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2:38 AM
Hi @aki! Thank you for the compilation of the slogans. Yes, we can direct user to a question.
The only really hard restriction is the length of the title. It should be short to be placed on the banner.
You kindly mentioned the banner which says "If you have a question about moderation ask it on meta". This banner is a bit from another campaign which I really want to have on SOja soon. The campaign is about tips how to use the site. We just finished it on SOes!
3:16 AM
Hi @NicolasChabanovsky hope you are feeling better today 🍎🍏
@aki Thank you!
3:34 AM
@NicolasChabanovsky wrote back to you 📧📲 to have more action buttons of "let's ask" make sense
Thanks! Will look at the email in a few :)
and what should the action button say for the most voted question titles (nekketsuuu and yohjp's)?
Hm. Interesting question. What do you think about "Look at a good question" or something like that?
3:53 AM
hm, 良い質問をみてみよう
may i ping those 2?
since they are their actual questions..
i could see both of their questions @NicolasChabanovsky
4:38 AM
@aki Let me clarify the idea. I thought that if we use the title of a good question the banner should direct users to the question. Could you please tell me if I understand your idea right?
It would be a bit strange to me if I click on a banner with a question but the banner sends me somewhere else. What do you think?
3 hours later…
7:19 AM
firstly, the bright side of directing to the most voted page is that we could encourage users to go through all these great (top 1 percent) questions and somehow that may lead to their "actions" of either answering, voting, or ultimately asking new question (as great as these fab. questions) i thought

secondly, i must say that “to have most voted question’s title as a banner” was originally yuki’s idea (not mine🙏!!!) and I still think it is brilliant

lastly, i agree with your point that we click on a banner with a question and the banner sends us somewhere else is in fact not friendly
Could you please tell me what target page should we use according the initial idea?
in yuki's email (which i was only cced), he said (i think) here ja.stackoverflow.com/questions?sort=votes
Let's then pick some title that will describe the target page? What do you think?
but it is true that if you read 「Python のプログラムを実行可能バイナリにコンパイルするには?」and then click on it, then you would expect to go to the actual page which is ja.stackoverflow.com/questions/42597/…
@nekketsuuu sos sos
@NicolasChabanovsky if you click on this ja.stackoverflow.com/questions?sort=votes can you see nekketsuuu's question?
if it is 15/page, then none of those banner titles show up (previously it was 50/page on my screen)
3 hours later…
10:11 AM
@aki If you want to show only my Q&As, this URL will help: ja.stackoverflow.com/search?tab=votes&q=user%3a19110
@nekketsuuu do you have any preference for the landing page?
プラス票の多い@nekketsuuu さんと@yohjp さんのバナーですが
他の6つは「質問しよう」(let's ask)
「この質問の答えは?」 (what is the answer to this question?)
「質問をみてみよう」(let's see the question)
「気になる質問を探してみよう」 (let's take a look and find some interesting questions)


you are right! these may work, too
3 hours later…
12:56 PM
@nekketsuuu Hello! Thank you for the slogans. I think if we use the title of a particular question then the banner with that title should direct to the question instead of some sorting. What do you think?
If we want to direct to most upvoted questions we probably need to have an appropriate title so when a user clicks on a banner thy know what they will see.
1:35 PM
@NicolasChabanovsky Hello :) I agree with Nic; it's better that a banner with a particular question links to that question.
Could you please tell me what would you like/do you think will work best (1) a banner with a title that leads to the question or (2) a banner that leads to most voted questions?
I think both options are fine!
Hmm... Is the question title short enough for a banner?
If so, I prefer (1).
Nice! Thank you!
@aki How about 「質問を見る」 (see the question) for a message of an action button?
9 hours later…
10:59 PM
「質問を見る」 (see the question) sounds great, thank you so much @nekketsuuu !
@NicolasChabanovsky final version will be sent to you via email. 「質問を見る」 (See the question) for nekketsuuu and yohjp's top questions, and 「質問をする」 (Ask a question) for payaneco, nekketsuuu, and Phroneris's slogans as their action buttons. Let me know what you think 🙏

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