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12:00 AM
Hey good job today everybody
5 hours later…
4:33 AM
A chairde - Morning all!
2 hours later…
6:35 AM
Good morning
6:51 AM
Wordle 835 6/6*

1 hour later…
8:03 AM
Wordle 835 4/6*

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11:34 AM
Long time no see.
Anyone here know what happens if you cancel a command in Postgres single user mode?
4 hours later…
3:43 PM
@Colin'tHart What do you mean by "cancel a command"? Hit ^C?
Hi all, just wondering if anybody has seen any AI generated content around here? It appears to be an issue for SO - at least going by this profile by a moderator who's currently on strike!
@Vérace Yep. That works. And it turns out it's safe too.
Customer on PG9.5(!) on Ubuntu 16.04(!) with 6TB of data in Google Cloud which can't keep up the vacuuming...
have you tried not having dirty data
@Colin'tHart I presume that you pointed out to said customer that 9.5 is EOL by quite a while. It would appear that PostgreSQL is running the risk of a case of what I like to call "Oracleitis" - running \dconfig *vacuum* returns 27 rows and \d * returns 360.
@Vérace Upgrading to 13 as I write this, that being the highest version they can get without first upgrading the OS...
@Colin'tHart ? The OS? What are they running? W2000?
AFAIK, PostgreSQL is compiled under C99?
4:02 PM
@Vérace he said: Ubuntu
@ypercubeᵀᴹ Hmmm... missed that! Why can't PostgreSQL 16 run under that? As I said, PostgreSQL is C99, so I would expect any C99 programme to run on an OS from 2016.
I guess it depends which installer/packager is used. I didn't have any issues with installing multiple Postgres versions in Ubuntu but I haven't done that in last 3-4 years, so not sure
4:36 PM
People skimping on hardware and software so they can afford consultants
Great to see
4:47 PM
@Colin'tHart "can't keep up the vacuuming": a lot of updates? or hard to get the settings right?
Q: Moderation strike: Results of negotiations

MithicalWe have reached the following conclusions during negotiations between community-selected strike representatives and representatives of Stack Exchange, Inc. This aims to address most of the concerns detailed in the strike letter, the initial strike announcement, and the conditions outlined in the ...

The strike is over :D
You missed the heights of the AI drama.
@PaulWhite yes hello
Sep 26 at 20:23, by Zikato
btw: finally got around to it and watched https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D28VePvcSJs
@ErikDarling I would listen to a podcast with the two you of every week. That was great.
5:24 PM
> I have seen many workarounds using CTE to get around this, but I am using Entity Framework for this query and simply playing around with the query isn't as easy as that.
If only there was a simple solution
@Vérace Ubuntu 16.04
I've been doing everything via remote control, typing commands into Skype chat...
@Colin'tHart v.13 is five versions newer than 9.5 but out of curiousity, why can't you go to 14, 15 or 16?
5:40 PM
My favorite part about this chat is that replace Postgresql with SQL Server and it's the same issues
People running windows 2000 with sql 2000.. .but it's a "critical" database
hey, at least they moved from XP :)
XP was after windows 2000 :D
I know a lot of POS, ATMs, and self-checkouts were running windows XP
and some are still are.
I think I saw a POS with XP a few months ago
@ypercubeᵀᴹ Lot of updates, and autovacuum getting stuck for some reason. Also vacuuming individual tables is really slow, 60 seconds for a table of a few megabytes.
@ypercubeᵀᴹ 13 is the latest on the apt.postgresql.org repo
@JoshDarnell aw, thanks! glad you liked it.
5:47 PM
@SeanGallardy Yep. And remember Oracle 8i? 10gR2?
@Colin'tHart I see up to 15 and 16beta here: apt.postgresql.org/pub/repos/apt/pool/15/p/postgresql-15
@ypercubeᵀᴹ POS and XP so close in the same sentence quite appropriate.
@ypercubeᵀᴹ Yes, but not for anything older than Ubuntu 18.04
ah, ok.
I worked in tech support around 2010, and one of the standard questions we asked at the beginning of a call was "Are you on XP, or Vista?" The expectation being that they would answer "XP" or "Vista" or possibly "I don't know." I had one military customer answer "No." They were running Windows 2000.
NT 3.5
5:49 PM
@Colin'tHart There are places still using it, we get weird linked server items all the time to go to 8i
@ypercubeᵀᴹ Oh they are still all over the place, it's crazy
Q: Performance issue on same identical database with same execution plan

Newbie-DBANeed some help advise on one of the issues that we have bee working on. For one of our SQL databases (SQL2014) we use database mirroring ( i know its old but we are working on migration) and there is a slight difference between 2 servers as below DC1 (Primary) and DC2 (Secondary) all specs betwee...

another rare case of identical database
6:05 PM
imagine going through all that and not looking at wait stats
no mention of memory
ho hum
6:16 PM
more consulting money for you
@Colin'tHart Ah... the joys - like using vi with no backspace!
@Zikato yay! who do i invoice?
6:39 PM
@Zikato Good plot - "Sherlock Holmes and the case of the mythical identical servers" - I'll star in the film!
7:23 PM
what a potato
8:00 PM
@Zikato Yes, lots of money today, but very frustrating.

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