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12:20 AM
@ErikDarling Oh I see, thanks
For a moment I thought it was because they were soft ball players
Amazing they can run in miles per hour
Even with all that jewellery
12:39 AM
@PaulWhite they’re nearly as big as cricket batting gloves yes
12:49 AM
Nearly as big meaning much larger?
Is batting the same as fielding
Is batting in cricket the same thing as being an astronaut
No, but those things are clearly very different
Being an astronaut doesn't involve much hitting or catching of balls
The original question was about catching
You started talking about batting for some reason
A sensible reply might have claimed baseballs were made of harder material or hit harder on average
My sensible reply is that baseball players are worth more and get more protection
Oh guess that’s a practical reply
I’ve only been hit by baseballs. I couldn’t compare them to a cricket sphere.
Cricket batting gloves just remind me of astronaut space apparel
Perhaps that’s because the balls are harder
It seems like skilled professionals can both throw them at roughly the same speed
I can tell you for sure that getting hit with a golf ball is a supremely unpleasant experience
1:05 AM
The thing that strikes me about baseball gloves is not so much the padding, which I could listen to arguments for regardless of how much players are 'worth'. Rather it's the sheer size, which seems only necessary if you're not very good at catching
A: Why did baseball players start wearing gloves but cricket players not?

ckettRegarding 1. Why didn't cricket players ever start wearing gloves? I focused on why baseball players began to wear gloves, because it is a much more answerable question, and can be used to contrast with Cricket history to see what Baseball did and Cricket didn't. A.G. Spalding, a premi...

There was quite an evolution of the American baseball glove. I’m not sure why the choices were made but it likely had something to do with making fielding a bit more exciting on top of protecting the fingers.
Seems plausible
First base mitts are especially interesting. Leather shovels.
I did not know they were different
They’re a funny hybrid between a regular fielding mitt and a catchers mitt.
1:09 AM
Oh again I thought all the gloves were the same, including the catcher
Cricket clothing and equipment is regulated by the laws of cricket. Cricket whites, sometimes called flannels, are loose-fitting clothes that are worn while playing cricket so as not to restrict the player's movement. Use of protective equipment, such as cricket helmets, gloves and pads, is also regulated. == Clothing and protective gear == Collared shirt (white in tests and domestic; as per team kit in one-day formats) with short or long sleeves depending on the climate or personal preference. Long trousers (white in tests and domestic and first class cricket; as per team colour kit in one day...
A baseball glove or mitt is a large glove worn by baseball players of the defending team, which assists players in catching and fielding balls hit by a batter or thrown by a teammate. Gloves are traditionally made of leather; but today other options exist, such as PVC and synthetic leather. By convention, the glove is described by the handedness of the intended wearer, rather than the hand on which the glove is worn: a glove that fits on the left hand—used by a right-handed thrower—is called a right-handed (RH) or "right-hand throw" (RHT) glove. Conversely, a left-handed glove (LH or LHT) is worn...
There seem to be 743685 varieties
1:27 AM
Baseball protective equipment has been getting more and more obtrusive
When they’re on base they basically wear cooking mitts to prevent finger injuries when sliding
Distinct lack of leg protection though, aside from catchers
Is it permitted to have a BBQ on the go
Might as well make full use of the oven mitts
Taking a catch while frying onions would be a cool look
What could be more American
Burgers and baseballs
1:59 AM
Prawns mate... Prawns on the barbie. With a castlemain and a BBMate.
2:11 AM
@ErikDarling would have been much easier to murder each other without all that hardware in the way
is it like nukes
we'd kill you but then you'd kill us, so we won't but also don't kill us in return
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5:14 AM
Wordle 1,098 3/6*

5:45 AM
Wordle 1,098 4/6*

3 hours later…
8:20 AM
Wordle 1,098 3/6*

good morning
@PaulWhite And I would have gotten away with it too, if it weren't for you meddling mods!
4 hours later…
12:10 PM
Dryocampa rubicunda, the rosy maple moth, is a small North American moth in the family Saturniidae, also known as the great silk moths. It was first described by Johan Christian Fabricius in 1793. The species is known for its wooly body and pink and yellow coloration, which varies from cream or white to bright pink or yellow. Males have bushier antennae than females, which allow them to sense female pheromones for mating. As the common name of the species implies, the preferred host trees are maple tree. Adult females lay their yellow ovular eggs in groups of 10 to 40 on the underside of maple...
What a pretty moth
More of a butterfly really
x.com/SQL_Kiwi/article/1803776447011754156 updated with a new diagram!
@ErikDarling Is it this time of moth again?
12:27 PM
Mick Jagger never has any problems with those insects
a Rolling Stone gathers no moth
12:46 PM
@mustaccio i suppose they're trying to survive the murder attempts
i'm glad @Forrest isn't here to suffer these moth puns, he'd larvae immediately
Puns really bug him
Au contraire, he's drawn to them like a moth to the flame
Ah, I mothed have mothunderstood
1:23 PM
the other day i saw a mouse with an AI button on it
The animal or peripheral device?
it may have been sean
dbcc writepage would be a lot cooler if it were called dbcc wreckdb
@Zikato entertaining
> one of Australia's top universities
what's that
bruce's school for bungin' blues on 'roos
4 hours later…
5:59 PM
is there a way to get intellisense to detect TVPs properly?
this is on my laptop instance in a fresh session
herp derp
homer disappear dot gif
idk why but i guess i assumed intellisense loaded fresh for each new session. guess it makes sense why not
¯\(°_o)/¯ TIL
6:19 PM
6:34 PM
sounds like someone found the key to the liquor cabinet
The password is NOLOCK
that explains why there's always less left in the bottles than i remember drinking
7:19 PM
user image
2 hours later…
9:18 PM
It really doesn't take much to be smarter than SQL Server linked servers.
Had a large binary column - compared only the metadata columns to decide whether to retrieve the data. Faster to not mention the large binary column and make a second connection just to retrieve the ones that need to be transferred (or even any - when the set determined by the metadata would be empty it still seems to pull a ton of data)
"Why is this query that returns no rows taking so much longer when I mention a column that is used only in the select..."

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