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12:12 AM
@ErikDarling Have a great time!
1:04 AM
Especially the weekends
1:37 AM
Yes, there are plenty of those in half-fortnight
Don't spend them all in airports
6 hours later…
7:58 AM
Wordle 976 3/6*

3 hours later…
10:32 AM
A pity Erik isn't around to appreciate that
Does he have the concept of 0?
Off by one
You got a lot of splaining to do
The row counts emitted by the Nested Loops operator are mistakenly assigned to the hidden row-to-batch adapter. The Nested Loops ends up showing zero rows as a result.
The finished plan shows the Sort emitting 20,920 rows but receiving none.
It is better to give than to receive
but yeah, that's a weird bug
10:44 AM
It's not the first time
repeat offender, eh?
@SeanGallardy I hear off-by-one errors are common in the programming world
Makes you wonder if all these mistakes wouldn't be around if everything started a 1 instead of 0... or 0 instead of 1.
Maybe the choice wasn't as binary as it seems.
@SeanGallardy Very good
Pay no attention to the operator behind the screen
Sounds like a gr8t bug fix for a summer intern?
10:50 AM
Bug bounty paid up to $100 depending on how satisfied they are with the results
A few more of those and you'll be able to get another bottle of wine!
It's too tiresome to report as a bug again
again 😮
7 mins ago, by Paul White
It's not the first time
Right, I didn't know it was reported, though
10:58 AM
It's also interesting that in the graphical plan, it shows the line size correctly
Fixed with TF 9347
@SeanGallardy Depends what you mean by "correctly". The line between the Nested Loops and Sort is very thin, as appropriate for zero rows - but it's still wrong.
@PaulWhite In that latest one it looked like 20k rows
@PaulWhite Batch mode can be quite the batch
@SeanGallardy Yeah, the latest one with the highlight is with TF 9347 to disable bitch mode sort
Anyway. It's all dumb
Batch mode does what batch mode wants
11:42 AM
bitch mode is my favourite thing now
3 hours later…
2:44 PM
@PaulWhite consider it appreciated
thank goodness
2:59 PM
You would definitely get $99 for that
Paul has a costly OF for pictures
3:25 PM
Worth it though
High quality execution plan PNGs
Zoom in on those HJ's
I was moved to "new teams" last week, even though I thought I could get away from old teams for a while. First things New Teams did was eat more memory and cpu, then proceed to puke everywhere and crash.
After running for a solid 1.5 hours, in the middle of a video call, it updated me and restarted itself, then wouldn't show video.
I'm pretty sure the Windows Update team runs New Teams.
I’m pretty sure Teams is run by the Offshore Teams
I'm going to get in trouble if I say anything, so I won't
3:52 PM
I’m pretty sure you won’t
No one reads the transcript
4:40 PM
We all know I don't (read the transcript)
1 hour later…
5:42 PM
Wordle 976 X/6*

5:57 PM
Great starting word, looks like
I think that technically, I should have had it in 4, my 4th guess was not actually possible based on the others, but I wasn't thinking.
Wordle 976 5/6

Ugh, I didn't bring my Wordle database to this computer.
Hmmm. Looks like maybe even 4 possible words after my 3 probe words.
1 hour later…
7:15 PM
Wordle 976 3/6

@swasheck hi!
how's things?
ok I guess
same. "ok" ... i'm alive so i guess that's something
I realized I could've invited @ErikDarling to cancun, but missed my chance
7:25 PM
i'm just envisioning the liquor bill you'd have to pay
yeah, hadn't really thought about that
I never make anyone pay my booze bill
I’m a reasonable human being
downright proper of you, @ErikDarling
also, no booze bill in an all-inclusive
well that would have been good information to have had, @Lamak. are you in sales now?
7:31 PM
not really
same. plenty of money to be made by withholding requirements
in the previously known "Digital, Data & Analytics" department to the knewly named "AI & Data" one
@Lamak oh, there is for me
I see
you need a higher end resort
The problem is that I don’t drink stuff that’s covered by the all inclusive (AI) package
I’ve tried to find ones where nicer bottles of wine are included but can’t seem to find one
Seems like anything from France or Italy is extra
7:47 PM
ah that sucks
are you going to cancun?
I am in Cancun currently
ah great
I was staying at the xcaret hotel, had a great time actually
We’re at a place called Garza Blanca. Got the kids with us so needed a place where they’re allowed.
7:51 PM
Erik's favorite thing is beach mode?
@ErikDarling yeah, I know it, great place
I was with my daughter also, so same situation
Never give away the feet for free
Rookie move
@Forrest beats snow mode
they were alredy paid for
Not by anyone in here
how do you know?
8:08 PM
i'm going to france at the end of april, if that counts. i'll drink enough french wine for you, @ErikDarling
i'll be hiking though.
8:29 PM
@swasheck we’ll also be there in April, but in the middle for my wife’s birthday
I can warn people you’re coming though
rad. where are you going?
@ErikDarling perfect. my french is cheeks.
@ErikDarling If you moved next to me in FL, you could have this every day!
@SeanGallardy where in florida?
this feels like a trap :D
Tampa area
cool. i'm from orlando and my wife's from tampon springs
8:36 PM
I'm not far from tarpon
(that one's a trap)
Me? oh helllllll no
we moved to colorado about 25 years ago for her to go to grad school and i told her the only way i'd ever move back to florida was to be in the tampa area and that would take a gun to the head
but 25 years on, i kinda miss central florida coasts
I wouldn't want to live in Orlando either
But I really enjoy where I am
we got married at st pete beach
8:38 PM
It's a nice beach
I normally go to Indian Rocks, less crowded
All the vacationers go to clearwater
Although it's fun to watch spring breakers get drunk, naked, and subsequently arrested
yeah. we did that in daytona beach growing up. but i was in high school so my friends and i were mostly interested in the naked part
we're trying to plan a trip to anna maria island soon. i used to go there growing up and it was great ... but it's ridiculously expensive now
and we're about to send a kid to university
8:45 PM
It's cheaper than university for sure ;)
@swasheck send the kid to university over here, far cheaper
or better yet, a trade school and they will get a better education and actual useful skills
i've tried getting him to go international, given his complete disdain for the US.

he received a soccer scholarship offer to play at cal poly and a few other cal state schools but then tore his acl, mcl, and lateral meniscus in the second game of his sr. high school season so those were rescinded. they offered for him to walk on and tryout for the team with a chance for a scholarship his sophomore season
oh disdain for the US, sounds right at home in higher education :D
@swasheck oh....so many of the things you said apply exclusively to the US
8:51 PM
nvm, university is a better choice
@SeanGallardy we teach useful skills over here...apart of the useless ones
@SeanGallardy he's likely more suited to trade school anyway and will graduate from HS with a few AWS certs and most of an AA in infosec
@SeanGallardy he expresses it as disdain but i think it's more boredom.
@SeanGallardy spoken like a true ronron fanboi ;)
Hopefully he finds something he likes :)
@swasheck I have yet to meet a university that was worth it
Except for people who want to continue into academia
it used to be more worth it than it is now. but yeah - i agree. i think going to get a BS degree is bs and a giant waste of money
The people I deal with that are in academia aren't... what's the word.... hmmm... good at anything except academia and even that is questionable.
Reminds me of the south park episode where they all start smelling their own farts from smugness
or Hollywood where people give each other BS awards to make everyone feel smart and special, while doing a whole lot of nothing
I was recently at an awards dinner (university) and yeah... painful.
8:58 PM
@SeanGallardy they are worth it here...if not in the skills taught, in the fact that they are a big ladder for work, and you get the cost back in a couple of years
well to be fair it's not the goal of academia to accomplish things or to do tasks - except publish
@Lamak Just wait, it'll happen there too :D
the goal of academia is to try to advance theory. but even that's waning in efficacy
Oh, they are advancing theory for sure...
you overestimate our capability of becoming a first world country
9:03 PM
Well, you know, I'm a hopeful kind of guy
@SeanGallardy as I said before, we are the best country of chile
green. red. smothered on burritos.
9:25 PM
@swasheck London, Amsterdam, Paris
@SeanGallardy would you be my chauffeur
@ErikDarling look at you, already speaking french
9:55 PM
@ErikDarling nice. enjoy!
1 hour later…
11:05 PM
@ErikDarling For sure, we'd get into all kinds of shenanigans

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