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12:14 AM
@James I have no idea what you mean.
12:38 AM
hey there @Green
4 hours later…
4:49 AM
@Mithrandir24601 was already asleep sadly :(
@Mithrandir24601 wait there's people with 200+ rep per post?
2 hours later…
6:41 AM
@dot_Sp0T probably accepted answers
@Mithrandir24601 That‘s cool, thanks
2 hours later…
8:58 AM
Hello @Sece
3 hours later…
12:17 PM
Hey, anybody around?
@Green Interesting...
But for me to be told there is no one, requires someone to do the telling. Therefore, your response is false. Unless you're a bot, of course.
@Gryphon I am a robot supergenius.
@Green Who is trying to take over the world through those who build others...
@Gryphon Curses! My nefarious plan is revealed at last!
12:22 PM
@Green You do realize that preceding any statement with the word "curses" as a villain means you have a 95% chance of instant death, right?
@Gryphon If that saves me from the tyranny of existence, then I'll use "Curses!" as often as I can.
@Green umm, that got very dark very quickly.
don't forget to explain us all your evil plan before dying
@Gryphon I've had lots of time to think about it.
@Aify still reading over your feedback, but thanks. I'll reasearch venom glands+elephant anatomy.
12:25 PM
@Green just a little question: is daltonism common among robots?
@Green As an alternative theory, is it common among supergeniuses?
@Kepotx Not sure but I think I exhibit tetrachromy.
@Gryphon Given that everyone else is an idiot...yes, it would be common as the sample size is ~7 billion individuals.
@Kepotx What's special about daltonism and robots? Our sensor suites are usually higher fidelity than you puny humans.
did you assume my humanity?
I may be a robot. a superdumb one, but still a robot
Why is everyone assuming I'm human? Look at my name!
Okay, I just said that to inflate my identicon so you could see the full name
@FoxElemental Well, I'm a gryphon. You can even see my picture right there.
I'll make it bigger
There we go
12:33 PM
Oh. Lemme guess. I know that @FreezePhoenix is a phoenix. @JourneymanGeek is a dog. @James is a cat with a Rubik's Cube.
and @Aify is a very annoyed looking cat
@FoxElemental Alternatively, James may be a rubik's cube with a cat.
That would explain a lot, actually.
@Gryphon Having seen @James face to face on numerous occasions, he is absolutely a cat with a rubik's cube.
I just had to star that so he sees it
@Green But how do you know that the cat is in control. It could be the cube.
@Gryphon Possession is a matter of perspective. From the cat's view, it has the cube. For the cube, it has the cat. Neither view is privileged.
12:37 PM
@Green But the real question here is: Which is sentient? The cat or the cube?
@Gryphon Neither. Both just follow the rules that they find themselves embedded in. The cat has more hidden variables to manipulate than the cube but both are just rule followers.
Um . . . Aify the cat or James the cat?
How do you know which is which?
@FoxElemental Given that we're also talking about a cube, it's James.
Yes . . . but Aify's main account is on Puzzling.
Unless James is actually the cube, and the cat is also Aify.
12:40 PM
Gasp! Could Aify be the cube?
@FoxElemental They're the same person! James has a sockpuppet!
But then Aify is trapped in the cube?
No, wait.
What is the cube?
@FoxElemental Sorry I can't carry on this interesting conversation, but I've got to go.
See ya
12:41 PM
@Green, opinions?
@FoxElemental on...?
The above conversation regarding @Aify and @James
It's a silly conversation intended to be fun for the participants?
You're no fun
@FoxElemental My nihilism is playing up something awful this morning. I'm all kinds of not fun this morning.
12:46 PM
Well, it turns out that all snake venom glands are modified parotid glands, which run from underneath the ear down.
If I inflated the parotid/venom glands for my poison elephant, it would look like it had hamster cheeks.
Waits for smile
@FoxElemental how much venom does your poison elephant need? liters?
I was hoping 1gallon/gland
maybe unrealistic
Very unrealistic
/week, maybe
@FoxElemental What are they using this poison for?
Hold on. BRB in 12 min
@FoxElemental Are they really under attack that much?
hey @HDE226868
12:56 PM
@Green Hey there.
@HDE226868 Anything new and exciting?
Not that I can think of, to be honest.
Anything new with you?
@HDE226868 Not really. Still working. Still commuting to and from work.
Q: Good answers to bad questions, a voting issue

AshI saw this question which I feel is a poor fit for the site and not about Worldbuilding and I down-voted it and VTC'd accordingly. It has since been put on hold but not before it attracted an answer that I think is really nice. So now I'm torn, I don't think the question deserves any answer at al...

1:25 PM
@Green yes.
does lot of answer always mean POB/TB?
No. But, honestly, it could have any answer, and there isn't a "best" answer
on another note
Day: 2 Tray: 1 Score: Invisalign: 14 Me: 0
maybe I'm not objective on this particular question as I have answered it but a question can have several answer without being too broad, sometimes it's unclear to decide if it's a little broad or too broad
Yes. But the answer "An alien syndicate threatened to blast her if she revealed it." is currently a valid, if dumb, answer
There's a couple obvious ones that will be repeated in answer after answer
and then it'll get a slew of upvotes
and then another big discussion
1:40 PM
@FoxElemental mistery much?
And it's very POB. There's no "best answer." All are valid until constraints are added, but the OP will eventually decide not what works best or is the best solution but what he/she likes best
@dot_Sp0T Mystery? No. Misery? Yes
The edges of the trays are sharp.
Toast for breakfast was a bad idea
We've been getting a slew of popular yet TB/POB questions.
@FoxElemental aren't there popular because they are TB/POB?
I mean, TB/POB mean more answer, more answer mean hot
Thinking about making a meta post on it
And if they show up on the HNQ list, it attracts new users--and then gives them false assumptions as to what the site allows. Ask POB/TB/Unclear questions, get closed/discouraged, vicious cycle continues
1:49 PM
so the goal is to close POB/TB before reaching HNQ
I'd say so
aren't closed question exclude from HNQ?
Invisalign: 15. Me: 0
at least it prevent people from other SE from coming
Oh shoot. Now I'm bleeding. The edges of these trays are really sharp.
1:52 PM
@FoxElemental what's the goal? each time there is a line under your message you score?
Every time something happens in my mouth to make me wince
Hi @Bellerophon
Hello @FoxElemental.
How are you?
Pretty good. Just getting ready to play at a concert in a few hours.
How are you?
I know we have a facility to share work based on our questions around here somewhere but where is it and does it have a help section of it's own or do I have to go somewhere else if I need clarifications? I'm nearing completion on second draft of a short piece based on this question and thought I'd share.
2:06 PM
There is the Worldbuilidng blog.
chat.stackexchange.com/rooms/27736/universe-factory is a chatroom for the blog so if you need any help with your draft I guess you could ask about it there. The blog itself is medium.com/universe-factory.
Q: We have a blog!

ArtOfCodeAs you may have seen, over the past couple of weeks, Worldbuilding has been building not a world, but a blog. The setup of that blog is now complete! You can come and visit us now. We've got a reasonable bit of content up there, and our organisation is good and looking set for more. Go and read...

Awesome, thanks people I should have it ready early next week.
@Ash looking forward to it!
argh, I should def write up another post for the blog - been over a year
2:22 PM
More blog posts (and bloggers) would be really great.
3:05 PM
@Bellerophon fine.
Internet problems
3:41 PM
@FoxElemental Blast you. I'm a FreezePhoenix
. . . I'm sorry?
@FoxElemental Totally not sorry.
That's what they all say
@FoxElemental I don't.
Okay . .?
3:53 PM
Why all the dots?
I don't know . . . .
Oh noo! . . .
They're following me . . .
@TestingChatbot welcome
@Raphiel welcome TestingChatbot
@TestingChatbot Hi! I am Raphiel! Please review the room rules. Please don't abuse me. I am still in testing, and wouldlike to live a long life without complications.
@TestingChatbot hello
What is it?
What's the chatbot for?
The heck
It doesn't even work
3:59 PM
@FreezePhoenix That only works in one chatroom so far :)
@Raphiel I mean, you work right?
@FreezePhoenix That didn't make much sense. Use the @Raphiel help command to learn more.
Wait . .
If you just want to play around with a chatbot please create a separate room for it, thank you
Can I ping myself?!
@dot_Sp0T yes...
@FoxElemental no, you can't
4:00 PM
(Sending invite to chatbot room) @TestingChatbot
The invite must not have registered.
It left
Yes, I can tell
4:22 PM
@FoxElemental Yes, you can.
@Hosch250 Like so.
You beat me!
Yeah, direct-reply-ping.
My bot does it occasionally when a chat message is between the command and the result, or for a few specific commands
Uh.. @FoxElemental my main account is Stack Overflow, this is my secondary, and puzzling is my tertiary
Also, my cat face is pretty much my IRL face when I see questions that need closing. XD
5:25 PM
@Hosch250 thanks
@Aify LOL, but I always see your user account in chat as "Puzzling."
@FoxElemental I don't.
6:12 PM
@FoxElemental hey
6:30 PM
6:48 PM
7:02 PM
See you
@dot_Sp0T hi
7:16 PM
what's up?
Programming, watching people be startled about the strictness of security on my bot
Yes. You know, proper sandboxing, hiding globals that may be sensitive information, etc
7:58 PM
I admit I don't have the first clue how chatbots on the network function
so, no
The security prevents them from accessing my FKEY
Which is related to how you can chat :| Have someones FKEY, and you can post chat messages under your profile
Ironically, for something so precious, you can access it in any Dev console by typing fkey()
Hence, arbitrary (You know what that means, right) Code execution could lead to profile puppeting
@dot_Sp0T you still with me?
8:18 PM
(dropping out once in a while; cooking a batch of sirup)
Ok :)
lovely, so you're talking javascript
Oh, yes. Are you not familiar with JS?
I am
I am just establishing a context
8:21 PM
anything you say, claim, ask is only as good as the context in which you do that
good rule of thumb for conversations as well as questiions and answers on this page
@Raphiel quote 45387271 ContextMatters
taps fingers...
Ok, we'll just let that sit for a moment.
@dot_Sp0T Yes, it is a very good rule.
so, you're doing the ol' IRC with your 'bot' there?
Meh. It listens to any room the profile is in, and responds to commands
I assume it's running on your profile though, not a separate bot account?
8:26 PM
yeah, reminds me somewhat of my mIRC days
@Raphiel quote add 45387271 Context Matters
@FreezePhoenix I will cherish this memory for the rest of my life
(Been a while since I've used the quote command)
I had 'scripts' running that reacted to various kinds of greetings and such; were good for about 3-5 lines of conversation before I had to react - meaning it kept the niceties off bay
Ah :) A little butler
also was really fun
It is kinda fun :)
8:32 PM
finish scalzi's ghost brigades or start digging into reeve's railhead?
too bad
1 hour later…
10:05 PM
@dot_Sp0T Not sure whether I should smile or not
Well . . .
Invisalign: 14. Me: 10. I'm catching up!
@HDE226868 Well, I'm working on 1-2. Maybe within the next month one will be ready
hey there @Mithrandir24601
@Shalvenay Rytsas! How're things? I'm moving out tomorrow evening. I think I've done all the packing I can right now
@FoxElemental Rytsas! All well in life?
Yes. Invisalign shall fall.
To dust and ash.
And you?
11:16 PM
@FoxElemental Finished packing, finished filling in inventories of what's going in storage, so I'm now stuck waiting for the drying to finish
It's this breathing condition I have
@FoxElemental Those are annoying at times :/
Whenever I try to say "ah." I end up laughing manically
Gotta go for today
Bye yall

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