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6:37 AM
I use a Leuchtturm 1917 Notebook (dotted, brown, B5) and a Caran d'Ache ballpoint pen. Works.
I also have an old Waterman fountain pen with a gold tip for special occasions.
7:28 AM
Needs more annoying popups. Amazing they ever sell anything
They don't. It's a money laundering front
I especially liked the refuse cookies button being greyed out - implying it's disabled. Even though it was working
Ah yeah I just clicked refuse automatically
I had some addon that automatically rejected anything on the standardized forms. It was working quite well, but MS changed something about their documentation and it was broken there
3 hours later…
10:34 AM
Wordle 1,095 X/6*

A frog yawning
11:34 AM
@PaulWhite Sorry, were those popups on one of the sites I referenced? If so, then please excuse me.
Wordle 1,095 3/6*

I used the same curios starting word as I did yesterday
2 hours later…
1:16 PM
Wordle 1,095 5/6*

1:52 PM
Wordle 1,095 4/6*

2:18 PM
"What's green got to do with it?" sing along to the tune of Tina Turner's "What's Love Got To Do With It"
@CadeRoux R has the same thing and she loves it
@ErikDarling Agreed! Then again, I also prefer books in paper form and not electronic form.
TIL Paul doesn't like cookies (there's a multidimensional joke in there somewhere)
1 hour later…
3:47 PM
i was in the process of answering this when i realized that she may have posted people's actual medical records in here
link redacted
i'm not sure if it's best to answer that and make a note, or let one of our skilled and thoughtful moderators address it another way
4:30 PM
@ErikDarling Good thing it's showing in the chat now too. 😉
Turkey lead Georgia 1-0 - Turkey is just after having a goal disallowed for offside! I'm supporting Georgia but I think that the offside rule should be abolished - so many good goals disalllowed!
Yes! Georgia equalise!
@J.D. our skilled moderators excel at manipulating the transcript
for example
good morning!
Can we not post game spoilers here, for those planning to watch recordings later?
I mean, we protect the wordle players from spoilers, for dog's sake, surely football is even more worthy
@ErikDarling good <redacted> and good <redacted>.
@mustaccio i would never do that to you, my friend
versace is a real villain
4:48 PM
@mustaccio My apologies - I didn't think of that - no more spoilers!
@ErikDarling Looks like APIS passenger manifest information
It's half-time (not a spoiler...)
The guaranteed unambiguous date format is a giveaway
the boston celtics won a basketball last night
Anyone want to start a flame war about the offside rule? I'm (usually) beaten round the head (metaphorically) for having the temerity to suggest its abolition!
4:53 PM
all we need is hannah's opinion on it to know if you're right or wrong
@ErikDarling Yaay for Larry Bird!
I welcome opinons from all sides!
@Vérace We didn't have it in our co-ed 7-a-side league. It was fine.
The world did not end
Frequently in informal games, it's "no offside" and can have "floating goalie" (last man/person back)?
No offside is great - games are much more fluid!
Beards appear to be a lot more trendy with soccer players these days - difficult to see a Georgian player without one!
5:11 PM
Georgians without beards are only allowed to play in the junior league
if at all
I'd be junior league so - I can't really grow a beard - patchy bits where nothing grows! I like to think that my testosterone has gone elsewhere! :-)
@ErikDarling its in the process of being redacted now
just waiting for one of the other mods to approve it
@ErikDarling I resemble that remark
6:04 PM
Here at home, the commentators are talking about "Czechia" (vs. Portugal - good luck with that - probably Ronaldo's last appearance at a major) - I much prefer "Czech Republic" - what does our Czech-mate (@Zikato) have to say? FTR, I also object to the Irish team being called the "Republic of Ireland" - there's no such place!
czech: republic
ireland: not republic
@HannahVernon blessed days are upon us
Excuse me? What makes you say that?
6:19 PM
15 mins ago, by Vérace
Here at home, the commentators are talking about "Czechia" (vs. Portugal - good luck with that - probably Ronaldo's last appearance at a major) - I much prefer "Czech Republic" - what does our Czech-mate (@Zikato) have to say? FTR, I also object to the Irish team being called the "Republic of Ireland" - there's no such place!
holy heck
Q: Is it possible to automate Full Back ups?

JavaI have to make a decision (at work) to choose which option is more feasible using SQL Server 2019: Option 1: Full backups sent once per week and differential backups sent between weekly backups. Option 2: Full backup sent once. Transaction log backups sent every 15 minutes. Additional full backup...

this has to be one of the most google-able things
i bet even bing could get it right
6:34 PM
Aug 31, 2022 at 17:09, by Peter Vandivier
@Vérace Czechia is to Ireland as Czech Republic is to Republic of Ireland.
> The Czech government directed use of Czechia as the official English short name in 2016
answered anyhow
Let he who has asked no Dumb Questions cast the first Downvote
6:57 PM
you're getting opped now buddy
Which option makes more sense / easier? — Java 9 mins ago
best of luck with that
i'd suggest responding with how reasonable your rates are
it's important to note that you only gave them one option
i'm upvoting you for your self inflicted suffering
I took you in and you OPped me. I gave you Wisdom and you became unto me as a Troll.
i was foolish to disregard the Old Wisdom
7:15 PM
@Vérace I have no opinion on this
7:48 PM
Real lively
@Zikato yes but did you czech if your government is ok with that?
8:07 PM
not this time, no
2 hours later…
10:35 PM
@ErikDarling Some people just like to discuss things - so sometimes its worth suggesting [chat] to them
I don’t wanna chat with anyone
Well, I dun wanna chat wif joo !
Mostly cos its time for coffee.
11:10 PM
Goodbye forever
Coffee's not that good here.
11:45 PM
👻join me in deth👻
but which option makes more sense / easier?
CrikeyFace hitting hard with the shopping list comments

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