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12:00 AM
Or one really shit bowler on any day, yeah
Or me even on myu best day?
Oh I read that as grumpy
Or me even on myu best day?
BRB changing DNS records for a fortune15 company, typos begone!
I suppose questions would start to be asked at some point
And there might not be time for infinite balls
Barely have time for two
12:03 AM
As far as I know, DNS has not directly decided a cricket match to date
@ErikDarling 😐
Anyway, NZ are about to play West Indies in Trinidad. Pretty much a must win game for us
Good luck then
Cricket real good
A cricketal game
10 mins ago, by Paul White
@ErikDarling 😐
12:27 AM
We're even
I wonder what Duckworth Lewis Stern would say about that
3 hours later…
3:28 AM
sorry for bookface link
4:22 AM
Anyway, NZ did not win and are now all but out of the competition
Act of God required
New physics
That sort of thing
@ErikDarling 🦆🤨
4:37 AM
I blame Winston Peters.
3 hours later…
7:17 AM
Wordle 1,090 4/6*

Wordle 1,090 4/6*

5 hours later…
12:32 PM
A chairde - Morning all!
As far as I can tell, we're the only country still counting in the EU elections with 9/14 seats to be filled. By this evening, it should be all over bar the shouting - the later counts tend to be decisive!
12:45 PM
who's winning
anyone good
12:58 PM
is anyone named megan winning
@ErikDarling - 3 constituences in Ireland - Dublin 4 seats, Ireland South 5, Midlands-North-West 5. Results so far: Dublin full result - 1 Fianna Fáil - Warriors of Destiny - Centre Right (govt. party), 1 Fine Gael Tribe of the Irish - Centre Right (govt. party), 1 Sinn Féin - We Ourselves - Left (not radical (anymore...)) and 1 Labour Páirtí an Lucht Oibre
Party of the Working People - Centre Left. In South, 1 FG elected so far and in MNE, nobody. It looks like South will be 2 FG, 1FF, 1SF and then it's a toss up. MNE 1 IND (Luke "Ming" Flanagan - formerly a "legalise pot" campaigner... now, just a populist - any bandwagon will do, 2FG, 1FF and a toss up between SF and IND.
Sorry, South will be 1FG, 1FF, South's final seats are a toss-up between FF, 2INDs, and SF!
In MNE, they're distributing the surplus of the 2nd SF candidate, so the other SF one could "leap-frog" her way up the chain!
those are some wild database names
i mean party names
Yes, "Warriors of Destiny" has a certain ring to it!
@ErikDarling Why "Megan"?
Wordle 1,090 3/6*

1:47 PM
Apr 10 at 11:24, by Erik Darling
all the irish people i know are named sean and megan
how quickly we forget
2:18 PM
let's not forget Eoghan
@ErikDarling I'm Americanized Irish, so they named me Jon.
or my personal favorite, Siobhan
@J.D. i know your last name. i'm not sure how irish that is.
2:34 PM
> @J.D. i know your last name.
sounds like a threat
It'd be a shame if something happened to your precious database... My rates are v. reasonable, by the way
2:45 PM
@HannahVernon That's "Siobhán" - note the "á" - if the accent isn't on the "a", then it would be Shiv-van (as in the vehicle) - instead it's Shiv-awn (rhymes with yawn)... the "á" is an "aw" sound - mission critical stuff here! :-)
a friend of mine has that name, and while I have no doubt about your veracity regarding the spelling, she spells it without the diacritic mark for simplicity, and ease since we're in North America
and pronounces it Shiv-awn
@ErikDarling Half-half Irish, hence the name Jon instead of Sean too I suppose. 🙃
@mustaccio Lol
2:59 PM
too bad you're not sean jon
@ErikDarling Sometimes Josh Jon when I'm impersonating...
@HannahVernon Don't worry about it - it's just a pet peeve of mine! :-)
I suppose that I could find another hill to die on?
OMFG - it's really tight in Midlands-NorthEast - Michelle Gildernew (SF) has leap-frogged Ciarán Mullooly (Ind) with the transfers from the other SF candidate. Next to be eliminated is Peadar Tóibín (former SF - now leader of Aontú (Unity)) - bad blood between them, but it'll be interesting to see if many of his tranfers go to Gildernew on the Republican ticket or whether his followers don't like SF either?
Because if they don't go to Gildernew, the final elimination will be a FG'er - hardly likely to transfer to SF!
It's down to the wire!
Like the song - "Armoured cars and tanks and guns came to take away our sons, but every man will stand behind the men behind the wire!"
3:39 PM
Ireland South hotting up also - 2 MEPs now elected - surplus being distributed. SF in 3rd... can she hold off Mick Wallace (Ind)? Better get my waterproof undies on!
3:52 PM
@Vérace I brought up those two names because they're ones that most people outside of Ireland would likely have a very bad time determining how to pronounce. Diacritics or not 😁
@HannahVernon - Eoghan is a tricky one for non-Irish speakers! Oh-wen - "w" short and almost silent - I'm sure there's some international phonetic symbol for the sound, but I don't know it!
I like that Ireland uses an STV voting system too
@Vérace here we spell it Owen
@HannahVernon What's the election story in the People's Socialist Republic Kanukistan?
FPTP which stinks quite frankly
3:59 PM
the Liberal govt was supposed to reform the voting system, but of course they won a minority govt and just dropped the attempt to do the reform
@Vérace yeah. It's susceptible to all sorts of problems.
I find it amusing that PR was imposed on us by the $%^*-ing brits - they did the same thing in Germany after WWII. This was IMHO in the hope that we would never have any sort of stable government and what would you know, both countries are more successful economically than Britain!
yeah its awesome when that happens
and I was born in Britain
It's downright undemocratic - Thatcher was elected for her second term with an increased majority on a reduced share of the vote!
@HannahVernon Oh dear... won't be able to talk to you anymore! :-)
IMO, Thatcher (and Regan) are the reasons the world is in such a terrible position right now
4:02 PM
They certainly didn't help!
Spent a year there - please don't tell me you were born in the Princess Anne hospital?
Worked there for a year - research assistant in the Uni (paediatric genetics).
I'm pretty certain it was in a small hospital that no longer exists. My fathers parents were pretty wealthy at the time and I'm certain they wouldn't have wanted me being born along with the proletariat
Heaven forfend!
exactly lol
Being born in a small hospital is far riskier than in a large one!
4:06 PM
I know
When did you leave?
1980 when I was a wee child
for the last 3 or 4 years before we left for Canada, we lived in south Wales
I left in the late 90's when I was no longer a child - I'm guessing, but you didn't live in Shirley?
I lived near to it, but in a leafy v.v.v. middle class suburb - the washing of cars on the weekend was something else!
Don't they run horse races in Chepstow?
I'm Irish, and for some people here, horse racing is a religion - the only thing about horses that interests me is the bits that are good to eat!
@Vérace we lived in the Westend at the time I was born
@Vérace yes, they do. Went to quite a few back then.
also went to the middle school there for a short period
Near the airport? Or down the Solent?
4:12 PM
@HannahVernon My son's second name is Euan.
@JohnK.N. - that's the Welsh for Eoghan (or John or Jean or Yann or Johann or Ivan.....)...
@Vérace here
@JohnK.N. nice!
Some Irish people have that - it's rare, but not unheard of!
I am 1/4 welsh
at least, that's what my DNA says
Well I had to pass along my name
John --> Euan
4:14 PM
so nice that you went for the "real" spelling
I mean instead of the anglicized version
@HannahVernon I was about 2.5km away - Willis road - just across the A335 near the railway station (Swaythling).
small world hey
Hey! :-)
Maybe it was 13?
Have to go din-dins - later dudes and dudettes!
@Vérace very swank
@PaulWhite any idea why the rows disappear at the sort for one but not the other in these plans?
the only difference is a max grant percent hint that changes by 1%
4:56 PM
there appears to be only one plan in that gist?
lol I get it there are two plans in one
give Hannah the genius cap
every day i become more impressed with the variety of things you can be wrong about
@ErikDarling Are you claiming "nearly identical plans"?
one thing you learn as you get older is that you know less and less
@Zikato have a look for yourself
if you run them in separate batches is the behavior still weird?
5:30 PM
@ErikDarling You're a big meanie!
5:51 PM
he's certainly big anyway - I mean have you seen those arms?
6:02 PM
Arms - where?
the man is a legend in his own rite
and no, Paul, that is not the wrong rite
I'm lost - is the ink genuine or photoshopped?
definitely genuine
Who's the guy playing the banjo?
Erik Darling, duh
6:07 PM
There's more than one? Oh no!
I just put that in the chat for fun
@Vérace oh no
Ah, the real Erik?
Or Erika?
what is "real" anyway
there I go making mistake after mistake again
Totally bamboozled!
If Wordle were 10 letters, "bamboozled" would be a great one!
> Internet Director Erik- I’m known as DJ Squirrel and host the show Treehouse
DJ Squirrel; I love it.
6:13 PM
@HannahVernon The mystery thickens!
@ErikDarling I'm just guessing, but the first plan has spilled 7 threads and all the rows are coming from the non-spilled thread. The second plan has spilled all 8 threads
@ErikDarling Yes, in the second plan all the sort threads spill. In the first one, only 7 of 8 spill. It's a timing thing.
@HannahVernon he looks so happy. That must have been before he got into SQL
6:21 PM
@Erik will probably say I'm wrong, but he was likely laughing like that and giving it "the old college try" to look interested for a photo for Brent's website
i was forced to look happy
@Zikato @PaulWhite thank you
that is woefully apparent now
@ErikDarling so glad I wasn't wrong about that
@Vérace nice boys don't play rock and roll
it is sort of a weird thing though -- does that mean none of the spilled threads had to re-read bobs from disk?
6:42 PM
It's no more weird than sorting all the rows in memory then not producing any
The whole thing is an accident of design. There's no real need to sort the entire input when the top expression evaluates to zero
But that's how it works. Sort consumes its input during the Open call
melon twisted
It's fair enough really. The sort isn't ready to produce rows via GetRow until it has (sorted!) rows to produce
There are many quirks around the timing of EarlyPhases, Open etc.
It kinda has to work that way, but it makes things look odd sometimes
Especially in parallel plans where things run somewhat independently in places
Please see my 363629828744 part series on how parallel plans start up
i have seen it
you know
absorption rates being what they are
if only the brain were as absorbent as the liver
it's unfortunately v complex
amazing it works really
i was just about to lament the lack of a simple explanation
the parallel nested loops thing is still taunting me
6:51 PM
it's a nemesis
as soon as i start rehearsing what i'll say i feel stupider
life gets easier once u accept its role as a nemesis
there's a sort of minimal level of complexity to things
below that, you just start lying
like wile e. coyote when he realizes he's run out of road and is over a chasm of some stupendous height
you know, those cartoons are somewhat unrealistic
@ErikDarling welcome to my world
6:59 PM
@PaulWhite that's how the world worked back then
@HannahVernon hopefully you don't live near too many cliffs
@ErikDarling one of the benefits of living on the prairie, I suppose
He's always fine in the next scene
perhaps that's why his name is Wiley
7:02 PM
best cartoons ever made ofc
that and good ole Bugs
wrong again
totally diff league
i appreciate foghorn leghorn for a different set of reasons
speedy gonzalez
that martian thing
after that, basically nothing was good until ren and stimpy
7:04 PM
least funny thing ever made
hw dr u
aside from beavis perhaps
ren and stimpy is awesome
as is Pinky and the Brain
who are u people
7:06 PM
venn diagram of funny cartoons needed
your friendly neighborhood american
Look at that failing to be even slightly amusing
It's ugly too
Compare that with the simple yet genius visuals of the coyote
nothing compares 2 wile e.
@ErikDarling I was thinking of the ice cream/soap in space episode myself
I'm never answering any of your questions again on general fucking principle
7:08 PM
I thought we already agreed on that
If we agreed on something, that would make me wrong, which never happens*
that's a real zero divider
personally I can't remember you ever being wrong
of course, I don't know your wife, so
its possible that she has a laundry list of times
she does need to get on with the laundry yeah
what do you wear day to day
7:12 PM
pretending u no longer hack my webcam
you stopped opening sqlsrvr.bat
I'll bat u
pls install my remote administation tool backorifice
@PaulWhite presumably she's not within range of your screen
better, she has a sense of humour
slightly delays her making my breakfast but I tolerate it
taking the high road
7:18 PM
the laundry or the sense of humor
the funnies
like all women she claims to multitask
does she read cartoons to you
which just means doing several things badly
anyway, it's a long term project
one does what one can with the material available
@PaulWhite how are those breakpoints treating you?
Still perfectly balanced
Right on the edge of chaos
I know you're expecting a spinning plate to fall
7:31 PM
7:46 PM
oh man ep1 was the boxing glove on a spring
ACME DB when?
> The ORDINAL_POSITION column of the INFORMATION_SCHEMA.COLUMNS view is not compatible with the bit pattern of columns returned by COLUMNS_UPDATED. To obtain a bit pattern compatible with COLUMNS_UPDATED, reference the ColumnID property of the COLUMNPROPERTY system function when querying the INFORMATION_SCHEMA.COLUMNS view, as shown in the following example.
> ColumnId Column ID value corresponding to sys.columns.column_id.
I was correct twice in a row? That must be a record
8:11 PM
@HannahVernon See above
meep meep
I suppose there's a risk of an error from STRING_AGG there
string_gag pls
It's a funny sort of a question
Improve this way of doing it, but I might do it a completely different way
Also, imagine relying on an index spool for perf
what a spool believes
8:22 PM
and now my eyes are bleeding from the formatting
showing that to your family & friends
this is what I do for work
oh the brackets are gone
that's nice
what kind of monster tabs aliases to alignment
yeah, that's why my eyes are only bleeding now
at least have the decency to use sys.columns
8:25 PM
that AND in the ON clause 🤢
i thought that was a mistake
that's intentional.
what the hell
pin the AND on the donkey
swing and a miss
someone tell hannah that code format style was invented by reagan and thatcher to distract russian spies
I still maintain that lower case aliases show a lakh of respect
But this is the least of the problems
i think the missing AS is more disrespectful
8:30 PM
Oh jesus
You're right
Is this ChatGPT code
speaking of amateur, microsoft is slapping _v2 on procedures now
better than _new, I guess
they borrowed a summer intern from the excel team i guess
real admission of failure
Like blaming spinlocks
8:52 PM
@HannahVernon Adored Pinky and the brain, brain, brain, brain, brain, brain, brain...... when I was a kid.
The level of wrong in this room is too damned high
what are we going to do today, Pinky? We're going to rule the world!
Nobody mention Tom & Jerry? Woody Woodpecker?
@ErikDarling LOL I don't doubt it
Woody Woodpecker ✅
8:53 PM
Wasn't it "take over" the world?
Top Cat? Yogi Bear?
Top Cat was cool
What was the police man called in Top Cat? Mr Dibble?
@PaulWhite not that I doubt you, but where did you see that? I could swear I read the opposite on the docs page
@HannahVernon Was it "take over" or "rule"?
Officer Dibble
8:57 PM
Ahh.... dem were de days!
@Vérace probably take over
I feel like I'm losing my mind. I'm certain it said the opposite of that when I read the docs.
Wacky Races
oh well, I guess at least I'm keeping up my being wrong streak
9:00 PM
It's all nonsense anyway. Information in a bitmask, whatever next
its an easy change to make, and I'd way rather use sys.columns anyway
Inch High, Private Eye!
Inspector Gadget!
Hong Kong Phooey!
Quicker than the human eye!
HKP - Better than you or I!
Monkee! strictly speaking, not animé, but might as well have been!
Pink Panther...
9:08 PM
Monkey was just plain weird
Yes - that's why I included it - a bit psychodelic...makes you wonder about the scriptwriters...
Ooo Pink Panther
He's as pink as your nose!
He's the one and only truly Pink Panther, Pink Panther from head to toes!
Loved Danger Mouse...
9:11 PM
Gives the Coyote a run for its money as best cartoon ever
Count Duckula - the vegetarian vampire duck
How could we forget good old Fred Flintstone?
I think I'm running out... Mr Magoo... that's me done, I think!
What about other programmes - I really loved the Water Margin of the Liang Shian Po? Anybody?
Lin Chung and the evil Cao Chu...
DM was v good
DM was decidedly English.
Not a cartoon but the entire muppet show was the shizzle for me.
Rowlf the Dog, Swedish Chef, and Simon were probably my fav three as a kid.
But as I get older I sympathise with Statler and Waldorf.
9:29 PM
Swedish Chef was classic
also, I think PRIMARY KEY CUSTARD sounds enticing
so, don't take my word for it
@HannahVernon I wish I had the synergy with a fellow puppeteer like those two did. Seamless.
yeah unbelievable
One of the best things about SQL Prompt is it stops me typing SLEECT as often
European election nearly over (boohoo - no more being glued to the radio...) - all but one seat filled - between an Independent Ireland (right-wing, anti-immigrant) and Sinn Féin (left-wing) - looks like the II candidate probably has it - final candidate to be eliminated transfers being distributed now... either later or tomorrow morning (prob. tomorrow).
9:43 PM
Did Sinn Fein do better than expected in the end? Everyone was talking about a disaster for them
in Eurovision ?
> But as I get older I sympathise with Statler and Waldorf.
Criggie hoiked from the stage with a shepherd's crook
Boo etc.
Thank goodness that question with the tragic formatting was deleted
FAH ZEE BAAAAIIIRRR Na na na na, na-na, naaaaaaYAHHHH!
Sinn Féin didn't do as well as expected, however, paradoxically, the increased their seats both at local and European level. SF tends to do better when turnout is higher - in general elections - we'll see how they do at the next one - which is coming in Oct/Nov, rather than Mar next year. It wasn't a disaster, but it wasn't great given polls a while ago, but I'd say the SF leader is glad they got 2 in Europe (vs. 1 before).
Ironically, they lost the EU seat in their stronghold - the Midlands - NorthEast - the Border counties
Last time in 2019, they did OK in locals and Europeans, then in the general election they could have had a landslide, but they weren't running enough candidates. This time, they possibly ran too many - they may hit the sweet spot at the generals?
@HannahVernon btw that POWER thing only works up to a relatively small number of columns. For bigger tables, you need to extract the right byte first e.g. see dba.stackexchange.com/a/167829/1192
The whole thing is a disaster, really
You can't even be sure the column changed, just it appeared in the SET clause
Only 30 columns with the '2' provided as an integer
9:59 PM
@PaulWhite yeah our BI folks are asking about the [columns_updated] column which has been included in various tables for auditing purposes and practically never actually used. It's fully silly from the top down, actually, for various reasons. I was just trying to fulfill a request without making it into a huge conundrum. But yes, you're correct that a signed int can of course only have 31 possible bits.
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