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12:21 AM
Apparently easy if you're part of the Irish contingent, though
12:33 AM
Wordle 1,100 4/6

Not sure there were other possible words after my probe
@HannahVernon I didn’t think dense was a valid wordle word
1:24 AM
You see StackOverflow basically coming out saying that SQL Server sucks and that they regret using it?
Pretty amazing admissions here between the lines. SQL Server can't scale so they have to just turn off functionality until they move to something better like PostgreSQL.
Q: Stack Exchange reputation leagues will soon list only the top 400 users

SlateStack Exchange is currently in the process of migrating some of our backend infrastructure. Mostly, this migration comprises long-running behind-the-scenes work that doesn’t have an impact on the day-to-day functionality of the network. This post serves to earmark one small part of network functi...

Anyway, worth a read. Apparently there aren't experts anywhere on this network that they feel are qualified to assist them in this problem. Which is a another powerful statement, being they own the site and presumably have the data to know what kinds of problems we're good at.
If only there was a database with a more technically competent user base than just button clicking and running brent_ozar_fixit.cmd. Wait until they find PostgreSQL.
They'll love it. The StackOverflow migration to PostgreSQL will be one of the best migration stories ever. I assume it'll go like this, "We reduced 150,000 lines of T-SQL, and got mad performance gainz. It was very easy. We love it, and will never go back." That'll be the prompt anyway, Overflow AI will generate another 50 million words.
@EvanCarroll So many posts - so little work
1:43 AM
Due to query timeouts, the data are often out of date or inaccurate. Ahem, my rates are reasonable. — Erik Darling May 22 at 12:59
Yeah I noticed that one.
I'm not a DBA but a million records should be fine for any DBMS.
SQL Server is as much of a DBMS as tricycle is a street bike.
No trying to offend. Just want to translate to a different expertise.
well i'll keep that in mind
thanks for your etc and so forth
1 hour later…
3:26 AM
A chairde - Morning all!
@HannahVernon It was a lucky second guess that did it!
@HannahVernon Irish "contingent" - does one person count as a contingent?
@EvanCarroll Perhaps SE should run on Access - that's a database right ?
Having dealt with "MUSAC" I know that anything can be a database if you base some data in it.
there was one package for storing student's extracurricular activities... it had a 500 line text file per student and each one was separately PKARCed, and was stored on a floppy disk.
Lines 0-99 were student data, 100-199 were their first year results, etc etc.
The school would put email addresses under the "fax" line if the user didn't have a fax number (this was the 90s)
and they'd only store the "username" part because everyone had a [email protected] address
god help you if the disk developed a problem cos it was never backed up.
3:43 AM
Wordle 1,101 X/6*

Not so good today!
1 hour later…
4:57 AM
@Criggie Yes, it's a database. In Microsoft's attempt to cater to a bike market they've produced a tricycle as established thus far and a penny-farthing.
Wordle 1,101 X/6*

5:17 AM
@HannahVernon only a quarter
2 hours later…
7:43 AM
7:56 AM
Beszelzs Angolul?
My hovercraft is full of eels
@JohnK.N. Igen! Nem beszélem a magyarul, de értem kicsit!
I understand this: Yes. (you speak Hungarian).
What does kicsit mean?
Nem beszélem, probably means nobody talks?
I've started learning Hungarian about 5 days ago.
And yes you speak English (not Hungarian).
értem = understand
kicsi = small
2 hours later…
9:42 AM
@JohnK.N. I can't speak Hungarian, but I can speak a little - kicsit is the accusative case which is normally marked by "t" in Hungarian!
Two useful phrases are "talán igen, talán nem" (maybe yes, maybe no) and "ilyen az élet" (such is life)! That's most of my Hungarian right there. Went out with a Hungarian girl I met in Budapest years ago! She taught German and English - one of the things that attracted me was the fact that she used "whom" correctly - an art that hasn't been mastered by most English speakers!
Wordle 1,101 3/6*

Literal translation for ilyen az élet is "such the life" - Hungarian sentences can dispense with verbs altogether!
Never mind "whom", many so-called native English speakers can't form a plural
10:23 AM
@Vérace Yes, I noticed.
And "az" is used when "a" would be met with a vowel: az alma (an apple)
similar to English.
a lany (a girl)
Please excuse the missing accents.
10:52 AM
At least I con order "egy nagy pohar sör".
11:14 AM
The Visual Studio update experience is currently awesome. Microsoft are addressing that
Can't have that. People might get the wrong impression
2 hours later…
1:19 PM
it's too bad table variables don't have an optimize for row count hint
2:15 PM
sounds like you want a temporary table
Even those can’t stop the horror that is serial non-optimized nested loops with a cold cache on managed instance general purpose servers
sounds like a cloud problem
2:30 PM
A mostly sunny day etc.
1 hour later…
3:55 PM
@PaulWhite The "Read the full article on 𝕏." link at the end of this post is pointed to the wrong article. The Tweet embedded in the post is correct.
@JoshDarnell Bugger. Thanks, will fix shortly
@PaulWhite 👍 Great post by the way, those are some really interesting details!
4:15 PM
@JoshDarnell Fixed now. Thanks, I rely on my audience of six expert users to be interested in such things
4:45 PM
@PaulWhite 🤣
4:59 PM
look at @PaulWhite and @JoshDarnell having a nice helpful chat. i hope @Zikato doesn't feel left out.
look who's jealous about not getting pinged
so jelly i need some peanut butter
I'll be enjoying Queens of the Stone Age and Placebo soon. I'm not jealous at all. :-D
5:31 PM
@JohnK.N. You want to add "kérem" to that! :-) And when you're served, "köszi" (slang for köszönöm)!
5:51 PM
@ErikDarling I'm not helpful
2 hours later…
7:41 PM
@JohnK.N. "A" & "az" = "the" not "a" (= "egy")
3 hours later…
10:46 PM
Wordle 1,101 5/6*

11:31 PM
Wordle 1,102 2/6*


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