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4:25 AM
@HannahVernon I play every day, and I'm curious as to the nature of the distribution of words and guesses. In the universe of all games, the idea that a starting word is more likely to solve in 1 than any other word is kind of nonsense. But if you assume it won't be correct, then at what point do you optimize for chains of guesses. So it still fascinates me, yet I also feel that, like checkers, it's probably a solved game, but I am not that energized to return to my analysis.
2 hours later…
6:43 AM
Wordle 978 4/6*

@CadeRoux this one is solved, at least
6:55 AM
Wordle 978 4/6*

Just not getting any frogs these days
7:06 AM
> (To avoid a long running comment thread (and Paul's wrath ;-), I put this as an answer which can be elaborated on and expanded on. )
A: Simple query on sys.dm_db_partition_stats is running for 30 minutes

Tibor KarasziI see where you are coming from. But I don't think you'll get anywhere without changing the query. This is the world we live in, with optimizers and the uncertainty regarding what query plan we get. Make the predicate seekable and you are likely to get a different plan, quite probably to the bett...

7:32 AM
How lovely
But meta, and now removed
it will be forever in our hearts
and transcript
7:49 AM
A chairde - Morning all!
@ErikDarling Thanks for that, and sorry for the late reply - haven't been round much lately!
4 hours later…
12:13 PM
We're off to a good start today.
Why do you think this cluster has two nodes and two file share witnesses.
12:28 PM
sounds like it's quite the cluster today
12:52 PM
I don't even know how they managed to get two witnesses
Apparently one of them has been in the failed state for years.
But they were afraid to remove it.
you shouldn't be able to add a 2nd witness, though, if one exists
1:12 PM
Mad Josh: Fury cluster. Witness me!
1:24 PM
Wordle 978 3/6

1:58 PM
@HannahVernon i forget why-oh-why i did it but at some point in the past i made a PK column with a check constraint to enforce a zero-or-one-row table
PK with a default could make sense to enforce that your client code is sending a known sensible record
but that starts the arms war with the client code dev where their obvious next escalation is to send a random integer 😅
probably best not to start from the assumption that sane choices were made
2:59 PM
@SeanGallardy Yeah, it's very weird. Screenshotting for posterity before I remove the broken one 😁
There are periodic blips in the cluster log related to the failed FSW. So I think it is causing some instability in the cluster.
3:16 PM
Gosh that dialog hasn't changed much in ~20 years
3:55 PM
out of curiosity more than anything, is it impossible to add a query hint to an iTVF?
I suspect it is because it would be difficult to inline that
I have a MS-TVF that I just converted into a far more efficient iTVF using a recursive CTE, and as it stands there are never going to be more than around 70 recursions, but I'd like to support up to 1440. Without being able to add OPTION (MAXRECURSION 1440) to the TVF that's a no-go.
and I have had a cursory look at the CREATE FUNCTION docs for "option", "hint", etc
4:14 PM
@JoshDarnell I've only ever witnessed this a few times, I don't know how it gets into that situation, it's super weird.
@HannahVernon you could only add it to the outer query
4:35 PM
@SeanGallardy Good one 😝 Yeah, it seems weird for sure.
4:47 PM
@ErikDarling thanks for confirming - that's what I thought
5:24 PM
It is sort of an annoying limitation
2 hours later…
7:03 PM
You'd think it could be added as an attribute on the function definition, similar to the way that the OnNullInput attribute is added via WITH RETURNS NULL ON NULL INPUT
      @param     int
    , MAXRECURSION = 1440
what a lot of possibilities that evokes
7:47 PM
dare to dream
8:17 PM
I have located a new tree.
Also not a frog
We have become friends.
@HannahVernon it’s a frond you dummy
so very close then
Yes my frond friend
I hope you're not enjoying yourself too much
particularly no margaritas
2022-05-20  Hannah Vernon      Made it suck less.
there's a great commit comment hey
8:33 PM
@ErikDarling did you go to any of the xcaret parks?
8:56 PM
@Lamak no, I prefer sitting and drinking, punctuated by the occasional fish taco
9:46 PM
@HannahVernon I hope it wasn't a vacuum cleaner
thankfully no 🙂

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