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3:51 AM
Progress is slow, in it for the long haul
2 hours later…
5:32 AM
Wordle 1,091 4/6*

Wordle 1,091 3/6*

5:57 AM
A chairde - Morning all!
Wordle 1,091 3/6*

All counts in the Irish EU election concluded deep into the night (~ 03:00)!
6:14 AM
Wordle 1,091 4/6*

6:52 AM
FF - 4 - Fianna Fáil (Warriors of Destiny) centre-right (g)
FG - 4 - Fine Gael (Tribe/Family of the Irish) centre-right (g)
SF - 2 - Sinn Féin (We ourselves) left (not hard-left, not centre-left)
Ind - 2 - (Neamhspleách) 1 centre-left, 1 populist right-ish
Labour - 1 - An Lucht Oibre (Páirtí an Lucht Oibre - Party of the working people) centre-left
Ind. Ireland - 1 - right (anti -immigrant, -climate change)

(g) Government
(*) Independent Ireland is a party
Good result for the Government - SF pulled one out of the bag - I'd say if they hadn't got that second seat, their leader would have been in difficulty! Although we're not due an election till next March, everyone (bar Govt. spokespeople) is saying that there'll be a giveaway budget in late September/early October followed by a general election around Hallow'een.
7:13 AM
@Vérace What does Neamhspleách translate to?
7:49 AM
According to google - independent
1 hour later…
9:09 AM
Neamhspleách = Independent. Since you asked about Sinn Féin and how they did - there's also the incumbency factor - Sinn Féin haven't had time to build up a large body of councillors and the guy/gal who gets you the medical card/fixes the pothole/writes that letter... yadda, yadda... and recognition are more important in local elections than in general ones where people tend more to vote on policy than person! However, SF are definitely in trouble in terms of first pref. even given the above.
The Govt. have done reasonably well considering incumbency tends to be a disadvantage in (mid-term) elections. It'll be interesting - but don't worry - I'll keep you (all) posted! :-)
9:44 AM
2 hours later…
11:40 AM
Hmmmm. Trying to git rebase -i --root to change the history and remove my private e-mail address, but the upstream then quits accepting push and pull. Any ideas how I can rebase my local repo and push it up into the remote while not keeping history?
I had a lovely (local) repository after the rebase -i with no private e-mail adresses and a couple of squashed commits. Looked beautiful. Alas no push possible.
git got gutted
1 hour later…
12:58 PM
do you have the option of nuking the remote and recreating it from your local?
1:23 PM
it's quite something that the fix so often with github is just to drop the whole thing and start over
If that doesn't fix it, git.txt contains the phone number of a friend of mine who understands git. Just wait through a few minutes of 'It's really pretty simple, just think of branches as...' and eventually you'll learn the commands that will fix everything.
@JohnK.N. Does force push help in this scenario? stackoverflow.com/a/12610763/861565
Jan 18 at 22:03, by Paul White
Nobody understands git
1:56 PM
@PeterVandivier Haven't found the option yet. But yes, I've given it a thought or two.
@Zikato D. Richard Hipp uses it as an example of how Linus Torvalds doesn't understand RDBMSs!
@JoshDarnell Nope. I did that once and had a duplicate train of commits in the remote repository.
1 hour later…
3:12 PM
@JohnK.N. not sure what you mean by "haven't found the option" 🤔 i was assuming that there was metadata attached to the remote (issues, pull requests, etc) that you'd lose if you nuked it. if there's not then nuking and reset seems like a reasonable solution to scrub sensitive data that gets you out of your current problem
i suppose you have to weigh the risk of someone finding and extracting your private email from GitHub versus the value of any lost assets from a reset. if you consider the data terribly sensitive though the safest solution really is probably to nuke it
4:13 PM
If you’re on LinkedIn your email address is already everywhere
4:45 PM
if he is on LinkedIn, he's well hidden
at least from me
5:07 PM
My email is on my blog and I only get the occasional SEO optimizer spam
1 hour later…
6:31 PM
after 2 weeks of working with RDS SQL Server I now solemnly vow to never again complain about Azure SQL DB
That is just delightful. And hilarious.
7:25 PM
USA qualified for the knockout stages of the T20 Cricket World Cup.
Their game against Ireland was abandoned due to rain in Florida. Pakistan and Ireland are out of the competition
7:37 PM
@PeterVandivier John Ness :-)
@PeterVandivier I was using a GUI (SourceTree) and there is no force option. But as written elsewher, I did it once and just duplicated everything with the force option.
8:10 PM
Yea I searched “John ness sql” and didn’t see anyone from Switzerland in my results. But in my experience LinkedIn seems like it can be capricious about hiding results from you so that it can present you with the “please buy LinkedIn premium to see everything” ad
I’m pretty sure I’ve seen the duplicated commits behavior you’re describing before. IIRC it has something to do with GitHub specifically (as opposed to git the program) - hence my suggestion to nuke and re-create if it’s an option (and depending on just how paranoid you are about leaking that data)
1 hour later…
9:30 PM
Please to have a needful weekend dear
Ireland fail to advance in cricket due to no play being possible due to rain!
How do you say rain in Irish
An báisteach = The rain!
Sounds like "Oi blasphemy"
9:49 PM
Sounds nothing like "blasphemy"! ?
Bawy-shtok is close...
Bawy - a bit like "boy"
with an "aw" sound
And the word for "The" - "An" sounds pretty much like "On" in English.
That's singular "the" - plural "the" is "na".
Pron. "nah".
Short "nah"
2 hours later…
11:27 PM
A failure to consult the transcript occurred

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