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1:03 AM
Space stations. Space stations. Space stations.
I need to remember that.
12 hours later…
1:02 PM
@HDE226868 How were you going to forget?
@Green Forgetting things is my superpower.
@HDE226868 Perhaps you exercised your superpower to forget taking your daily Kryptonite supplement that kills your super power. Dang.
Your superpower is self-preserving!
1 hour later…
2:16 PM
And, thank you NASA for writing a tensegrity robot library.
@Green Are you going to make me google things. Is that what you're doing.
Also John/Bob Butts is nearly 20 minutes late to our meeting.
Hmmm. Interesting.
Is this for your job or a hobby? And if your job: what's the project?!
@NexTerren Hobby. I'm doing some experimental and speculative xenobiology.
Does anyone have any recommendations for a SciFi series? I'm getting decidedly bored of my Harry Potter marathon. Peter F Hamilton suggestions need not apply.
2:23 PM
That library also appears to have embedded evolutionary algorithms built in which is a huge plus.
@Pete I'm horribly behind in my lifetime reading. Ender's Game is a classic?
Looks like I'll be writing me some C++ instead of Python to get this done....which probably just as well.
I read Ender's Game before it got cool again. Have my copy in my desk cubby right here.
@Pete I enjoy Dan Simmons' Hyperion series.
@Pete what flavour of sci fi?
2:24 PM
Hey Woosh
and as odd as it might ask, any political angles you'd like to avoid?
I'm generally reading during my lunch hour, so something pretty snappy. Basically I prefer to read about characters doing things rather than the author describing things.
ah, actiony
I very much enjoyed the Expanse series for example.
hm. Vorkosirgan saga?
Very charecter centric as opposed to actiony
2:27 PM
@DaaaahWhoosh Nobody lives there. They just gave Leia that title so she'd feel like she had a purpose.
Oh, the Wayfarers series was nice too. Don't know if anyone here has heard of it before though.
@NexTerren But you'd think someone would live there. There must've been trade routes through Alderaan
@DaaaahWhoosh With hyperspace, wouldn't "through" just become "ignoring" when you get rid of the planet? I mean, by evidence of tESB, it's trivial to jump far enough outside the galaxy to watch it out a window.
So it's not like a trader would exactly have to stop for supplies.
@NexTerren as I recall, in Legends that's not really the galaxy
[ In other sources, this object is identified as a cluster called the Rishi Maze (2002, Episode II DVD Exclusive Content). In the The Complete Star Wars Trilogy Scrapbook (1997), it's simply identified as a spinning star cluster. ](scifi.stackexchange.com/a/100421/46611)
aww, the linking didn't work
but travelling takes time in Star Wars. They just don't show it in the movies
2:59 PM
anyone available? i have question regarding medieval economics
Please state the nature of your medieval economic emergency.
Ok so i am now a baron in my territory and established a trade guild.

I forbade merchants from doing business in my territory except through my trade guild.

my trade guild provide/sell goods through out my territory instead of the merchants. While merchants can buy goods from my trade guild
now... how would that affect the economy kingdom wide and territory wide?

i assume that i have very tight control of trade going in and out of my territory
@micovillena You're going to have a huge black market and smugglers galore.
other than black markets galore what would be the other troublesome things that i will be dealing with? apart from bigger taxes that the crown will surely put on my shoulders
and of course what would be the benefits of such system?
Assuming the guilds are in the major towns, the merchants might be more than willing to sell direct to the public without having to go through the hassle of travelling and losing their profit margin to the guilds.
3:06 PM
@micovillena If you want historical precedent for what you're planning, look at Saga-era Iceland under the rule of Denmark.
Where's the incentive for the merchants to deal with the guild rather than direct to customer?
@Pete Further, how will you prevent the merchants from setting up their own distribution networks without depressing the overall economy?
Economy will be fine, the guild members would be depressed...
apart from no tariffs, very fast transport of goods with the help of horse powered rail network... and no merchant is allowed inside the territory anyway, they'll go "missing" sin the territory is this

"because of its treacherous environment both flora, fauna and mystical alike(ultra rare, ultra strong wild animals/creatures like that of a dragons, wyverns, manticores, even some dinosaurs both herbivore and carnivorous type and many more including flesh eating plants, mischievous fairies other creatures that is hazardous or almost to humans) made this territory a harsh land to live in desp
I was thinking about the degree of enforcement required to cut down on non-trade guild approved commerce.
3:10 PM
Thats alot of ultra rare goods right there waiting to be sold to awaiting buyers in the capital...
So, you're controlling the border entry points then. If merchants can't enter the territory for fear of being eaten, then I don't really see how they can avoid the guilds. They just conduct business at the borders and turn away.
yes that is the case since theres only 2 points of entry... 1 south 1 north the territory is effectively in between the two most powerful nations in the continent
"The 'only' route on the way to the kingdom is through the a long stretch of mountain pass that branches along the way towards other settlements inside the territory."
How can non-merchants gain access to your territory and what prevents them from selling things away from the guild?
of course if they travel the treacherous mountain trails and probably through water ways across the territory
the territory is a massive land bridge connecting a very large peninsula and a continent the size of asia
And what's stopping merchants using those same routes?
3:20 PM
their lives are at stake on trading, if they are not caught by the police force they'll be eaten by the wild creatures, played by the fae folk or most likely have their heads in the bounty board for hunters and adventurers alike
which i'll reward them with gold as heavy as the merchant in question, dead or alive
i'm really a good dictator or a tyrant? thats the right word right?
3:54 PM
@micovillena I can think of a few more words that would work
Jeepers. I've hit my 200 cap for four days running, mainly just for the one answer.
must've been a really popular answer
It was quite poop-ular, yes.
I was hoping that pun would make more sense when I saw the question, and I was not disappointed
oh right, you were the one with the picture
Yes. It did seem pretty apt.
4:04 PM
@Pete That's a brilliant answer.
@Green - Thanks. I don't often come up with good answers, but I did laugh myself silly over that one.
@Pete Picard's expression is priceless.
I really have no idea what that scene is all about.
But I would be pulling that same expression if the poop suddenly got transported out of me. I can only imagine what the effect of the sudden vacuum would be.
ok whats the answer a @DaaaahWhoosh
4:22 PM
@HDE226868 Good. I remembered it.
@Pete - Why am I tagging myself?
@micovillena no answer, I was making a joke by alluding to words that cannot be spoken in polite company
@Pete Looking for book recommendations? HIGHLY recommend The Expanse series. Leviathan Wakes is the first book.
I'm currently working through the Virga series, and it is some great world building. Sun of Suns is the first book.
If you want something a little different, the Three Body series is really interesting. The Three Body Problem is the first book, and has a unique (for me) perspective as it was written by a Chinese author.
Ah, just caught up to where you said you already liked the expanse. I'm really excited that Babylons Ashes came out
4:38 PM
Yes, I've read the Expanse series, and the latest book should be out fairly soon (a matter of days). I did start the Three Body Problem, but it was heavy going with all of the Chinese military ideology stuff.
Oh, it's out now? I'll need to sync my Kindle.
Boom, got it. Good stuff, I'll start reading it right away, thanks!
Yup! I pre-ordered that months ago so I got it delivered right away. I never pre-order.
Have you read any Charles Stross?
I really like his Laundry Files series. It's kind of a "on her majesties secret service" with a bunch of elder gods and Lovecraftian mythos thrown in.
The Rook by Daniel O'Malley is also pretty fun. Not sure if it counts as a series because there are only 2 books though
Oh, the first Laundry Files book is called The Atrocity Archives
Also look at Peter Clines if you haven't already. I've ready his whole catalog and I don't think he's had a bad one yet. He has a Superhero vs Zombie Apocalypse series that is really good. Ex-Heros is the first book. And his book 14 is also really good. Basically LOST set in a LA apartment building.
@Pete Sorry, I'll stop for now :)
5:46 PM
@AndyD273 your knowledge of books amazes me. I don't think you've ever recommended the same book twice
(that said, stop it.)
Heh, sorry.
Thanks to audiobooks I go through them annoyingly fast. So when someone asks for a recommmendation I'll just skim over the stuff I've been reading lately and pick a few favorites from the list, occasionally going into my all time favorites.
I suppose it might be a good time for me to start getting into audiobooks. I recently tried my hand at painting and assembling miniatures, and it seems like something I could do a lot of
it'd be nice to be able to multitask
Definitely. Those are the perfect kind of activities for audiobooks, where you're hands are doing stuff but you're brain doesn't have to fully engage
Do you have an audible account? If so, has anyone ever gifted you a book through the suggest a book program?
maybe and probably not
6:05 PM
So they have a suggest a book program where you can receive 1 free book that someone suggests to you. After the first one you have to purchase anything else. IF you see anything interesting, take a look at this and send me a PM: reddit.com/r/audible/comments/58icaf/book_list
@kingledion I'm thinking of the combination of your recent answer and your space piracy answer. Would putting the stations substantially lower in LEO at all affect the initial burn time, or would it be insignificant? I can't imagine it would add up to too much of a difference.
And I'm back.
That warm fuzzy feeling when you do a support call for software you support and the first thing the user says is instructions how to uninstall it from his machine.
@NexTerren but imagine how satisfying it would be to tell them it can't be uninstalled
@DaaaahWhoosh That's exactly what I told them.
@NexTerren To then reinstall it or just "F--- this, I'm done. Uninstalled forever."
6:16 PM
@NexTerren and then you laughed maniacally and hung up?
@DaaaahWhoosh No, I'm too nice for that, sadly.
I discovered that they never had the issue in the first place (?!?) and first tier support had actually created a separate issue for them that I had to fix.
Step one, go buy a new computer, but try to keep it in another room from this one. Air gap and all that.
@Green Unfortunately our CEO/Board decided that we need the software, otherwise I might be more tempted to uninstall.
@NexTerren Sorry, I missed a question mark on that. Was he asking how to uninstall so he could reinstall or uninstall forever?
@Green He wanted it off his machine forever. To be fair, from a user's point of view the software is 100% to get in their way and not help, since it's security software.
6:21 PM
Is this that security software the infects every single damned DLL on a customers machine?
ooh, I just had an idea. Antivirus software that has 'fire drills' so that old people can learn when their machines are being attacked
@NexTerren Eww. That is all.
@DaaaahWhoosh Game days for normal users. THat's a simultaneously cool and horrifying idea.
@Green Hooks into literally every single process on their machine, yep!
Also, that's an enormous social engineering attack vector. Scary scary huge attack vector.
6:25 PM
like, people make real viruses that look like the fake ones?
@DaaaahWhoosh Yep.
@HDE226868 My space piracy answer was assuming starting from a geosynchronous orbit at 42,000 km. Fortunately, you have given me a great reason to update my escape velocity spreadsheet with orbital velocity numbers!
When you have idiot users that will click on every. single. mother. f'ing. attachment that appears in their inbox, providing them with fake infection is just going to confuse them and trust their hardware less.
yeah, I guess normal training would be better than surprise attacks
@Green ...We're actually running a phishing campaign right now. Seeing who clicks on a link from "Amazon."
6:29 PM
@NexTerren How many idiots have clicked on the offending link?
@kingledion Ohhh, right. I forgot about that. Hm. I'll have to pick one of the two ranges. Although I suppose some stations that need geosynchronous orbits could have them, and others that don't could be shunted to low, low LEO.
We'll get the report at the end of the week. We *have* gotten several users coming to our office happily reporting the phishing email, prod that they found it. So that's good, at least.

...Of course 100% of said users are in IT, so the results are somewhat biased.
@NexTerren If it doesn't break an NDA or confidentiality policy, I'd love to hear rough numbers about the results and which departments did better than others.
@Green I'll be briefed once the campaign ends. If I'm allowed to share, I shall!
@NexTerren Thank you sir!
7:02 PM
Its freaking cold...
@James How cold is it there?
so cold that people's tongues are sticking to their teeth
Its like 20 now that its afternoon but this morning it was about 4 F with 15 - 20 mph winds
@James Amount that I envy you:
Random question, how many HD movies will 32gB hold?
7:16 PM
@James As in 1080 Blu-Ray, 720 DVD, or 4k Blu-Ray?
and can the files be compressed?
The HD version off the google play store, I'd assume 1080 BR
James, found a rule of thumb for 8GB and 16 GB:
Based on 8GB Memory Card
[1920 x 1080]
30 fps/25 fps/24 fps: 22 min.
[1280 x 720]
60 fps/50 fps: 22 min.
[640 x 480]
30 fps/25 fps: 1 hr. 32 min.

Based on 16GB Memory Card
[1920 x 1080]
30 fps/25 fps/24 fps: 44 min.
[1280 x 720]
60 fps/50 fps: 44 min.
[640 x 480]
30 fps/25 fps: 3 hr. 04 min.
So ~88 minutes for 24 FPS - 30 FPS.
@James If you need more space, flash drives are freakishly cheap now. $20 for 128 GB normal form factor: amazon.com/PNY-Attache-Flash-Drive-P-FD128ATT03-GE/dp/… ... Or $30 to make it super small: amazon.com/SanDisk-Ultra-SDCZ43-128G-GAM46-Newest-Version/dp/…
Most of the tablets I have seen say they work with up to 64gB
@NexTerren that makes me feel so old. I can't imagine how the rest of you must feel
7:21 PM
I have a 15 hour car trip coming up here after Christmas and I would like enough movies to keep the kids occupied
@James I think you're talking about a [micro] SD card.
Maybe I'm wrong, though.
@NexTerren correct
hmm, I wonder
@James Consider getting audiotapes from the library of books they might like. That got me through car trips aplenty.
@HDE226868 I think you're younger than me, did you ever use floppy disks?
7:23 PM
If the tablets support USB input, it shouldn't be limited for size there.
@DaaaahWhoosh Nah, always tape cassettes. Sometimes CDs.
@DaaaahWhoosh Foppy disks in the car. Awesome.
And HDE is younger? Somehow I had him as the oldest member of the mods.
@DaaaahWhoosh Used to use floppies, once they were worthless we used them as digital ninja stars
BRB, meeting.
@NexTerren . . . I was in high school when I was elected.
7:24 PM
@HDE226868 ...Well okay then.
@NexTerren he just feels like the oldest
I'd assume Monica is oldest
@DaaaahWhoosh I suppose he just acts all mature like. Unlike me. Or your mum.
@DaaaahWhoosh He's a crotchety old 18 year old.
I usually just bring along a laptop loaded with all the stuff I want, and then periodically swap them out
@NexTerren BAM!
7:25 PM
@James Get of my site, you kids!
@HDE226868 I'm totally tagging your hard drive after you fall asleep old man
7:44 PM
@HDE226868 The numbers are in: from 200km LEO to Geostationary orbit is two burns totalling 3.92 km/s, while the escape burn from 200km LEO is 3.22 km/s. Compare this with a 2.15 km/s transfer burn to Mars from geosynchronous orbit and a 3.60 km/s transfer to Mars burn from LEO.
Of course, those are Hohman transfers only, I don't really know how you'd calculate a non-orbital path to Mars, which is probably more what you want. The elliptical orbit is going to take you years, if you want to get there in 3 months you have to do something else altogether.
@kingledion Yeah, I was assuming Hohmann transfers. I'm surprised at the last two burns, though. A 1.45 km/s difference is a lot more than I expected.
Geo orbit is way out there; 42000km from earths center vs. 6600 km for LEO. Thats a lot of gravity well that already got climbed up.
You need ~9.4 km/s launch into LEO and 11.4 km/s into geo, so you actually get a better deal in net going earth to LEO then LEO to deep space.
That is assuming I am doing the math right
8:08 PM
To all coders: I need a way (PowerShell or C# preferably) to add a custom metadata attribute to a file. Suggestions?
@NexTerren check Stack Overflow
Q: Add new metadata properties to a file

user2399378I want to add some metadata properties to some files. Just like there are Owner, Computer, Title, Subject, etc for doc files, I want to be able to add some custom attributes. How can that be done?

@AndyD273 That looks WAY more promising than Mr previous three attempts. Thank you, and I'll decend upon it currently.
8:50 PM
@NexTerren Mr. Previous T. Attempts actually sounds like a halfway decent name
though I can't think of any good shortened forms of the name 'Previous'
9:10 PM
ooh, maybe Reaver would work
I do like Reaver.
@TinyTrEs-2b ᴴᵉˡˡᵒ ᵀᶦⁿʸ ᵀʳᵉˢ.
I just went over my worlds and I gotta say, I use way too many puns.
Reaver Attempts was an accomplished lawyer, doctor, and cop, until one day his entire family was killed by a mutated turkey. Now he's got no thanks to give, but plenty of blood to spill.
"Previous Attempts has proven fatal." "You mean 'have' proven fatal." "No. I don't". BOOM
9:18 PM
I am not following a word you are speaking
@TinyTrEs-2b Nex said 'Mr previous three attempts' instead of 'my previous three attempts' so now I'm imagining an action hero named Previous Attempts
his friends call him Reaver
what is his power? increased ability based on failure?
nah, he's just a regular dude with a strange name
9:31 PM
(OR IS HE???)
Has someone been day drinking?
MVVM may cause my head to asplode
Microsoft Velociraptor Virtual Machine
See, now that would be way better
it's like a normal VM, only it's displayed as a velociraptor
9:40 PM
speaking of powers, what would you guys choose if you could have any power?
Melting idiots with lazers that shoot out from my middle finger.
or fireballs...I always wanted to launch fireballs.
So you know Odo from DS9 or the T1000? Something like that, where I'm essentially a liquid that can assume any form, and various amounts of me can pour off and assume other forms that are still me, then rejoin later.
fireballs, are cool
so is liquid
I'd like to be able to make clothes with my mind. So I could look cool and also make other people look cool for money. And I'd give everyone in my HEMA class free gambesons
gambesons are expensive
I realized though, that the best power is the ability to refill things
empty cup, refill it
empty bank account?
empty bed?
refill all the things
9:45 PM
So I'd split myself in half, and half would go to work, and the other half would stay home and relax.
@AndyD273 so in a way duplication as well?
@TinyTrEs-2b lol
@TinyTrEs-2b Eh, only slightly? Like taking a glass of water, pouring half into another glass. One glass stays home, the other drives to work and gets stuff done, then drives home and pours back into the original glass.
The more you think about it, the truer it gets
@AndyD273 wouldn't your coworkers be confused that you are suddenly and only sometimes a midget?
@TinyTrEs-2b No, because both me's could be hollow
So full size, but half the mass.
9:48 PM
hmm, then you would be oddly light
Then I could listen to emo music about the emptiness inside and laugh
it'd be interesting if you could send out little parts of yourself as eyes and ears
My coworkers do not lift me often.
@DaaaahWhoosh Exactly
So a tiny piece pours off and becomes a little lizard to scout stuff out
But I could refills my knowledge of current events to its fullest
@TinyTrEs-2b I think your power is too abstract
9:51 PM
You be quiet or I'll refill your bladder
@AndyD273 by teaming up, I can refill your hollow core and create an army
or a very large Andy
Hehe interesting
Another variation on the ideas is to convert myself into grey goo nano machines. So all the other benefits, and I could break things down to make more me stuff
@TinyTrEs-2b and I can create the uniforms
Together we can never be stopped
If I needed more me I could go to a scrap yard, digest a few old cars, and have a lot of material to work with
and if we become out of work I will just refill the crime rate
9:55 PM
we need a hip team name
Hmm, have to think about that... Later though! Gotta head out
go our boy wonder!

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