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12:10 AM
@CadeRoux I've always been of the opinion the money spent on a DW should instead be spent removing the need for the DW. Because the DW is, at best, a bandaid on an incomplete IT infrastructure (reporting included)
@bbaird Even in a fully integrated system, some component should be doing the work of the DW for analytics, though. Even if you had a monolithic architecture, it seems like you would transform the data internally in some way to enable analytics.
@CadeRoux Sure, fix associations between systems with different functions, reconcile some differences, do some rollups, etc. In my experience, anything beyond that gets in the way of actually being able to do and implement analytics.
Right now I'm struggling to convince the powers that are "experts in data" at my organization that what we need to do analytics is a copy of production policy data because 1. The DW does transformations that are stupid and require a lot of cleanup and 2. There's an annoying amount of rework that has to be done when we try to implement a new rating plan because the data we built everything on looks nothing like what we'll apply it to.
But I'm told our s3 data lake, databricks, and snowflake will solve all our problems
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7:59 AM
@bbaird Yes, and thanks for that - I probably would have wasted a lot of time - well, perhaps not wasted (although, ask my fiancée... :-) ) - on it. Maybe my combinatorics (perms and combs) are a bit rusty, but why is the answer here = 35? My gut (never good in probabilities...) tells me that it should be even?
A way more interesting problem would be to get PostgreSQL to deal a hand of cards (hand of (x) - a hand is normally from 4 - 8) to a number (y) of people. This could be hard coded at first but then it could be parameterisable in a function? x & y could be any numbers such that (x * y) <= 52 (or maybe 54 with jokers?) - wow, I could waste weeks on that baby...
@bbaird There, there - and the Tooth Fairy and Santa (and his elves) will be along in the morning to help...
8:53 AM
9:21 AM
Oh, BTW, using SQL only - function can accept only x & y as parameters!
A chairde - Morning all!
@ypercubeᵀᴹ - thanks και καλημέρα!
@ypercubeᵀᴹ Fixed I think, thanks. I missed that 'code similar to' was code and not just a turn of phrase.
9:55 AM
@Vérace in general, you can find these numbers in Pascal triangle
@PaulWhite "code" inside code ;)
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2:58 PM
@Vérace So say the consultants
Fancy a go at the card hands?
@Vérace Is "go at the card hands" an irish phrase I should be flattered/enraged/amused by?
i'm new
No, nothing sub rosa there! I meant the question I asked earlier?
@MichelePalmiero Howdy, and good morning to you stranger (it's always morning here!).
can I share a link of my ask there? please help me
I'm from Rome, now is the 5 pm
3:04 PM
@Vérace Why 35 instead of 36? I'd have to think about it some more - I think it's because we're discarding certain permutations but I'd have to work out some things and maybe read what @ypercubeᵀᴹ linked in more depth.
@MichelePalmiero It's a joke that we have - it's probably always morning for someone since we're spread out over the globe. (It's 10:00 where I am)
can you help me with a cloth problem?
@MichelePalmiero Not sure I understand - do you have a link to a question you posted?
Q: problem with my cloth

Michele PalmieroI'm following this tutorial https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PrSWh0ebyCM but when I go to bake all the result is this. Please help me * this is the project

A database administration chat room probably isn't the best place to ask
@MichelePalmiero Not sure where the blender chat room is but that might be a better place to ask.
3:12 PM
ok sorry

 The Renderfarm

A place to talk while we wait for our renders to finish. Site ...
3:34 PM
@bbaird why 36 and not 37?
That was meant for Verace....

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