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7:12 AM
@Shalvenay Make the dragons naturally hot. They normally have a fire breath, so why shouldn't their bodies and thereby their wings be hot? Make it so hot that bugs and other stuff doesn't stick to them very long.
Morning WorldBuilding
My toxic cat claws made it to the HNQ. Cats (and poison?) rule the internet :D
Rytsas @Shalvenay (Sorry, I was just going to bed when you sent that)
Good morning. Congrats on HNQ. My question has now been knocked off the list, so we'll see about the next.
@Pete The bunny bombs?
Or the robo-snakes?
7:27 AM
Robosnakes. The bunny-bombs are on the back-burner for a while.
How much time does your army have to prepare for the fight? Or how long will it take them from realising robo-snakes are on their way until they see them?
The way I see it, drones and autonomous weaponry are used extensively in this conflict and air/surface attack vectors are well known and defended for. Robosnakes are a new kind of threat and have decimated other units. They're known, but effective defences have not yet been formulated.
8:27 AM
Q: Who deserves the acceptance of the answer in questions?

Alex DarkshineI have several questions with really good answers,However im not sure what to do right now....who deserves the best answer in questions? most upvoted answer or my favourite answer? Good night!

2 hours later…
10:39 AM
How have you guys been holding up?
@dot_Sp0T Not bad thanks. It's about a quarter to lunch-time here.
@Pete sounds right in my book. Anything good happened the last 2 months on the site?^^
JDługosz got elected as a moderator. Apart from that, the same old thing. I have a current theme of weaponising animals that hasn't yet resulted in VTC hammers.
Hope things are good with you.
10:59 AM
Yeah the semester started after the election^^
11:13 AM
I need some help with my answer.
A: How would an army defend itself against mass robo-snake attacks?

M i echForgive the tone, but I couldn't resist. When snakes sneak and threaten everything you believe in, there is one hero who can save us. We need... Robo-mongoose flashy intro in style of trashy cartoons electric guitar solo Just like this guy above, needs more metal, though. And red glowing l...

@Miech I can't help with the musical montage
Also, hi @dot_Sp0T
As you can see, I went for facetious description, but as @Pete pointed out, some short music to go with first lines of the answer would help a lot.
And so, I'm turning to the chat. Can anyone help me out?
Haha. Don't take it literally, I was just following your dramatic style....
Yes, but actual youtube link to clip from "trashy cartoon" and short over the top riff would indeed make it better.
I'm trying to find something, but I just can't figure out how to formulate the google question.
Or "Team America", which has the most awesome musical montage in known cinema history. But probably not appropriate for WB.
@Pete It's that from where "america fuck yeah" soundbite comes from? If so, yeah, that's about what I was imagining writing the answer, and yes I can't really use it. But since it exists as a parody there have to be actual montages like that, otherwise parody wouldn't really work.
@Pete It is a dead unicorn trope.
And since stuff like that: youtube.com/watch?v=UdSDuJu04xU actually exists, we know this is not a dead unicorn.
@Secespitus sup
Seems there's still quite a lot of questions that boil down to: Make a decision for me
11:35 AM
@Secespitus so the bug splats burn off, kind of like a self-cleaning oven?
@Shalvenay Exactly
11:54 AM
Hmm. Interesting - robo-snake made it to hnq spot #7 already.
@Pete That was fast
You got a streak with your weaponised animals
Counting my cats weaponised animals seem to be a trending topic
I think just choosing a juicy question title helps a lot.
1 hour later…
12:57 PM
<idle question> What happened to the previous 8 Shogs? </idle question>
1:09 PM
@Pete shog (ʃɒɡ) British dialect. a shake or a jolt. a shogging or jerky gait.
@AndyD273 I was referring to the SE site admin - Shog9....
@Pete Ah, a bit of context does in fact help
Sorry, I sometimes live inside my own head.
@Pete The other clones are probably active on different forums. They are secretely invading every knowledgebase on the internet and trying to change our view on the world to become world leaders
That. Or maybe the previous 8 are dead.....
1:19 PM
There's a very good reason why I don't visit that web site while I'm at work....
I am guessing I have read every what-if at least twice.
Dang. I can't quite get my question to HNQ#1. I'll have to send in the bunny-bombers.
@Pete That sounds awesome out of context. And in context, too.
Bunny-bombers are the future, I'm tellin' ya.
1:29 PM
@Pete I just added an upvote and a comment
@HDE226868 Hola
@James <tips cap>thank you, sir</tips cap>
@James Mornin'.
You wake up in a world that has sentenced an ex-power ranger for murder....
How surreal is that....
Have you seen the new movie?
When good rangers go bad...
1:32 PM
@AndyD273 That sounds like the title to a porno...
No, not seen the movie. Such childish activity as enjoying sci-fi is repressed in my life.
That's why I had kids...now I have an excuse to go see movies :D
I never watched that show... It looked way to cheesy
@AndyD273 The original is amazingly terrible.
Just trying to gauge how PG-13 it is...
(the new movie)
Yeah, I couldn't get myself to watch it when I was young, and so I have no interest in it now
1:35 PM
Back in my day Monkey used to be the thing to watch...
@Pete Finally, someone older than me around here.
well...other than Monica and JD
but they don't join chat often
How old is old?
I'm 35
ah, then yeah, people older than you ;p
1:36 PM
@James I dream of being so youthful....
@HDE226868 Up for a random physics question?
I'm 48, or 49. One of the two.
@James Sure.
@Pete yeah after like...25 its stops mattering
@HDE226868 So the universe by most accounts is expanding right. And the source of the force for said expansion would be the big bang right?
Jumping on the Random Physics Question bandwagon : What would happen to Earth's orbit if all the other planets disappeared...?
1:38 PM
Also, does anyone know why the data cited here is double what I find here?
@Pete Probably very little...
@Pete I think it might alter a little, but mostly just because of jupiter
@James Well, there's no force needed for it to expand. It would keep expanding without anything applied to it. The current acceleration of expansion comes to us courtesy of dark energy.
Jupiter does change the gravitational center of the solar system a bit
@HDE226868 Ok so...if the big bang is a real thing, at some point, wouldn't the universe stop expanding and begin to contract until everything coalesced and another big bang happens?
1:40 PM
@HDE226868 I'm going to try to steal James's question and ask, does that mean the amount of dark energy is increasing?
Speaking of Jupiter did you guys see that video link depicting the Trojan Asteroids for Jupiter? It was eye opening .... 6,000 total and Lobes front and behind at the Lagrange points and single Asteroid going in the opposite direction
@James According to Big Crunch or Big Bounce theories, yes. But the densities of various components are right enough so that expansion will keep going, presumably forever.
@James - when the universe expands past a certain point, it'll just cool and die. Until someone shakes the cosmic snow-globe again.
@DaaaahWhoosh I don't believe so, but then again, nobody knows much about it.
1:42 PM
@HDE226868 Is it forever or just so long a time frame that we can't really conceive it?
I think everyone assumes that the universe as we know it is an everlasting continuous cycle of existence. The single big bang and death could well be it....
@James I don't think anyone can say for sure. It looks like "forever" is a nice bet, but nobody's going to be around to say for sure.
@HDE226868 Pshh...mortals.
@Pete First cause?
@HDE226868 Speak for yourself
After a few trillion years forever will be rebranded into "the new now"
So it will be the same, and yet completely different
1:46 PM
@James First cause is created out of the cold, dark elements of the previous universe, creating an almost infinite number of new, smaller universes.
@HDE226868 The first source you listed is counting the sum of posttypeId which is 1 per question and 2 per answer
@HDE226868 this is what I'm responding to
@DaaaahWhoosh That would explain it.
@Pete Yeah but what about the first universe?
It's universes all the way down
@HDE226868 are you planning on correcting the user who wrote that answer, or should I?
1:48 PM
@James I could tell you, but then I'd have to kill you. Probably easier if you don't know.
@Pete It would probably make my brain hurt anyway
@DaaaahWhoosh Your choice.
@HDE226868 I choose laziness
Woot! HNQ#1 My life is complete.
@Pete Congratulations
1:51 PM
@Pete is that what the roller skate snake was for?
Sort of, unfortunately, the roller-skate was left on the cutting room floor.
The...factory floor? :P
I'd like to thank @DaaaahWhoosh for his inspiration that formed an important part of my success, I'd also like to thank everyone who didn't let the question halt at the first unforeseen obvious answer ("Have you seen 'Tremors'?").
Obvious answers are for losers
It's also a double celebration in that I've finally asked a question that hasn't resulted in a down-vote or a VTC.
1:56 PM
VTCs out of spite
@Pete I have a notebook covered in chainsaw dogs because of you
Close > Other > Question is too popular and good, raises expectations for this stack to unreasonable levels
@DaaaahWhoosh You're welcome.
actually, this last one is pretty cute... though I wouldn't let it lick me
chainsaw dogs need a snappy name....
2:00 PM
user image
"Chainsaw Dogs" is a great band name
That should be the album cover
@DaaaahWhoosh You are a genius
With the blurry photo and notebook lines and everything, it will evoke the lost innocence of our youth
@Secespitus you happy with your Cat Claw question? Looks like it is doing good to me
@DaaaahWhoosh Fantastic, well done sir..!
2:02 PM
@EnigmaMaitreya Yeah, the toxic claws are going pretty well. There were some cool answers, especially the one from @James with the cool article
Though I would love if "Grimm the Opiner" would post an actual answer using the idea from his comment - a cat with snakes for legs
That sounds just awesome
Maybe I will use that for another question...
@DaaaahWhoosh Reminds me slightly of Sharky the Shark Dog on Eeek the Cat
@Secespitus Change the DNA and make one
@EnigmaMaitreya I am not sure how well my creature could move with symbiotic snake-legs
@Secespitus Have the legs move like a snake does but in unison.
That would look so cool... Though jumping might be a bit difficult
2:06 PM
Let the cat raise a leg for a poisonous attack
Hum, get a physics person to look at the physics of motion, the body lunges forward while the legs raise up (think cobra)
@Secespitus Seems like it would sorta look like a cat/octopus hybrid. Pusapus
Are there snakes out there that can jump?
@AndyD273 "How could a Pusapus evolve?" would surely reach HNQ
@Secespitus I think there's ones that can glide.
@Secespitus Good question ... Squirrels can Glide and who would have ever thought that possible
Chrysopelea, more commonly known as the flying snake or gliding snake, is a genus that belongs to the family Colubridae. Flying snakes are mildly venomous, though the venom is dangerous only to their small prey. Their range is in Southeast Asia (the mainland (Vietnam, Cambodia, and Laos), Greater and Lesser Sundas, Maluku, and the Philippines), southernmost China, India, and Sri Lanka. == Gliders == Chrysopelea is also known by its common name "flying snake." It climbs using ridge scales along its belly, pushing against rough bark surface of tree trunks, allowing it to move vertically up a tree...
The creature in my mind is getting weirder and weirder
I just became more afraid of snakes
Thanks guys
Have the back side of the snake join the body where the shoulder is
Doesn't the snake do a lot of stuff by flicking its tail
That would not mesh well with an arm configuration
But this is a Chimera scenario
Just put the snake on the tongue of one of the heads
2:11 PM
You are going through the park and suddenly you hear a cat meow behind you. You look on the ground and there is nothing. Then there is a little shadow, you look up - and you see 4 snakes that whose upper parts go into the body of a cat gliding towards you while hissing
Get that sweet sweet Alien IP infringement
Dripping acidic drool.....
That just seems inconvenient
Ha Ha just read this ... "During a post-launch teleconference with reporters Thursday evening, Musk revealed that the Falcon 9's payload fairing — the protective nose cone that shielded SES-10 during launch — came back for a soft splashdown in the Atlantic Ocean, thanks to onboard thrusters and a steerable parachute." - "That cherry is pretty valuable: It cost about $6 million to build the 16.5-foot-wide (5 meters) fairing, Musk said. "
That's the kind of recycling I can get behind
2:18 PM
I just ran an internet search for "liquid explosives" before remembering that I'm on the corporate network.
Search for "oops sorry FBI"
And then I had an idea of robots disguised as rabbits, pooping explosive pellets...
@pete The real trick is the rabbits using their own pellets to rocket jump
@SPavel - That doesn't sound terribly dangerous...
Combine a rabbit's razor sharp teeth with significant forward velocity, and you can tear the throat out of an armoured knight in seconds.
2:25 PM
@SPavel that's a myth, it'd only be a flesh wound
The knight will only have the chance to utter a final "Ni" before keeling over...
All the time I'm talking about dangerously modified animals, I'm humming the Jurassic Park theme to myself....
@AndyD273 ""We didn't originally intend for Falcon 9 to have a reusable upper stage, but it might be fun to try like a Hail Mary," Musk said. "What's the worst that could happen — it blows up? It blows up anyway."" - the Link space.com/36296-spacex-completely-reusable-falcon-9-rocket.html
2:47 PM
@Secespitus For the record I didn't know about that prior I found it while researching my answer and it was awesome. :D
@Secespitus At least we're not doing spiders again...
@James @Secespitus Don't go slacking off now, the perfect weapon, the genetically engineered mosquito that doesn't suck blood ... well maybe for fuel ... but does inject the Zombie Virus or Fungus
Even I'm finding it difficult to find ways of making spiders more dangerous.
Except maybe throwing-spiders. Like shuriken, but with added fangs.
So that when you swat them, you die
Spider Fact: Each hair on the spider is the hair of a fallen human woven together in a macabre armor
You could link spiders up to form a centipede of death....
3:04 PM
Spider Fact: Spiders each have their own unique call-sign. Each call-sign must include the word death.
Q: What minimalistic message from the future would make you most successful?

SF.I'm a tinkerer, working in my garage on a time machine. I had some success. Saying "I built the time machine" would be too much. I built the receiver. It can provide exactly one bit of information, 0 or 1; building the unit cost me about \$10k, it takes a lot of electricity, about \$100/day wort...

Spider Fact: Not all spiders have 8 eyes. Some have as little as two, some as many as 10.
3:25 PM
@James I'm trying to tell if that's better or worse than macrame armor
@SPavel Or acid, like the Nairobi fly
The name Nairobi fly or Kenya fly is applied to two species of beetle which live in East Africa, Paederus eximius and Paederus sabaeus. The Nairobi fly is a common example of an insect that contains a corrosive substance known as pederin. They are species of the rove beetle genus Paederus, and are black and red in colour, and about 6–10 mm long. They live in rotting leaves where they lay their eggs. The beetles neither sting nor bite, but their haemolymph contains pederin, a potent toxin that causes blistering and Paederus dermatitis. The toxin is released when the beetle is crushed against the...
insects are freaking creepy.
Which is a weird name for them, since they are beetles, and don't have wings...
I think we need a new chatroom rule: only talk about bugs in the winter, when they're all dead
@DaaaahWhoosh In which part of the world? You northernist!
@AndyD273 I suppose you're right, and most of the weirdest bugs seem to come from the south...
3:33 PM
You're from ohio, right? I don't think we have any of the bad ones in our geographical area
yeah, it seems pretty tame around here. And I get way less bugs in my apartment than I did anywhere before, which is weird considering how much food I leave out
@DaaaahWhoosh I can only assume your apartment is littered with the corpses of carrot cakes.
@James nah, mostly beer bottles and cardboard
the recycling bins are so far away
@DaaaahWhoosh I understand completely
I probably should figure out how to get some carrot cake, though
3:50 PM
Huh, I wonder, why are (most) leaves are green instead of black? If absorbing all of the light except for the green wavelength is good, why not absorb the full spectrum? It can't be that the green light is bad, because we have a red maple in our yard.
@DaaaahWhoosh Carrot cake, the consolation prize of the cake world.
Or is that participation prize? I get those two mixed up.
@AndyD273 I would disagree, but honestly now that I think about it there's not really any cake that's worse than carrot cake. Except maybe cakes without icing
but those don't count
I just especially like carrot cake because it's different. If it was the standard type of cake it might be less interesting to me
Although, to be fair, my mom tried to convince me that some healthy beet, applesauce and something else would taste the same as a chocolate cake. But that's more of a war crime than a cake.
@Pete I added some youtube links to the Robo-mongoose answer. Do you think it's better? Any suggestions how to improve it further?
It looked like chocolate cake, about the same color. It did not taste like chocolate cake. I don't know why she didn't at least put cocoa powder in so it would have some actual chocolate in it...
I assume there's probably a healthy way to make something taste like chocolate out there
like, I've found that whisky and soy sauce tastes a lot like maple syrup. It's probably not actually healthier, but it's definitely different.
4:06 PM
But there isn't really anything unhealthy about chocolate. It's the sugar you have to add to sweeten it that makes it bad. If you used a different sweetener that was healty then it would probably be ok.
hmm yeah, good point
if it was sweetened by fruit juice or something it might be better than using refined sugar, and some fruits go good with chocolate.
even though fruit sugars in excess are still not great
I have fond memories of raspberry hot chocolate. I really should see if I can find out where it came from
The syrup is nice, because you can add it to any hot chocolate you want. Or coffee.
Or warm milk. Though if I remember correctly from my barista days the raspberry could curdle the milk just a little
mmm yeah my memories are probably of the former, but the latter does seem more versatile
I would buy some, but I still need to experiment with using almond milk. It lasts like three times as long as regular milk, but it doesn't seem to hold up well to heat
4:16 PM
Sounds like the trick is low heat and not getting it to hot: "Yes, you can 'steam' almond milk without any fancy equipment. Just heat it gently until bubbles arise. Make sure not to burn the milk, aiming for 130-140 degrees. For some additional froth, give it a whirl with a quick hand whisk"
Does it taste like almonds?
Almond flavor is my favorite flavor in the world. Also the smell is amazing.
Also, that reminds me... I gotta stop on the way home and pick up some milk so I can make more yogurt tonight
@AndyD273 yes, it does seem to taste like almonds, sort of. It tastes like you'd expect almond milk to taste, I think. Plus there's usually sweetened/unsweetened/vanilla versions
I personally find it less drinkable than regular milk, but I don't really drink milk all that often anyway, so I needed an alternative that lasted a long time
The kids go through a lot of milk, and I use some for other things, like custard and yogurt and stuff...
I'd be wary of using it in any sort of baking, I put it in as a substitute for water but other applications that call for milk haven't worked as well
I've been able to use almond milk in pudding but using only about half as much almond milk as I would normal milk.
huh, yeah from my experience that makes sense.
everything always seemed so watery
4:35 PM
Coming back to insects: one of my favourites is the suicide-bomber ant (name might not be official). These things explode when you touch them by contracting their abdominal muscles when they think they can't win a fight to release a sticky secrete from the rearof their heads that can immobilize enemies.
@James Making spiders even scarier would be inhumane - like if you managed to make them fire-resistant.
"Burn it with fire!" wouldn't work anymore.
Is there a fire-resistant animal?
5:00 PM
@Secespitus The bombardier beetle has always been interesting to me.
5:33 PM
fun fact, I just discovered that there actually was a group of people called Assassins during the Crusades (like in the original Assassin's Creed)
5:46 PM
A: Sandbox for Proposed Questions

SecespitusHow could a fire-resistant spider evolve? "Burn it with fire!" "It's not working, they just keep coming! They are everyw-" That was the last we heard of Bob and Joe. You know what's scary? Spiders. You know what would be even scarier? Fire-resistant spiders. I would like to create one o...

6:38 PM
another fun fact, if you don't include '\bin' in your JAVA_HOME variable, no one will complain, but you will not be using the version of Java you think you will be using
1 hour later…
7:56 PM
@AndyD273 did you only start wondering this after reading today's xkcd?
on a related note, I now also want to know why plants aren't black
I also want to know how Google knew what I was going to type when all I'd gotten so far was "why aren't"
@DaaaahWhoosh I think it's something I've wondered about before, but todays XKCD just brought it back to my memory
@DaaaahWhoosh trends. Probably a few people typing that out after this XKCD dropped
well, so far the answer seems to be 'they don't want to overheat, after that meh, evolution isn't intelligent'
other than that, it seems like a mystery. Or, there seems to be no good reason not to have different-colored plants on an alien planet
ooh, and there's a cool theory that the first 'plants' were purple, and green plants took advantage of the unused wavelengths
8:18 PM
@DaaaahWhoosh Because they are tying Spell Check, Grammer Check and ... completion together through one of their Deep Learning AI's
yeah, but it seems so... personalized
I just tried on my work computer, and the first suggestion for "why aren't" is "why aren't you working"
Google knows where I am...
@DaaaahWhoosh There may be an evolutiuon of making the emerging psuedo-ai's, the PA's, into an operating system of sorts. If you have not seen Her, then you may want to for the aspects of how we may interact with computers in the not to distant future
@EnigmaMaitreya yeah, I probably should get around to watching Her. I was going to go see Ghost in the Shell, but its reviews don't sound too positive
on a completely unrelated note, I never realized until now that in a literal interpretation of the Bible, Noah might've had dinosaurs on the Ark. And if so, to get around the size limitations, people have suggested the animals on the Ark were mostly babies
I now really want to believe that it actually happened
8:37 PM
@DaaaahWhoosh I am going tomorrow to see it ... IF you do choose to see Her ... you may want to focus more on the human to computer interactions rather than the tawdry (my opinion) emotional interaction. There is just one segment of that, that is provides ... hum that is possible ... but the movie taken as a possibility of how we can interact with computers is rather insightful.
@DaaaahWhoosh IF you find that intriguing then why not "The Tower of Babel". To me that and Methuselah are two of the most interesting stories ... well other than the big one. IF I were given just 1 ride to any time in our past ... what would it be ... To the time of Christ and see what the hell was real vs intentional obfuscation vs control vs just plane old evolution of what happened.
yeah, as interesting as the stories are it'd be great to see what really happened. The truth behind the myths and all that
I took a great class in college that was all about figuring out which parts of the New Testament were actually authentic (which of course is mostly informed guesswork, no concrete proof one way or the other), and it made me really wish I could meet Jesus, see what he was really like
@DaaaahWhoosh We share that desire then ... I tend to be careful of Wishing ... A life time ago I assumed I had 3 wish's .... now I have 2, when my wife had a lump found in her breast I burned one of them when the surgery and biopsy was performed. That was 27 years ago so .... who knows ....
@DaaaahWhoosh If one looks at the Tower of Babel out of context, it could be us in the not to distant future and that fury pf destruction could be Aliens ... Just sayin
8:56 PM
lol yeah, or it could be even further in the future when a virus wipes out all universal translator software
9:12 PM
@DaaaahWhoosh Ha ha, honestly, we as a species may have been here before. To many myths writings etc. to be easily swept away or dismissed. BUT finding evidence is ... challenging.
9:56 PM
@DaaaahWhoosh a number of my fanatical friends who really liked the original have said this one is pretty good
10:13 PM
hey there @DaaaahWhoosh @Mithrandir24601 and @RoryAlsop
11:01 PM
"Tiny fish’s venom makes predators zone out and release them" - newscientist.com/article/…
@Shalvenay evening
11:29 PM
how're things going?

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