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2:59 AM
Wordle 988 5/6

3:48 AM
Lets see how this goes
4:00 AM
Well, it's not finding the Location or Resource Group in the Migration wizard. So that's a bust. Got connected to it with SSMS, though, so let's see if the data transfer wizard does any better
Lol, small issue with it wanting to make a destination date column an nvarchar (both sides SQL Server OLE DB driver), so I had to manually change the mapping.
Maybe those $50 monthly Azure credits will motivate me to resume my analysis of the wordle space
At some point was there a "primes" version of Wordle - all 5-digit primes?
Apparently there was and I must have spent a minute making the same tables to use my script on
Primel 792 4/6

Looks like there's some kind of delay before it's seen in ADS migration wizard, I refreshed it yet again after I went back right before closing it, and it's there
10 hours later…
1:55 PM
Wordle 989 6/6*

2:11 PM
This one has a lot of options
6 remained after the first 3 probes. Unusual.
Wordle 989 5/6

Damn consonants
There are a couple families of "rhyming" words like that which probably make up the vast majority of the more difficult ones.
2:59 PM
Wordle 989 4/6*

Wordle 989 4/6

1 hour later…
4:56 PM
i'm not sure what to make of these union plans
oh nevermind, i guess dumping them into temp tables screens out the weirdness
it's just operator times being miserable again
5:19 PM
when a row_number is only in the where clause, there's no window aggregate, but there is when it's in the select list
5:39 PM
i see what's happening, where the build residual and union is on the partition/order by columns, with any ANY() match on the fifth column
but i've never seen it implemented that way
3 hours later…
9:10 PM
Paul White - (PostgreSQL) "Essentially abandonware"

[PostgreSQL - current work](https://commitfest.postgresql.org/47/) - only 331 features/issues/bugs being worked on for the current commitfest - abandonware indeed!
abandoned by users, i think he meant
developers can't help themselves
just commit away
Anyone got any idea why does this NOT IN query get different result in MySQL than in Postgres? The Postgres one looks correct. Note that there are no actual nulls, although the columns are nullable.
mysql is a superfund site
10:02 PM
> The Postgres one looks correct
I believe that.
Know what I hate? tabs!
You know what also didn't render properly? spaces.
10:51 PM
looks good to me
@SeanGallardy 🤙
why someone would write the letter e in morse code that many times is a bit of a mystery
11:34 PM
11:51 PM
@ErikDarling yeah

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