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A: Sandbox for Proposed Questions

AlexeiHow can a government really track the source of infection during a pandemics An airborne pandemic is affecting the entire country and the hospitals are overflowing with patients. The number of severe cases is more than 20% of total infections and this is also greatly affecting the economy. The go...

Q: Should "You are asking questions about a story set in a world instead of about building a world...." closure reason be reworded?

Nosajimiki You are asking questions about a story set in a world instead of about building a world. For more information, see Why is my question "Too Story Based" and how do I get it opened? There seems to be some confusion about when this closure reason should be used. See How can "modern"-ish weapons o...

Q: Should [beer] be moved to [alcoholic-beverages]?

GalacticToday, I was surprised that Worldbuilding Stack Exchange has a tag called [beer], yet there were no tags called [wine], [alcohol], or [alcoholic-beverages]. In addition, there were many questions about wine or other alcoholic beverages, yet they did not have a specific tag. I think that it is unn...

Q: If a question is closed or deleted, what happens to the points accrued by those who answered or commented?

chasly - supports MonicaIf a question is closed or deleted, what happens to the points accrued by those who answered or commented? If I delete my own question or it is closed, Do people who have contributed comments and answers retain their up- or down-votes. What about other benefits such as their question being accept...

Q: Should we delete all tags that have fewer than 10 uses and have not been used in the past 2 years?

GalacticOften times, we see tags that have fewer than 10 uses and have had no uses for 2+ years. It is likely that people are unaware of them. So should we use a bot to autodelete tags like these?

Q: My answer about using flags as weapons remains deleted. I would like it undeleted please

WillkI answered this question about using flags as weapons with the Pulitzer prize winning photo of exactly that. I included an encouragement for Americans to vote. I expected some down votes from people upset by the photo but was surprised to get a moderator level deletion from Monty_Wild without e...

Q: Is personally editing an answer to change from up/down votes after the 25 minute mark intended?

Enthus3dFirst Scenario: Edits so Upvotes can be Changed to Downvotes Recently I found an interesting occurrence when going to re-edit one of my answers. One of my answers were edited by a person, so they could un-upvote it and then down-vote it. I assume it was to gain some kind of strategic advantage o...

Q: Is a single rude remark inside an otherwise good answer grounds for deleting the whole answer?

F1KrazyI recently stumbled across this deleted answer (10k+ users only). It seems like a good enough answer to the question it was posted on, with a fair amount of detail, but was deleted by a moderator as rude/abusive purely for its opening remark: You really need to work on your writing style. This s...

Q: See Proposal for Editing Rules

elemtilasGo here: Proposal for Editing Rules Note to L. Dutch: do nòt roll back and do not "protect" this question. This question should be closed. All further answers or comments should be referred to the linked question.

Q: Proposal for Editing Rules

The Daleks@elemtilas recently proposed in this comment that we, as a community, establish some guidelines for editing. Since I do quite a bit of editing, I have decided to accept his challenge and make a preliminary Ten Rules of Editing. Do not introduce objectionable content into a post. No matter how te...

Q: Should there be a 'frame-challenge' tag?

Omicron ZedUnderstanding that there has been discussions about frame challenges in the past, notably in this question and this other question (plus certain others), is there any disputable reason why there is not a tag for designating frame challenges, given that such questions exist? Is it because it can t...

Q: Why was my comment suggesting studying history, deleted?

Ian KempI made a comment on How do I maintain a region of permanent political instability? to the end that Europe up until WW2 is effectively the answer, and that a basic study of history would provide that information: You've essentially described Europe up until the end of WW2. Basic history lessons w...

Huh, I didn't know that a frozen room also has it feeds frozen. Interesting. Makes sense, I guess.
@Renan, I saw your Meta SE post and just wanted to give you a heads-up that I added the text of the comment to Ian's meta post, in case it's helpful to anyone. I probably should have done that earlier, but, you know, meetings and class called. . .
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@HDE226868 thank you :)

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