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9:56 AM
@FutureHistorian you shall not pass
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12:35 PM
Very interesting version of Eurythmics Sweet Dreams: Sweet Dreams, Atomic Blonde version
1:06 PM
@dot_Sp0T? Question: Cuban Missile War situation sounds grim so far, correct?
@FutureHistorian are you talking about the thing that happened in the 60s?
An alternate Cuban Missile Crisis that escalates into World War III.
Another name is the Cuban Missile War, but at the time, it was World War III.
1:25 PM
Q: Is there hard data on users' cliques for close votes

NofPI was reading a previous question on data on close votes, and a related question came to my mind. The question is as follows: is it possible to reject the hypothesis that there exists well-defined cliques of users that have a higher than random frequency in co-voting to close questions? As a no...

1:38 PM
I finished the draft for the Cuban Missile War's introduction.
1:59 PM
A: Sandbox for Proposed Questions

Hendrik LieThermal Energy Recycling from Daylight Operation to Power Night Time Operation reality-checkphysicshard-science Is it possible to use thermal byproduct of daylight operation to power night time operation? In my setting, a moon-like moon with almost no atmosphere has one of its sides (the far s...

I'm working on a car capable of evaluating arbitrarily complex boolean expressions on "honk if [...]" bumper stickers and responding accordingly.
Writing idea; a man jumps in his car, tells it to just drive until he tells it to stop, and then dies.
@AndyD273 Oh god. That car would get so very bored.
A: Sandbox for Proposed Questions

Joe BloggsHow high can Ludicrous Leg Man jump? Ludicrous Leg Man has never skipped a leg day, as a result of which he has infinitely strong and fast legs and all attendant secondary superpowers. Don't ask why, just roll with it. While performing leg related actions such as running, jumping and kicking ...

2:18 PM
@JoeBloggs Assuming the man had enough money in his bank to pay for fuel, I wonder how long it would take before someone realized that it wasn't just the old "fake skeleton driving a car" prank.
@AndyD273 I feel like this is one of those "Planning a murder? Ask on WorldBuilding - for a story, you know..." questions that we sometimes see
Steps to commit the perfect murder:
1. Invent fully autonomous self driving car.
2. Invent fully autonomous robotic fuel stations.
3. Lure victim into car.
4. [Insert way to cause death here?]
5. Why am I doing this again??
@AndyD273 We have a lot of questions for 4 and if those are not enough you can ask a specific one on the Main Site. It shouldn't take long to get a handful of gruesome answers. About 5: for... the story?
@Secespitus Just thinking that steps 1-3 are kinda unnecessary. About 5, I would have also accepted "for... Profit?"
2:45 PM
An autonomous car, driven mad by the death of its owner, takes up work as a fully autonomous taxi. It’s also a serial killer
@AndyD273 It's a bit much for a "You though it was a prank, but it was real"-prank
Can you imagine the episode of Criminal Minds??!?
@JoeBloggs The thing is: if they catch the car, what will they do to it? It's a car, not a human and as far as I know we currently don't have laws about punishing cars.
Send it to car prison? Switch it to old tyres? Don't wash it for a year?
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3:49 PM
@sphennings You are being too lawyer-ly about that question.
@kingledion I can't make sense of the bit about restaurants and smokestacks. So I'm going off the part I can understand. If the question was something like "People in my fantasy world live inside the trunks of trees. What fire resistant trees would they build their kitchens in?" I wouldn't have any complaints.
@kingledion We just seem to be disagreeing today. I think the Michigan question is on topic. :)
Regarding the Michigan question it's asking about an alternate history, which exactly the sort of question worldbuilding is designed to answer. While it is asking about the effect of an event (or lack thereof) on society. It's is specific enough to not be too broad.
Well, I think it is just asking about 'what is the second biggest thing that Michigan does.'
@kingledion That's how I'd go about answering it, but the question could also be answered by suggesting some other industry that would fill the void left by the automotive industry.
4:19 PM
Q: How to be a close voter

kingledionThe value of precendent One of the most important principles in organizing a just society is the equally applicable rule of law. Worldbuilding is, while perhaps seeming trivial compared to a nation, simply another society that we all hope is organized in a just manner. No one doubts that there i...

@AndyD273 What the *Very Bad Word?!?* :D
4:55 PM
@Secespitus I imagine it would end with a high speed chase and the car driving over a cliff rather than doing time.
@JoeBloggs "You'll never catch me alive!... Intact!... Complete...? Ermmm..."
5:27 PM
@Secespitus Self censoring can be entertaining.
A: Why might wizards be unable to wear armour?

elemtilasObviously, it's because a wizard's staff is too long. The armour won't fit.

Go forth and self moderate.
@Secespitus 'You want to know what I did with my last passenger? I ate his credit card with some java beans and a nice unleaded. Fhfhfhfhfhf'
@James Had already flagged it - still pending
@JoeBloggs You... monster!
6:32 PM
Gentlemen? Hearts of Iron IV: Cold War mod playthrough has resulted in a conventional World War III over Korea, and NATO got steamrolled......badly.
Well, the status quo in Europe from a borders perspective remains, but NATO as a military and political alliance is crippled to a degree that I never expected as I began to steamroll Europe.
In fact, much of their military is destroyed, and West Germany is practically defenceless for all intents and purposes.
Q: Is there hard data on users' reopen voting patterns?

SecespitusThe question Is there hard data on users' cliques for close votes? made me think about whether there is a difference in people's closing and reopening vote patterns. Do we have any data, for example from SEDE, that would give any indication to users' voting patterns in regards to reopen votes? ...

Unless you count America and the British forces in Britain itself, the French armies that were fortunate enough to survive the Soviet March (get it?), Spain, Portugal and Italy (Turkey has yet to join and will probably not be willing to due to the defeat of NATO by the Soviets during WWIII).
posted on December 07, 2017 by gryphon

This is one of a set of stories exploring the fictional world of Quenaunor. The previous story is here, and the first story is here. This is the first part of a four-part story. The next part is coming soon! Stanor, a priest of Aghrad and Chief Merchant of Kaegharm, sniffed the salty wind coming through the large window above his desk and grimaced in distaste. The window overlooked Kaegharm’s h

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9:26 PM
@MonicaCellio @MichaelKjorling I added some data on other sites. Request that you delete all those comments, while you are at it, I'd like to encourage more discussion.
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10:31 PM
@kingledion Hey there! Let me know if you make any progress on the interferometer question; I'm also interested in it.

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