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5:23 AM
@bowlturner -- if you're about -- on the swordsmithing thing: 1) I wonder how fast a modern industrial forge could crank a blade out (i.e. one equipped with a good-sized drophammer or press and a tempering setup to match) 2) if you had your pick of today's steels to make a blade from...what would you use? I personally am of the take that a good HSS would be best, but I want to hear your view...
2 hours later…
7:14 AM
Q: I duplicate the U.S. President. What happens?

PyRulezSo the U.S. President (or some other country's leader) is strollin' along. I blast him with a duplication ray gun (secret service must have been snoozing). There are now two of him. How does the world react? The two copies are identical at the moment of duplication. It's not like an evil twin o...

I know the question is rather popular, but isn't it rather broad and not very homebuilding related?
4 hours later…
10:57 AM
homebuildig? wtf was I thinking?
5 hours later…
3:39 PM
@overactor It is definitely not about building homes, and only slightly about building worlds. I don't think it's quite bad enough to worry about though, and it seems to be popular (which shouldn't be a reason to bend rules, but meh)
4:25 PM
@DaaaahWhoosh Maybe close it as a duplicate question? :P
@overactor Eh, with all the woodworking talk, that's just as good a criterion.
I was just about to mention it.
balloon-whales, bewildered-gods, reasoned-discussion. Hmmm.... Maybe woodworking as a tag too?
Over at The Pod Bay we have:
canada, cheese, hand-drawn-circle-snobs, procrastination, space-exploration, unobtuse-alcoholic-ducks
So why not?
Sure. Let's see what others think.
2 hours later…
6:10 PM
On friday we had 36 questions posted :o
@TimB How many were closed?
127 answers too but >100 answers is fairly common
Wed:18 Thu:21 Fri: 36
closed don't show on the same tool
either way, 36 does sound high, I wonder what happened
I can't use any of my SEDE queries until next week
Actually, that's not entirely true
looks like 36 is a record, by a longshot
looking at the entire history of the site, looks like 2nd place would go to the second day with 32
6:31 PM
@DaaaahWhoosh -- hey there
6:45 PM
we've had over 20 quite a few times
I think 26 is the highest I've seen before
but low 20s is pretty common
yeah we had 26 in december
I wonder why we had so many.
could be just a coincidence
it's a pretty spiky graph
page views wasn't unusually high
25 thousand is fairly common
oh wait that's wednesday
no page view data for friday yet
1 hour later…
8:16 PM
We hit 1000 questions the other day:
Q: How long can a river physically be on a planet?

rzpHow long can a river be? Are there any physical limits on its length, coming from the necessary altitude drop, the triple point of water, or other factors? You can alter whatever parameters you find necessary for the planet that contains this river. Any pressure, continent distributions, densit...

8:50 PM
only 24 more to go until we reach a round number
We're probably a bit over halfway to seeing the first gold tag badge.
@HDE226868 More than that, @TimB has a score of 790 in the science-based tag
@Hohmannfan Yeah, but you need 200 answers in the tag; Tim's got 98 so far.
Then @bowlturner is probably closer at 148 posts
8:59 PM
@Hohmannfan Only (!) 134 answers, though, and a score of 546.
@HDE226868 Only :P
Judging by his pace (score/answers), bowlturner will need 111 answers to get the badge, putting him at 245 answers. Tim needs 102 answers to hit the answer requirement, putting him at a score of >1500.
So Tim's a hair closer.
I don't know about answering pace, though.
Could be down to the wire.
A photo finish.
(No pressure!)
Buuuuut if we take answer rate into account, bowlturner's ahead.
9:16 PM
well I answered a lot early to kick-start things, mostly since then I've not been needed
I could get the gold badge in maybe a week if I really went for it
theoretically could get it in a day :D
100 answers in one day? Going after old questions would do that, I suppose.
just go back through the tag and add a short answer to 100 old questions
And you gain the equivalent of 2100 reputation points one day (losing 1900 to the evil rep cap).
the tricky bit would be the upvotes
I've been pondering on the fact that there's no restrictions on sites creating Twitter accounts for themselves, instead of relying on SE creating one. My thought is that if I'm going to trial that anywhere, it would likely be here because here is the most active community I'm part of. Initial thoughts?
My thinking is that access could be given to several people, instead of just one.
9:20 PM
what would you tweet?
Blog posts, interesting questions, use it to engage with people.
That's the basic idea. There's probably more.
I'm the wrong person to ask really, don't use the twitterer
I'm a big user of antisocial media, so I'm not familiar, either.
It was a general kind of question :)
Does that mean I'm the most socially geared here at the moment? That's a first.
^ They're more social than you.
10:01 PM
@ArtOfCode, I've 5 different twitter account, and some accounts on a few others "social" networks... how does that rank?
@bilbo_pingouin I think you beat us all
I knew one day, I'd find a way to overpass you all ;-)
twitter account for WB could be fun :)

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