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@Philᵀᴹ you could add an answer
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@McNets Thanks
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the joy of today: a team being fond of the text data type. Therefore, they have tables with full of proper UUIDs stored as text. That is already a big size hit, but then (nearly) all those UUIDs could be just bigint...
@dezso bigint? Isn't there a UUID type?
oh you mean they don't need UUID, bigint would suffice
there is, but why use a uuid when you could use a bigint, which plays nicely with indexing and everything
the main table is 300M+ rows, so now they have issues from time to time
Yeah. Unless you have some distributed service, I don't see what uuids can offer
@ypercubeᵀᴹ they became fashionable in similar use cases in the last few years, not sure why
10:14 AM
the line i heard recently is that uuids mean your rows are resilient to migration and merging with duplicate tables where serials aren't
feels like one of those sentiments that was very useful for a specific thing but got poached for things it doesn't apply to because it sounds good
so i guess... it might one day be distributed, so let's not risk it. everything is uuids
10:34 AM
when their Google-fu only technically works:
Q: pg_basebackup failing from another server

Shiwangini ShishulkarI want to take backup of my postgres database cluster from another server. I'm using below command ,from another server: [root@shiwangini2 pgsql]# pg_basebackup -h 192.168.XX.XX -p 5432 -Ft -D /var/lib/pgsql/db_file_backup However, I'm getting below message after running this: pg...

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Pfft, all the cool kids use JSON objects for their UUIDs!
12:06 PM
galaxy brain: bytestream storage of a gif capture of the uuid
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@RandiVertongen that question you've posted - I bet a heap scan occurred because you're returning such a high percentage of the table
3:50 PM
Seen on the interwebs today ...
user image
> It's okay if you're an inferior human being
@ConcernedOfTunbridgeWells ppl need to laugh
I like this question of his:
Q: Can I borrow a lunar rover?

James JenkinsAccording to Wikipedia there are 3 LRVs sitting on the moon, in very well defined locations. Would China, or whomever gets to the moon with a person next, be able to get in and drive around in an LRV left by the US?        The U.S. Apollo Lunar Roving Vehicle from Apollo 15 on the moon in 1971....

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@Philᵀᴹ i find it exceedingly unlikely that there's more than one Bill in Kansas City.
Well of course there can be many Bills in Kansas City but what are the chances of two of them choosing the same basic pattern for their nicknames ("<first name> in <city name>")? Or is "Bill in Kansas City" specifically a known reference to something?
it's a reference to the well known personality @billinkc
Perhaps Kansas City started paying its Bills?
5:12 PM
@George.Palacios Sorry was in the car, I added the query plans, they are using the filtered index though
5:23 PM
user image
Someone’s been editing Wikipedia 😂
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7:26 PM
What the crap?
@RandiVertongen are you really driving a car to fetch your plans? those must be heavy queries...
@billinkc your evil twin turned up on the site, as it sounds
His website looks almost as dated as mine
7:50 PM
TIL that billinkc was not just a random jumble of letters.
I'm still pretty new here.
8:08 PM
People often parse it as bill inc with like an extra k but we all know it's properly Bill in KFC where the F is silent and invisible
Crimony, fingers no typey well
@billinkc I don't know how missed the silent, invisible F this whole time.
Seems so obvious now.
I believe our illustrious diamond from down under first made the observation
Paul is great for stuff like that yeah.
@JoshDarnell Since you're a data person, are you familiar with SQL Saturdays? CLT has one coming up sqlsaturday.com/918/EventHome.aspx
Might very well be an organizer, I only see Angela's name listed on the site
@billinkc I went to the Atlanta one earlier this year (first time attending one). I had forgotten that CLT was coming up. I'll have to go sign up.
8:23 PM
I'm debating on whether I'll submit. I'd like to get back into the swing of things and I know people out that way but flights are terribly convenient
Well if you do speak, let me know. I could bring you some KFC.
I got that on lock. I'd need some bojangles to keep me humble
Ah, you want the good stuff.
I've been to your fair city
Haha man, that thing is great.
I used to work in the building right next to it (Duke Energy Center).
8:34 PM
The 2013 PASS Summit was there and the week before was a civil engineering conference that my wife was attending so it made for a convenient time for the family to visit
Oh nice. I've seen some videos from that, Paul's talk on parallelism was at that summit I think.
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Q: Would a question about improving the performance of a third-party database be on-topic?

Harry JohnstonMicrosoft's Windows Server Update Services product (WSUS) makes use of a database, which unfortunately performs very poorly. There is a third-party script available that modifies the database (I believe simply by adding additional indexes) and my experience is that it improves the performance of...


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