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1:50 AM
worldbuilding.meta.stackexchange.com/a/7659/49980 Can anyone give me any feedback on this?
I don't feel like it's one of my better questions, but I'm struggling to figure out how to improve it.
A: Sandbox for Proposed Questions

Jason ClydeScale of damage caused by a night of forced sleep? One of the main plot elements of my story is a series of trials an unknown entity imposes on humanity, by periodically putting week-long curses on every human on Earth over the age of 13. There are other fantastical elements at work here, but fo...

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12:01 PM
When comments get moved to chat should they get auto-deleted off the original question?
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5:40 PM
@JasonClyde as written, it's too broad. With the scope reduced to a large city, it's more tractable. Further, reducing the scope to first order effects (fires, accidents) is more tractable that attempting to handle the eventual economic impact of that much disruption.
My initial approach to your question would be to find a list of jobs that have a night shift. Assuming normal diurnal habits by humans, when the curse hits most people will be asleep. It'll be the people working the night shift that bear the brunt.
6:03 PM
hey there @Green
6:41 PM
@Green Thanks. And yes, that's what I was thinking, it would only affect night shift people since everyone else is asleep. I imagine that even then the damage would be immense just from moving machines suddenly left unattended and unstoppable. Airplane crashes and fires for a start, since nobody over 13 would be able to wake up to put them out or even run.
Q: The fourth annual holiday bountapalooza

HDE 226868The last three years, we've had an unofficial holiday bountapalooza, which we run concurrently with Winter Bash. It's about giving back to the community by placing bounties on questions that need answers, and setting bounties to reward preexisting amazing answers. We'll keep track of the bountied...

@Green I ended up bountying it (again). Fingers crossed that maybe they'll get a good answer this time around.
Or, well, an answer, I guess. But ideally a good one.

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