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8:44 AM
Wordle 893 4/6*

9:04 AM
Morning. John: In this answer, about Ola Hallengren's Maintenance Solution, you mention "Default [database]: master, but you did use msdb, right?". Is putting Maintenance Solution to msdb common thing to do? I guess since msdb contains all things related to SQL Server Agent and jobs, it would thematically quite fit in there, but I wonder, if there is some deeper reason for doing so?
Can't use chat markdown with line breaks
@PaulWhite Sneaky. Good to know :D
2 hours later…
11:18 AM
@ErikDarling Let's hope SalesForce hang on to their employees better
1 hour later…
12:30 PM
@Yano_of_Queenscastle There has been a discussion about storing all OLA objects in a) a dedicated database, b) an OLA schema, c) other options.
I personally don't store anything in the master database.
I even store Brent's sp_Blitz**** procedures and other stuff in the msdb database.
My reasoning: Restoring the msdb database is easier than restoring the master database. I don't want a damaged master database.
lost a master database today
1:05 PM
I'm torn between "my condolences" and "have you checked behind the fridge?".
I see. Storing those in master is weird, but when you go into the trouble of moving them elsewhere, dedicated DB would make more sense to me. (Though I guess since msdb is already there...?)
@JohnK.N. rip in peace.
1:43 PM
...come to think of if, my current instance has 9 various "service" databases, many without clear boundaries, so perhaps storing things in msdb is something I should consider.
1:54 PM
@Yano_of_Queenscastle I have a dedicated DatabaseToolkit database where I store all of those types of scripts. Find it the cleanest way, aside from being able to easily migrate / copy it to another database system via backups, or any other synchronization feature of choice.
@PaulWhite in the name of the frog, the tadpole, and the polli-wog, ribbit
Interesting Black Friday stats from Shopify: twitter.com/ShopifyEng/status/1729500623773573265
2:21 PM
@JoshDarnell wanna make some money on a simple website?
> ... and JavaScript is celebrating 28 years of elegance.
read on the interwebs today. made my day
@Zikato I did a repair, because the instance was shot.
Turned out the ISO I used to repair was newer (15.00.4335) than my last backup of the master database (15.00.4298)
Which was only 8 days ago
...it's only a local installation on my laptop.
2:39 PM
@ErikDarling Yes.
We have plum trees and kererū. They love the fruit, mostly eating it off the tree
They might get a wee bit silly but I've never seen one fall out of a tree like that
maybe that's an australian in a kereru costume
I don't think they're aware of how big and heavy they are though
Nearly been bowled by one more than once on a low flight path
@JoshDarnell cool. i would like my recent sql.meme domain to be a moderated photo upload site with a static image on the main page.
as a side note, if you ever want a really loud laptop, turn off cpu power management
2:49 PM
@ypercubeᵀᴹ 28 years and I didn't even know JS had an optional elegance module
@PaulWhite i will be sending you my database for repairs today
pls repair my datas
Sounds like a big job
Might take a while
@ErikDarling OMG that pronunciation!
It's kerry-roo
2:52 PM
Land of the varchar I suppose
hopefully the government does something about it
> Note: I'm not using joins because this query is part of a cte that I then delete from, so joins are not possible.
well good
@ErikDarling Nice! I can do that for you. I'll email you.
It's funny. Questions are sometimes too short, lakhing enough detail
2:58 PM
@PaulWhite This cracks me up for some reason.
Other times, they contain far too much irrelevant nonsense
@JoshDarnell Sadly, we have never caught an episode on video so no Tik Tok 4 u
If one did hit you, you know about it though
Kind of like a barely flightworthy bowling ball in my mind
I don't suppose that's the greatest analogy
They have significant mass and momentum is what I'm getting at here
And they do not turn quickly
That might be inertia idk
Yes, that's a chonky bird for sure.
Yep, chonky
That's the exact word
le mot juste
The pigeons and doves in our area are as well. Total chonks.
They don't seem to be at all worried about their weight
No social media for pigeons, I suppose
Better than starving to death
If that's the alternative
3:03 PM
@JoshDarnell my breath is held 😘
3:37 PM
@PaulWhite It's not a concussion if you remember it
3 hours later…
6:22 PM
> In other words, a missing index request is sort of like when a kid says they're hungry and then asks for candy.
A: Why are these columns specified in the include clause of an index rather than as key columns

Erik DarlingWhy oh why oh why Because the missing index recommendations kind of suck, that's why. The only columns that will end up in the key of an index recommendation are columns in the where clause. Other columns used in the query that could benefit from index-ordering are relegated to the includes. Joi...

6:56 PM
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9:23 PM
Wordle 893 4/6*

not a frog
Unfortunately no
I was really hoping to trip up your AmphibeanAI with that one
user image
Definitely not a frog
god king frog
10:10 PM
That looks straight out of No Man's Sky.
10:31 PM
no frog's sky

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