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5:35 AM
@ypercubeᵀᴹ I pulled a SEDE query in a pivot table a few days back and post stats haven't dropped significally
6:08 AM
@TomV thnx. Link?
6:24 AM
The result ended up like this for answers per day
Maybe voting and flagging or other things higher-rep users do has dropped though, but I don't see a significant drop in posts
it was however interesting to see that stackoverflow main has seen a significant decline the last years, which I think can be attributed in part to the addition of more specialized sites like dba.se but still, I expected more growth
(where post type 2 = answer)
So so main is almost at the point where there are more questions asked than answers posted which I found interesting
And I couldn't help but wonder what stackexchange corporate is thinking about that since I'm sure they have noticed that too. Their data scientists drill down much deeper into the data than I did
6:40 AM
@TomV nice thnx.
I get results only until 16th of September though. I guess we'll have to wait a few weeks before we can check what happened in October.
Ah yes
Wait. I run a slightly different query and I get October results, too
My bad. I hadn't seen them in your query, too.
1 hour later…
7:55 AM
@TomV There's also the fact that you'll essentially get to a point where you've answered the majority of "normal" questions after hitting critical mass, so it's only natural that there will be drop-off.
8:09 AM
@ypercubeᵀᴹ I'm not 100% sure the query I linked is the one I used, but my downloaded csv/xls was still open and goes to Oct 13
yes, I get until Oct 13, too
8:51 AM
Site Analytics has up-to-date data
9:10 AM
@Philᵀᴹ Sure, I just didn't expect it
9:34 AM
Maybe a lot of the unanswered questions causing the ratio change are just closed as duplicates
If you store it in Redis, it would still be 1 billion key/values pairs, wouldn't it? — ypercubeᵀᴹ yesterday
@Laughing Vergil that could be expanded to an answer. — ypercubeᵀᴹ Oct 9 at 18:00
No, parentheses are not required. (and it's a CASE expression, not a statement ;) — ypercubeᵀᴹ Oct 8 at 21:04
10:30 AM
the sass is real
1 hour later…
11:48 AM
Quiet today
12:36 PM
user image
2 hours later…
2:53 PM
hitting my head on a wall
that's a silly thing to do
it is
I'm using Cassandra. Hitting walls is unavoidable ;)
3:23 PM
@ypercubeᵀᴹ got a colleague who would totally agree
@ypercubeᵀᴹ It's not. Go to a place with no walls.
protip: places with no walls tend to have no wifi so you can't work on Cassandra when you're there
@PeterVandivier Laughs in BT Open Wifi
why are you the way that you are?
Blame my parents I guess?
3:38 PM
i'll send them an invoice
@PeterVandivier Which is even better, no?
@PeterVandivier I've tried that. They told me they've paid enough already by having me for a child :D
3 hours later…
7:08 PM
Sometimes it's hard to know whether to laugh or cry ;)
Thanks all for the comments on meta — I'm a bit surprised that Paul hasn't deleted them yet…
meta is special
also I'm not moderating
@JackDouglas I see they haven't removed your diamond yet
Did you see Evan's comment there before Jon deleted it? I thought it was up there with his best :)
@PaulWhite am I supposed to email them or something?
@JackDouglas yeah
via the contact us form or via the usual addresses
@JackDouglas you shouldn't thank us. We should thank you.
You were a great mod and probably still a great guy. I'm not sure where this will all end and what I will do but this has been a great place and you were a big part in making it so
@PaulWhite 'tis done.
7:21 PM
For once I'm serious in here
don't hold your breath - it can take anything up to two weeks
it's nice seeing you still blue
Sad face
Grabs a beer
Are people serious about having somewhere to chat where we can self-moderate? I see the subject has come up a couple of times but I can't tell if it's just in fun.
Some of us had a slack for quite a while now
It's not active at all but there are messages every few weeks
@PaulWhite not to beg but... do you have anything in mind beyond just... not doing stuff?
I’m extra bummed to see jack go, but I get closure
Seems like you’re doing the “Aaron” thing
7:26 PM
I would join a somewhat more shadow chat if I were invited
Not sure how to approach it
@PeterVandivier I'm still waiting for clarity on the issues that caused all this. SE are moving, but slowly. Once the facts are in, I'll make a decision. I can't in good conscience work for free for SE in the meantime.
Fair enough
I guess I don’t really know why Aaron went “in recovery” as it were
@JackDouglas Somewhere around half-serious. It depends how all this turns out. I think there is some solidarity in the other room that will largely leave or stay as a block.
@PeterVandivier Neither do I. I haven't pressed him on it, because it's his business.
Well... not only his business though.
7:31 PM
@PeterVandivier Raise it on meta if you want to force the issue.
I don’t but it’s true
None of this is easy on anyone
You don’t get to be a boss and not do boss things and feel like you’re fulfilling your duties
2 of 3
but if the conventional wisdom is that a network of this size needs 4 people to hand mod duties, then we need a new election
Because I feel like an ass flagging stuff or raising issues only mods can handle
@PaulWhite I have something up my sleeve for Heapers (and/or merry-go-round'ers) who might be interested. ETA halloween. Maybe it won't be necessary in the end, but if it is…
@TomV ^^^
@JackDouglas I wouldn't be surprised if there were serious interest
7:34 PM
This site already won't be the same with Jack leaving. You out too @PaulWhite surely would make a lot of us reconsider or at least see where this takes our personal involvement. I hope my lack of vocabulary doesn't mess this up but what I mean is that if this site doesn't care about quality any more and there is no one around to settle things when they start deviating I can see a lot of folks quitting just because it isn't fun any more
Yeah the past couple of weeks have been decidedly un-fun
Not necessarily 'leaving' as in making a statement and quit but lose interest
@JackDouglas I would definitely like to be a part of it
dba.se has always been a low-flag count site. Flags are still being handled within 10h or so even with only Cole active.
I don't quite get the point about caring about quality. Can you expand @TomV?
I mean... the magic links question - only mods can edit that page, right?
It’s a small housekeeping thing but... I imagine jcolebrand has enough to do as is
@PeterVandivier Very few pages are mod-editable. Which page do you mean precisely? Link.
@PeterVandivier There are currently 2 flags waiting. I have not seen it rise above 6 this past week.
7:41 PM
@PaulWhite we have a tendency to aim for higher quality on the site and current mods support that. If we are supposed to answer noob questions for the sake of inclusiveness I'm nut sure I'll enjoy perusing the site as often. Even when not asking or answering I can learn from clicking links on the front page now
Q: Is there a canonical list of Magic Links?

Peter VandivierRecently I learned "Magic Links" are a thing Paul White: Magic links now work e.g. [mcve] and [example] and [repro] for the new help page Jul 10 9:45 PM This is awesome, but I have a nagging feeling there's more of these that I'm not using and very much could be. Are there more magic lin...

Asked you to answer on a post instead of chat and you declined
So I did a community wiki to contribute the info
But the source page is still wrong
Q: Is there a way to increase the speed of the following insert without having to create an unclusterd index being suggested by sql server?

croxfadeBelow is a query that we are running that takes a while to run. Table 1 has about 400+ million records with 80 columns (this is a db warehouse table). The index being suggested is on the columnx with include all the remaining columns, something that I do not want to do. select * into table...

@PeterVandivier Which source page Peter. That's the link I'm after.
@PaulWhite if only it were linked on the community wiki
That question could include wait stats or a plan for thebselect
7:46 PM
I suspect the answer is honestly "what does your data format look like" and "is it possible to build a 'lookup table' to find the index that you actually want"
@PeterVandivier That page is not editable
Cos that question is already bad on its own
There, I left a clarifying comment request
If you guys have a better one I can delete my comment
I want to vote to close but I can't yet
8 messages deleted
@PaulWhite on mobile so having trouble permalinking but...
> the page that [mcve] links to is mod editable
7:48 PM
2 down votes ans 2 vtc
@JackDouglas ha!
Sort of assumed it was the same as the reference page
I'm sure my comment was more helpful than "2 down votes ans 2 vtc"
and more friendly
@mustaccio lol yes, that was more helpful
7:50 PM
I'm out for the night. Take care
@PeterVandivier The place to suggest edits for the [mcve] page is at dba.meta.stackexchange.com/a/3222/1192
That’s not the page I’m talking about... I’m talking about the canonically reference page that lists the supported magic links for this network
Which is linked in the post
@PeterVandivier I already told you that page is not editable
@jcolebrand Do you have an idea what Peter is talking about here?
the page that lists magic links does not list mcve
Is that clear?!
@PeterVandivier That page is not editable by mods. I don't know how else to state this.
7:58 PM
Would it perhaps be helpful to then explain why mcve is mod editable but the page that list mcve as a canonical resource is not?
If there’s an architectural segregation that you understand that I do do that is generalizable to other pages?
Help Center pages are by default the same and read-only network-wide. Some can be customized per-site by staff. A very few have been enabled for mod editing. I am not aware of any pattern.
But I really don't know why you're asking these things in chat when on mobile.
It's very hard to follow, and few will benefit from the answers.
That's what meta is for.
I asked on meta and asked you to contribute but you’re on strike right now
You’re perhaps correct I shouldn’t be pressing the issue in chat by mobile but i commute 4 hours a day and SE community plays a big part of making my day better
I get that you want to make a point but be consistent - either contribute and enjoy contribute to g or don’t
@PeterVandivier I'm taking a break from volunteer moderation as I am fully entitled to do. If you want questions about site operation answered, ask on meta. Other users or a moderator may answer you.
I answer in chat as a courtesy. I see that is not always appreciated.
Yes you’re entitled to take a break, but it’s absolutely fair to call out that the network I participate in is down to 25% mod strength
Peter, being a moderator doesn't mean you must moderate, or even participate. Mods are not paid, after all.
8:07 PM
@MaxVernon neither are users
@PeterVandivier looks like you're calling out to the wrong crowd
And I honestly put that question on meta based on Paul’s complaint that info was getting lost in chat
@PeterVandivier Yep fair enough. If you just want to vent about it, chat away. If you want an official answer, or to instigate some sort of process, take it to meta. That's just how things work.
As far as I can tell, the main site is ticking along just fine as things are.
Flags are being handled, and the review queues are under control.
Questions are being asked and answered.
There might not be documentation for the [mcve] magic link in a read-only help page, but I think we can survive that.
If anyone is aware of an actual issue, I'm happy to talk about it so long as people can be minimally respectful.
Alternatively, or as well, Database Administrators Meta.
@JackDouglas I actually liked that comment too.
I don't see what he shat bricks over.
8:16 PM
doesn't know you as well as I do perhaps…
LOL I just saw it
> There is no reason why we should deny Christians a safe space on this network. In an attempt to extend a compromise, I would be cool with moving all of the questions on oracle to Biblical Hermeneutics and allowing them their long standing tradition of treating all non-Christians (regardless of gender and sex) as subhuman heathens destined for hell. – Evan Carroll Oct 10 at 16:44
@PaulWhite not sure if that's a dig, but if i've been disrespectful at any point, please let me know
@PeterVandivier You were minimally respectful. I didn't much like your tone at times.
But hey I've had worse.
Mostly from Jack.
Just you wait 'til you're no longer blue 🙂
@PeterVandivier I would say that at this point nothing needs to change from your point of view. Flag and otherwise operate the site as normal.
8:25 PM
@PaulWhite was AFK. Did it get sorted?
@jcolebrand Think so.
@PaulWhite Looked like it but wanted to clarify
@jcolebrand You might want to ask a CM if dba.stackexchange.com/editing-help#comment-formatting can be edited to include [mcve] etc. like it does on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com/editing-help#comment-formatting and add the outcome to the magic links meta Q & A.
I think that is Peter's main concern.
Apologies for the minimal respect as this was not my intention. I appreciate your understanding when it comes to me wanting to get my answers sorted.
I totally get Evans sense of humour these days
8:32 PM
my main concern is actually that i want a community understanding of how to fix busted resources or who to talk to when these resources are broken
the busted page is a symptom, not the disease
@PeterVandivier the thing is...there are lot of users that want to send a message to SE...and the best way for us to do that is to stop giving them work for free
@PeterVandivier I think everyone is sympathetic to that — it's a shame when things get all bogged down and we all suffer as a result
@PaulWhite @PeterVandivier I am VERY reasonably certain that I am positive that this is a globally static page that pertains to every site. Therefore they can't add site-specific MVCE examples.
If there was a way to hardcode that every site had the same route for that, that would be cool, but think of how many sites need an [mvce]
@jcolebrand Yeah but it is different for SO, and that's where [mcve] came from, so...
8:35 PM
I’m just gonna go on break again, see y’all in a week or two. I need to calm down
I mean, look, Stack Overflow has a completely custom set of pages compared to the rest
so ....
True. Wouldn't hurt to ask. I don't think the CMs have anything else on right now.
but where could we ask?
@JackDouglas It's a conundrum for sure.
8:36 PM
@JackDouglas if only we had a site dedicated to the maintenance of each site ...
That's a great idea!
Where would we suggest it though?
Oooooh, what if we used a Yahoo! Group to manage it
With PDFs managing all the back and forth
I think we should migrate to Jack Chat
For anyone not expressly familiar with the joke I'm making
didn't Google shut down their thing as well? Or perhaps I'm misremembering.
8:39 PM
Which one? Wave? Reader? killedbygoogle.com
OMG goo.gl died?
I did not know taht
I was thinking of Google Groups I think
Google Groups is still alive. In fact it is integrated with G Suite, so would be a little hard to kill off.
They'll get it eventually I'm sure
8:41 PM
It's the equivalent of domain groups in G Suite
Paul is talking about the discussion platform.
That's just where they allow public groups, it's the same thing, though.
8:42 PM
The RavenDB mailing list is on it: groups.google.com/forum/#!forum/ravendb
You can still share docs, calendars, etc with those group structures.
I still don't recover from them killing Inbox
@JoshDarnell That UX tho
@PaulWhite Don't worry, New Chat will borrow heavily from that design.
@JackDouglas @JoshDarnell is lead dev on the New Chat project ^
8:45 PM
Who wants to be invited to sprint planning?
I suspect no one?
ask on meta ;)
Oddly, SE chat is one of the better designed chat platforms, and I'm a heavy user of Telegram and Slack.
@CadeRoux Yes it could have ruled the world with a little love at the right time
@PaulWhite "a moderator" or the moderator ;)
8:47 PM
It's the only one that REALLY got threading right
@JackDouglas That was well played.
@ypercubeᵀᴹ Cole has always been The Moderator
Head Gun Monkey
The river rules, but replies are trackable. Fundamentally was able to meet both requirements which so often conflict very very deeply.
Everyone thinks they want threading
bam Slack
Slack spent years on their implementation.
8:49 PM
it shows
And then had the nerve to brag about the abomination they shipped.
(and I don't mean that in a good way)
Years in committee?
I detest Slack with a passion
I guess. I try to discourage people from using the threads
I honestly tried to give it a fair go, but it defeated me
8:51 PM
And it's crazy because Slack has channels that are very easy to switch and forward between, so just keep your channels focused enough
I can't get used to Teams.
I'm so used to the river, but some people do the threads
MS Teams?
I keep get invites for that
Never gonna happen
Listen ... Reddit is the only one to get threading right
And /. almost had it right
8:52 PM
How do we impeach Cole?
And also, if you don't carry a gun as a monkey, can you even be called an American?
Fair point
My three-legged cat killed a mouse today, and stopped me from taking it away so she could eat the head. I'm calling the convalescence complete.
Q: What recourse do I have if I believe a moderator has abused their privileges?

joeOne or more of the following things happened to me on a Stack Exchange site: My post(s) were wrongly deleted or locked by a moderator A moderator posted a wrong comment on one of my posts I was suspended, but did not do anything wrong I asked a meta question, but the question was closed and/or ...

makes notes
@CadeRoux 1. ew
@CadeRoux 2. EW!
and finally EW!
but I'm happy to hear the cat is doing well
9:06 PM
9:27 PM
Yeah, only thing is she can't scratch her right side, that's kind of pitiful when her little stump is moving.
@CadeRoux what happened to her? car?
That's what the vet thinks. We live on a quiet dead-end street, but the back street does have a little bit of one-way traffiic. Her foot was completely luxated, the bones not even broken, so it was either some ridiculous amount to have them fused or some slightly less ridiculous amount to have it amputated.
We actually drove to Baton Rouge to get it done because none of the vet in New Orleans would just give us a ballpark number over the phone.
TiL: Luxate -> To displace, or remove from its proper place, as a joint; to put out of joint; to dislocate.
Yes, all the soft tissues basically separated from the bones.
So a cast would likely not have been effective
poor cat
9:49 PM
poor mouse

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