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Q: A new fiddle for dba.se

Jack DouglasUpdate Jan 2020: Please note, the place for reporting db<>fiddle bugs and feature requests is now on this TopAnswers post pending a future move to a GitHub issue tracker!. SQLFiddle has been an essential tool and a great complement to dba.se for a very long time, but it has gone downhill a bit i...

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@ypercubeᵀᴹ I think @gbn's Ferranti 1600 still holds the crown for the most obscure machine I've ever known somebody to work on. Most unique was a chap I met once who had been involved with the Manchester Mk 1 as a Masters student. No punchcards for this chap - programming was done on wire wrap boards.
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12:28 PM
@ConcernedOfTunbridgeWells wow
the most ancient I have used was a Univac at the university. around 1987-1993.
It was being replaced by a new IBM mainframe those years
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2:06 PM
Most obscure I've been close to would be the TRIPOS-on-Linux emulation layer used by OpenGI BROOMS, or some stuff interfacing to an application on an obscure model of IBM mainframe of which only 24 were ever made.
Unisys (nee Burroughs and Sperry) was quite big in New Zealand through the efforts of a local company called Cardinal, who made a 4GL system called LINC that was quite big on that platform in its heyday. Once I was doing the data model for a court case management system that had to interface to an ancient Sperry 2200 series mainframe that the police had been using since the 1970s.
I have also been on a site that still had PROGRESS applications in production and a team that was still maintaining them.
AS/400s (iSeries) are also still quite big in Insurance circles.
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7:19 PM
It's amazing the kind of dumb ass questions I can ask that don't result in disciplinary actions.
goes to say what kind of partisan hacks specific mods on certain sites are I suppose
Q: Do Morman teens practice "soaking" and "jump humping"?

Evan CarrollAccording to this popular post on /r/facepalm, and again here Some Mormon teens have convinced themselves that putting a penis in a vagina and then not moving is not sex. That's called soaking. Jump humping is when you get someone to jump on the bed next to you soaking to get some friction going...

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8:37 PM
I wish there was a flag for bad taste.
9:08 PM
I'd use it to flag all the questions on MySQL.
You misspelt Mormon; why?
9:55 PM

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