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7:14 AM
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9:13 AM
Q: Is it illegal to ride a drunk horse?

VikkiTedd owns a riding horse. One day, Tedd notices that his horse has somehow gotten itself drunk. Tedd has someplace where he needs to be, so he saddles up his drunken horse and rides to his destination. Has a crime been committed? Answers are welcome from any jurisdiction where alcohol is legal,...

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1:02 PM
has anyone else gotten email requests to create a tag on this site?
Hi Erick, how are you?

I follow you on Twitter, Github, and YouTube. It is just my intention to grow the "GridDB" community on DB Exchange. GridDB Tag is not currently available on DB Exchange. There are some questions I need to post on DB Exchange, but I couldn't create the GridDB tag since it requires at least 300 reputation.

I would appreciate it if you would create the tag for GridDB so that I can post the questions there and expand the community there as it also relates to the database.
1:55 PM
not me.
@ErikDarling No. I haven't. I suppose one could invite the party concerned to set up the tag themselves, although it needs 1,500 rep to do so. Is the originator of this email actually identifiable as someone involved with the GridDB project?
@ConcernedOfTunbridgeWells they don't have the rep for it. i directed them to meta to suggest it. i tried googling the name and email address but couldn't find a link.
@ErikDarling Maybe redirect them to the GridDB development team and suggest they ask if one of the developers there has enough SO rep to set up the tag.
It's not that it would be a bad thing to set up a tag for it, but I don't know enough about GridDB to write a meaningful tag blurb for it. Really, if the team doesn't participate in SE enough that somebody on the team doesn't have 1,500 rep (which might legitimately happen as they appear to be Japanese) then there may or may be much chance of there being significant participation on the tag here anyway.
and they can still post questions about it, without the tag.
if there is enough interest, the tag will be created eventually
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4:22 PM
yeah, i tried to help them along. we'll see.
4:41 PM
@ErikDarling we've been deleting GridDB for astroturfing/spamming their product.
Yep every GridDB question we've ever had has been like that. They cracked down on it on SO as well but I think a few questions remain there.
The questions/answers were also terrible btw
One example
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6:04 PM
@PaulWhite ah i'm glad i wasn't very helpful then
@HannahVernon it seemed an odd request for sure
@ErikDarling Yep good man
thanks for not saying "typical"
i appreciate it
It was an effort ngl
Looks like I'm moving to Brooklyn
you can move into the darling data apartment
i'll put up a "new zealand refugees welcome" sign
v appreciated m8
6:17 PM
reaching moderately helpful status any day now
> fairly influential and moderately helpful
hard to imagine how anyone gets along without me
currently debating if i should send an email to that fella about his griddb spam tag
It's not possible to just create a tag. It needs to be attached to something. We've had a lot of problems with low-quality/off-topic/spam/astroturfing related to GridDB so, while not impossible, any Q & A on that topic would need to reach a reasonably high bar.
There is somewhat of a chicken v egg situation with new databases. Without experts able to answer, even good questions are likely to go unanswered. Experts aren't attracted without good questions to answer.
In general though, creating the tag doesn't address any fundamental issue. If good questions appear, a tag will be created naturally. Supply and demand. Capitalism. Or something.
6:44 PM
hey i'm on your side
you don't need to tagsplain me
though we're pretty spoiled with our established, well respected, high quality database product
yes sorry but I do so enjoy stating the bleeding obvious
also thought it might help you write your email, should you so choose
being helpful is v difficult
the funny thing about any response i would have is that i don't want a response to it
which i also tricky
how do you enforce finality
a conundrum for sure
email needs better constraints
I learned the other day it is possible to block someone in Gmail
All it does it move their mails straight to spam but hey it's a start
6:50 PM
i wondered why you stopped responding to me
I wonder what the opposite of RSVP is
well you have options
like a bit column that allows nulls
@ErikDarling No your emails get an automatic gold star. I stopped responding because I have nothing left to teach you.
rsvp = 1, regrets = 0, no response necessary = null
eh i had a wine supply question but i think i forget to ever send it
perhaps there is something left to teach after all
6:53 PM
the nice thing about me is that i forget a lot
you could teach me forever
and ever
I think corruption might be the way forward here. Get them to buy 100 units of ED training and send me 10 cases of Two Paddocks and the tag'll be there by lunchtime.
we should check with lamak to make sure we're doing corruption right
Yep important to engage an expert here
He'd probably advise I get an asymmetrical haircut and raise to 20 cases.
careful, i might get a crush on you if you go asym on the do

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