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6:27 AM
6:59 AM
7:18 AM
Af Morning
7:45 AM
@EvanCarroll mastered
8:18 AM
@George.Palacios And why not. I think with questions like this Evan was on the way of re-mastering PostgreSQL.
that turtle question has me well nerd sniped
trying to respect the accepted answer owner's desire not to signal boost a terrorist group but the reference he makes is a pretty deep cut and my desire to add citation is strong
not least because digging through the old pgsql-hackers threads, there appears to be more to the story
8:38 AM
@AndriyM I just find anyone calling themselves a master is usually not
@George.Palacios I'm usually sceptical as well
9:13 AM
and atlas shrugged
9:27 AM
With all due respect, this is wrong. Your query will compare 'value' to the names of columns, not their contents. I have to give this a downvote. — Bill Karwin 7 hours ago
Karwin is correct. I wonder how that answer got 5 upvotes.
I suppose the HNQ has this effect sometimes. Nonsense rising
9:39 AM
@ypercubeᵀᴹ It's down to 0 total votes now
After a flurry of downvotes
+5/-6 lol
What HNQ stands for?
Hot Network Question
Hot Network Questions
9:43 AM
@PeterVandivier thanks
answered second but got the credit, feels good XP
@PeterVandivier Welcome to StackExchange
it's a Great System
okay, Nerd Sniping over
EVAN's much vaunted #2 most popular question has now been assigned to the ol' "RTFM" bin :p
although to be fair to EVAN, i do actually enjoy the question and am glad it's on the site
today I Learned A Thing
several Things, in fact
@PeterVandivier Which questions that?
Q: Why is there a PostgreSQL Turtle?

Evan CarrollI was just checking out the propaganda page for PostgreSQL and I found this little piece of art: It is the "Turtle Style" PostgreSQL logo. How old is this, and did PostgreSQL ever officially use a turtle instead of an elephant? What is the story here?

the accepted answer felt very "neat"and "tidy" but without any citation
9:50 AM
Yeah I agree
and i just watched the new CGP Grey vid, so... i was vulnerable
@PeterVandivier you answered a 2012 question
i did
with materially new information
9:57 AM
10:12 AM
@McNets i put up a wayback machine bandaid for that dead link
i image the "real page" is still live somewhere
but i've rabbit holed for wayyyy to long on that already this morning so i'm gonna try and do my actual job for a minute or two
because i'm a Responsible Adult™️
@PeterVandivier that's the way....the bored way in fact ;)
Ah! I can't stop!
i can see that you too have been captured by the Rabbit Hole
@PeterVandivier that a rabbit drop?
(╯ರ ~ ರ)╯︵ ┻━┻
108 pages expected, but
10:54 AM
so i just highjacked a raw link here to the wayback machine b/c the link was dead w/ no redirect
normally i'm super opposed to link highjacking of that sort
Now you're thinking with portals
but the raw post didn't have a pretty link to supplant
is that a "preferred" way to repair that link
I'd personally go further and replace the link text
or does it need a "pretty link" added and wording changed as necessary
I don't see the value of keeping the dead link
10:56 AM
i feel a meta post coming on about how aggressively posts with that format should be edited to conform to a "style guide" but i seriously need to work on my actual job
11:20 AM
[Time travel to 2011, www.foo.com through web.archive.com](web.archive.org/web/2011/www.foo.com)
fixlinks --dead --verbosity=11
3 hours later…
1:56 PM
@George.Palacios ups, thanks too
2:06 PM
@ypercubeᵀᴹ Yes, their natural state should be open warfare.
@PeterVandivier buoy that's a real nice badge
the excitement is breathtaking
I'm drowning with laughter
(People say that right?.... RIGHT?)
not on my boat
get ashore, George, you're drunk
Not drunk enough*
2:55 PM
has the rum gone?
rum, no, Jose Cuervo is the name of my friend
ah yes, the spiciest of the three amigos
i assume you know the other two? Jim & Jack
yep, 2 and a half man?
Initially with Charlie Sheen, in one episode he's talking about 3 friends, Jim, Jack and Jose
3:04 PM
haha, sry, never watched it
i know of those men from an aggressive misspent youth
and also an aggressively misspent adulthood
not so good with the spending, me
3:22 PM
@PeterVandivier =) Victory! My esoteric and useless curiosity, without any practical mandate was appreciated by others. And should bother no one. ;) That's how the site is supposed to work.
As they say in the UK, the "Practical" Requirement is taking the soggy biscuit.
Or the hot cake.
Q: Why is "taking a biscuit" a bad thing in the UK?

Evan CarrollSo, I'm reading up on a list of English Idioms and I see two that bear a striking similarity. "Take the biscuit (UK): To be particularly bad, objectionable, or egregious. "Take the cake (US)": To be especially good or outstanding. Now I can understand why cake is "good" and "outstanding"....

@George.Palacios on a boat you say 'starboard', you are very welcome
6 hours later…
8:54 PM
feeling constructive:
A: Database block size and migration

dezsoYou might run into several problems, depending on what exactly is in the DB currently. However, as the migration doesn't happen on the physical level, none of these problems will stem from the different page size.


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