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12:17 AM
@PaulWhite you deleting comments again?!?!
@EvanCarroll only the null ones
Well if you and J.D. want to have a nice chat, we have a cosy place
2 hours later…
2:03 AM
@PaulWhite you missed your opportunity
I missed one opportunity
Nobody's perfect
4 hours later…
6:29 AM
7:02 AM
A chairde - Morning all!
7:33 AM
8:18 AM
Do the links in chat no longer generate pictures =( github.com/EvanCarroll/…
8:54 AM
From listening to the radio this morning - nearly PML... maybe after QAnon and 5G causing COVID not to mention Bill Gates and/or George Soros being responsible for the pandemic, I shouldn't be surprised that the the irrational hysteria of the anti-vaxxers has come full circle.
They are now advocating social distancing and mask-wearing to... (wait for it...), not to prevent themselves from catching the virus, but rather to protect themselves from catching the vaccine...
I registered for my micro-chipping (err... make that vaccination...) last Saturday - can't wait!
Registered on Monday, got the date for vaccination a day later, will be going next Tuesday.
I've never had a jab for flu and was a bit reluctant at first.
2 hours later…
11:08 AM
Am attending Percona Live at the minute - it's all right - nothing stellar so far... I'll post back...
11:47 AM
Q: How to model a table in a relational database where all attributes are foreign keys to another table?

Lois2BI've been working on the data model for a healthcare mobile app that will collect the user's symptoms and will book an appointment with a doctor if requested by the user. I was thinking the app would list the available symptoms and the patient could choose from them, and then the system would est...

@CadeRoux Maybe of interest? ^
12:47 PM
@PaulWhite People realize ICD-10 is a thing, right?
@bbaird People that know about it do. The others, not so much.
1:04 PM
Luckily, this site is visited by experts who may be able to answer such questions.
It's a beautiful thing, really.
If you want to earn money, you don't. If you don't want to earn money, then you might.
The two are not exclusive.
Plenty of people earn money doing what they do here for free.
Aside from altruism, it is a good way to demo publicly you are worth hiring.
Maybe. I don't know what everyone's motivations are.
1:36 PM
I was referring to your response: People that know about it do. The others, not so much.
Some people do it for laughs. (Q&A stuff)
oh 😀
well that makes more sense
1 hour later…
2:47 PM
3:02 PM
@PaulWhite Oh God, lots of FDA issues there
As soon as your app is diagnosing illness, that's medical device regulation.
Any kind of expert systems.
We have ML in our adaptive viewer prodcut that JUST sorts the images for the cardiologist into what views and types of images they are, and the FDA is very cautious about that kind of thing, and we aren't even diagnosing anything, just doing what normally will take a doctor several minutes to sort through and label a dozen or so images for a study coming off a PACS system.
1 hour later…
4:11 PM
Well, that took a long time to answer
For free
A: How to model a table in a relational database where all attributes are foreign keys to another table?

Cade RouxQuite the challenge there. I'll lay out a few things you should definitely keep in mind, and then some suggestions for your data model. PII/PHI: All medical information tends to have a lot of personally identifiable information and protected health information, this comes under a ton of regulat...

4:44 PM
Very good
"But you didn't answer the question I asked!"
Cade answers the questions you should have asked
5:03 PM
It seems they're changing the Windows font slightly in response to feedback
Don't really understand it, but it seems Segoe UI -> Segoe?
Ugh, I have to write a Pivot query. Can you imagine the twisted mindset that requires of a person?
Turn your head through 90 degrees
Like an owl
So much love and kindness in The Heap™
6:09 PM
@CadeRoux you earned some unicorn points
But nice answer

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