kermit
@bluefeet Never push the recovery.
6:03 PM
@swasheck Forty Creek. Crown Royal. Seagram's 5 Star.
I did that because I'm an impatient little shit. Now I can't go running anymore.
@MaxVernon oh come on. forty creek was one of the two. CR and Seagrams were not
What does this "15" mean? The "Review" tab has nothing outstanding, and the "Tools" page doesn't seem to have actionable tasks unless I'm misunderstanding
@swasheck Forty Creek is my go-to whiskey. The others I cannot remember.
i just heard that up to 80% of the Koala population has Chlamydia
@MaxVernon It's a bug they implemented a few months ago. If you go through the available reviews, it will do down. Rarely it will go away.
6:06 PM
Sep 26 at 22:48, by Max Vernon
not quite in the same league as the 18-year old Wisers, but still very very good.
@MaxVernon verdammtes noch mal
so, 18 year old Wisers is good too
Wiser's Very Old
i found it
@Zane I know
@MaxVernon how can i take that recommendation if you dont remember it and are justifying it now based on something you said in the past?
6:08 PM
@swasheck you can't.
Problem with Whiskey is it makes you drunk, and you can no longer remember.
you said that there's a problem somewhere
I did? Yeah, I'm not going to PASS this year. Dammit!
anyone want to give the last VtC to this?
Q: How to copy Powerpivot Report?

ShiningstarI work with SQL server. I frequently encounter issues with power pivot reports which I don't have copy of them. How can I copy that report to my work station?

@MaxVernon check this, too: http://meta.stackexchange.com/questions/191638/notify-users-of-possible-reviews-on-toolbar
if you are bothered by that number. (Short review: you can't do much)
6:17 PM
Consider giving the person who helped you credit by a vote up and marking it as the answer. — Metaphor 39 secs ago
@ypercube thanks!
@billinkc he's talking to the op
saying that he should accept your answer
Oh, ok. I was way confused
OP was rather scatterbrained and I'm afraid they've infected me
@Lamak yup
@billinkc I wouldn't discard the possibility that it was the other way around
6:33 PM
it's going to be a damn shame when an ebola outbreak hits NYC over the Christmas break and you just happen to catch it
Otherwise, I'd have to mail you a boxing glove so you punch yourself in the face
So much half-truths in these answers
Q: Explain which table to choose "FROM" in a JOIN statement

user3617606I'm new to SQL and am having trouble understanding why there's a "FROM" keyword in a JOIN statement if I use dot notation to select the tables.columns that I want. Does it matter which I table I choose out of the two? I didn't see any explanation for this in w3schools definition on which table ...

No wonder the OP will not become any more clever about SQL
so many answers
What is wrong with people?!
Someone brought taco salad to one of the business teams pot lucks and they are not eating it!
6:52 PM
tiny cte
Q: Process stalls on tiny CTE

discosammyPRINT '-------------------------------TEMP--------------------------------------------' SELECT DISTINCT ZipCode INTO #ZipCodes FROM tb_PROD_ADDRESS_RANGE par WHERE par.DeletedFlag = 0 SELECT FileStatusId ,FileStatusReasonId FROM tb_RECORD_IMPORT as import LEFT ...

It's just staring at me.
Zane I know you're not on my team but look how tasty I am.
@Zane maybe it's poisoned
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