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HDE 226868 has unfrozen this room.
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Q: Are nick names the place for propaganda

MolbOrgAs I got more information on the situation, I'm able now to formulate the question, originally was point C in that question. originally it was asked as follows: what it all about for reinstating something - is an advertisement in nicknames of mods is a new future or again how good of an example ...

Q: Is WB going to be opting-in to the new editor?

The DaleksI noticed that SE is testing out a new rich text editor, similar to the one used by Reddit. Will the beta be available in Worldbuilding, or will we need to wait until it gets out of testing?

Q: Are there no universe factory editors anymore?

TopcodeAround a 10 months ago I made a post asking about what happened to universe factory. HDE 226868♦ informed me that he was really the only editor left and that activity had died down due to a few things. A short bit after HDE made another post asking for more writers and editors. A few people said ...

Q: How to hide closed questions when searching for questions to answer

ThkIt seems many of the questions here end up closed. Having most of my searches consist largely of closed questions makes finding questions I can answer even harder and more tedious. (Rarely will will a title tell me if I can answer a question or not. I need to know the details inside)

Q: Is it possible to make an edit and put it in the review queue (after gaining the auto-approve privilege)?

TortlienaOkay, silly billy question, but it seems that because I have a high-enough score, my edits on questions and answers which are not mine are auto-approved. But if I wish to just have a second opinion before validating, is there a way to do so? It's for instance to double-check the grammar since I a...

Q: What should be done with tag darwiniv?

L.Dutch - Reinstate MonicaToday I noticed that there are some questions using the tag darwiniv The questions are all asked by the same user, and revolve around that planet. How do you feel about the tag, and what should be done with it? Personally I am not in favor of a tag specific to a fictional planet of a third party ...

Q: Should we think long and hard about [sex]?

VLAZ(pun in title intended) There is a question posted about intimate relationship between members of different species: What would be the most comfortable position for mermaids and humans to engage in sexual relationships? It was closed and also had comments about appropriateness: I'm not sure if W...

Q: Closed question "This question needs details or clarity" but without explanation of what should be more detailed of clarified

Duncan DrakeThis question has been closed with the reason: "This question needs details or clarity" I had already replied in the comments some clarifications. It is not clear to me though what further clarification or detail I should provide. Should I simply edit the question adding the detail asked by @zack...

Q: My [neural-network] suggests to burninate this tag

val is still with MonicaWhile looking for tags appropriate for my new question I came across neural-network tag. Currently, it only have a single question (closed as off-topic) and no description. On said question, it doesn't really add anything that artificial-intelligence doesn't already. Even if it did, it's rather h...

Q: Messed Up a Question

ThunderhammerI confused two ideas when asking a question, and I want to edit it to reflect what I actually meant. But two people already answered and I'm not sure if I'm allowed to do that. Can I? I'd hate to spam a new question so soon.

Q: Bug in dollar sign + link preview

Mike SerfasI had an issue with a link to $37 billion. The preview - there and here - works just fine. But after the post is made, it no longer displays right. This can be fixed - more or less - with \$37 billion by adding a backslash. I don't know anything about the syntax but I assume it's a variant of ...

Q: Would it be on topic to build a castle, question by question?

Mawg says reinstate MonicaSo, my question Where and how do I build a castle? got closed. Probably because it was thought to be a dupe of: Build an impregnable fortress in the middle ages with modern technology - Nope, I do not want to use modern technology How useful is an impregnable castle? - admittedly there is some ...

Q: Is it possible and reasonable to add "This is a high concept question" to the list of community-specific reasons to close a question?

JBH Edit: An incredibly valuable example of why we should add "This is a high concept question" to the VTC reasons is this question: What would happen if the salt in the oceans disappeared? The OP is even in the process of disputing the closure. In none of the currently visible comments is there a l...

Q: 'Uncomfortable' questions

OtkinI wonder if a question that touches on 'uncomfortable' topics should be deemed as 'Not suitable for this site' and closed as happened to this question about readily accessible drugs that can be used for suicide. I do understand why people may feel uneasy since it is the first question of a new pe...

Q: Is necroing a question really okay?

Darth BiomechSometimes I see really old questions get brought back up to the top. Sometimes it is beneficial since there are lots of answers and quite a few useful bits of info in them, but in other cases, they don't have many views or replies and look like fresh answers. It often leads to confusion. I for in...

Q: How many rep to remove "new contributor" tag?

random internet personI'm relatively new to SE, and I have 185 reputation on the main worldbuilding exchange. I wanted to know: Is the "new contributor" thing tied to reputation? And if so, how much do I need to remove it.

Q: Advice concerning questions asking HOW to implement a technological procedure or device

JBHThough not terribly common, there are occasionally questions where the querent asks either how to implement technology or whether or not their suggested implementation is viable, practical, feasible, believable, plausible, etc. Examples of this include one of my very first questions: What techno...

Q: Could the mods check this out - did I just cast two consecutive close votes on the same question?

A Rogue Ant.This question, turned up in my feed, I imediatley commented and voted to close as NAW. A couple of minutes later it turned-up in the close-question review queue. I again voted to close. Both times it (the system-interface) appeared to accept my close votes. Is there a record in the system of bot...

A: Sandbox for Proposed Questions

AlendyiasImplications of Adventurer's Aura Okay, so this questions concerns my explanation for the recruitment mechanic in RPGs. Basically, all adventurers (as well as "heroes" and "villains") have an aura about them that gives someone a sense of who they are. An adventurer that is trustworthy, with a goo...

A: Sandbox for Proposed Questions

LenHow would future generations of different colonies across far flung space forget about one another? This question might seem like another question asked before: "Would descendants of Earth people stranded on another planet eventually forget about Earth?" ...And there was some crossover, but I thi...

posted on February 15, 2021 by Topcode

Salvage — Part two of Landed Before this story starts I would like to thank everyone on Worldbuilding SE for helping this story come alive. This is part two of a series with a currently undetermined amount of parts. The first part is here. Any similarities to existing pieces, people or real life events are entirely coincidental (except in scientific cases; for example, Newton’s laws are still c

Ah. I see we had a wee bit of a backlog with the feeds.
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@HDE226868 thanks for thawing things out
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Q: Speculative History Discussion

RakeALeafSo this is a chatroom I created a while ago about "what would hve happened if something happened differently"-type stuff. It's on the History community, but it could be useful for worldbuilding. When I hd this chatroom, we were mostly talking about stuff not related to speculative history, so I w...

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Q: Jittery scrolling in Safari on macOS

theonlygustiThe scrolling on worldbuilding.SE and its meta is very unpleasant on macOS Safari. It's like it's running at low fps. For over 2 years we still have this bug in macOS Safari where worldbuilding.SE (and no other site) has awful, choppy, laggy scrolling. it runs at a very choppy pace ... Scrollin...

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Q: Do "shooting" animals exist?

Mason WheelerThe well-known cartoon imagery of porcupines shooting their quills at opponents in a fight is just that: a silly cartoon concept that isn't real. But it makes me wonder, does that mechanism exist elsewhere in nature? Are there any animals whose bodies produce solid projectiles that are used as l...


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