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12:59 AM
@HDE226868 Fun Fact, Spiders can be seen of every Continent on Earth other than Antarctica, where spiders are invisible
hey there @TrEs-2b
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2:16 AM
You know I new Jupiter had Trojen Asteroids, but I didn't really know there were these many and the shape of them, at the points. space.com/… - 6000 Asteroids in Jupiter's 'Orbital Space,' 1 Going 'Wrong Way'
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4:23 AM
@Shalvenay Howdy
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6:54 AM
@TrEs-2b You guys are mean.
Good morning WorldBuilding.
7:06 AM
Good morning. I am again not entirely here.
Even when I am telling you that Japan has an energy drink that contains juice produced by hornet larvae?
Japan also has vending machines that sell underwear. Japan has many strange things.
Right, Japan is weird.
I am tempted to search for other weird inventions from Japan, but they are often not really safe for work. Like that vending machine.
Well, maybe not weird, just different. Culture and thought processes are a lot different to our westernised view.
And in the news this morning - snake eats man
I would still say they are "weird" according to my subjective view of the world. Of course they have their reasons and it's a fascinating culture, but it's in part so different from our culture that it regularly strikes me as "weird"
@Pete Woah, I always thought they only try to eat children because an average adult human would be too big
7:20 AM
Yeah. Not a fun way to go.
Being choked to death is rarely a fun way to go.
I guess this inevitably leads to a question about weaponising reticulated pythons. Armour-plating and rabies, maybe...
Make them bigger
Than they can easily kill everything
And faster - mount them on roller-skates.
Put a mad scientist in a zoo - what could possibly go wrong...?
Are you expecting a picture of a roller-skating giant snake with armor from @DaaaahWhoosh now?
Define "wrong" - giant roller-skating snakes doesn't sound "wrong" to me
7:24 AM
It would be too much to hope for....
It's not as cute as the roller-skating laser-kittens, so yeah, probably too much
But maybe you could give the snake a cute tiny hat
Maybe a rattle.
Those pictures are a little disturbing.
#1 is cute
#13 not so much
@Secespitus Name one time I was mean
Can you imagine a super-sized, super-speedy python with a laterally mounted full length chainsaw? It would literally mow down the enemy...
7:32 AM
@Pete Snakes are one of the cutest animals there are
@TrEs-2b The spiders yesterday! :D
And snakes are rarely cute
That wasn't mean
@Pete That would be super-scary
Fun Fact II - Spiders are not insects. Insects has 6 legs while spiders have an empire of fear
You get a star from me for that one
I am not a big fan of things without legs and things with more than 4 legs
7:39 AM
Do spiders have knee's?
Fun Fact III - Spiders have 48 knees and yet they lack an understanding of the value of life
I wonder how humans would live if they had 48 knees
Very wiggly
Like how cartoon characters move
That would look awesome
7:46 AM
The worm would become infinitely more cool
8:24 AM
Hi guys! Suddenly there are more people chatting. So what's hot?
Just the usual discussions about snakes, spiders and giant roller-skating snakes with armour
@Pete hey, if I order underwear from an online store, and it uses automation to fill orders, isn't that just a great big Vending Machine?
@JDługosz I think I read something about the underwear being used already by women.
But I am not sure and not willing to google that right now.
@TrEs-2b related fact: even entomologists don’t like spiders.
@Secespitus oh, I heard of that. Not necessarily sold in machines, but bins like trading cards.
My radio is talking about making a heart out of decellularized spinach. This is cool idea. @JDługosz That sounds like an automated online store selling underwear to me. Might not be easy to call it a great big vending machine without measuring it for size.
8:28 AM
Some years ago I had a pet snake.
I heard about an arachnologist who had problems with spiders, but only if they caught him unawares. Pet snakes! Erk! Some of us here are herpetophobes. WEll, me for one.
Anyone else share my reaction to sthis q](worldbuilding.stackexchange.com/questions/75627/…), that “Dragons don't use their nises to incubate their clutch”. You're looking under the wrong end.
What is “WEII”?
Me making a typo for "Well". Nises? This is part of dragon anatomy of which I am not familiar. Will look at question you mentioned.
A pet roc would be interesting for those who misspelled their letters to Santa.
nose. Typo.
Typos. They must be catching. Looked at the dragon question. My reaction was the phrase was metaphorical and let it go that. The answers are mostly boring similar. I had hoped for a bit more interesting variety. usually answers to questions are generally more varied. Odd to see so many being similar.
8:49 AM
I think it's funny that people who can't comment will note that fact while posting improperly as an answer instead. Now someone who can’t answer a protected post writes an improper Question post instead.
Q: How to put through my idea?

TStancekI read this topic and several asnwers here Create a world where Necromancy isn't considered as an "evil" type of magic and one idea crossed my mind. Why necessarily make it bad or good. There were ideas to ressurect only humans, that were sinful in their lives. And so, why not do it as some kind...

9:12 AM
I find explicable. I was annoyed when I found initially I didn't have the reputation to comment. It didn't make sense to me. As an adult I didn't wanted to treated like a child. This seems plain dumb to me. besides people will always find a way around apparently irrational restrictions like this. Frankly it's a natural consequence. No-one has given a rationale why this is done. Presumably people can post questions without much reputation, so why restrict comments?
10:02 AM
While I understand the question above shifted to Meta, the pity is that's a poor question. Good rules will enable people to behave well and do the right thing. Install bad rules and you get bad behaviour. The social equivalent of action and reaction. It's easy to complain people doing the wrong. Sometimes there are reasons why do it and those reasons can be institutional. Like the low reputation comment barrier.
Hi Pete! That's me putting my two pence worth about people behaving badly the comment restriction. So how's the roller skating snakes going? Have you had good answers on your hornet question?
Hey there. Yes I've had a few good answers and it's still on page one of HNQ, so won't be stopping it just yet. Ideally I'd like some answers in how to breed in this extra venom as opposed to manipulating individual hornets.
I think with the comment restriction, it's an anti-spam measure. I guess it's this way because answers are easier to moderate than comments.
It's just one of the SE rules that confuses me. The other one is that unregistered users are allowed to submit edits to questions and anyone with enough rep can approve those edits.
Seems to me to be a matter of genetic engineering assuming we know how to modify hornets for extra venom or a more toxic neurotoxin. The antispam thing makes sense, but it really gets in the way of responding as a newbie. I didn't know about unregistered edits and that make doesn't sense either. Too much to expect perfection. Sometimes having enough of things being workable can be hard enough.
There's a theory that new users tend to forget their passwords, but still wanting to edit their questions. Moderators are able to match on IP address/email address to validate. I guess it happens enough for it to be a thing.
That makes a kind of sense. It might even be right. As long as it doesn't cause problems.
10:20 AM
SE works differently to most other online communities that I've been involved with. I'm learning to quit arguing and do more shrugging.
Very sensible. Although I have a bad habit of getting grumpy about things that don't make sense. Having been the decision making business some of the decisions on WB don't fill me with confidence. I should do more shrugging.
It's annoying that I thought of a good question over the weekend and now that thought is entirely gone from my head. Now the only thing I have left is "How do I attach razor-sharp blades to a snake?".
And why aren't there more questions about snake-bots?
The unkindest cut of all! I'd be snakey about that too. From memory there have been developments in the field of snake-bots. It may be less speculative now and more in the realm of practical engineering.
Should have read your link about snake-bots first. Quite interesting too.
10:40 AM
This is also awesome. replace water for napalm... robotnor.no/research/anna-konda-the-fire-fighting-snake-robot
Napalm is a gel and might not flow easily. Mustard gas could be used. Despite the name it's usually in liquid form and it's a nasty 'corrosive' substance. That's the word! It's a vesicant which means it causes blisters. But a fire-fighting snake-bot could be adapted into all sorts of nasty weapon. A wicked thought.
I think these days, a fine spray of VX gas would do the trick nicely. Tunnel into an enemy encampment, a nice hiss in the middle of the night, and no one wakes up....
or load it with explosives and lay it against tank tracks....
Guided weapons like this could be effective at precise targeting.
especially if they could be made to tunnel instead of crawling over land.
Tunnelling takes energy and power. It could be noisy too. Crawling over surfaces could be more effective and better at being stealthy.
10:56 AM
As always, the hardest part about having a cool concept is trying to formulate a decent question out of it.
That's all too true. Pity WB doesn't favour brainstorming. To me brainstorming is an essential part of worldbuilding. Often the more ideas the better, then you have to winnow through them to find the good ones.
Well, the chat channel is pretty good for brainstorming, I guess.
"How could a mobile army defend against waves of VX snake-bots?" Snakebots in question being 3ft long and 3 inches in diameter, and deployed in about 200 per pack.
What equipment fo the snakebots have to attack?
The aforementioned napalm?
VX gas.
Hey that's right! Unfortunately, I'm on the wrong side of the planet to participate in many chats. So I can't get enough mileage from chat. That's not bad! But I might be easily satisfied with a question like that. Bounce it off the other chatters.
11:02 AM
Hence the VX in the question title....
Are we talking about a modern day army? Or do you want a different setting, like medieval vs. aliens with snakebots?
Modern or near future.
Excuse me, guys, time to go Have fun with the snake-bots. Magnetometric detection, they use it with land mines, could be used against snake-bots to detect them. Catch you next time.
Sounds interesting, but a little trench filled with something flammable could be a problem.
Bye @a4android
Have a good whatever, android!
11:08 AM
What terrain are we talking about? Desert, jungle, city, ...
non urban. I guess we could make these snakes burrow to make things more difficult.
or increase the numbers to make them swarm...
or give them speed + teeth.
I'd say burrowing would be a good idea. Otherwise I make a deeper trench around my soldiers, fill it with napalm and wait for the snakes to get stuck there and burn.
How are they controlled?
(I was thinking about them being programmed to simply go towards their targets, which is probably too easy)
And speed is probably something that has to be described too
They get given a general location to head for and then it's seek & destroy based on heat/odour, and electrical activity (much like a real snake)
I am pretty sure that question will be well received on the site
And the teeth you mentioned are probably an essential part too, as I could just use a gas mask to protect myself against their gas and then crush them
11:29 AM
I forgot to mention, when the venom has run out, the snakes turn to hard targets and detonate their explosive innards.
Then it's important to say how long it will take them to run out of venom and how much explosives they have. Otherwise they could well detonate each other way before becoming a real threat just by the soldiers running away from them for a moment.
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1:26 PM
@Pete think again!
user image
@DaaaahWhoosh Very nice!
@WorldbuildingMeta . . . Why is that question on Meta?
@Secespitus I probably should've taken more time to figure out what roller skates look like, but meh.
@DaaaahWhoosh Ooooh. Now that's cool.
@HDE226868 That was originally on the Main-Site so someone seems to have migrated it to the Meta
1:35 PM
@Secespitus Well, yeah, but . . . why?
I now feel somewhat duty bound to come up with a question relating to evil robo-snakes.
@HDE226868 What would have been the correct way to handle it if migrating it is not the right way?
@Secespitus I don't know. Maybe I'm just misunderstanding it; I'm not sure how it's really a meta question.
@Pete Weren't you already planning on an "army vs snake-bot"-question
Yes. I'll think more about it over the weekend. I don't really want to spew out loads of questions at once.
1:38 PM
@HDE226868 Isn't it nearly the same as with How WorldBuilding works?. Some user didn't understand how the site works, so the question is migrated to Meta and people explain how to move on from there
There's currently absolutely no questions about robo-snakes on WB yet. At least it won't be closed down as a duplicate...
<wonders> How many questions about duality have been closed as duplicates? </wonders>
2:06 PM
A: Sandbox for Proposed Questions

PeteHow would an army defend itself against VX envenomed robo-snakes? This is set in a near-future war where advanced remote technology exists, drones and other automated weapons fight alongside human fighting units. One of the more deadly inventions is the robo-snake. Description: 3ft long and 3 ...

Next week: Rabbit bombs
@Pete You want to stuff bunnies with bombs, send them to the enemy army and then remote-detonate them?
@Secespitus Enemy crops or farms. It's more of an economics weapon.
If you could increase their reproduction even further they could easily wipe out countries that heavily depend on their crops.
@Pete Time to bust out some robo-ibises for snake removal.
2:21 PM
@kingledion Ooooh.
Incidentally, we do infact have snakebot questions on this site: worldbuilding.stackexchange.com/questions/37248/…
This was the very first question I ever read on this site
I recall seeing it on HNQ about a year ago, and 2000 answers later, here I am wasting my day away on chat
@kingledion But that one is pretty huge
Huh. I was searching for "snakebots" (plural). I guess the search function doesn't take plurals into account.
3:10 PM
@Pete Then instead of an explosive, have it poop out pellets of insect larva / bacteria / virus that attack the farms, heck might as well go for the water as well.
@EnigmaMaitreya I was thinking of it more as a terrorist/psychological weapon aimed at agricultural workers.
@EnigmaMaitreya You want rabbits to poop out a special bio-weapon-virus that attacks the enemies crops and infects them through their water supply?
... with the added bonus of potential chain reactions inside burrows.
That's kind of gross.
@EnigmaMaitreya Thanks for the hint on my question proposal by the way. Didn't think about Komodo Dragons, I should read up on them a bit
@Secespitus It seems to be proposing an answer to the question, though - which should be an answer.
3:22 PM
@HDE226868 The user couldn't answer as the question is protected and he doesn't have the required reputation, which is why he used the Question-format, the only other one he was aware of.
@Secespitus It's still not a meta question, though.
I know he doesn't really have any good options here.
I thought moderators were able to convert answers to comments?
@HDE226868 The body itself is not a Meta-Question, but the title is.
@Secespitus Oh, I may have misunderstood. I thought by "put through", he meant implementing it.
I think he meant "How can I post my answer to that question?"
3:37 PM
I'm 5 points off 20k anyone feeling generous?
Whaddya know? James just passed 20k!
Congratulations, @James.
There you go, Congratulations
Wooo! Congratulations
Why are you congratulating yourself?
....moderators can be jerkwads
Funny jerkwads :D
3:43 PM
4:01 PM
Can anyone thing of a good fourth class for a text based, high fantasy RPG? So far I have warrior, wizard and rogue.
@Bellerophon bard
or, more generally, a people person. Specializing in nonviolent solutions.
May I recommend RPG.SE? :D Some kind of healer would be good
@DaaaahWhoosh Seems too specific for a starting class. I thought a rogue could specialise as a bard/entertainer at higher levels.
I wondered about a citizen or tradesman but, according to my focus group, they don't sound heroey enough.
@Bellerophon A rogue becoming a bard is something I never heard before. Citizen sounds really boring for an RPG. What could he do?
what about... a dog?
4:04 PM
How about Alchemist?
@DaaaahWhoosh Already done.
@Secespitus That might work.
@Secespitus My RPG, my rules.
@Bellerophon Of course. I just cannot imagine what abilities a citizen might have.
Warrior sounds normal and everyone knows how they normally play in a fight, but what would a citizen do?
Scream and get the warrior to help?
@Secespitus they petition their local representative
"I have a goblin problem; if you want to be re-elected you're going to have to do something about it!"
@JourneymanGeek Yes? May we help you?
4:09 PM
@Bellerophon by which you mean there's already a playable dog character?
@DaaaahWhoosh No, I mean there are already dogs and dog human hybrids which are not playable at the moment.
@DaaaahWhoosh "DM, I'm going to use butt sniff to see if this guy is who he says he is.... and... ah, I got a 17. Check passes."
@AndyD273 ...suddenly I want to roll up a ranger/beastmaster.
Mastiff animal companion.
@James Somehow I've never D&D'd before... I blame it on a shortage of nerds in my vicinity growing up who were into it. It just wan't a big thing in my little town of 2400 people. Now that I'm older I still haven't met anyone that plays. Or at least none that will admit it.
@AndyD273 I play!
4:24 PM
I am currently trying to learn the basics of DnD and want to play with 4 to 5 friends in a few weeks maybe.
Best I can equate it to is group storytelling. Its really fun.
None of us has ever played it before
@Secespitus What edition are you planning on playing?
I played for a bit but then the DM stopped.
4:25 PM
Or maybe we will start with Pathfinder.
@Secespitus Good call. Its still somewhat complex but definitely has the lowest barrier to entry
@Secespitus Would NOT recommend that. Pathfinder is awesome (its actually where I started) but its super complex.
That's good to know. Thansk a lot! I will try my luck as the DM and we will see who of us wants to continue after the first few sessions.
If you want help there is a starter guide and if you want to cheat you can use one of the premade adventures (which might be a good idea)
I suggest this one.
I'll have a look at it.
Youll definitely need the handbook, the DM guide and the Monster Manual.
4:27 PM
The amount of material available is kind of overwhelming at first
@Secespitus It is. If you have questions let me know. I have DM'd a little and my group has been playing 5e since it released.
@James unfortunately I don't think you live anywhere close to me. I suppose I should have phrased that as "I haven't met anyone around here that plays."
I'll gladly take you up on that offer
Also unfortunately I don't have the time to really do it at the moment, and I don't have the money for all the books and stuff you need.
aww, I was about to suggest we pressure James into starting a WB DnD group
I've never played, but it's on my to-become-a-true nerd list
I figure 'play a tabletop RPG over the Internet' must be on the advanced list
4:35 PM
I think it would be interesting to have a semi self contained D&D kit with the absolute basics that you need to get started. Basically a pre written adventure, some characters to chose from, and a set of dice.
@DaaaahWhoosh And close/downvote all his stuff until he agrees.
Or we all get banned.
And then make sure that one of the characters is OP so the wife won't get discouraged to fast
Actually, that would be an interesting way to do it. Have 3 sets of characters, label them as Easy, Normal, and Hard, and then let the people playing decide what level they want to be
The first thing that comes to mind with D&D is the one line at the beginning of Stranger Things: "But mom, can't we just play 20 more minutes? We've been playing 10 hours and we're almost done!"
@DaaaahWhoosh You know there is probably a way to set that up via skype or something
@James How important is it to have all of the pieces on the same table?
Also, if you're a casual, what's the main barrier to entry? Do you have to go out and buy a bunch of books and stuff?
@AndyD273 Depends. IF you choose to use maps and stuff and get into the tactics of combat, you really probably need to be in the same place. My group plays face to face but we don't use maps or anything for battles, grids are annoying, mainly the DM adjudicates and says stuff like, you can hit 4 of the 12 bandits with your fireball.
@AndyD273 ...Really if you are just a player all you need are dice and the players handbook.
so you're talking probably 45 bucks if you get it all brand new...something like that anyway.
4:45 PM
Though that's a pretty crappy scan...
294 pages, dang
There is a lot of info in that book yeah.
Alot of it is flavor though. So it has pages of deities and how the universe is built, and the artwork in the book is fantastic. I'd guess 50 ish pages is just spell descriptions
Its worth the money (in my opinion at least)
@James Yeah, that's what I'm saying... there should be a "I want to try it out but I won't be sad if I never play again, and there is no way I'm going to drop $50 on 300 pages I don't want to read" option.
@AndyD273 lol fair point.
I think they have a starter set that is really cheap, it comes with a prebuilt adventure and characters. So basically an abridged form of the content that goes from I think level 1-5
If there was a 6 page book. Page 1: two characters for each race with a short description of skils and motivations. Page 2: The basic story. Page 3-6 the detailed story, along with monsters and events.
I did see a starter pack for $20. Still to much in my opinion.
But I don't know enough to say that for sure
Which is part of the problem :)
there's got to be some sort of free open-source version out there
4:56 PM
@DaaaahWhoosh You'd probably have to go outside of the D&D universe, but I'd be surprised if there wasn't
@DaaaahWhoosh There will definitely be some illegal ones.
yeah, I mean I don't know much about DnD, but a youtuber I watch once said he didn't like it as much as some alternatives.
which means there are comparable alternatives, which are probably less expensive simply because they don't have name recognition?
@Bellerophon Yeah, doing a google search for "d&d 5e player's handbook" brings up a few free versions... not that anyone should pirate it. And printing it would probably cost you a bit too.
All of the pathfinder content is open source (I believe) and there are phone apps that contain basically everything you could ever need.
That said pathfinder is quite complicated.
You can find apps on your phone for 5e too, but the problem is using them if you have no idea what you're talking about.
6:01 PM
huh, I just noticed Vegetarianism SE has a weird V for Vendetta symbol as their logo, but they're a beta site and 'V' is available.
6:11 PM
@Secespitus They are one of several good models for what you want to do, I have been trying to remember the war between a frog species and a snake species that would work as wel..
@Secespitus No Insect Larvae, Bacteria, Virus vs Farm .... Bacteria Virus renders drinking water as contaminated.
@EnigmaMaitreya If you remember I would love to read up on those too. I am still trying to figure out if my proposal of cats with toxic claws could be a good question.
@Pete Ha ha ok, The Gore of it all ....
On this forum why not I suspect more than one version of Feline carry contaminats on their claw. If you do not know it, cats cary a virus that lulls Mice (and humans)into thinking the Cat is its friend ... for real when I have time and if you want I can find the link
Well, the question proposal did not receive any negative feedback after more than 24 hours, so I will probably post it. Maybe today, maybe tomorrow.
@EnigmaMaitreya Posted it
6:41 PM
@Secespitus This is something that people probably need to follow news.harvard.edu/gazette/story/2017/03/… - "Critical step found in DNA repair, cellular aging" as in it has a high probability of going dark.
@EnigmaMaitreya Oh, that's highly interesting
And yeah, it could be pretty dark. But if they manage to just fight cancer more effectively that would be a very good thing
7:09 PM
Ok I was answering this question:
Q: How could cats evolve toxic claws?

SecespitusThis cat looks like a normal Maine Coon to the unsuspecting victim. Except for one little detail: Red claws that inject a neurotoxin into the victim onpon scratching it. What would be the most appropriate way a cat could evolve toxic claws? I am looking for ways to explain why this cat evolved...

and I found this article...kinda crazy
...and awesome.
@Secespitus It is an implied immortality sans injury or significant illness.
7:24 PM
@James huh, yeah that is interesting. I like the part about pit vipers having venom in their brains
it shouldn't, but it does make them sound more dangerous
"That dude craaazy, He's got venom in his BRAIN!
@James That article is great. "No one knows what this venom is doing inside the snake’s brain. But it’s obvious what it’s not doing: killing prey.". And the one about the slow loris having poison near his armpits is fascinating too
I learn new things here. I like it.
That thing is rubbing his armpits with its hands and then applying the poison to its teeth to kill prey. Or the armpit-poison is applied to the children to protect them from predators
@EnigmaMaitreya If I read that correctly it's only slowing the process down, so not really immortality. But it does sound a bit like it
@Secespitus the real question is, did they do that before they were venomous, or after?
7:32 PM
Humans: "Hey mom and dad!" "Get over here kiddo, you need your sunscreen."
Loris: "Hey mom and dad!" "C'mere you need a fresh coat of poison."
@DaaaahWhoosh You mean, did they rub their armpits and then rub the sweat all over their teeth?
And babies?
@Secespitus yeah. Like one day, a slow loris was thinking about how it hurts to get sweat in your eyes, and decided he was going to use that to his advantage
@DaaaahWhoosh "You know, I think I am just going to apply it to my teeth that can rip apart my prey. The sweat will definitely hurt them!"
A stranglehold from one of these beasts would be very dangerous
I always thought they were kinda cute, now I am kinda afraid of them
8:00 PM
@Secespitus The key is the old cells become young again and the telemores is lengthened. Shrug it doesn't matter vs the impact it will make. HA HA good question for the Q/A here .... On a 300% overpopulated planet, I discover a cheap way to make everyone immortal sans significant injury and illness. How do I go about doing that, such that everyone gets it.
@James Hey thanks that was a good article.
@EnigmaMaitreya Np. One thing I love about chat is the sharing of random ass knowledge and finds.
If everyone in our current society was suddenly immortal (except for injuries and illness) we would have a huge problem. You would need to limit access to something like that or people would die from hunger pretty fast
@Secespitus Immortal and young or immortal and old?
So the powerful and rich would keep it and make themselves some sort of real-life gods
Immortal and young
We are talking about cells becoming young again
so, like the immortality of the Red/Green/Blue Mars trilogy
8:04 PM
@James And there's a lot of random knowledge to be found and shared
I think intergenerational combat is going to be inevitable in that environment. Older people have more wealth, more status, more power. In order to get some for themselves, younger people are going to have to fight for it.
@DaaaahWhoosh I never read those
@Secespitus I'd recommend it if you know the names of all the places on Mars. Otherwise sometimes it's just pages of descriptions of stuff that ends up being useless unless you look it up
@Green I would imagine it would lead to an immortal aristocracy with a lot of normal people pretty quickly.
@DaaaahWhoosh That's a problem. My knowledge of Mars is not really profound
@Secespitus me neither, and it's a shame. They're interesting books, there's just so much useless descriptions in it, it's getting harder and harder to keep reading
8:07 PM
@Secespitus That aristocracy better be careful then. Ivory towers come down eventually. Sure the people may be immortal but they won't stay that way if they overly oppress the normal people.
@Secespitus Is that the movie Zardoz(?)
it'd be interesting how technology comes into play. Like these days, tech jobs are in high-demand, and it's the young people who seem to be best at them. If it's the old immortals vs the young, the old would have to actively oppose technology... which I guess is something they already do
@DaaaahWhoosh They would be able to learn for an eternity, as long as there is enough stuff to keep them young
@EnigmaMaitreya I have never heard of that movie
@DaaaahWhoosh The way I settle this issue is I limit the procedure to people that live in space .... until the Earth's population is reduced sufficiently to allow immortality on Earth.
@Secespitus oh, right, I forgot about the eternally young part.
8:11 PM
@Secespitus Zardoz imdb.com/title/tt0070948
@EnigmaMaitreya The description is weird enough, but then I took a look at the pictures...
HA HA IT isn't that good of a movie and deals a lot with genetics
@EnigmaMaitreya Ah, back when chesthair was sexy.
@Green As was the man The Original James Bond
@EnigmaMaitreya Yep.
8:16 PM
By the way Cities in Flight dealt with the Immortality thing that way, Those that left Earth had access to the knowledge those that didn't had to wait until the Earth's population was around 500Million to 1Billion
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10:37 PM
History has been made SpaceX appears to have successfully reused the 1st stage and landed it again with a good payload deployment
10:59 PM
hey there @Mithrandir24601
Does anyone know of a formula for estimating the scale of how large a population a single government can govern?
@Green not offhand no
@Shalvenay I'm wondering about government structures that can scale to quardrillions of people.
that sounds...hard
I'm wondering over here what dragons do about...buggy problems :P as wing performance is significantly impacted by bug splats, dirt, and such
@Green Your "a single government can govern" needs to be clarified some what. Bureaucracy with a technological communications infrastructure should scale and not have an upper limit, but of course it all hinges on "The Peoples" acceptance of the Government. So you may be needing to deal with that side OR make it clear, the Government is Repressing the people.
11:26 PM
Ideally the model can account for the degree of repression by the government.

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